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24 September 2014

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Ian Anderson and Martin Barre

The Tull's Ian Anderson and Martin Barre

Interview with Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson

The 70s folk-rock legends are to play Swindon's Wyvern Theatre and Salisbury's City Hall in April. Listen to our exclusive interview with frontman Ian Anderson, and find out how to book tickets.

The legendary Jethro Tull - one of the most successful, not least unique bands of the early 70s are playing two gigs in Wiltshire in the Spring.  They are to appear at The Wyvern Theatre in Swindon on Sunday 6th April and Salisbury City Hall on Tuesday 15th April.

The band were at the top of the tree among progressive/hippy bands of the late 60s/early 70s, and songs such as 'Living in the Past, 'Life is a Long Song' and 'Sweet Dream' are still considered classics to this day.

Since that era, Jethro Tull have remained at the forefront of both live and recorded music, typically playing over 100 concerts each year and having sold more than 60 million albums.

40th Anniversary

The Wiltshire dates are part of the band's '40th Anniversary of Jethro Tull' national tour. They will be playing an eclectic selection of songs from their 34 albums.

Recently singer/flautist Ian Anderson was awarded an MBE by HRH The Queen in the New Year's Honours List.

Ian Anderson and Mark O'Donnell

Ian Anderson and Mark O'Donnell

Exclusive Interview

Although a Scotsman born and bred, Ian now resides on a farm in Wiltshire, and paid a rare visit to the BBC Radio Wiltshire studios in Swindon on Thursday 6th February 2008.

He sat down for a mammoth chat with presenter Mark O'Donnell and talked about life as an ageing rocker, selling more albums than Coldplay, supporting Pink Floyd, tights, flutes, codpieces and how the band accidentally got its name.

Also click below for an interview BBC Radio Wiltshire presenter Sandy Martin conducted with Ian in March 2006.

Jethro Tull play The Wyvern Theatre in Swindon at 7.30pm on Sunday 6th April 2008. Tickets are priced at £28.50 and £25.50, and are available now via the Wyvern ticket office on (01793) 524481.

Tickets for the Salisbury City Hall gig on Tuesday 15th April are also priced at £28.50 and £25.50, and can be obtained by contacting the City Hall ticket office on (01722) 434434.

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R Lithgow
Ever since 1987 when "Crest of the Knave" album was first released, I became a hugh fan. At the time I was interested in Heavy Metal and this album just blew me away, I was so shocked at how different it was to their previous albums.As a result of this album I started buying other Tull albums and then first saw them live at Hammersmith Odeon on the "Rock Island" tour. The Rock Island concert was amazing. I remember the start of the concert featuring Ian Anderson starting in total darkness with a gradual silhouetted light coming upon him as he played his flute solo at the intro to "strange avenues" resulting in a dark haunting theme to the beginning of the performance. The sound quality was also amazing very loud and clear but left me with ringing in the ears by the end of the evening. Their influence caused me to take up playing electric guitar around 1989 using Martin Barre's as my main role model (the lead guitarist of Jethro Tull). I went on to have guitar lessons and my first main song I learnt from my guitar teacher was "thick as a brick". 15 years later I was given a flute and I started playing along to Jethro Tull songs in my living room. Jethro Tull's influence is vast because they cannot be pigeon holed into one style of music/genre they are so versatile and once your hooked they really gets into your soul.

I added your blog to bookmarks. And i'll read your articles more often!

Tull tribute band Living with the Past, along with long time Tull bassist Dave Pegg, will be releasing the 40th anniversary live Tull tribute performance on DVD. Check out for more information on how to get a copy of this performance to honor the great Jethro Tull.

chris strange
I remember distinctly hearing "the witches promise " for the 1st time and stopped in my tracks , the haunting flute intro grabbed me and I have been listening to JT ever since , now some 40 years later I still go to concerts and although the voice is sometimes a little strained I forgive this as the memories of great gigs from the past ( forgive the pun )come flooding back. More power to your rubbing elbows Ian , I will still listen as long as you continue to play.

Clara Konecci
I have been following Jethro Tull since 1970 up to now, There are millions of rock Bands but Ian Anderson is diffrent than any one or any musician in the whole world, I think Ian Anderson came to this earth with a mission.. No drugs,no greed, and I think all his albums are mater ones, he is the genious and the universal manI am from Austin texas and if he does not come here I will go see no matter where, I love you Ian Anderson, you will go down in history,becouse all of your songs have a message and when I first sow him singing Sunday School!!!!!!!!! I knew I was not Alone Ian Anderson could see the future, yes technology is great, but why so fast and so wrong at times, Locomotive Breath says it all, Some day we your followers will see you in th Universe, and we are not crazy that's a fact.

Sandra Smith
in love

Kevin, New York City
I've been an avid Tull fan for decades. If Ian remembers playing Randalls Island in New York and the band previewed their up and coming release, "My God!", which was pirated and bootlegged. Tull simply rocked that night with their wall of HIWATT amps. I saw the band numerous times after that; seeing them in the Fillmore as well as Carnegie Hall. I still listen to you on my Ipod constantly.. Thanks for all the good memories.Kevin

pam siviter
I have all of the jethro tull albums but songs from the wood and broadsword and the beast tie for first place with me. Thank you for many wonderful songs over many wonderful years. Please don't ever stop.

Patricia Valle de Lacerda (Brazil)
May the winds of hope and joy bring you back to Brazil next year! We are ready to celebrate your 41st anniversary!

Ólafur Auðunsson
Thick as a brick is one of 10 best Records ever.

David Denney
I've been a fan since the late 60's. I live in the Kansas City, Missouri area. I'd love to see Tull on Letterman, Leno, or any other US televised show! Keep rocking, guys!


stand up is still my fav. a new day yesterday fav, track happy 40th long may you stand out against rest.

david warner
you guys are great

Lord Byron
Being from the savage uncivilized world, Rosemount, Minnesota, USA...I say, they bring some class to a dreary existence.

David - Ima betur spelur...
Thanks for all the good music over the years. I was in the WSU crowd back in 1975, and if it was me that puked in your shoe, I apologize......

Matthew Real
I'm a great fan of this excellent music. I first listened in 1972. A high school course on Music Appreciation was where I learned the difference between quality Rock Music and "the rest". Jethro Tull was among the favorites of the instructor. Also included were "Yes" as well as Frank Zappa and the "Mothers of invention. The instructor John Mitchell got into a small controversy. This was a Catholic School and Mitchell, also the Band Direcor was pretty liberal about "turning us on" to some of his favorites. As one might imagine, the lyrics of the Aqualung album as well as those of Zappa (200 Motels in particular) got the man into a bit of trouble when a student snitched. Today in the USA I have found the Aqualung lyrics particularly relevant as the Religious Right in this country has tried to hi-jack the government.


nicholas pansini
I am happy to say that I am, in fact a huge Tull fan. I just love their earlier albums the most. "This was' is, perhaps my favorite album.

Kamil Němec ,Povrly Czech Republic
I am a fan of JT since 1969.I won their first LP This Was in BBC music competition broadcating for Eastern Europe London Calling. I haven't seen them live yet. But on Thursday 6th November 2008 my dream is comeing true becaue I am going on their 40th Anniversary World Tour concert in Prague at Kongres Centre. Wow!

Arthur Giordano
I'm currently 54 years old and still remember vividly the first time I saw tull at the Filmore East in 1968.Forty years later....still as great as you were then.

Bridget in KCMO
A huge fan since the early 70's, along with my teenage son! Great MUSIC! Kansas City, Missouri loves you!

