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20 April 2015
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Local History

You are in: Wiltshire > History > Local History > Historic Warminster photos

Historic Warminster photos

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Tell us what you think of the vintage photos, and share your memories of Warminster.

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Tessa White (nee Heard)
Lovely to see photos of the town where I grew up with my brother-Bruce. I remember the carnivals and events in the park

Pearce Family on Bread Street
My Pearce ancestors lived at various addresses on Bread Street in the 1800's and 1900's. I have entered their information on There were lots of them back then, but I don't know where any of them are today.

rod james
in picture 6 the shop with the blind became George Butchers bakery where my father was the baker

in 1st 2nd c Warminster was called Gareminster.

Janet Curtis
The lady stood on the step of the shop is my grandmother Mrs Charlton and was later taken over by her son and then a daughter after thatand stayed in the family right up until 1970's. Mrs Charlton also ran a dressmaking Buisiness from the property before this one for many years.

Loved the old photos of my home town, shame there were none of the area around the common [except for No15 the view down Bread Street]

Colin Taylor
I am writing a history of Warminster Baptist Church, which is 200 years old this year (2010). Does anyone have a photo of the front when it had iron gates and a path up to the Church between flower beds and shrubs? If you have memories of the Church, please let me have them. Thanks

I used to attend Draytons School between 1962 and 1965. Does anyone have any photos of the school or classes from that period? Could anyone tell me what the building is now used for?

Jean Starke (nee Pearce)
My Father's family have always lived in Warminster. His war grave is in the Baptist Chapel graveyard in North Row. I have spent many a lovely holiday with grandparents who lived in Lyme Avenue. We are hoping to relocate to Warminster in a few months. The pictures are wonderful and I am surprised to find the place hasn't changed in more than 100 years.

these pictures are amazing i have lived here my whole life which makes warminster very special to me. even though i think its boring sometimes these picture's have really opend up my eyes to how amazing it used to be !

John Rall
grew up there and it was a blast to see the pictures

Charles Humber
Great Photo's Wonder if anyone has Pictures of Hillside Childrens Home in Boreham Road
The American troops lived in a house called Lupeans.had a long drive, conkers from the trees.Miss it
I have recently seen your web-site because I am researching my family history. My 5th Great Grandfather Daniel Haynes was born and lived in Back Lane, 1790, and he was a Cordwainer any information regarding Haynes would be most welcome.
I lived in Warminster 1940-1947 remember the Cock Inn, there used to be a Molly Butts store, and to the left of the Cock Inn, Simms or Syms crocery store, I remember the silk factory, and short cut called The Hanging. Chaltons Lane, used to row on the park lake, and skate on it in Winter.

Albert (Hemmings) -
Jusy been browsing your collection of photographs. I lived in the Warminster area from 1948 until 1966 eg. Kingston Deverill (1948-1950ish.), Hillside Children's Home (1950ish-1960ish.), St. John's Primary School(1953ish- 1960ish.), St. George's Catholic Church, Boreham Road (ditto St. John's), Bishopstrow Mill (1960ish-1962ish.), Kingdown Secondary Modern/ The Avenue Schools (1960ish- 1965ish.), Woodcock Caravan Site (1963/4ish.), Railway Station, W.H. Smiths Newsagent(ditto 1963/4ish.),Heytesbury Village (1964-65ish.), Queensberry Council Housing Estate (ditto Heytesbury), Hi-Fi Cafe (1964- 65ish.), Butcher's Builders(1965ish.). Any possible photographs, relating to these places and times??!!. Many thanks,Albert.

I am a newcomer to Warminster (2002) but am fascinated by the history of the town and particularly enjoyed all of the photographs. I live in West Street, next to The Cock Inn, in a cottage which used to be Povey's Stores. If anyone has any photos of the shop I would a copy if possible. I can be contacted on Thank you!

The person stood on the step of the shop is my grandmother and the 2 girls stood outside the next property could be family members as this is where my grandmother lived and had a dressmaking business. The house where the troops were was called "Newpeans"

Mavis Hackett
For those who may not know, the town name I believe derives from "Minster on the Weir"

Mavis Hackett nee Webb
these pics are great, I grew up in Bread Street, opp The Tynings, name changed now for 17/18,best memories of a great chidhood here.My late sister went to Avenue school,and my Mother worked on Longleat Est, felling and planting trees during the war. I used to go to the post office in Brook St with my stick insects on my shoulder!we lived with Misses V.& L.Pearce, who's father was a gamekeeper near the Marsh, they grew up in the Turnpike Cottage there.
My grandfather,George Cull, of Easterton,Wilts. died in 1952. His son, Walter Cull, at the closing of his father's estate, donated to a museum in warminster his boyhood toy, a wicker tram car with horses. I, John Cull, am wondering whether that toy is still in a collection somewhere and if a recent photograph is available.

someone who was born in emwell street
great photos!

Oh wow...kinda wierd seeing it like that...the clarks is now M and Co.

i used to live there and it was weird to see it so long ago

Emo child!!
wooop! omg that obilisk thingy is in the park now!!!! and that's the post office

there was a large house which housed American troops in the 1940s, the name was something like sat back from the road.

celia webb
I was disappointed not to see any photos of the lovely park. In the fifties my granparents lived there, and my grandfather was the head gardener of the park and we used to go there and take out a row boat on the lake.

Diane Bond
Hello does any one have any pictures to do with Dr Hogan at Portway where my gran was in service..a picture of the old building would do if nothing else..kinds regards..

john nisbeck
i wonder where the name Warminster came from ?minister. of war.i lived at Monkton deverill during world war 2

codford st peter(st mary) is there any postcards of (lay-preacher)a cottage from around 1918ish

Alby Wilkinson
During the late 1950's early 1960's I was a child living on Queensway council estate. There were a lot of children on the estate, all born in the years after the end of World War 2. We naturally formed large groups (like tribes realy) depending on which part of the the estate we came from and always played together. We would wander up on to Salisbury Plain or down to the river Wylye, sometimes not seeing our parents untill meal times.I loved the photos, quite a few I have not seen before.

one of the porter family
Memories of living at emwell street and silver street in the fifties

Terry Farmer
I remember Warminster in thetime of Harold Dewey andwelcome this site of BBCWiltshire. I think I metTony Miles at the old Warminster Liberal Fetes over 40 years ago. I would like to make contact if it is him. I now live in Sherborne, Dorset. Well done BBC Wiltshire some lovely old photos!

Tony Miles
A wonderful place to visit. Memories of my childhood flood in. (I even remember Harold Dewey. And his wry humour. And the smell of his pipe.) I've lived in Australia these many a year, but even so I'm sure that the coronation of George IV was rather earlier than 1911. (Pictures 32 - 33)A small detail that hasn't spoiled my pleasure at re-running bits of the first 20 years of my life. Thanks very much.

You are in: Wiltshire > History > Local History > Historic Warminster photos

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