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20 April 2015

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Local History

You are in: Wiltshire > History > Local History > Historic Malmesbury Photos

Historic Malmesbury Photos

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Tell us what you think of the vintage photos, and share your memories of Malmesbury.

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David Reeves
I was born in Malmesbury now live in chippenham but Malmesbury will always be my home much loved great photographs

I think it was interesting learnig anbout stuff

C. Maki
I was at the village in 1959 so I recall the Market Cross and the abbey. I stayed at the Bell Inn but it seemed different to what was shown here.Thank you,

Amanda Souh ( Nee GALBRAITH)
As a child child growing up in Stanton St Quinton, we were always around Malmesbury.I have in a full set if old post cards in a souvenir booklet and would love to know more. All the cards within are cepia tones and are detatchable, leaving a smaller image in the booklet! Can anyone help?

mark westmacott
i enjojed looking back at the old days in a town i grew up memories of malmesbury will allways be joining the towns fire service back in 2000.The towns peaple are so freindly,its like being one big family.lets hope it remains.

Pam Humphreys
Enjoyed your Malmesbury pics. I have an old one of Abbey Brewery House if you're interested.I am the G.granddaughter of John Alexander mentioned below.pamelah@smartt,com

Steve Smith
In answer to Sharon Nolan: In the year 2000 I was dating a girl in Malmesbury and we often used to walk past the two large houses. Independently I started to refer to them as "The Grudge Houses" because I reckoned whoever built them must have held a grudge over the people who lived opposite and wished to block their view. Even though I meant it as a joke the term caught on in our social group. So it could have been me that started it but if you remember it from the eighties then possibly other's had the same little joke.

anna rogers
brillant my ancestors came from malmesbury

John Oriel Tanner
As the first of my family to be born outside of Malmesbury in the past 300 years, I think the pictures are just great. I am sorry that they do not include a picture of the Rose And Crown inn on the high street circa 1890. run by my Gt Uncle William and Leah his Wife

Isaar Soares Carvalho-Brazil
I think that is a magnific register of the History of one of the most importants cities of the world, for there was born the great thinker Thomas Hobbes. Don´t you have a photo of his house?My bes wishes,Isaar S.

Sharon Nolan
Re Euclid Villas.I know that John Alexander, who lived in Avon House and who built Euclid Villas, bought the garden opposite Avon House to preserve his view. Does anyone have any proof to athenticate the "grudge house" rumour? The term was not around in the nineteen fifties, sixties or seventies as far as I know. I learned of it only in the eighties. I would be interested to know how it originated.Sharon Nolan Sharon Nolan

Brian Ballard
The photas were excelent, wish we coud retun to the old days. I enjoyed all thanking you again.

You are in: Wiltshire > History > Local History > Historic Malmesbury Photos

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