A4- Farance

Ray LaPlante
He's magic on stage and his music is incredibly unique and beautiful. I'm a drummer, and as a musician, love his sound. would love to see him again!!

scott borneman

Beppe Fontana, Vigevano, Italy
Happy Birthday to my long time heroes; now i'm 50 years old; maybe one day i will send you a picture of mine in 1972, as a young former drummer with on the skin of the Kick drum, the imagine of the "poor old sod" uncle Aqualung.Stay on stage forever you are not "too old to rock and roll, and surely too young to die!Love, Beppe

Jan Arne Brenno
Hi,I like this interview. JT's No.1 for me. Just fantastic that they are still going on. More than 40 years now. Have been a fan since 1969 after buying my first record,Stand UP. Have seen Tull in Oslo and Drammen, Norway 7 times from 1970 to 2007. The band is still a fantastic live-band in spite of Ian's voice, his voice a cind of fits the music. JT's records are allready classic music. Hope to see them again. Big FAN

I grew up with Songs from the wood..same feeling today,simply legends in all aspects of music..

tull in the 70's kansas city, was the best concert I ever went to. I still talk about it today. Like Ian Anderson said.(your never to old to rock and roll.) Still Great, Still Listening.

Dan M
I have fond and somewhat embarrassed memories of calling Ian Anderson the "God of Music" after the September '96 show in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. I couldn't help it; I'll admit that I gushed like a teenage female Beatles groupie. To Ian's credit, he downplayed my claim and then went on to discuss the weather with me. I thought, "Good God, Ian Anderson and I are talking about the weather!!" Although my fanaticism has waned in my later years, Tull still remains my favorite band, and I am now working on my 13th year of flauting thanks in no small part to Ian's vicarious and unbeknownst-to-him mentorship. Long live Tull!

robert rich
love tull iam a muso(guitar)40 years.The riffs the music the whole thing fantasic, love the interview.Rob

damir mutevelić
Hi,we are here listening Jethro for almost 40 years !

When I was a teen I was a fan of J.T. and now that I'm adult, I can get the jazz component of This Was for example. J.T. was an impressive jazz-rock band. And still is.

michael o'bryan
locomotive breath & aqualung are just two great examples of ian & Tulls' genius, rock on.

40 years yes but 30 years past their peak. What's passing for Jethro Tull in the year 2008 is a sad shadow of their once magnificent selves. I think Ian is doing his fans a disservice by charging top dollar when the reality is, he simply cannot sing anymore and this 7th generation lineup is not really Jethro Tull.

Jethro Tull legenda

Jetro Tull legenda

Fan since 1981. Hugely impressed with the variety when they came out with Crest/Rock Island. C'mon, guys, we like the old stuff too, but can't you please ROCK OUT one last time? I think Martin is one of the greatest Hard Rock guitarists ever, and want to hear him cut loose.

Alan Current
I saw them in San Bernardino, Calif. about 1969. My God what a show!! Best concert I've ever seen, bar none. Please, please I hope they come back to So. Calif. I gotta see them once more! At least!

Brian Miller
I was fortunate enough to have parents who exposed me to Jethro Tull's music. Now as a father and a grandfather, I will do the same for them.Thanks for the music!

I saw Jethro Tull in Myrtle Beach back in 2000. My daughter who is 13 would love for them to come back to Myrtle Beach, SC so that she could go to the concert also.


michael suddaby
Have bin an avid Tull fan since 1969,and all i can say just now is they were are still and will continue to be the very best music makers ever,for me.

its tull for breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. just loveall of em especially nursie, christmas song, pussy willow crosseyed mary and all. but never had the chance to see them live.

1980 and the A album was when the Anderson Ego took control and the balanced influences of other band members was abandoned. John Evans ejection lost the sound classic and manic commedy ingredient and with the exception of the Gentleman Knight Barr who knows where his bread is buttered the band members have all been disposable sessionists ever since. Witness Andy Giddings who had all the ability but had to keep his diminutive place and has been kicked in the ba**s. I have loved Tull since I was 12 but the social observation has been lost and the magic is over. It's now little more than Pussy cats, curry and coffee.

Scott Wachter
I bought my first Tull Album when I was 12 yrs old.(Thick as a Brick) and have loved them ever since. My wife and I saw JT last night(8-17-08)@ The Greek Theatre in L.A. and it was a fantastic show. They played alot of very early JT songs. Ian and the boys-- Keep making great music!!!

Saw Ian with Tull last night at a very remote out in the middle of flippin nowhere, however scenic open air theatre surrounded by mountains..dropped to the ground these guys moved me beyond words. I loved you then, and at the age of 54, I can't imagine going through this life without them. Yes, it was a casino in Valley Center, California and if you do play the cruise ship Ian, please let us know, 1st class passage for all!!!!

i have been a fan of the band jethro tull since i was 15, back in 1971. i think they are one of the greatest bands to date.

henry c
have made my life full!

Kim Silvers
I am 52 yrs old. I saw JT 8/8/08 in Phila, PA. I was soooooo disappointed in what part of the concert I saw. I had knee surgery and could not sit too much longer. I longed for the "classics" ie Aqualung, Locomotive breath, living in the past. Although the flute playing far exceeds my expections, the choice of songs disappointed me. I left 1 hr into the concert because the good stuff wasn't getting played.

Bryan Reilly
Simply marvelous...enduring and evolving, Jethro Tull is imortal.

20th time I've seen Tull in concert in several different countries so an anniversary for me aswell. Stil as good as the 1st time.

Scott Anderson
loooong time fan saw tull last year in Denver Co. great set!! i'm wishing them to come a bit closer to Oklahoma for the 40th tour!! thanks guys for all great years of music!!!! note my last name...hmmm uncle Ian?,...prehaps!!

I have wandered the deep German Woods with Songs of the Woods running through my head. I have stood on Hadrian's Wall humming Thick as a Brick. I have walked the cool sandalwood walls of Indian temples whispering the lyrics from Aqualung. Tull is not just in my blood, it vibrates through my soul.

joseph lombardo
greatest rock band of all time cant get enough

Just found out about you guys a couple of months ago, I'm only 17 so I wasn't there back in the days. I looove you guys! Can't wait to see you guys play the 21 November in Sweden :)

I was a udge Jethro Tull fan until the "A" album. Nearly 30 years on,I'm still trying to puzzle out how Anderson did to so suddenly lose all of that early originality. Does anyone have a clue ?

Ralph Dickey
Fan since Heavy Horses and collected as many albums/DVDs as possible. Playing on my birthday this year in Denver, CO, can't get much better than that.One of the most underrated bands of the rock-n-roll era!!!!

Juan Pablo (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
I really love albums like aqualung, thick as a brick, too old, well, all your music, I've just seen the live at montreaux DVD, and it's great!!!, keep on guys, there have been so few musicians like you guy, I hope you could come here some dayJuanpa (

Dan Spychalski
Been a fan since the beginning, experienced you live a couple of times...THANK YOU SO MUCH...pretty much so sums it up!

MG Hayes
Been a loyal fan from the beginning. Now, some 37 years later, my 13 y/o son wants to play a flute just like Ian. There IS a music god who has been listening!

Amy Kafkaloff
I have to say, Jethro Tullis one of the most talented,and beautiful bands around. You do not see this kind of talent around. Ian's use of flute, and mandolin is magical. Every song is unique, and clever as always. I have been listening to Tull, for some time. Please send ticketsto any upcoming concerts, ha, ha! Sincerely,Amy Kafkaloff

Ha, ha, ha!!!!We are ALL expecting the 41 Anniversary with "A Passion Play" Tour!!

will there be any usa tour dates for september?

Hello Mr Ian Anderson. I like your songs when i was 16 years old. now i am 40. im Armenian. i heard you are armenian its right or no. answer me.

