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20 April 2015
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Doctor Who

Billie Piper in Swindon
Billie in Swindon

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If you were at Billie Piper's book signing appearance at ASDA tell us all about it!
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i loved her book. i cant belive i even met her. omg. i was goona have a eart attack. i read her book in 2 weeks. it was so good. and i am a big fan of her. i love her. she is the best actress ever.

Amanda - age 17.
I wasnt at the signing as i live in London but i have been a fan of hers since i was 5 (1998 when her first song came out) and i have been a fan ever since... i want to be like her one day and i really wannt to meet her as well lol and her baby is soo cute and i have seen her treats(a theatre play)and bring her back in dr who and i LOVE YOU BILLIE XXXXX

Courtney Hiya
I love Billie Piper. She is the best actress eva. I think she should come back 2 doctor who. It's not the same without her or David! BRING BILLIE BACK

i went to belamadena international college with ellie, charlie and harley in spain

i went to school with her sisters. x

Hello I love Cheryl Cole

I didn't get a chance to meet her because just at I got to the front of the line the gards said no more and I waited there with me mum for 3 hours just to be turned away! But a woman grabbed my book and got it signed for me!! :) XX

I know Billie and her family and they are really cool not dodgey!

Courtney Hiya?
Hi Again, I got the book ahhh!

I have read billie book it really good. She is a good actress I think she should marry david tennant because he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and they look good together

Your Name
Banana's are good!

my fav ep was D--turn left

Isn't New Earth the one in series two???

Courtney Hiya?
It's me again! Love ya! Billie Rocks!!!!!

I'm the bigest fan of JK Rowling eva! Seeee yyaaa

Isn't New Earth the one in series two???

Courtney hiya?
I Love Billie Piper, Welldone Katie for hugging her! LOL!! I love you Billie Piper! What's your favourite episode of Rose?A) School Reunion B) The Girl in the fire placeC) Turn LeftD) OtherLove YA!

Billie has lovely teeth. And a lovely husband. Grrrr .

kayleigh .s. x
i was there and it was kool it was sad she left doctor who and it is sad that david tennant wont be in doctor who next year xxx

Frank Kocanda
I wasn't, I just wanted to say I miss seeing you on the DR. Who series, and even though your married, you make me feel alive.

Courtney hiya?
I wasn't there but, I love Billie Piper too. I'm her biggest fan ever! Does anyone know where I can meet her. She is my Idol. If Billie Piper is looking at hey! CHECK YOUR EMAILS xxxxx Love Courtney XXX

Bill Eyer

katie jones
I was one of the last people to get in!! when I got to the door they said no more people come come in so I started crying! and then they let me in. I HUGGED BILLIE PIPER YAY

Sophia Marsh.
Billie Piper had a baby called Winston

my mum says she saw an episode of dr who in the 70s. she said it was about people catching a disease by rubbing elbows. she doesn't remember anything else about it. would anyone know what episode that is?

You know they aren't showing the dr who xmas special on tv in Aussie! How unfair is that!!! We have to wait 'til it comes out on dvd!!!!!

So going youngest to oldest it goes.....Ellie, Harley, Charlie, Billie????

Thanks annonomus. Billie is the oldest one right? Hang on, were we looking at the same webpage?????

i love her

i know billies whole family. that girl sitting next to her with the brown hair is her sister Elle, i used to be mates with her but their whole family is dodgey!! i know everything about the pipers

Alexander Zeniou
I think the book is good and I hope you are goodP.S you so very sexy

Is Ellie her younger sister or her older sister? How much younger are her siblings than Billie??? If you see this and know the answer PLEASE reply

You remember River Song and how she said the Doctor looked YOUNGER, well doesn't that mean she has to meet DAVID TENNANT as the doctor???? I'm not sure, but does that mean she will be returning for a 2009 special?

You know, it's really annoying how Doctor Who is like a month or two behind in Aussie. I did some research and apparently THe Stolen Earth was shown in early July. Whereas in Oz, it was shown in mid September!!!!!!

me me me
Do you think Billie even looks at this webpage?

For James: I Ellie or Harley her younger sister? (PLEASE reply if you read this)

me me me
For jade (quite a long way down the list) do u really know her sister? ellie or harley??????????

Yeah Anna, U live in aussie too. You SHOULD DEFINITELY come to Australia! That would be SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

i didnt meet billie but went 2 school with her sisters and brother they were a laugh....!!but miss them now :(

Come to Australia Billie! We need you!!! even for a short time!!!!!!!! Aust. is awsum!!!!!!! come down under!!!

