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20 April 2015

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Historic Wootton Bassett pics

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Tell us what you think of the vintage photos, and share your memories of Wootton Bassett.

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Nick King
Great picture!! Lived in the rear 1st floor, now apartment,of the main building from 2001-2009. Access through the archway on the left. Not much has changed.

Bob Gooderson
My Mom & Dad owned the grocery shop in picture 25,1 Bath Road, from 1942 to 1947. Mom ran the shop while Dad was at 33MU Lyneham until end of war.Dad developed the premises now Paul Vitti at 31 High street as 'Helen' a ladies hairdresser during 1946. I remember he employed twins as haidressers whose surname was, I think, Beasley. There was another sister,Joan, who worked with my Mom in the grocery shop. Right opposite the shop on the corner of Whitehall Lane was the house belonging to Mr Smythe who was the manager of Midland Bank. I went to school at the C of E Primary and then on to Headlands in Swindon

David Wootton, Wellington New Zealand
May have ancestral connections? Visited Bath in 2009 but sadly no time to visit town. Photos great

i have an old painting and the name on the painter says wootton and next to that name is the kandy perahera ceylon, can you help me to on how to locate information

Audrey Duncan Young, Murrayville, GA, USA
I worked/studied at Malt House Equestrian Ctr., Bushton, owned by the Williamses in 1983. On my days off I would go to WB to learn about the history of the town and environs. Loved it very much. (My grandmother was from London, England). The townspeople were so nice and I enjoyed my few months over there. Visited again in 1988 and 1992. Time to bring the children over, maybe next summer!

Anne (Horsell) DeFrancisco
Loved the pictures. Have visited 3 times from the USA.My family lived in Wootton Bassett dating back to late 1500's. At one time owned the Marsh Farm and Nore Marsh Farm. Grandfather was born and raised in Wootton Bassett.

Glenn Bassett, Los Angeles & Kobe, Japan
I was amazed, some 45 years ago, when I first passed through this lovely town on a train. Like Margaret Berry (below), I'd like to know it's Bassett connection. Coincidentally, my mother's maiden name was Wooten. That part of the town's name would interest me too.

Brian Lutley
These photos have brought memories back. I lived my childhood at 77 Dunnington Road up to 1957 when I left at 18 to join the Met. Police in London.

mr. paul bowen
Current Licensee Of The Crown Hotel.Would love any early pictures as I am making a pictorial history of hotel.cheers!

geoff west
I have some fond memories of wootton bassett.I lived down marlborogh rd from the age of 2yrs old until I joined the RAF IN .1957 AGED 19 . i try to get down to bassett whenever i can and usually stay with my brother in law, Pete Large who most of you will know. I went to the school on station road until 1953 and then worked at the dairy until being called up for national service.I love the photos and iam proud to say iam a bassett man especially with all the publicity the town is getting during this time of grief for our troops.I also served at RAF Lyneham until leaving the RAF in 1966. I would love to hear from anyone who went to school with me or just knew me. My e-mail is best wishes to all.

Margaret Berry.
Great photos. I'm interested in the Bassett connection. My maternal ancestors were Bassetts. I viewed with sadness and pride the procession of the recent casualities from the War in Afganistan as it passed through the town on the National news last night.

S Young
Good to see the photos .My Great Grandfather owned the Crown Hotel c1890 we have photos of him standing outside

Lisa Adams
Lovely, lived there for only a short while in the late sixties. Would like to see some more up to date photos of the town included to show how the town has evolved.

margaret hiett
photos delightful having moved away i feel very proud to know wootton bassett is honouring our heroes

Jackie Wallis (Italy)
Photos brought back loads of memories! I lived in Wootton Bassett from 1935 until 1969 (with a few years interruption during the war when I was in Swindon). In Wootton Bassett I lived in New Road, 147 High Street, 18 Miltons Way. I remember all the people mentioned in previous comments! In spite of all the other changes the High Street remains basically the same.


sheila guilfoyle
i am so pleased to have seen a photo of wood street my uncle s shop is in the photo he had a shoe shop .his name was fred stratton &my aunts name was reene ,i spent many school holidays whith them my sister still lives near by

Michael Garlick
Does anyone know what the 19thCentury London Road, WoottonBassett is called now?

gerald taylor swindon
its good to see the town have you any pictures of 1945 to 1950

Terssa Corrigan (nee Westguard)
Looking through these photo's brought back memories of living in WB in the 50/60's. I lived in Mannor Paddock then moved into one of the lovely new houses in The Rosary about 1950. I was one of the first students to attend the new Secondary School afwer being at the C of E primary school, who can remember Mrs Wall, Mrs Strang, Mr Whittiker & Mr Lamden? I've been lucky enough to retrace my steps & visit WB all the way from Australia a couple of times, family still live close by in Swindon.

Celia Hendricks (nee Elliott) from Calgary, Albert
I lived at 39 Miltons Way when I was 6 until I was 11 yrs old. That was in 1961. I always fondly remember the old primary school at the top of the hill, with a temp classroom in the playing field, outside toilets and the school choir competions. We had wonderful times there. Mr Angelanetta owned the buchers, Fred Eacott had a plumbing business. Chris Layton was running for election and my parents were involved in his campaign. It was a true community, small, friendly and caring. I am saddened by the growth in housing I see and hope the "village" spirit has not entirely left. Maybe one day I'll get to visit and retread my steps.

Janet Georgiou
Picture 16 shows a small white house tucked between the bank building and Mr Bevir's offices. It was reputed to be the oldest building in Wootton Bassett, and was knocked down in the 1960s to widen the top of Station Road, which it blocked. It's amazing that nearly all the other buildings are as they were in the photographs.

Jim Hartley (Cumbria )
My mother's uncle ,Charles Pearce, lived in his retirement from GWR in a wooden bungalow in Station Road until his death in the 1950s. He had an enormous garden which is probably now built over. I last visited him there in 1950. His son Lesley was station master at Wootton in the same period.

Simon Clift
Great to see photo's of where i used to live. Any pictures of WB school circa 1979- to 83?

Mr D Humphries
Very interesting idea of the town of my ancestors

martin prior

Virginia Reid
My ancestors were from Wootton Bassett. What a beautiful town.

You are in: Wiltshire > History > Local History > Historic Wootton Bassett pics

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