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20 April 2015

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Historic Salisbury photos

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Tell us what you think of the vintage photos, and share your memories of Salisbury.

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Susan Scott
Wonderful photos of Salisbury.I am looking for old pictures of Milford Hall Salisbury where my maternal grandfather, William Marlow Turner, lived - probably about 1909. I have a photo of what may be the back of Milford Hall, dated about 1905. I would like to verify whether it is or is not Milford Hall. It looks rather different from the present hotel I have to say. I can email the photo to you.With kind regards,Susan Scott.

marian (larder) wilkins
To Stephan Eckersley Later now in consultation with my sister there was a Richard who married Daphne who used to play in the tennis club with us.Are they relatives?

Raymond Pidgley
I would love to contact Nicola Pidgley,. my e-mail address is

Sue Southern nee Gater
I could fill pages with my memories of Salisbury - the Gaters & Gardners were Salisbury people through & through. How about The Cadena on Blue Boar Row, Styles & Gerrish, Mrs Futcher's little shop on Endless Street, playing on the Greencroft & walking up to Milford Hill to visit my Gran's sister. The Infants School at the top of Wyndham Road, looking out for my Gran who'd stand on the little footbridge City side of the railway tunnel waving a tea towel as I hung out the carriage door window. She'd hot foot it home & tea would be ready when we got in from the Station. Oh my, such happy memories tinged with sadness for a long distant childhood:)

Skwegly my cat
oh wow, this is the place of my reincarnation, it is only here i feel free to roam the streets and beg for money. And I do remember my past life when i were a school girl at Bishops. Good times my friend. Good times indeed. I feel very fortunate in my life to have been reincarnated in the same town which is salisbury. Touch me.

Jodie goodge watch
SALISBURY ROX! its da bomb. : )

Lee Chipperfield
Born and raised in Salisbury, its still home for me despite living in Canada for the past 17yrs. Mum still lives on Douglas Haig Rd. The old photos are great, I love the history, makes me want to visit. The Haunch was my local pub. I worked at the Curry's Store on Butcher Row for a few years and I met my wife Theresa who was a nurse at the Infirmary. So many happy memories, it makes me home sick :) Thanks for posting the pictures.

Raymond Pidgley
Does anyone remember me,I used to run the Salisbury Boxing Club with Johnny Orchard, when I was in The Royal Marines I pursuaded Fritz Macauley to join and his brother.Fritz is now a Police Officer in Salisbury.My daughter still lives in Salisbury- Nicola.

martin hughes
I was staationed at RAF Old Sarum with the AATDC from 1957 to 1958. I used to travel from Old Sarum to Birmingham for £1 return.The photo of Silver Star coaches brought back many happy memories

ruth whitehead
do you have any pictures of potters way

Geoffrey Vivian-Smith
My Father ws born in Salisbury (1897) Exeter Street. I was hoping for a few old photo's of this street, However i thouroughly enjoyed looking at those that are available.

Aidan Quinn
I was stationed at Dinton 1944 and 1945. We spent a lot of time in Salisbury. I have fond memories of Salisbury even though it was during the war and blackout.

Sandra Warwick (nee Jones)
My family owned a fish and chip shop in Catherine St from 1954 onwards. I was hoping there might be a photo of it becuase it no longer exists! It was opposite the Cloisters Pub, which I think may have been called something else then. I loved living in Salisbury it is a beautiful place.

Alan Clarke
Photo 68, caption is incorrect. Not "Launch 26th June 1987" but "Demise 7th May 1988"

Maureen Hunter
I really enjoyed loking through these photos of how Salisbury used to look.

Stephen Eckersley
I have been exiled from Salisbury for most of my adult but still consider it home - raised there as i was in the 60's and 70's. My father was from Winterbourne Dauntsey also and the family might be known to marian (Larder)Wilkins, and i went to Uplands School with a Nichola Snook. How strange that i might have a personal connection with 3 of the 7 who have left messages - but perhaps thats Salisbury's magic - its a City and area that never leaves you!

Raymond Pidgley
Marvellous, the photos certainly brought back a lot of memories.A wonderful city that cannot be matched.When I lived there (1953)I was the Light Welter Weight Champion of The Royal Marines, and when I left the Royal Marine Commandos I used to run the Salisbury Boxing Club.

marian (Larder) wilkins
I am currently producing an multi-media art work based on landscapes that have influenced me, I would like to see more of the surrounding villages. I grew up in Wintrbourne Dauntsey,near Figsbury RingsBy the way Sheila Adlam Stewart I went to SWGS for Girls in the mid 50"s also. Now live in Vancouver B.C.

Jo Ann Fialkosky
We will be taking our trip to the UK in 3 weeks, Your pics really help to see what was & then we can see what is...I am very excited& can hardly wait...Thanks for the History...

Sheila Adlam Stewart
What a joy to walk back through my High Scool years.I went to South Wilts Grammar from 1950 until 1955. Long way from the USA but so any happy memories. Despite the early departure I made a very successful career in Nursing and despite retirement I still work occasional days supvising at my local hospital. Many thanks Salisbury for a great start in life!

Emo Child :P
i'm only 13and this was the exact spot where this year i met my dad fort he first time in 5 years!!!!..i probably won't see him agen :(..thans for the memories :)

Tony Snook (Byfleet )
My forefathers were stonemasons at Salisbury Cathedral in the 19th century. Can you tell me more ??

Eve Mitchell
Amazing collection of old photos. I was born and bred in Salisbury,my mother was a Snook so I was delighted to find a photo in Silver Street of one of my grandfather's Butchers shops. My father's uncle Bob Bousie was Mayor of the City in 1923 and my uncle Tony Snook was Mayor in the sixties. I was educated at the conventas was my mother and aunt.

You are in: Wiltshire > History > Local History > Historic Salisbury photos

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