E J Zeman Jr
Being a Tull fan since 71 and an astrologer, back in 96 I went to a concert near home, in Chicago. I brought an August copy of Daily Planet, my astrological newsletter with the #1 story on Ian's birthday. Since I had no accurate time of birth I did his astrology for the time I assumed, thru careful study, was his. Months later I received a letter from Ian, thanking me for the copy and report. He also added that he liked the report even if the time was 6 hours (1/4 day, or 1/4 turn of his birth wheel). He said it made him look like an even better fellow!That letter still proudly hangs in my office. Ro on Ian and jethro Tull

went to concerts as a teen - first time, thought, no way can this band be as good as the album -- well, you were better. couldn't believe it ! still go see you - and as far as your daughter saying you didn't play the flute the way she thought it should be - you keep doing what you do the way you do it. Love it !

Joe Londeree
Ian, we have loved you for years. First saw you in Milwaukee I think in 1974. Please keep making music!

Saw them in Des Moines about 3 years ago after being a fan for over 20 years. Awesome show! I hope I don't have to wait as long to see them again.Was going to name our son Ian after Anderson, but wife didn't like it. Now, 9 years later, she says, "yeah, I do like that name"...NOW she tells me. LOL

I'm just back home after the show in Bochum, Germany.It was great as usual - Thanks for 40 years of first class performances and music for nearly every mood I stumbled in during the last 37 years. Only 37?? Well, I got my first Tull Album at the age of 10, it was Aqualung. That helped me keep away from such fatal things like disco and other kinds of somehow faked music.Thanks again and keep on rockin'!!!

Robert Dreher, Dürmentingen in Germany
for 30 years I've been a Jethro Tull Fan.Considering them one of thee top creative bands. Noone comes close

Martin Hayward
Been to the 74, 77 and 94 concerts in Australia. Guys we need to see you at least 1 more time. Come back soon!

philly eric
cant wait to celebrate the tull anniversary show at the Mann in august. cheers and bottoms up to the greatest band of all time.

They can still fill a 5,000 seater on a soggy wet night... Never Too Old To Rock'n'Roll

As a musician, I found the strongest source of inspiration from the music and stylings of Jethro Tull! Everything from the crazy antics of their stage performances, that alas, I've only see in video and DVD form, to the seemingly endless amount of ideas and images evoked from their many different phases of musical style over the 40 year period. COME BACK OUT TO SAN FRANCISCO, DAMMIT!!

Let's say it this way: Funny old Rockband, Jethro Tull. Congrats to 40 great years of music. To Ian and all members of the band all the best for the future. Keep the way you went going on. And in about 3 days we'll see us in Stuttgart. Grrrreat !!!! I look forward to a fantastic rock concert.

Adriana and Luis
Hi!...from Montevideo, Uruguay..please,Ian, come back and delight us with your wonderful music..all your fans here ´ll be waiting!

detlef Naguschewski
Seen a band at Gelsenkirchen near by the channel in 1998 I think.Maybe 1.500 People are watching the event.My Statement: Look good for Kate Bush and heir son, Ritchie and the others.If possible, send me a invitation card, here is my e-mail adress


Frank Biermann
I watched many shows of JT and Im going to see the band again in august in Bonn. That will be great!!!

Marian, Slovakia
they are the best playing group on the world. thanks

Carlos Eduardo Almeida
Release "This Was" (Collector's Edition), in Brazil, please!!!!!

Paul Spresser
When is the band touring Australia next?

Duarte Fonseca - From Brazil
Congratulations Tulls !40 years of best music ever.Love you.God bless you.Duarte FonsecaBrazil

Hi, guys! Your concert in the Czech Republic was amazing, thank you very much! I also study flute and I admire Ian so much! Be well, I LOVE YOU!

John Lenahan
Tull at the Forum in 1975 doing the Warbird Tour was so high on my want list I lost my job by going to the show. I had thought I had had the night off. I had talked to my boss and he finally said OK, but when I went back to work the nexk day the owner of the business did not see it that way and FIRED ME on the spot. I guess he was not a fan of one of the best groups ever to play anywhere. Was it worth it? You bet your life. I found another job and I still have the memories, and my wife still has the Jetro Tull 1975 T shirt.

Giuseppe (Beppe) Milana
Boy, I'm getting old!40 years and counting Ian & friends! Happy birthday, wonderful band of musicians!!It seems yesterday I enjoyed your concert and now it's 40 years time.Keep up with the great music and don't stop caressing our souls.B.

Dimitri Pagnin

Hi there,I'm from Italy,.... I remember when I listened to "Thick as a brick" at the age of 12 it was so cool for me and mind that at the time I didn't speak English and yet I felt connected to the music and I could even feel a certain irony without understanding literally the lyrics......well done guys! 40 years and counting; hope to see you soon playing a gig some where 'round where I live.Cheers mates!

there's nothing more to say than: thank you for the great music!

Danny Baker
I have loved Jethro Tull Music ever since I first heard it back in the seventies!I just wish they would come to CHARLOTTE North Carolina in the USA. They came to Atlanta Ga and Pennsylvania but not Charlotte and I am sure we could fill the Cricket arena or Bobcat stadium to hear songs from The Wood and more!Thanks, Danny

freddy gironda
es una de las bandas mas fructiferas de la historia de la musica y un verdaero aporte a la cultura universal

Rick Martini
40 years. Man oh man. Seen 'em in their various incarnations probably 12 times. Passion Play/Warchild/Minstrel hard to beat live. Think it was all the animals on stage! Music always a tonic. Like what s'one below said about adjusting the Tull album to the season...I like my 'Rock island' in November...Congrats!

Martin jude
Ian has provided 40years of high quality music and is an all round good egg have been thrilled to meet him and rub elbows

Jim Parks
I've been a fan of Tull since '69 when I bought their first album 'Stand Up' while stationed in Germany. I'm glad to see they're still rocking after these 40 years. As my years become fewer I derive comfort in the music and (Ian Anderson will scoff at me saying this) the wisdom within the music. Thanks Jethro Tull for helping keep me sane in an ever increasing insane world.

nova white
first saw Jethro Tull live in Glasgow 1971/2 Saw them many times since and the last concert being May08 at Glasgow they were as good then as they are now, huge buzz Love their music no one like them . thanks for years of listening ,

Derek Evan Lindquist
I will be 38 years old on July 14th of 2008, and was raised to both appreciate and love music. From early rock and roll to classic to easy listening and even a smattering of "heavy metal," I have been interested in the ability of the musical genre to harness emotional intensity with its complex style and beautiful sound. When I was merely twelve years old I heard the song "Fat Man," and was immediately hooked on the entire Jethro Tull experience. Not being a particularly religious man, as I believe that the first way to negate a spiritual idea is to form a religion around it, I think that Ian Anderson is the closest thing to a god among mortals. His ability to make the flute "speak," coupled with lyrics of the most magnificent beauty and a contradictingly simple compexity has kept me as one of the youngest true "Tull Fans" alive. I wish that the Jethro Tull experience could last forever, but as it can't continue to grow indefinitly, I simply wanted Mr. Ian Anderson to know that he is not only a genius of a caliber rarely seen on this earth, but is indeed a gift of the "Universal Mind" itself not realized by man since Jesus Christ himself.SincerelyDerek Lindquist


Jason Stephens
I have been a Tull fan for about 16 years now. The reason? They are a group of astounding musicians who always strive to push musical boundaries with their skill and imagination.They are also and first class live act!


