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20 April 2015

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Historic Devizes Photos

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Tell us what you think of the vintage photos, and share your memories of Devizes.

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gary marsh
born in devizes in 1951 and still live here it was great to see the photos and brought back many special memories would have been even better if we had the appropriate dates

Enjoyed looking at the photographs.Members of my family lived on Sidmouth Street.Henry Brewster was a baker from 1860 -1927 and shop taken over by his daughter Ethel Brewster after he died. Any photos` of this shop?

Phil Snook
My Great Uncle John Henry SNOOK was born in Greenlands Court on 11th May 1879. Is this the same as Greenland Yard. Even so where was it located?Good photos.

Peter Philpott
I was born and bred in Devizes, and always have a soft spot for my home town.These pictures bring back past memories in some shots, and provide wonderful ideas of "Old Devizes" in others.

Bob Holliday
The photos are fantastic. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and was a visitor to Devizes last September and thoroughly enjoyed my time.

Teresa Harris
I lived in Devizes as a teenager. My Mum is living in Potterne. These photos are magical! I have fond memories of working in the Brittox. Devizes will remain a favorite place of mine.

Royston Bolwell
Just had a look of the website of Devizes in the past and i am very impressed with them well done.

Alison Davies
I have a couple of postcards addresssed to my mother's aunt when she lived in Sheep street Devizes,dated about 1914.Lovely to see a photograph of the street.Surnames of my family from that neck of the woods are Mead and Hurkett.Have a fondest for Wiltshire and hopefully will be able to visit again soon.

Anne Topp
I have found your photos most intersting, in doing my family tree have found that my father had alarge family that i new nothing about. he was born John Topp in 1910 in devizes at 5 Greenlands Yard, I was wandering if there are any old maps that would show the town then

Dec McSweeney
Fascinating pictures, but it would be helpful to attach dates, however approximate.

Christine Williams
Wonderful collection of pictures. I live in Devizes and must make a better effort to look up and around me more!

Brian Bailey
Absolutely fabulous

helen davies
i live in sheep street in 1951

pearl surman
I was born in DEvizes 1930and have happy memories of the Crammer fishing for newts lead on our bellieson the green We used to go over the railway bridge and pinch the conkers in the castle grounds. Happy days Thanks for the pictures and the memories.

Brian Smith-Williams
Brilliant. I love looking at old photos like these! I'm 20 and have lived in Devizes for 11 years, but even the Francis Frith collection can't compare to this! Absolutely brilliant. Thankyou.

p.i. staker
These photos have helped me understand the history behind Devizes and our very interesting to view.

Emo Child :P
these pictures actually helped me alot. if my mates knew i was looking at this they would think i was a geek!! but i don't care i love the past and have always wanted to see it!! and be there.. it's not the same but these pics give a reale insite to what we have missed!!!thank you x

david nisbeck
i enjoyed looking at the photos of devizes i was born in sussex wharf in 1931 and now live in south australia brings back memories thanks

I so much enjoyed seeing where my grandfather lived as a boy. He was born in 1866, came to America as a young man...left family of 10 brothers and sisters. Would LOVE to find just one cousin. William Henry Stevens is the family name. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Betty

Ken Martin
These are very interesting indeed. A valuable social historic record. Thanks to the person who assembled them and to the owners of the originals for sharing them. I must now pay the Wilts Heritage Museum a visit.

Alan Swinburne
Just look at the Bath Road traffic. I see one horse and cart and one car? in the distance. Look at the marks on the road caused by the wheels. Superb. Notice the posh gentry walking down Long Street. Nothing changes he he

Mike Henley
As a former resident I found the pictures of great interest but I would have liked to know the dates of each, were this possible.

You are in: Wiltshire > History > Local History > Historic Devizes Photos

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