I didn't meet Billie but i wish i could. Bill, i think you're amazing. What i love most about you is that you started out as just a normal girl from Swindon and now you have become a superstar who everyone loves. We all make mistakes in life but the important thing is learning from them and that is why so many people look up to you. I loved you in Doctor Who, and now David is leaving as well, it's never going to be the same . I heard about your emergency cesarean (sounds horrible). 26 hours in labour *cringes at the thought*. Anyway, good luck with baby Winston, you're gonna be a great mum. Lets hope he's as good looking as you! xxxxxxxxxxp.s. my dad fancies you :)

Meeting Billie in real life was amazing. She really is all the things Chris describes her to be in her book - and it's true that not many people are as down-to-earth as her in her position. I'd get everyone to read her book because it's so honest I think every girl can relate to it. Not only this it doesn't try to make things seem better than they were - you can tell it comes straight from the heart. I feel like I've grown up with Billie, first adoring her music then loving her as an actress in Doctor Who and Spirit Trap. She is my idol and I would be proud to one day be compared with her (unless it's about the size of my mouth, which I get a lot anyway.)Hopefully I'll see a lot more of her as I break into the acting world, and her book will act as my bible and be taken along with me every step of the way. xPS: Congratulations on the birth of Wiston. You'll make a great Mum.PPS: Emergency Caesarean - ouch! x

With out billie doctor who will not be the same

I'm 14 years old and i aim to be just like you you are my idol, i think your amazing. But i think you really should get together with David tennant everyone seems to be able to tell he's madly in love with you aprt from you (underline the you part lol) Im very happy for you now that your pregnant please please please come back to doctor who x x x

Gemma Little
It was totally brill and I loved meeting her. It was cool and the best day of my life.

You are the best thing to happen to Dr. Who since Romana!

sorry i missed it just found out from a close friend that you we're doing a book tour Billie, i must say that you are one of the most amazing woman in film, and telivision, you we're one of the reasons many viewers even tuned in with out ROSE, there is really no doctor who even the doctor cant forget you continued success with all you're indevors. hope to meet you one day and have launch/ james

her youngest sister goes to our school in Spain Costa Del Sol Benalmadena International College. I swear i'm not lieing, we used to be really good mates and stuff and now we don't even talk because she knows i know all about her and her family's life

omgbillie piper i think you rockim thirteen and i want to be just like you!your amazing at singing and acting and your sooo pretty too!i want to meet you soooo badly!your such a good role modeland i also listen to your interviews on the tv !!!!xxxxxxxx

wats it like beinging an actress your so cool

i was not at it but i wish i was it would be my dream billie is the best person in the world and her acting and singing well what can u say just the best would love to meet u

Dear Billie your really sexyI love you so much.

Connor McCallum
Your well sexy can i hav a autograph Luv you i Doctor Who

hi i like it when u r on dr who

claudia moreno
hola billie piper yo soy tu admiradora y tienes buenas musica yo soy la que escucho tu musica la unica eres buena cantante bueno esto lo ultimo que te esgribo ojala que me lo leas estoy esperando adios billie piper

Dylan woods
you are so sexy

Dylan woods
cani have your autograph

Wow she is as amazing as she looks!

Sarita Radia

Heyahh my names charlotte im 13 I Get Told i look like you All The time everwere i Got People commnet On how much i look like you. i hope some day i wil get the chance to meet you you can see how much we look alike my teacher was looking for a look alike contest because she think we are so much alike and pepole think i have a good chance off wining it .. would be a grat achment to meet you Thank-you xx

Deniz Okyay
my friend says that u r the cousin of "Sevgim"?she says u r!thanks!lol

Thank God you back in Doctor Who!


arran adams
billie you r a legend ur book waz the collest ever and blew my mind u r so cool and sxy

liam adam
billie piper rocks ur mums socks!!!! ur a legend ur bokk was amazing !!! ur so sxy

Sarah Mythen
I am a very big fan of her. And I like her a lot too

it was great

Debi L
I have watched Dr. Who for many, many years and I love the new series but like Sean Preston I do like the original Tom Baker. Rose is definitely a great character in the new series and I hope she comes back. I really liked Christopher as The Doctor but David is okay too. I have recently purchsed the DVD (I'm in the US) and I can enjoy them at any time now.