Jairo ( Mendoza, Argentina)
Congratulations for your 40 years rocking this way !!!! Keep it up guys.!!I hope to see you soon in this part of the world .Well.. Gracias for everything.

carlos zanon
una banda que la sigo desde mi adolecencia en argentina,la descubri la primera vez que escuche el disco living in the past y nunca la deje

I sill wait another concert in Lisbon...And another new album of originals...

gustavo (de Uruguay)
Soy fan de JT desde no me acueroçdo cuando y tengo todo lo que hay .- Vi varios videos y en vivo en Bs. As. y todavia no salgo de mi asombro de haberlos visto en vivo en Uruguay y pude llevar a mi hijo que espero los siga disfrutando y tambien se haga fan .- Gracias, muchas gracias GENIOS ¿cuando vuelven? felices primeros 40 años y muchos mas

Di Gialleonardo
Da"A Son From Jeffrey"A "Dot Com" Per Sempre TULL

Adrian Pitu
Jethro Tull represents my jungness,I was born in Romania , on the 8th of september,1952.Now I live in Szombathely,Hungary and I still love them !I will be very greateful if you could send me a CD with this wonderfull band that was,is and will be for ever in my heart, Jethro Tull.Greetings,Adrian Pitu9700 SzombathelyWelther Karoly 13/4 Hungarye-mail : pituadi@yahoo.comSkype: adrian19521

Butch Alano
Stand Up,Benefit are still tops!!!

First Tull show was Kitchener Ontario Canada. APP tour. 40 shows later, Septmember, 2007 I saw Anderson, Barre and a bunch of side musicians claiming to be Tull. THIS WAS NOT Jethro Tull. Buyer beware.

Per Morten Svendsen
I have been a fan from first album (This was) through "A" Never been to a consert, please come back to Norway. My nr 1 album is "Passion Play"

Have to do this in dutch:Geen gelul, muziek van Tull!!!

Mary Tsimori
I 've just acquired AQUALUNG. Have Jethro Tull ever been to Greece? Will they give any concerts in the future?


José Morales(España)
Para mi son y seran siempre los mejores

john gunshefski
all my life first show in 1977 and i was hooked.

Willians Douglas Dias
It's wonderfull. I'm from Brail and I love then so much.

Gustavo Bello (Argentina)
I have been a fun of Jethro since I was very young (many many years ago). You are the best. Ian and Martin, you are great!

Luis Tripicchio
Es la unica banda en el mundo,que realmente hace musica,soy fan #1 desde '77,me alegra saber que mientras viva Ian,existira Jethro tull.

Chris Loizos
I first saw Tull on the Passion Play tour (Man, I'm getting old!) in Salt Lake City. I've seen them now 12 times. Had to miss the last one though! I hope they visit this year!!

Samuele Serfilippi (Italy)
Hello!!!!!!!truly truly extraordinary!!!!

Williiam Snyder
I have been a fan of jethro tull since 1977, I have been to many concerts and plan on attending one in August @ the Mann Music center. Hope to see Ian and the boys in good form.

Dörte Strauß-Peter
It's very great!!

sally wolford
I'm in begging band and i have so much fun playing the flute !

Steve Jocelyn
Let's see, am I a fan? AYE!The first Tull concert I went to was at Tampa Stadium 1976. I love J.Tull and go any chance I can. Looking forward to the next concert!

David Temples
Been a fan since 1974, first time I saw Tull was Jan. 1975 in KC. Ian Anderson and all of Jethro Tull are FANTASTIC, the work is timeless and hits me today just as yesteryear.My oldest son is named Ian for just this reason. Love you all and thank you for greatest performances ever!

David Temples
Been a fan since 1974, first time I saw Tull was Jan. 1975 in KC. Ian Anderson and all of Jethro Tull are FANTASTIC, the work is timeless and hits me today just as yesteryear.My oldest son is named Ian for just this reason. Love you all and thank you for greatest performances ever!

dedicate una canzone all'italia. Ciao

Jose Henrique Rosalino, BRAZIL
The Best Band of the World !!!...forever and ever.Fan number 01.

Llandudno, 14th. May absolutely brilliant, and even the programme was value for money


Cesar Roger
When I heard Jethro Tull was a good experience, Now I want to know what about them and the album BENEFIT,where can I get it?. Thanks JT is the most important band in the world.

I'm a greatfan of tull. jethrotull rocks!

Kevin Donnovan
I love JT !

Kevin Bakos
Ian Anderson is an amazing musisian,flutist,Lirisist and vocalist. His music and stories in song are GREAT.He is only equalled by Plant/Zep and Floyd.Thank you all soooo much for youryou love.

Jeremy Scoville
Your one of the best bands ever and i can not get enough of listining to your music. I have never seen you guys live because i live in Montana but i think you are playing in Colorado in August and i will try to go to that. To see you would be the best thing i ever did. I feel i am running out of time to see you because i am young and got a late start. Oh! and did i say i live in Montana so ya its not to often big bands come through here. Anyway Love your music and hope to see you in Colorado.

Alison - Preston
Ian -Did you really do a soft shoe shuffle on the platform?? Pure Genius

Kris Hejmanowski
The best group ever!! Yessss !

Kenneth Rohlsson
The best group ever!!


Rich- Long Island, NY
Just amazing how after 40 years of Tull music its still top on my list.

Dave Ellis
By far the tightest band on the road today. I haven't missed a tour since 82

Matt Connell
Hello to all of you!I loved 'Warchild' as a lad (only wishing you didn't slam such dear china!); all the best to all of you!Many other great moments as well...thanks for all of it!

Enrique Machorro
Thanks for all this years ofsounds and words of enjoyment,the only THING that I don´t forgive is the missing of Passion Play music since 1975.It would be wonderful to hear "Passion" with the different line up´s over these years.A pitty for sure.

i love these freaky old boys

Jack Haukland
hoping and longing for new material, Ian.I love your music so much.As most other "good ol`guys" seem to let me down,you still write GREAT songs!!!

Robert, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Any chances of a show in Milwaukee.

Felicia Villiers
the first 40 were pretty damn good

eduardo robles (mexicali)
the best band of progresive rock...

the dog.
I'm a teamster for the motion picture industry. During the strike of 88 we used the lyrics from bungle in the jungle blaring from a loudspeaker to break up companies using scabs. It was a great labor war song. Just say a word and the boys will be right here with claws at your back to send a chill through the night air. The scabs would run. Aces.

chris mahan clarke
Won a radio contest on the beach and got orchestra seats. Best band live. They really know how to play their instruments. Martin Barre is the most underated lead guitarist in the world. Benefit concert at the forum was awesome.

Earl J. Sheaffer
I have benn a fan of Jethro Tull since 1971 when my late older brother Clem introduced the Aqualung album to our home i was 7 at the time . My first concert i ever went to was Warchild at the Los Aneles Forum, i have never seen a better concert except for other Jethro Tull concerts .I live in Seymour Missouri ,USA now and am43 yrs old. i am looking for someone to play Jethro Tull tunes with , i can play flute good and sing like Ian Anderson well. Its kind of a duty i feel that i can do well, Thank you fellow fans, Earl

Steve in Vegas
Wish I had experienced Jethro Tull live sooner, but my first concert was War Child 1975. Looking foward to seeing them this August for what I think is the last 40th anniversary show at Red Rocks Amphiteater, Colorado. Hope there's no tear gas this time!

børge sandum
3870 fyresda

any canadian dates?

when are we going to get a new album ?

Michael martin
please can you tell me whenjethro tull r playing in London again as i last saw them in 2006 as a life long fan and they still sounded good.michael.

michael lowdon
ive loved tull music after listening to minstrel in the gallery when i was just a kid going to see tull tommorrow city hall newcastle bring it on

Joseph V. Danoski
Being a Jethro Tull fan makes you a better person; aspiring to some level of excellence in your own life. Ian Anderson is an inspiration and spur to personal creativity. Look forward to seeing Tull again at Meadowbrook farm, NH, USA. this summer. All the best you guys.

