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20 April 2015

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Local History

You are in: Wiltshire > History > Local History > Historic Swindon Photos 1

Historic Swindon Photos 1

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john kent
macs on a monday night along time ago

jenny Shaw
excellent pics. very good for all aspects of comparing then and now and how it changed over the years inbetween.

The house on the left is mine!

it is great

the place is so historic and it makes me feel old

Please somebody start building beautiful brick buildings again, Open up that damn canal and start building beautiful again, it's got to be beneficial to the town


Imagine the the wonderful town centre we could have had, if only successive councils had had the foresight to preserve some of the fabulous old buildings, landmarks and theatre.

colin stevens
they shouldt knocked down the history of swindon and should do some thing with the old building could rail way village well i dont know what the name off the bulding but the man what owns it should keep it what it is just cange the activiteys inside and keep the building as it . in stead off leting it rot away colin age 12 its nice bulding to do up inside again and plz do something for it to re open so we cansee the history off swindon.

Malcolm Ronald Stevens
My great, great grandfather, Joseph Robert Stevens, lived at 6 Cromwell Street on 14 Jun 1879, when he got married.

What happened? I didn't know Swindon used to be such an attractive place. I'm new living here, not by choice, but I wish it was a more historic town than it is now.

charlotte rowell
classs topic is about trhe victorian times

my class topic is about Victorian times and the railway village and my uncle lives in the railway village on reading street

Extremely good set of photos bringing back memories of Swindon from when I first arrived in 1956.Keep it up, well done. PM

ray woolford
I would like to see photos of Carnival Processions of perwar and early 1940s

Lorraine Hedges
I live in Beatrice Street and the lake was at the back which is now St Marks Park and Tennis Courts

sharon isaac
i grew up in this area and live outside chicago il is such great place to look back on and lots of good happy time. my parents are buryed in Sailsbury.i hope to coma back soon .thanks for the

David Groves
I'm intrigued by the location of the Beatrice Street Lake. I was born in 1942 in Handel Street which was connected to Beatrice Street, but was never aware that there was once a lake located in the area. Does anyone know anything of it's history?

clifford hill
born 1938 01.01.1938 top of kent rd in the maternity hospital. yes brian t webb - the planks /the humpty dumpts - also where the great western hospital was built i had 100's of newts[conservation now - to late .

John Walsh
With the renewed interest in Richard Jefferies it's a pity that the borough council is about to allow the obliteration of the countryside at Coate by a rapacious combination of house-building firms and Bath University. This breaks an earlier promise that the Great Western Hospital would be the only building programme allowed in the area.

Bridget Dawkins
I would love to know the yr of each photo, please could anyone give them to me. thankyou.

Brian T Webb
Very enjoyable especially as I was born in old town in 1938 but have lived away from Swindon since 1960. The photo's would been more representaive if they had some of the Planks area and the Goddard Estate properties.

You are in: Wiltshire > History > Local History > Historic Swindon Photos 1

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