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20 April 2015
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You are in: Wiltshire > People > Famous Faces > Diana Dors: A Life in Pictures

Diana Dors: A Life in Pictures

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I'd like to know what is the most hightly regarded film of Dianas career? Thank you, Steve Lambertsen


Karen-USA Texas
I saw her pic in the April 2008 Elle mag. I found myself going on the web to see more pics of her. She reamined very pretty til her last days.

jaime palhinha
sou o maior fan brasileiro desta querida e inesquecível atriz inglesa. ela foi única e além de beleza tinha muito talento.ela nunca será esquecida!

a british princess,xx

david Vidal
Diana Dors only one A TRUE LEGEND

Steven timothy
My friend now has diana dors registation plate dd1 on his Mercedes which was auctioned off after her death. He was a big fan. Wonderfull lady sadly missed.

Jorge Nielsen
Excelentes fotos y excelente idea homenajear a una actriz muy popular en la Argentina durante los años 50 y comienzos de los 60. Actuo en Buenos Aires en teatro y television durante 1961

A true British icon,and a simply beautiful,warm and lovely lady.It's so sad she is no longer with us,most definitely taken far too soon.My late parents were huge Diana Dors fans,and my dad in particular always made a point of tuning into "Top Of The Pops" to see her in the Adam And The Ant's video of "Prince Charming".Not only a brilliant actress but equally so versatile that she could do absolutely anything.

Rosina Markey
Diana once lived at Coneyhurst Sussex, we used to see her cruising by in her Cadilac. (We played tennis in the road). My sister and I 'Adore her'.

Truly amazing. Stumbled across these from a link on the IMDB. Many, many thanks

Gareth Jones
A true legend

i love her to bits

Diana's new tribute site is now officially

Ian Shaw
Looking through these photographs has me smiling like a Cheshire Cat. Isn't it strange how somebody that you have never met can make you feel very happy? You sometimes read some old clap trap about film and t.v. stars being warm, generous and giving individuals. I cannot explain why I have certain beliefs, but one of the reasons why I always liked Diana Dors was due to my belief that she genuinely appeared to be a caring person who appreciated others and loved to entertain her viewers. Have you heard her CD yet from recordings made in 1960? GLUED to by cd player!

Paul Sullivan
Wonderful to see these rare photos of the life of Diana Dors, our Great British talent, gone too soon.It has been my pleasure to work with the family of Diana Dors in producing her official archive and website which can be seen at

Barry Dolman
Lovely what a pity she went so young sadly missed.

Rufus Boyett
G'morning! I am a 74 year old Brit living in the Colonies (USA) and while in the process of writing my Memoirs I just discovered that Diana and I had something in common - we both went to Colville House School (me in 1940..) Hmmm...

Sean Flynn
Hello FolksJust a quick message to all Facebook users I have created a group called "Re-Introducing Diana Dors", as a feeler for a new website I am creating. Please join and share your opinions and if you ever met the great lady your remeberances.Many thanks

diana the very best of british .beautiful caring .we will always remember you

was great to see these pics`of diana great lady of the screen and tv xxxx

the best

James Herridge
Super collection of photos,many rarely seen, of this truly great British star.Thank you for the opportunity to see them.

Mavourneen Davis
Diana Dors was a wonderful Film Star, Diana was just fantastic on the silver screen or off,wish she was still around.

Marc Andrews
I am a fan of DD and it is great to find this website with all these wonderful pics of DD

Edward R
Very pleased I've seen them again a great person

Absolutely wonderful.

andy toas
she will always be the best forever.

Kathy Jones
I think Diana was a wonderful actress and she is still greatly missed!

a brilliant but under rated as aserious actress

One of the greatest, never to be forgotten.

met dorsseveral times magical presence i adored her x

bob curry
a life time fan

t. vega
You all seem to concentrate on her beauty. I only saw her in Steaming & was impressed with her performance. I'd like BBC America to run her other movies. I can't find them on DVD.

Alan Henry
She is a lot more exciting than Monroe, too little exposure in America. She's my favorite!

john m O'sullivan
The photographs are good but I would like to see more

She had a lovely voice. Her record "Swinging Dors" is GREAT.

sue j
forget your Marilyns, Jaynes, Jean (Harlow) SHE was the greatest! Just wish we could see more of her films etc on TV. RIP 'DD' you will not be forgotten xx

she was fabulous and was taken from us far too young. Talented, beautiful and British!. I loved all her work.

roberto lopez ortiz
I don't speak inglish, but I can to say, that . I like very much Diana Dors. And I've many pictures off she. that I don't see in everywhere, I like your put more pictures of she.but in the 60's like in the movie " on the double" perhaps more "monroe", or Jayne mansifeld.goodbye, from Mexico ciy.where are you from?

Joy Burton
Why are there never any Diana Dors films on TV? Can we start a petition?

jane archer
I remember Diana as part of the adam ant video prince charming loved her before love her still. Beauty personified

stephen turner
a lovely lady sadley missed

naomi polley
i love you diana dors .xxxxxx

Pat Roberts
I thought she was great never saw her in a bad film she made it good.

paul bowler
you can keep your marylin monroes and jane mansfields,this lady was the most beautiful woman ever born,sorely missed.

Miguel Andrade
Thanks!!! Diana Dors is fantastic! :)

caz dawson
she was so beautiful, i smiled all the way through looking at the photographs of the one and only diana dors.

Thanks for the photo's, I love Diana, I wish there were more of her movies on tv.

I really have enjoyed looking through these pictures of our great britsh star Diana.

You are in: Wiltshire > People > Famous Faces > Diana Dors: A Life in Pictures

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