Christopher Marchione
I only want to say that I had "Aqualung" and "The Minstrel in the Gallery" on 8 Trac. I am so Thankful that I was able to grow up with Ian and Tull music.There will never ever ever ever be music like that again....EVER!!!!!Pure Genius.I do not use that term lighty! Thank GOD for bands like Tull, Yes, and of course Zep.If I was left on an Island for the rest of my life,with my family, and I had to pick two bands whole collection to bring, I would die a happy man if Jethro Tull and Led Zepplin were the only Music that I had to listen too....Thanks Ian and Martin

alain lebrun
Your my legend about music!

Saw Tull in Bristol recently and can only think that Ian Anderson is getting younger! Fantastic show as always, they are not nearly appreciated enough for what they have brought to popular music! Go and see them if you get the chance.


rab kilpatrick
just seen tull in edinburgh 1 best tull gig's in year's ,great nite ,,,

Joseph Danoski
Listening to Jethro Tull and Ian's music makes you a better person. It compels you to strive for something excellent in your own life. I saw JT a few years back at Meadowbrook Farm in NH. For myself, Ian Anderson has always been a great inspiration, infuence, and spur to creativity.

Seeing Ian leap around the stage playing and twirling his flute is a must see for any generation. "Too old to Rock and Roll - too young too die" NEVER

Ian Anderson:The most talented -- and underrated -- singer/songwriter of the 20th (and now the 21st) century...One day, his music will be rediscovered and he will be the darling future generations of music fans.The man, musically, simply has it all....

Why jethro tull never comes in west africa were he's well knowned indeed.

jol bartle
saw tull in salisbury , glad they came back this way again ,25 years ive been a tull fan and i still cant get over how good they are amazing.

when spain

Don't forget your Australian fans, Ian! Congratulations on 40 fabulous years of wonderful music making, of which I've participated a mere 36! My thanks to a mate's older brother as well as a high school teacher for introducing me to some great music, not least of which was J. Tull. You've been one of the major soundtracks of my life actually, and I've had the privilege of seeing the band live in all sorts of places and over several continents since - from the Sydney Opera House in 1974 (2nd row centre seats!) to Cropredy in 2004. Best wishes for the upcoming tour - and please grace us with a new Tull album!

chuck cekala /
my god man i am one of a million im sure. ian and martin words do not express the joy i have had since i was 18 years old hearing the living ing the past recording and othrs. witches promise is my favorite, it is hard to really say, i love so many of your songs.martin has been my inspiration for learning guitar and ian my flute,i have seen you at cobo hall in detroit,michigan at least 6 times and in the cover of living in the past album is a picture of the boyh of you playing guitar on a park bench, it is my favorite.although i do not know you personally i dare say that i love you both for everything and every son you have written.chuckp.s. i now live in miami and hope to see you soon. ian i hear you in the salmon biz

Have followed JT since '68 and will finally see them in Aberdeen on Sunday night 40 years on. Can't wait!!

John Masser - New York City
I saw Tull for the first time at Carnegie Hall in 1970 and again in 2005 with about 30 other of their performances in-between and they sound as "Great" as ever. Congratulations on 40 fabulous years.

i really love tull, and also respect them for the complex music they play. the montreaux show is the best! come to houston, TX USA please

I'm Aqualung
Just pre ordered Jack in the Green off Amazon, looking forward to it greatly.

Sorry about Basingstoke...too many demands from IA.

jim fagnan
if ian were alive 300 yearsago his musical arrangements would still be heard today BOUREE ,THE GREATEST

Spencer Manley
My wife and I never miss Ian and the band when they play in the UK, every concert has its own uniqueness and is full of energy that cannot be missed. enjoyed by young and old, keep it coming, Jethro Tull, ageless rock.....

Bill Stumpf
Jethro Tull helped shaped me as a drummer. We did covers of their tunes in the 70's. They definately encourged us to jam and broaden our, and my style. Glad to see you are well Ian. Pittsburgh/USA

Abdou TALL ,
I live in Senegal west africa.I want to know how to do to buy Jethro Tull's albums please answer to me quickly.

alfiekitch in L.A.
Wish i could be there.I remeber seeing the likes of the groundhogs,strawbs,status quo at the wyvern back in the early seventies when tull where my favourite band.

Garry G. YOUNG.
From 1972 until the present time I have listened to and admired J' Tull despite a serious mishap in 1976(road accident)remember live performances at Oxford town hall and the new theatre dates of wich I can't recall.Thanks for some classic tracks.

Art Charen
As a HUGE Tull fan all of my rock is very sad to have read that Martin has decided to call it quits after all these years. Martin you will be missed!!!

Scott M Johnson
Ian is unquestionably one of the most talented and versitale musicians in history. I have enjoyed the changing flavors of not only Jethro Tull, but his solo works, through the years. Stay healthy Ian, we need your insights and musical talents in this crazy world we share.

Stephen Clayton
Brilliant band

Mark (in Oregon, U.S.)
If you see Angela de Groot, please say "Hi!" . So - where is your MySpace page??---------Hint: Scour TAABrick album for the reference.

p nohar
my fave is witches promise hope 2 here it glasgow kings on 55 08 love all hits am high on jeth sorry about thpeing

Saw you at Maple Leaf gardens, Toronto in 1979 great show. See you at Llandudno in may.

Do I need to say, I am a J.T Collector for many years ?The concert in Swindon was good but was the first of the tour.(You know what I mean)Always a pleasure to see Jethro Tull.)

chuck kaiton
saw you at hammerstein hall in nyc in december...wonderful show..better than my hockey team, the carolina hurricanes, whom i broadcast...all the best, ck

Morag Williamson
Will be at the Salisbury gig Really looking forward to it

Jan Werkhoven (janthrotull)
Been infected since 1969 and it will never stop, thank to Mick Abrahams.looking out for 29-10-08 Holland.Ian and Martin congratulations and keep on TULLIN'

Ina Hacker
Good luck for the TOUR and see you soon in Berlin..All the best - Ina

David Logan U.S.A
I first saw tull in 1970 at Red Rocks theatre.At that time was a magical summer night. and I saw a show that was also magical.That was the best lineup .Ian Clive and Glen musicianship and command of stage and music..Ian held on to that magic flute. but having been to many tull shows there after that was by far the best time I,ve seen..

Kurt Nighswander
Long Live since 1969..Buffalo NY USA

andy s
why has andy giddings and jon noyce left tull

Ian Mac
Please a genuine new Tull Album. Nothing since 2001

Stoker~Stoker's VitaWorld Mgt
Spring has sprung Greetn's! I's quite a'quid of rock'n roll ID forIan A., & Jethro Tull to still play out & about...Lifes' A Long Song...indeed! Me best (still) of success! ~Stoker

Doug Mithun
Tull is one of the best live bands ever, along with Neil Young and Crazy Horse I have witnessed. And I have have seen alot of live music. Or should I say I've heard alot of live music.
for this fantastic Ian Anderson and his most amazing group Jethro Tull , whendo we have, again, the pleasure to see/hear you in Bucharest again?Tudor Ciortea

Ross N.
Please, Ian - don't forget your Texas fans this time around. Come to Houston (I'll buy you the best Indian meal in town).

Excellent interview with Ian A, what a great musician. Pity though he should treat his band members with as much respect he gives to his, his treatment of Jonathan Noyce.

Despite the 40th Anniversary, I can only claim to be a fan for 38 years. I claim well over a hundred converts and have my fourth grade daughter working with me on Bouree. She has gifted my "best of Tull flute" playlist to her fourth grade chums. Ian is the one person I hope to meet before I go to meet my Maker.

