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13 November 2014

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You are in: Wiltshire > Moonraking > Spooky > Chippenham's ghost.. Christoff

The face in the wall....

The face in the wall...

Chippenham's ghost.. Christoff

A dirty faced, bearded and long finger nailed man keeps appearing in a wall in a house in Chippenham...

He's known as Christoff.  He's got long finger nails and dirty hands, a beard and dirty face and is always spotted wearing a heavy coat and cut-off trousers.

But more extraordinarily, according to Claire Bracey, he keeps being seen in a wall at her home in Chippenham.

Chippenham's haunted house

From the outside... the 1940's style terrace house in Derriads Green is perfectly ordinary.  To Claire and her family, however, it's anything but...

Orbs in the sitting room...

Orbs in the sitting room...

In fact, according to the family, behind their closed door it's definitely spooky:

"We get various things happening," says Claire, "like lights going on and off and people running up and down stairs. 

"We also hear voices and my son wakes up in the night saying there's someone sitting on the end of his bed."

And it's not just Claire that's experienced the haunted happenings in the house.  Claire's mother, Sue, has experienced a bit of a chill there as well:

"We'll be sitting in the lounge, quite quietly, and we'll hear running feet, " says Sue.  "We'll check the children and they'll be sound asleep. 

"We'll also feel, on our shoulders, cold patches.  That's happened quite a few times."

Faces in the wall and glowing orbs

But despite both mother and daughter agreeing that whatever has the run of the house is definitely not evil... the appearance of a face in a wall has to be a little unnerving:

"We've got a face in my daughter's room at the moment of a man on the wall," says Claire.  "He's quite a dirty faced, sort of a bearded face, long finger nails, dirty hands sort of ¾ length trousers, a heavy coat quite a sort a mature man.  Kristoff is his name."

...are acccompanied by a drop in temperature

...are acccompanied by a drop in temperature

And Claire has the digital photographs to prove it.  But it's not just bearded men in the walls that Claire is snapping... white glowing orbs are also appearing in her photographs:

"We get lots of orbs in the house especially in the lounge and the attic.  They're the start of spirit manifestations, before they appear to you, which is kind of unsettling because you get a cold atmosphere along with them.

"You take a photo and they're there on the photo.  You take another one and they're gone.  So I don't think it's the camera."

But since calling in a medium, to dispel the spirits, things at Derriads Green do seem to have improved:

"It's not actually as if it happens every night or every week," says Claire.  "It can be weeks of just peace and then all of a sudden it will all start off again."

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created: 25/04/2007

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Jesse Bracey
Yeah I Live Like 10 Doors Ago And Erm , I Was Having A Sleepover And We Heard Nocking On The Other Side Of The Wall On The Outside We Thought It Might Of Been Just A Thing But Ovioudly Not , Bye Claire xLoveYou

Looks like cigarette smoke to me. Also orbs are dust particles reflecting light off the flash off the camera. Take a photo without a flash in a well lit room and there'll be no orbs.

Tim Carter
this man was murderd and is very angery and very confused he wont rest until justice be done but his killer is also dead and is in hell you need to show him the light and make him cross over.

From your comments, I think a great majority of you need a dictionary.

I have had beautiful electric blue coloured orbs in my flat...quietly drifting around the room. Just accept them! they will not hurt you. They are spirit!

billy -bob
The orbs are clearly just light shineing on the camera lense and when u take the second photo u oviously dont catch the light on the lense.

lisa barrett
i also live near u and we are having strange things going on in our house


ClaireI have had these orbs in my home and at social gatherings, particularly at my daughters wedding. there were clear faces in the orbs without a doubt and other larger faces appeared in a mist that suddenly appeared. I have the pics but am not putting them on the internet. They are being investigated. Clearly something beyond human comprehension at this time. Look up Klauss Heinneman - Nasa Physicist on the internet. His five year study is fascinating! Nothing to be afraid of though. Jan

Good Lord, is there no one in Great Britain can write a decent sentence? What an appalling display of poor spelling and grammar.

zoom in the the orb, aface will be visible

Jesse Bracey
Hi ChloeIve Seen The Ghost I Sat Nex Too It All Nite Long I Liv Bout 6 Dorz Away So I Seen It ,It Iz Real Yhoo Shud Beleev !!!!P.s Atleast Itz Gon Now !Toodle Pip !!Claire, Tony, Chloe, Oliver,Lilly-Ann

and wot a siting i had ver omg i woz in a room at the time the ghost woz dare !!!! scary or wot!!!!!

i beliave in ghost and poltergistes because one reason ive seen loads before but these pics are so s**t they are ovieously fake and very unrealsitic!!

random girl
that is so totally scary as i go to school near there

I agree with Louise here. The first orb looks far too dense to be caused by the flash action. I've also seen a face in my bedroom wall. It only appeared the once, that I know of. I also have had the room turn cold, as if there's an icy draft. I don't see anything, but I feel it's there. My home is full of spirits.

u need ur head bein look at- wat a freak wat do u fink u r doin scarin people

Skeptic are you serious??? You seriously can't see the face in the first picture? I bet you'd change your tune left in the room on your own. Ps orbs don't really mean anything, they are just usually dust reflecting off the cameras flash - though that first orb does look rather dense.

I had someone knocking on the door and he tried to KILL me!!!i couldn't do any better

Amanda Murray
We have orbes all over the house, we would like to know who they could be? would they hurt us? and why they are here? if you can help answer this question please can you email me at you.

amanda harmer
i disagree to what skepticalwrote because i always sayi don't belive it to i see it so i believe that skeptical should pay the bracey's a visitfor 24 hours

amanda harmer
i have too felt chills and seen evidance of ectoplasiumaka ghosts and i'm only in secondry school i am friends with this family and claires house is not the only house in derriads my house is haunted aswell. it first hapened when my dad was working for a different company than now. my room was chilly one summer night and i was under my duvet watching television and my t.v turned and the controls where by it.

Martin Heyes
Keep taking your medication, Claire. Nurse will be round soon.

We have loads of orbs in our house, mostly in our bedroom by the window. We also have the spirit of a little girl called Emily. This story touched home!

Dave Wood (
Orbs are definately a camera

I feel sympathy for the family if this an atmosphere they wish to experience. I am a firm beleiver of the case stated having experienced situations myself as has my wife which we can not explain.

sounds brilliant for summer having the temp drop, keep 'em till winter!

Julie Moore - Psychic Medium
Maybe I can help - please contact me through my website

Orbs? Faces? Mediums? oh Please.Clean your camera lens and get the plaster done....ta-daa!!

I'd hate to have that in my house! Good luck in expelling the ghost (if that's what you want to do!!)

You are in: Wiltshire > Moonraking > Spooky > Chippenham's ghost.. Christoff

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