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20 April 2015

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You are in: Wiltshire > Nature > Nature Features > World's biggest moth in Town

World's biggest moth in Town

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so nice

verry pretty

kaleb krimmel
This isn't photoshop i mean this is huge even the capiper it grows from is huge

oh wow. it's so pretty :D i just love moth's and butterfly's one of my favorite moth's are the lunar moth. well i guess i have 2 now :]

would far prefer to have the moth in my house than some humans. It is mother nature at its extraordinary best.

cat 101
ive seen wayy bigger

looks like a pretty butterfly1

Greg D
I had no idea of what i found at first... but after doing some research, i found out what it was. Very Interesting... how rare are these things?

awsome i want it but me waterdragon might eat it so bad idea

I am so scared of moths...why am I on this site? I'm trying to cure my fear!!!!!

that is so scary i would never hold that

i h8a wilts
that moth is tiny!its fake, PHOTOSHOP!

I love this site ther are so many beautiful butterflies.Butterflies are soooooo pretty.I love all kinds of insects and animals.I really like frogs and lizards. creatures are all over this world.I love catching lighteningbugs at night but there is mosquitos.In the day time sometimes I find lighteningbugs sleeping.lighteningbugs are one of my favorit insect.

i have actually caught a butterfly bigger than that

somebody get me a heavy book?

Holly poop! thats a HUGE moth! i cant believe there are moths that big! Hey i can use this moth for my science fair project!

they are huge!

Denis Plamondon
très belles photos .On en a au Canada des semblables ,Cécropia mais toujours beaux à voir


my moths bigger than that

can you cook a moth?

Moths are really good lightly fried with a little garlic power.


that thing is huge

fiona Mcrae
Hi, this is a wonderful shot. Are the Atlas moths the biggest in the world?.

Kristian Potter
I've got about ten moths in my kitchen at the moment thank god they are not that big.

Irene Johnson
Thank goodness they are hopefully in captivity - I have enough of a problem with the RAF Hercules that buzz me on my visits to my daughter and son-in-law in Lyneham!

Matt Lightfoot
Blimey , I wouldn't fancy having that flying round my lightbulb at night!!

Ann George
What an interesring article

You are in: Wiltshire > Nature > Nature Features > World's biggest moth in Town

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