Ian A
RI will be added just so I can get a hot dog at the trailer.

tull's music is a wonderful island,where to find beautiful songs, great sound,and the best flute in the world....thank you jethro,from florence,italy

Barrie B.
See you in Boston, NY and Colorado.

moshe nativ
the best music ever

manuel menendez
love,love,love your music ian.huge fan since 1972,seen you live ever since then.i just want to know when tull plans on comming to the detroit area. e-mail

Gene G.
been a fan-atic of Ian Anderson since I first heard him play in Jethro tull. He writes the most original music that I have ever heard. Long live Ian an JT!

Big Alice
I'm a fan - always have been since you ROCKED at the start. BUT I CAN'T GET TICKETS - been trying for months. Why not do another gig in Swindon, so more of us believers of a UNIQUE ROCK GENIOUS can relish the moments

Henry C.
I have never seen Tull live. WTF right? 2008 will be the year.

ana maria silva
vi o jt em 2006 em belo horizonte, minas gerais, brasiljamais me esquecerei!gracioso Anderson!

Tom B
Hope do don't skip R.I. on the 40th. You got a lot of faithful fans here from way back. Hope you read this!!!!

Jon Haniford
Just wanted to say thank you for the many years of dedication, for our enjoyment. JH

I´ve been listening since I was 14 -1978-.Later with older friends I listened to the previous materials. we are currents listeners with my hubby and it still surprises me. Great music

It's only the giving that makes you what you are! Thanks I.A. and J.T. for giving us 40 years of wonderful music and entertainment.

I'm fan from 70' after Stand Up

John Lamb
Ive been tull mad since the start in 1968. they are completely original and unique. me and a mate hitched around the country following the band on the war child tour and we helped cary some of the dry ice equipment onto the satge at Manchester Opera House. I play lots of tull songs on me guitar and take it from me they take some concentration. Thanks Ian for the music and the magic.

Always concert of kings

Larry Peterson
Greetings to all my friends across the pond. Writing from Nebraska. I took my pre-teen kids to Tull a couple of years ago in Kansas City. They loved it!

Bernd Bergmann
I`am a german Fan since the beginning of Jethro Tull i have seen Tull life more than a hundred times

Mike Austin
Looking forward to the gig.Jethro Tull epitomise the "I'll do it my way with social conscience(Wind up).Ian's talent is undoubted.Shame he doesn't get the same recognition amongst the Pages, Gilmours etc.

I'm fan of Jethro Tull since 14 old years. I'm 42 old years. The Jethro Tull sound is magic!!!


Ed Bachelder
First Tull song I heard was Skating Away, it was a religious moment. Adding to Ian's quiver of puns, the art of craft belongs to him. Ian's music, humanity and wit are fish and loaves to us all.

Mr. VA
If Martin goes, so do I.

Barbara Boyk
Love Jethro Tull, and my 1973 Ford Mach I Mustang ... Great memories ... And both are still here ... which is a great thing !!! Ian Anderson is a musical genius.

Jackie Ton
I can't get enough of this. 34 years. I love this man.I love his music.

Pete F
Huge Fan for more years than I care to admit

Jethro Tull is one of best band I know! I love this music! I listen also Genesis, Pink Floyd, Steppenwolf, Steely Dan, Caravan, Camel, Gentle Giant, Moody Blues...........

Martin, say it isn't so.

timothy phillips
hello ian and the band. ive been a fan of ians since 1970. i also am a flautist. learning my chops thru listening to ian ian is a great teacher. and i am blessed to know his music and learn what i have accomplished. thank you ian for many years of enjoyment on my flute.. sincerly timothy phillips

fan since 69 - cult band at school - seen them live countless times- best memory:taking train in 75 from bremen to hamburg:the excitement of the black/white stripy outfits and wailing guitar intros of barre and hammond-hammond to the concert("wind up" I think)..then there was minety dog show a couple of years ago...signed copy iow dvd..priceless! With me to the grave...! surely not mr barre??

Martin Barre
2008 will be my last year in Tull. More to come.

Peter Nielsen
I've been a huge fan ever since their first album. I just love everything they released. The way they mix styles and the way they sound in general. This band is truly unique. Nothing else would ever be able to replace Tull and their sound on albums and in concert!

michael contini
I've been listening to the bands music since 1971 and as a musician, I'm so proud of their body of work and how good the music still is . It has truly stood the test of time. The band's music is remarkable and timeless.

Barrimore Barlow
I'm getting paid in t shirts!

Joe Buck
I've been a fan since I was listening to you on an 8-track tape. Remember 8-track's.Great music, been a fan since your begining!

Why didn't you ask Ian how he got magically rid of the piano/keyboard player Andy Giddings and bass, Jonathan Noyce, 2 of the best Tull members now defunct (& for what reason)

al marcelletti
best rock band ever!

alan schmid
i first listened to jt when i was eleven or twelve yrs old starting with brick as the title got me curious i have been a loyal fan ever sinse aqnd have seen every south florida tour sinse 1975 songs from the wood tull is the only band that i still leave the house and pay money to see and unless frank zappa comes back or paul and ringo decide to tour together or pink floyd reunite i will be quite content to enjoy tull music whenever i can and be verry proud of it

Johnny Noyce
I'll polish the MBE if I can come back!

I'm still a fan of Tull, since 1969, perhaps 1968."This Was" I think.A great band !!greetz from holland

Rick Kearsley
Have seen Tull play in Australia 11 times.Last tour cost me over $3,500in air fares etc. across the continent.Well worth it.Do you think It makes me a dinkum Tull fan?

Greg C.
A fan since "This Was". From my perspective, the most creative, innovative group of musicians that ever lived. Inconceivable that they have not been inducted into the R &R Hall of Fame!!

I love Jethro Tull, I have all Cds from 1968...Maurizio from Souh Italy

My first exposure to JT was through a friend who wanted me to listen to a record entitled Thick as a brick. I simply said that I don't care for country music but he insisted. Many concerts, albums,CD's, and DVD's later I encountered a lovely female fan at a concert in Tunica, MS. We traded barbs for several minutes as to who was the most devoted fan and both arguments were substantial. That's when I pulled a photo from my wallet and said; "That's my first born son Ian". Ian Anderson and Martin Barre RULE.

John Glasscock
When's the reunion!

I've seen every show at leastr once since 1972, I took both mt boys to see you at 4 or 5 so new kids on the block would not be there 1st show. I named my 2nd son Ian after you know who. Martin did a tour a few years ago and cancelled Pittsburgh (only 12 tickets sold and I had 4) I was so mad. love you all and thanks for the many hours of great music.

Forget Pink Floyd,Rolling Stones ect. "Jethro Tull" is the best. Been a fan 40 years now. JT keep going & going well done you guys 40 years lets hope there is more to come..

Jeff Berkeley
The JTs have been my favorite since about 1970...seen 'em 32 times...

Ana Díazz Romero
I'm fan of the band since I was 13 I'm 46 now. I live in Toledo Spain. My e-mail is anamarimariano@hotmail,com.Iwould like to knox if they are going to come to Spain.

Bought my 1st Tull album in 1972,Aqualung and still own it.Followed with This Was and Stand Up.Then there was Thick As A Brick.The rest is history.Sorry I missed the last concert in SLC,Utah,but I was working on an island north of Alaska.(Too Far Alaska)Just East Of Point Barrow,out on the Ice.Gonna try to catch up this year.Who reads these?Answer to

Tony Kearney
Why has Andy Giddings left Tull?

art charen
I've been a tull fan since the early 70's. Recently I was able to take my son whose 16 yrs old to a concert - which has since made him a fan of Tull!!

Peter Wolf
Have been a huge fan out herein Australia since 1971, one of my top 5 favourite bands of all time.

