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24 September 2014

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You are in: Wiltshire > People > Stories > 'I've been in a coma for nine months'

'I've been in a coma for nine months'

Hear the stories of some local people who have suffered serious brain injuries as the result of an accident or a stroke.

Glenside Manor

Glenside Manor

It's something many of you may not want to contemplate. But what would happen if you suffered a brain injury...maybe due to falling downstairs, a sudden stroke, or due to a car crash?

I've been given exclusive access to Glenside Manor in South Newton, near Salisbury. Its neuro rehabilitation facilities boast a brand new 48 bed hospital.

And the reality is it's a place you, I, or anyone could end up in, if the unthinkable happens to us.

Car crash

3 people an hour are injured on UK roads

Going through the doors has quite literally opened my eyes to the amazing care and rehabilitation that's needed after a brain injury.

I've met two people with two very different experiences of brain injury.

The first is Simon Johnstone - from Salisbury - who had a near fatal car accident 10 years ago, after of falling asleep at the wheel of his car after working long hours.

Now aged 29 he is still coping with a brain injury and disabilities such as memory loss and a severe limp.  He lives independently but cannot hold down a full time job - but he does want to do something positive with his life, so he gives inspiring talks on safer driving.

The second person who shares his experience of brain injury is Harry Benson. Harry is 57 and lives near Chippenham. His wife Jane, 56, suffered a sudden stroke while out on a walk. Luckily she was discovered by a passer-by and rushed to hospital.

Harry and Jane's lives have been changed forever by this, and Harry reveals the shock of the early hours seeing her in intensive care. He also admits shedding tears and seeking the support of his family.

But he also praises the miraculous work of the doctors and nurses who saved her life, and then highlights the dedication of  the professionals at Bath’s Mineral Hospital and then Glenside Manor near Salisbury for giving Jane as full a life as possible.

It's the work of the staff at Glenside Manor, near Salisbury, that has played a key part in rebuilding the lives of Jane Benson after her stroke and Simon Johnstone after his near fatal car crash.

The neuro rehabilitation facilities at Glenside have grown over the years. The site now boasts a 48 bed hospital which includes a purpose built physiotherapy suite and hydrotherapy pool.

In the grounds are also an independent living flat to test clients’ abilities and ten independent living bungalows.

The staff are also a key part of the brain injury therapy ranging from an Occupational Therapist to Clinical Psychologist.

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You are in: Wiltshire > People > Stories > 'I've been in a coma for nine months'

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