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24 September 2014

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Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel

Interview with Peter Gabriel

Listen to our interview with the legendary singer-songwriter and ex-Genesis frontman who now lives in Wiltshire.

It was a rare honour recently when BBC Radio Wiltshire were granted an exclusive interview with the musical legend that is Peter Gabriel.

The ex-Genesis frontman and highly successful solo artist - famous for songs such as 'Solsbury Hill' and 'Sledgehammer' - now lives in Box in Wiltshire where he also runs Real World studios. He founded the recording complex in the late-1980s in order to promote World music.


BBC Radio Wiltshire's Ashley Heath spoke to Peter and found out about his plans for the 2007 WOMAD festival now that the event is to be held in Wiltshire for the first time at Charlton Park near Malmesbury.

He also spoke of his love for the county he has adopted as his home, as well as reflected on his lengthy musical career.

Genesis Reunion

Ashley also found out why he declined the offer to join his ex-band mates in the Genesis reunion tour due to take place next year.

Click below to listen to the 20min interview in streaming Real Audio.
audio Interview with Peter Gabriel >
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last updated: 06/12/06
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christine woffindin
iI am inspired deeply by peters music since salisbury hill.To dear gab gabs from me xxx

christine woffindin
iI am inspired deeply by peters music since salisbury hill.To dear gab gabs from me xxx

Matt van Vrancken
I am a singer-songwriter from New Orleans beginning to bear down on this lifelong passion as a profession... and Peter's music is a reminder to me how important it is for musicians to take their own craft both playfully and seriously and to pass this torch onward to both listeners and other musicians. Whether or not he personally reads this I would very much like to express deep thanks for his past and present work.

Jon F
He is amazingBut i need to know, is he better then sting.JON

I still hope to see (and listen to) Genesis reunited again one day !

Glynis Bennett
I went to see Peter in concert a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just this month I was in Bath with my family and we walked up Solsbury Hill, the view over Bath was intoxicating. I can see why Peter went up there to decide which way his career was to go. Congratulations on the birth of his son Luc too.

elaine hind
totally amazing

Mic Smith
Another interesting conversation with Peter who simply makes the most interesting music on the planet. Glad he turned down the Genesis reunion. Best to look forward, not backward, or you risk running into lamp columns.

John McClure
As a real appreciater of intelligent meaningful music I have a deep admiration for Peter Gabriel and his music. On a lyrical side his music has meant much to me over periods of my personal life and there is just so much you can gather and interpret from his lyrics evern aside from what he may have intended. On a musicality note he is simply brilliant and his employment of likewise musicians to accompany his efforts really makes the Peter Gabriel music experience special in many aspects. The layers in his music can never be all heard even after many passings of listening. Its so unlike much of the music you normally hear. There is so much depth and you can pick up things that you never heard even after many times of listening.

hooman zarif
Great interview intelligent questions, good rapport and very interesting...i see,i say too.but i wish i ...cos im a journalist in Iran...and love him.

john nicholas
peter is 1 of my all time heroes

Jeff Millett
Peter Gabriel's music got me through some real hard times last year. I had seperated from my wife of 13 years and was feeling at my end. I credit listening to Peter Gabriel's Hit over and over again while run for my recovery. His lyrics blow me away. I can listen over and over and over each time getting more meaning. Thank you Peter! And thank you for sharing yourself a little more in this interview.

Karen from US
Very well done interview. I am a long time Peter Gabriel admirer. Being just a little too young to truly appreciate a reunion of the original line up of Genesis, I find no disappointment in Mr. Gabriel turning the opportunity down. In the end, it is his choice. His music is incredible and I really like his sensiblilty. His lyrics take you places and the melody just floats you there.

sebastian muzquiz
i don't know his reasons fornot wanting to go along with the band on a reunion tour that would have been beautiful but the way i see it is you only have so much time in this life and when an opportunity like this comes along you should embraceit for what it is worth and take it. that's too bad, i'm so sorry it didn't happen.

I have been a fan of Peter's for over 20 years. The man always makes me think. I love his music and would love to meet him one day!

geoff holmes
it would be good to see genesis back together again with all the original band members

Thoughtful and thought provoking. I wonder how long until the next album and tour. Hopefully less than another ten years.

Michael Craven
Really would have been good if he joined the rest of Genesis for just a single tour, but understand why he didn't.

Ian Orridge
I first saw Genesis at Lincoln pop festival in 1972 and still listen to their music today (up until 1986) especially pre 1976 stuff with Gabriel. Really good, interesting interview with Peter. Hope the Lamb Tour becomes a reality. Thanks.

jimmy moan
thank god he declined the genesis gig.Thay got fam cos of peter.Well done peter

Eileen Leboffe
I think Peter is very gifted. He moves me in a spirtual way. One of his best videos is Secret World.

Sean Blackman
Great interview: intelligent questions, good rapport and very interesting.

jeremy north
I've been a fan of genesis since 1973. it was good to hear a proper interview with searching questions for a change. I hope you can make it a regular feature

Richie Mogg
It was a shame he didn't join the Genesis boys for the new tour as he was really the original sound of Genesis, such a distinctive voice, and a great theatrical showman.

Ryan Chipeniuk
great interview

Brilliant. Thanks for this.

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