I've loved the band since I first heard MU as a teenager and continue to patronize all they have to offer. I also love the fact that they are such a fan friendly band. After 40 yrs. they continue to provide us with concerts, new music, web material and much more. Thanks so much

Jethro Tull is so much more than just a band to me. To coin a cheesy phrase, they have quite honestly been the soundtrack to my life. Bad day at school... Aqualung. While I'm working... Minstrel In The Gallery. While in the mountains... Heavy Horses or Songs From The Wood. I think that Ian is a genius, which he would certainly downplay and that just makes him all the cooler! I wish that I could personally thank them...

Andy G
Get me off kitty liter duty and back on stage!

Jim Tucker
A fan since 1968, I first saw Jethro Tull in 1969 in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh and can never forget the experience - just wonderful. Looking forward to celebrating the anniversary in the Colston Hall, Bristol in April. All the very best to all Tull band members both past and current and thank you for being my musical favourites. Keep up the good work and please issue a new studio album soon.


Feb '69 was my crowning moment in music. First saw Tull/Ten Years After in Chicago. Seventy-Five concerts and thirty-nine years later no one will ever convince me that this band should not be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Ian Anderson/Martin and the boys are far and away the best band ever. Anyone who has ever met me knows I am by far the biggest Tull fan. I have met Ian, Martin, Glenn, Clive, John, David, and several others over the years. Greatest road crew in music. My autographed picture of Ian during the '71 tour is a prize I will always cherish. Looking forward to their 40th anniversary tour.

Stephen J. Sage
How can I get a classic poster of Ian from '71 autographed?

Megan Bacon
Mind your own business, i'm not saying anything, I don't want to blow my own flute.

Hope all's good and that a new Tull album will be along in the near future.I've been a major fan since '71.All the best!!

George Caro Jr
Ultimate band, like no other, please come and visit us in Sunny San Diego California.

Colin Briscoe
Have been a fan since 68, really need Tull to come back down to Australia - please include us in the 40th Anniversary, its already been 3 years

DS Evans
I've attended Tull concerts regularly since 1970 and now I bring my children -- I tell them that this is like watching Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, or Jerry West = a "hall of famer," not to be missed.

Did I just hear Andy is being replaced....Big mistake.

Dominic La Rosa
Great artist Ian is,with a great band,but frustrating is the lack of new releas's.Any repeats eg;best off are never cunted as new releas's by Fans,as it over kills what we allready have. Ian is wrong about doing new albums is a waste of time,its what we depend on from day one. Urgent request for at least a 3 DVD of early concert days,ideal for a 40th Ann,like what they did for Rory,any documentory is repeats of comercial stuff & cheap.I only hope they will relise.

daniel from argentine patagonia
40 years,my god I am too old...incredible music and interesting people,I hope the 40 years tour will be in my country.

ray dixon when
when is tull playing in new zealand i left uk 4 years ago there are plenty fans out hear regards ray christchurch nz

David Palmer's %#@!@#
"Get me out of this jar"

A great interview with the leader of my all-time favorite band! Been a fan since 1977, was 11 years old and was fortunate to have the older brother with good musical taste! Seen every Pacific Northwest tour since '84. The Eugene, OR show last Oct. was incredible as always. O'Hara and Goodier are welcome additions to the core group. So, now that those two are broken in ~ when will the next STUDIO ALBUM be released ???

Been a Jethro Tull fan for 200 years! That seed drill is bloody marvellous! It certainly helped me through a difficult puberty!!!

Rocky from SF
Tull fan since 1972. I'm in for the long haul. And why not bring Barrie back for the 40th anniversary??? Where's the new album?

Jon Dawson
I have been a fan since i first heard Benefit in about 1971 or 72. Since then i bought every Album and CD and DVD available. I lived in England for a while and saw the band 3 times during my time there.I have also seen them 4 times in Australia.I am really pleased the band has successfully made it to 40 years. I just love the music and live shows. I reckon the last visit to Australia was the best show i have ever seen.I hope Ian, Martin and the rest of the changing line up make it out here for a 40th Anniversary Concert.I for one would love to see the band again, and again and again.Your not too old to rock and rollCheersJon

Cathryn Munna
Been a fan for 40 years! Still have a poster I purchased at a concert in 1972! When my daughter, then 10, asked what instrument she should play the only answer was flute of course. I told her that when she could stand on one leg, talk and play at the same time she could consider herself a proficient.

Ian Charles
I have been a fan of Jethro Tull since 1970. I was but a wee lad of 6 years. But, sharing a bedroom with my older brother, I had the enjoyment of enjoying every record that came spinning through the room.Brilliant!

a great band, first concertfor the "A" tour in Francein 81 at 14 years old andall their albums

Thomas Ristau
I have had the great pleasure of meeting Ian on 2 seperate accasions. One in Chicago in 1992 and one is Sheboygan on a solo tour in 2002. I have seen him 18 times and would see him another 18 times if I had the chance. I even have a full autographed (yes by all band members) photo of the band and a used guitar pick from Ian. Thanks for the 40 years Ian..hope there are 40 more. Keep up the great work on the road but please get back to the studio,,the fans need more new TULL>

James D. Wheeler
I have been a huge fan of Tull for 38yr's. Ive seen them tour 29 times, I find them as exciting and fulfilling as the days of Aqualung! They are still big here in the USA ! James Wheeler

mario le quebecois
Unless you come from another dimension,you can't be a bigger fan than me.The only disappointment is that I've never heard you play Baker Street Muse live.It's such a beautiful piece of music and poetry.ext time you come to Montreal,please it could be the headline if we catch you another time.

I live...

Geir Hammer
The first record i bought is titeled "This Was" back in 1968. I was 14 then and earned NOK 40.- pr. week as a paperboy. One LP this time cost NOK 38.- and YES i wnt "hungry" for a week :-). I have bought every album unheard since then - and I never regret it. JT and Ians music is just an investment in life!

I would like to hear sometimes more tull songs that are not heard at stage. there is so much good songs at rock island, roots to branches, catfis rising, broadsword and the beast, A and so on. But i will always be at audience when it`s possible :)

Colin Williamson
Been a fan since 1970 and never been disappointed.Great interview from Ian and will definitely be watching dates on the tour.Like many others I too miss Andy Giddings and Jonathan Noyce but am hoping to see some of the ex members on this new tour.Has anyone come across the English Tull tribute group Cold Flame - well worth checking out this year.They have a website at ands some useful Tull links to boot.

Kevin Bishop
First saw Tull in 1972 and have been listening every day and coming to concerts yearly ever since. Have met Martin 4x, Ian 2x as well as Doane, Peggy, Jonathan, Andy and even Shona. Martin is THE reason the electric guitar was invented. Best band/road crew on the planet then and still now. Long live Jethro Tull.

Rachel Miller
I have been a big fan of Jethro Tull since the late 70's and I've seen them 4 or 5 times. I've heard they're playing at Musikfest this August....I'll be there!

A reborn fan. Put Tull on the back burner for most of the 90's-early 2000's...and then hit again after seeing them live this past December. A great band, unique and very special. I'm smitten with a whole new appreciation. See you in August!

Tom -Cats dad
After a radio interview whereby my daughter called in and ranted and raved how I was the biggest Tull fan , I was shocked to answer a cell phone call from Ian himself offering me as many tickets and backstage passes as I wanted to the October 2005 show at DAR Constitution hall in D.C. Wow, how's that for customer service!!!!

Rob Dobie
I`ve been following the band since 1968 when I heard "Love Story " on Radio Luxembourg.Still got the single in the loft.See you all for Tull`s May gig in Liverpool.Capital Of Culture will rock when Tull hit the Philharmonic.

james ross
jethro tull is the best rock band in the world period the music got me through a lot of tough times when i play old songs it reminds me of back then

Raymond Gambill
Tull had a sound more incredible than any band to ever grace the "rock-n-roll" stage! Back in the 70s I saw them all and Tull was simply beyond compare! The Thick as a Brick, A Passion Play, and WarChild tours/concerts were simply amazing!!! I loved the unigue sound, the lyrics, the intelligence, the humor, and the stage presence!