Sean Preston
No I wasn't at this book signing.I wish to say this.I am in the U.S. and very much have enjoyed the char. Rose on Dr. Who. I am an old school Dr. Who fan. Out of all the Dr. Who's Tom Baker was my favorite.One last thing I wish to say. If this new Dr.Who show continues it must have the Rose Char. in it. She is a must for the ongoing of the Plot. In my humble oppion. Sean C. Preston

If I ever wanted an army of children who would die at my command, all I would need is Billie Piper for a general, and then I could rule the world. Until the US heard about it, they'd send Condi in and she would tear Billie apart with just her teeth - no hands.

charlie (age 11)
Dear,billie paul piper you are a great ater on doctor who but you where super on the empty child and when you meet campin jack did you thing he was a showof? i thing you are pretty and i wold love to meet you.

i have read ur book it is the greatest it is a shame you had to leave doctor who david talks about u still i think there is no other person better than you in dr who.every one loves david.he is the cutest man on earth he is the hottest most sexiest person to live.xxxxxxxxxxxyou are the greatest.

Today David Tennant and Freema Agyeman were doing book signing and i didnt go and ma mum did wid her sis.I had to go skwlBecause there were police der.Billie Piper you saved the world from the daleks didnt you.Ma mum shock his hand,Kissed him,And hugged him

Sarita Radia


rebecca rothwell
i like singing and i thought billy piper is a good actor

chale no se hablar ingles pero aqui en mexico nadie conoce a Billie Piper y sin duda es la mejor jajajaja lastima me gustaria vivir en londres

isobel major
it was so cool i loved it and how you sined my book it was a master piece

isobel major
i love you on doctor who it was so awwsom and terrifical i like you so much you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was at that exact one in swindon!!!! I was something like 5th!!! Billie is fab and is really nice!! A fab singer and actoress!! xxx I am her biggest fan- she wrote it in the book!!! I luv her and I want to be just like her!! PS. nice t-shirt Billie!!!
sweet lady

i wish i was but i was not aloud . i talk all the time and she is my hero . you are just so cool billie

I agree, its' horrible to think that someone was stalking Billie, it's mean. I think that we ALL like Billie here and respect her work!

i no billie pipers sister lol heya elle!! ly xoxox

i'm her N01 fan

i wish i was there coz ur my idol!!!! an u r great!!!cmoe bck 2 dr who!!!

i wish i was there coz ur my idol!!!!

Matt Balne
Billie is so beautiful!

you aer sexy

A great comment, Matt Balne-really hit the nail on the head, i totally agree with you!

billie piper is xcool

katie allen
XOX I love you Bilie i am doing a school speach on a cleberity and i choose u i luv you XOX

I also Love Billie so much nobody could ever love her as much as me neither honestly (Anon) I must love her the same as you believe me I cannot stop thinking about her and listren to her CD's I even cried over her lol when I wanted to see her and I did but only got a glimpse. =] =D

I love Billie so much, she is my best fan ever, I really do hope she does make an appearance in series 4 of Doctor Who as Time Lady Romana!. XxXxXxXxXxXxXx I wish I had seen her in person in The Metro Centre in Newcastle. =[ =] (I could only get a glimpse) =] =[

God billie in asda wallmart in swindon lol thats like 10 mins from my house lolwoohoooo

Matt Balne
Trust me, I love her the same as you do - and that's a lot! I hope she will return to Doctor Who soon ... I'm Billie's Piper!

i looooooooooooove billie she's a role model and som1 2 look up to billie 4ev@ i love u billie piper xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxooooooxxxx

how can you love her if you havent even met her no offence i can understand why you say it though. Whoooo go Billie. Up the Spireites

Mr Simme
Wow! I'm reading Billie's book and it is phenomanal so far-Billie is incredible-such talent is rare nowadays. Both an awesome singer AND actress, Billie will go far!

I love Billie with all my heart, she is the sweetest, kindest most lovely person ever. Though i didn't meet her, no one can love Billie as much as me. Seriously! No one at all could love Billie more than me! I don't physically find it possible for someone to say they love Billie mroe than me as it is not possible. I love Billie and would give anything to meet her. She should be proud of herself for her endless talents. I have a Billie shrine! BILLIE!

Matt Balne
I love Billie, I really want to meet her for a book signing, she's the best. Nobody loves her more than I do, not even her parents! Just ask my mates ... I stopped talking to this kid at my school because he has the same birthday as her (joking, but he honestly does!) I love you Billie and you should be proud of yourself! Love Matt Xxx

*ellie* age 13
i have never met billie piper and probably never will,(my mum doesn't like the idia of following in anothers footsteps) but she sounds wonderful, i read every thing about her and i wich she never left doctor who, i hope she has a great life and marries the man of her dreams and so on! EVERY ONE LOVES YOU BILLIE!!!!

