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20 April 2015

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Historic Highworth photos

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Tell us what you think of the vintage photos, and share your memories of Highworth.

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Bella Dunn (was Bella Conn)
I was a little girl from family lived in Highworth from about 1942 to 1947 in Rivers Road (an estate possibly built to house "war workers" etc. from London. Ny dad worked on aircraft, and briefly on the railway. My mum was a talented dressmaker. I went to Highworth Elementary School (next to the Mat Factory) and then Upper Stratton Secondary Modern - alas both of them seem not to exist any longer. I had two little sisters, one of whom was born in Swindon in 1946. During the war, hundreds of British soldiers and their vehicles lined the roads where I lived; it seemed that they there were there for years. I can also remember U.S. soldiers marching through the village; they threw sweets & chocolates to the children lined up inside the school grounds. My classmates included Pamela Jeffries (whose dad was the village Baker) - Terry Dean (whose dad was the Policeman; Marjorie Rebbeck; Joyce Kerfoot; Sally Smith; Richard Titchen (my first sweetheart!); Mervyn (Moggie)Webb; Olive Head; June Plant, Ralph Coombes etc. etc. I had piano lessons briefly with Mrs. Dunn who lived near the Rec., and also with Mr. Harald Plowman, who lived on my estate (which I think has long gone). I absolutely loved having my childhood in Highworth - I loved the countryside and local plants - and only writing this has made me realise what a short space in time it was. I migrated to Australia with husband and four children in 1971, but have always treasured my memories. Incidentally, there is a Highworth north of Brisbane; I've often wondered how it got its name. I would have loved to see more photos of the 1940's (perhaps film was unavailable then) since I don't recognise much on your website, even though I have a very good memory for most things. I seem to remember there was a bakery shop on a corner, with a veg. shop (Turner's?) on the opposite corner, of the square. I can remember the first icecream being delivered to Turners (?) after the war. We all had to take our own basin to collect it in! Us hungry 11-yr olds would make a beeline for the bakery shop on the way home from school (it was war-time.....we'd eat a whole Oxo cube if necessary....and occasionally some angel would leave a basket of small apples outside the bakery shop. Does anyone remember the old man who sold fruit from his own orchard....can't remember the road,(just before the area where I lived) but there was an ancient wooden train parked down the side of his fence, visible from the roadway. My mum bought stuff from him, and occasionally I'd sneak in and pick up a windfall on the way home from school. I remember the beautiful church, and the cannon ball (from Cromwell's time?) hanging in its metal basket within the church. The verger, or maybe the caretaker, at the church naughtily allowed me and two friends in to see the bell and clock workings. I think he stood at the bottom of the ladder while we three climbed up it in our short skirts! I have the loveliest memories of Highworth.Bella

Wonderful, beautiful, interesting, impressive architecture in Highworth. This helps with my research into the Whiteways of this town in 1830s. Earliest William died Eaastrop workhouse in 1840s. Where was he born?

dennis peapell

Martin Peters
Andrew Mills: I lived in Wrde Hill from 1965 to 1969. I didn't go to school in the village, however, but in Swindon. I well remember playing football and other games in the large recreation ground. I also remember what seemed at the time to be the biggest slide in the world; does anyone else recall this?

Theron Helton
Glad you included Simon Iles, Characters like him are what make our towns what they are and provide nifty memories of eccentric people.

george langlands
i live in highworthit is nice to see old photos

why is there a picture of a dwarf?

Chris Baskerville
Thanks to the Highworth Historical Society for this great collection. Many happy memories of my 24 years as a resident came flooding back. Sandra and I now live in France but if we ever return to UK it will be to Highworth.

Peter Cannon
Hello.. I have happy though brief memories of Highworth. I lived there in a new house in Kilda road as the estate was being built.. 1967/68.. till my work took me away. Anyone else from Kilda Road late 60s ?

Graham Brown
In 1951 I had built a 11 ft long kayak and was towing it behind my bycycle on a cart made from a childs pram from Swindon to the Thames at Lechlade. The road out of Highworth traverses a long steep hill and part way down it , the cart broke free from my bycycle and took off at a high rate of speed down the hill . Imagine my concern but luckily there were no cars coming up the hill and the cart ran straight down the middle of the road and finally came to a stop undamaged . I will never forget that day or Highworth.Graham Brown ,  Canada

heather loader
My GG Grand uncle JohnJames Mundy,resided at Highworth.Although born at tower hillLondon,he was a Brewers Agent as stated on the 1891 Census.and lived in prospect lane ,and eastcott lane.A charming little place to visit.

Pat Askwith
I spent happy times at Fresden Farm in the seventies and we used the blacksmith in Highworth to shoe the horses, so i really enjoyed looking back

Andrew Mills
I was born in Swindon in 1958 but lived in Wrde Hill from 1959 (when first built) to 1969. Many happy innocent memories returned from looking at these pictures. Highworth was a wonderful place to grow up, and I must visit soon.

Malcolm Stevens
My family, the Stevens', came from this town. I have traced generations of Stevens and Dainton from this region, and the Stevens/Dainton union and children to this particular town.

Peter Soloman
I taught in Highworth Junior School from 1968-1970. I have never managed to return but the photos brought back many memories.

Heather Mapson. N.Zealand.
These are great 'photos. From 13,000 miles away I can see the world my father;his father and G.Grandfather were born into. Fascinating.


You are in: Wiltshire > History > Local History > Historic Highworth photos

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