Bostock Snr.
"supported by the Eagles ..... who apparently paid very close attention to "We Used to Know" - Yes Kevin -I recall Ian and Martin only realised this when rehearsing the song many years after Hotel California.Too late to sue them??

Mark Z Hayward, CA USA
I've been a an since the first time I saw Tull in 1972 TAAB Tour.

I saw all concerts of JT in Brazil! I hope that the '40th anniversary international tour, be confirmed here.

liam howley
God Bless the good ship Tull,Captain Anderson,Commander Barre and all who sail in her!

Bernd Schmid
tull-music accompanies me now for nearly 40 years, since 69/70 last century. and i hope there will be a lot of more music by ian anderson an the band. all the best to them. i'll see them soon in june and july in southern germany. shure that it will be great again.

Jan Voorbij
Being a fan since December 1968, when I first heard "This Was" on Radio Luxembourg, makes me one of the "Tull dino's" among the fans. Since then, Tull has been part of my personal history and a musical reference for life. I was 16 back then and 55 now and am still enjoying the band's musical and lyrical offerings. By way of expressing my grattitude to the band, I started my own Tull-website, dedicated to the lyrics of Tull-songs: www.cupofwondering.comI'm eagerly looking forward to the next Tull-album to celebrate the 4th decennium of Tull music and hope to see them in concert once more in this jubilee year.

Great Fan of the band.No gig in Birmingham (UK) though for your 40th? Big shame.Lack of Andy Gidings on Keyboards this time around will be a shame.Good luck!

Gabor Puchreiner
I began to like them as an influence by my brother in about 1990. Ever since I'm an ultimate fan. The music and the lyrics are so cleverly constructed.

Mr.Andeson and jethro tull are fantastics for me in Brazil

I've been a real big Tull fan since1970 and saw Tull the first time in 1973! I sure miss Andrew Giddings and Jonathan Noyce. I wish that they were still in the lineup!

Alan Chalmers
Great to hear you on the Radio.Looking forward to be seeing you in Brighton,specially if there are any ex members of the band there.Hope Mention is made for the Dayglo Pirates,the tribute band.

Pat O Grady
I am Irish have been listening to Tull since 1974 and collected all of their albums. My main complaint is that they rarely tour Ireland. '01 was the last visit and before that 1993. Pretty sparce eh!

Remember the merchandise! And save young Mr. Thick as a Brick.

Jeffrey Kahan
Tull fan since 1978; the band never fails to thrill!

Esteban, from Argentina
Great interview indeed !!!For those who insist about Ian's current singing style:you better should try with Pavarotti, Domingo and even Carreras. They are really singers. A rock or blues singer is other matter. Other points are what really matter. Ian is a wonderful performer to his own lyrics. Is that clear ?

Joe DiBlasi
Ian Please is Barry playing any shows I would fly to UK for that


donald orr
40 years! 37 sitting on a (rather wonderful) park bench. congratulations. any chance of northern ireland show?

royce smoker
great band follow ihe band for 40 years

Gerrit de Geus
Really enjoyed the interview.Thank you mr. Anderson for 40 years of the flute in rock.

jarmo hakala of finland
i heard them first time in 1969,and ihave seen the band 6 times and still they are my favorite band, i hope they will come to finland soon again.

jarmo hakala of finland
i heard them first time in 1969,and ihave seen the band 6 times and still they are my favorite band, i hope they will come to finland soon again.

I really missed Jonathan Noyce during the Albany,NY show in November 2007......

Sandro A.B
I'm one of the younger fans (I'm 17). I came to know them when I was about 11 and couldn't get enough. Through them, I started to like various other artists and genres.

Kevin Irvine
I've been a fan of Tull ever since my brother oredered me to buy him Stand Up for Christmas in 1970 .... they performed at the first rock concert I attended, in 1972 at the Edmonton Gardens, supported by the Eagles ..... who apparently paid very close attention to "We Used to Know". Great show, somplete with caps & overcoats, a ringing telephone and a frogman to answer the call. After opening with 45 minutes of Thick as a Brick, Ian said "Now for our second number."

Crew Nights
I miss you guys...especially the yorkie

Greg Gott
Just saw them in Albany in looking to August at Meadowbrook Farm! Have been listening (closely) and enjoying since 1970 and still love the shows. See you all this summer!

Jean-Pierre Del Vecchio
I'm a Tull fan since 1972. I've learned to play flute almost because of Ian Anderson and his music.I've seen Jethro Tull in Québec city in 1997 and 2004. They are still a great band.Sept-Iles, QuébecCanada

Gideon Lapidus
when Ian plays a certain piece of music, it completely describes the situation 100 %. you actually feel like you there.Ian is a musical genius. I have every one of Tulls albums,re masters, including solo albums and will NEVER get sick of them, in fact, the more i listen to them, the more i appreciate them. Cant wait for the new album?

Have been seriously addicted to JT music for the last 16 years. What a thrill it has been to discover and experience their wonderful and diversive music from earlier days! And simultaneously there's the excitement of new releases - the latest IA solo albums are amongst my favourites. Congratulations with the MBE!

Always been a Tull fan but I wish Ian would be honest..Most of the back catalogue he cant sing anymore

good interview, cant wait for the uk tour.

John Schmitt
40 years. 40 long years. Wow. If it didnt like Tull i would have no need to live. See you in the USA Ian and friends!

Brian June
I think jethro tull are a fantastic band and i will buy every album by them.I only wish they would come closer like the Ameristar.I would love to see them in concert.

Great interview, looking forward to attending the 40th tour!

Bill Franco
Have been a fan since 1970. Have seen Tull about 35 times. By the way I live in the USA. Ian to me is a music God. What he has done for my life is crazy. He and Tull have changed my life. Have never met Ian, but would love to sit down with him and buy him a beer. My sons, 19 & 23 are huge fans now also. We will see them in Conn. USA on Aug. 10. Yes, Ians' birthday. Live on Ian.

Ron Wilson
Have been following TULL since 1968.

bill cox vincennes, indiana usa
tull is the reason i care for music!!

Kurt Nighswander
Tull fans since 1969...Buffalo NY area

paul enright
ive been a fan for 30 years music to enjoy ian anderson is the lee marvin of rock n roll

ROMAN (Like The.......)
Love this Band,Love Ian,but his last change of Members....I not Agree cancelling Andy,16 Years brilliant Keybordplayer cannot be replacet by John O´Hara,no Way !!!!!!!!!!!Roman Mischke

dave white
I'm from So Cal would be cool if Ian bookedthe pacific amphitheatre inCosta Mesa.I don't think he has ever played there.greatvenue,but the staff has a problem with people who sm-oke those funny little cigs.oh well-its all about themusic anyway.also anything from HeavyHorses would be awesome.bye

Brent Kasl
2008, 40 years of creative lyrics, music and entertainment from one of the least decorated bands ever. Can't wait for my 23rd concert event here in the States!

Stig Myklebust
Great interview - thanks ever so much! We've already booked tickets for the Liverpool concert in May and are really looking forward to the gig!PSI do think, though, that the BBC (of all!) ought to know the difference between "its" and "it's" (see last line below the heading "Exclusive Interview").bwStig Myklebust, Oslo, Norway

great interview!!

Ray - Living with the Past
Hello,Thanks for the great interview with Ian Anderson. My band, Tull tribute band, Living with the Past, will be performing in a special 40th Anniversary Tull Tribute along with legendary Tull and Fairport Convention bassist Dave Pegg, with special guest PJ Wright. The show will be held in NY on June 28th. For info on the show check out universerecords.comCheers,Ray - Living with the Past

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