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20 April 2015

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Highworth's Horse Drawn Travellers

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im a traveler nd im happy the way im livn nw i still liv in a caravan bt my fathr says it was lovely bk years ago livn in wagons nd travling around ,,, fare play to yee 4 keepin d tradition xxxxxxxx

I'm not a traveller but that is so cool. loads of people are really biased about travellers but i have loads of friends in my mums school who are travellers. ROCK ON!!!

I am a traveller but i dont live like that anymore but fare play to those travellers that never gave up the tradition good on ye some people hate travellers and say there smelly ye some are but not all of them are smelly like my familie there not smelly like my mammy wont let me go outside the door with out being dressed properly so 4 the people dat hate us wake up because ur the only one thats going to be left wit no friends get a life.

Lee Pyksta N.f.a
Wikid photo's, i'm a traveller myself an allways like photo's that capture the essence of true livin..just take a look at the other comments left, arn't some people so self'rightous..When your in the Midlands ol keep an eyefor you...i know some park ups ;-)

lisa mairre
i had a dog for eightteen years it was never checked by a vet or anything and i loved it dearly so it jus shows you really dont have to live by the book and also i had horse for many years it never had loads of space but it was rod everyday when i took it to a vet they said it was the fitest they have seen a horse in years so to the people saying the horses dont have enough try looking harder you may find that they are better than some of the horses you see in a field

lovely wagon and wat a way to live my parents and grandparents were gypsies and lived just how u r now my dad always says he would love togo back to that way of living good on yous and goodluck xxx

ah wow that is gewgus how did they make that

michael connors
the people you all see in the photographs are not travellers they are living in wagons that my people did live in many years ago im am an Irish traveller and as far as im concerned if theas people who want to live like the travellers did before and don't break the law and respect the people who are living in the area then the best of luck to them.

Great pictures. Thankyou. They are very important in my education about the Travellers and Roma.I will visit them someday.

janet tomson
grow up carrie dogs/puppies are available anytime by anyone anywere, with the cash, whats the difference. ?I say good luck to the travellers there life is hard enough!! although peaceful to i'd bet!!

in respons to carrie and theresapeople and there animals have lived like this for centuries...before society got stuck so far up its own backside and people could decide where they are the social ladder of life.these people and their animals are free in the sense that they are not ignorant to life and dont depend on bricks an mortar to protect them or to make them feel important in the world.its somethin that nobody will understand unless they have grown up that way just like how they cant understand how to live in a house in the same place forever....and the animals might not have the luxurious bedding and toys that yours do but im damn sure they get a lot more affection and time from their owners than yours do.

Rebecca Jackson
I think this is a great way to live - but probably not that easy - I am sure there is a lot of prejudice towards people who live this way. It should be commended.

Ian M
As another devoted dog owner, I totally agree with Carrie (whom I also know), you should always check the dogs history, health & well being, along with seeing any relations especially its parents etc. I dont think this can ever be done like the way shown in feature. Please be very careful - your dog is going to be come one of your family - looking for all things from you!

Therese Kelleher
Seen the state of the living conditions for the horses lately? Whilst these 'travellers' choose to live this way, these horses need a lot more space than a roundabout - disgusting!

I think Carrie needs to lighten up and stop thinking the worst of people. i am a dog owner i bought my dog from a breeder with no checks etc, i don't abuse the dog and there is nothing to say people who buy these dogs will. Good luck travellers, live and let live.

Carrie Barras
I find this picture highly offensive being a dog owner myself. Any passing member of the public can buy a dog at the roadside. As a dog owner of many rescue dogs I find it very upsetting that members of the public can buy dogs in this fashion, when the RSPCA & Bluecross check you are fit to own a dog you have to go through numerous stringent checks before allowing the animal to be rehomed. I doubt very much that these dogs new homes will be vetted. As we know Christmas is a time for giving & a dog is NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!

You are in: Wiltshire > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > About Wiltshire > Highworth's Horse Drawn Travellers

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