Hi!I think your great!

Portia (13)
I love Billie! I've loved her since I was little and loads of friends say I look like her so they call me Billie. She is so cool and can't wait to see her in action.

Alisha age 10
I love you why did you leave dr who i miss you I what u 2 be my sister. I always be with u, love u so much i will see you soon.. miss u.

Alisha age 10
I love you why did you leave dr who i miss you I what u 2 be my sister. I always be with u, love u so much i will see you soon.. miss u.

no1 Billie piper fan
I havent got the billie piper book yet but i'm getting it for my birthday in march.iff only she was doing another book signing.She's such a good actress and ive seen all the doctor who episodes with her in it and i dont know iff i'm gonna like freema the doctors new companion because its Billie.Ive seen ruby in the smoke and i'v got the book and the best bit is billie.she seems so lively and allways happy on television iff only i could meet her in person,thats the one thing ive wanted to do since i was 5 years old!lots of love your biggest fan in the whole univers,infinity and space. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please dont leave the Doctor Who series please one of the reasons i like it some much so please dont leave also would like to know what the names of your CD's are would like to be able to find them and buy one so i can here what you sound like singing also personal note like your big brown eyes

I Meet her At the ASDA Signing.She was very polite to Us and seemed very friendly and downtoearth

I only wish I lived in the UK so I could meet her. Love the book, and she is a great actress. Also Sarah (from several posts down) the book may not be aimed at young kids, but I'm guessing there'd be quite a few young DW fans very eager to meet her. :)

letisha williams
im her biggest fan in the hole world i havent got her book my i wish i did tho i love her so much she is the best actress ever i wish i cood of herd her sing in 1994 im only 10 and i was born in 1996 only 2 years of so i wish her and all her fans a merry chrismas im her number 1 fan in love her acting its cool as cool i wish i cood meet her in person i hope she gets this message p.s your bigges fan ever your the best i love you

she was singing ato but she had to go every one was aving a go but she went over her time so give her some resped

lauren glover
:P ive met her :P

sarah young
iloved the book

Alex Washington
im not at swindon and i want to see you.but not on tv your like a magnet so atraktiv LOVE YOU.come to oxford sood.

people say i look really like billie and imher number 1 fan and i would love to meet her one day

leanne carrigan
Billie Piper I luv U I Always Want U To be My Sister

annemarie(elles friend)
good to meet some one famous!x

ebecca (12)
I met her in Leeds and she is so nice! She was really chatty and polite.

Ava in Spain
Billie Piper rocks my world ! She is the best person on this earth, She is pretty, is brillant at acting, is very talent and is a amazing singer. She is out of this world. Because i live in Spain, i did not have a chance to meet her, but my friend got her autograph for me.AND SO AFTER SUCH A LIST OF ACHIEVEMENT; IN FILMS, TV SERIES, POP STAR, ACTRESS AND HER TRAVEL IN TIME (DOCTOR WHO) I'M SURE YOU HAVE TO AGREE THAT BILLIE PIPER IS, INDEED , IS THE GREATEST PERSONALITY THE WORLD/UNIVERSE HAS EVER KNOWN AND SEEN ! I think Billie Rocks this earth ! She will always be brillant and there will always be a place for her in my heart. I am supporting her all the way and she will be brillant in every tv, film and acting thing. She is wonderful, amazing, fab, cool , dazzling and is my hero and when i grow up, i want to be like her, she is my idol for life! She is my inspiration for life , she rocks big time. Everyone loves her and everyone will miss her from Doctor who. P.s Good luck in the Ruby and the smoke. From Ava in Spain

Billie is a lovely, lovely down to earth lady. She was extremly sweet to all the people I have spoken to who met her. All this whinging in the press will not will just upset her and her fans. She has offered to come back and do another signing, she didn't have to do that! But it's still not good enough for the minority. I would also point out that Billie's book is not aimed at children so therefore what was the point in dragging children as young as six to her signings?

dale walker
I love you and want to meet you and want your autograph and love your music you go girl bye xxxxxxxxxxxxx dale walker

Joe (15)
Billie was very nice but it would have been better if she could have paid us a little more attention.

Amy (15)
Shes really nice! Very polite and friendly! I do have sympathy for the fans who didnt get as far as meeting her but it has been blown way out of control! thoses who think she should return to apologise for not seeing everyone will be disappointed..she'll probably be too scared to return with the lynch mob which awaits her within her hometown! Shame on you all! It was a good thing for her to return at all and to add an extra 2.5 hours onto what she origanally planned to do! "Billie, we still love you girl! Good luck!"

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