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24 September 2014

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Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull
Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

Interview with Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson who lives in Wiltshire recently popped into the the BBC Radio Swindon studios and granted presenter Sandy Martin an exclusive interview. Listen online.

The legendary Jethro Tull were one of the most successful, not least unique bands of the late 60s/early70s. And who could forget their singer Ian Anderson, looking like he'd just stepped out of a Bosch painting, wild-eyed and stood on one leg playing the flute. They just don't make rock stars like that anymore.

The band were at the top of the tree among progressive/hippy bands of the time and songs such as 'Living in the Past, 'Life is a Long Song' and 'Sweet Dream' are still considered classics to this day.

Even after 40 years, The Tull are still going strong and are currently on a lengthy tour of the UK. Locally, the band are playing Bristol's Colston Hall on 16th March.

Although a Scotsman born and bred, Ian Anderson now resides on a farm in Wiltshire and recently visited our radio studios in Swindon.

Weekend Morning Show presenter Sandy Martin sat down with the great man, who in an entertaining 30-minute interview espoused his views on all manner of subjects.

Click below to listen to the interview in streaming Real Audio.
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Jude - Wicklow
Just got into JT this yaer and IA songwriting is the the Yeats of Music!!!!!Look forward to seeing you in Greystones ....sometime...

William Leigh
Ian is a genius and I have loved each and every one of his recordings. I hope he never retires, but I need at least one more new recording from him.

Beniamin Zajac
Ian is musical genius and "each day,each day I have to listen at least one of the pieces from J.T collection. Briliant and inteligent musician, best for you ,Ian! 50 y'old fan from Warsaw.

billy haynes 11/3/08
me and my best friend, while in our early 20's were avid outdoorsmen i mean the ruff rugged deep in the woods type and allready tull fanatics -- when songs from the wood came out it just blew us away


Rick Howell
I have been a Tull fanatic since age 13 or 14. Saw my first show in Memphis, the "oh no, not another 20 years of Jethro Tull" tour 1988. I can't believe it's been that 20 years already, and i have missed this years shows due to my stay in Baghdad. I am so glad to still have Tull around, doing what they do that means so much to so many of us.

God bless Ian. My life in the 70s would never have been the same

Dave Lowrey
I just saw and heard Jethro Tull at Red Rocks near Denver. AMAZING playing and sound. Every body should see a great concert like this at Red Rocks! MySpace.Com/DrbassFace

Just saw Tull 2 days ago...great show...met Martin meandering around afterward; who was very nice. Please keep coming to the states...

Lynne Howard
Happy Birthday Ian8/10/08I hope you get to Chicago,USA on the tour!!!Your the best ever!

I just read that the BBC and EMI records reached a HUGE agreement to release thousands of hours of music film and video from the 60's and 70's, including lots of never-before-seen Tull footage from the early and mid-70's.This stuff has been locked away in the BBC archive vaults for many years.

Jimbo Murphy
It`s GOOD your still AROUND It`s UNBElVEABLE : From State and County tours in the U.S. To be back on top

the Tull version of "Zed Lepplins" Kashmir heard live at Foxwoods a couple of years ago was absolutly breath taking...and ground shaking.One can only ponder "Tull seasoning" gently shaken on some other classic British rock songs...Ian what do you think?

Arnell Burns
Glorious to hear Ian in full flight. A proper gifted rock musician not a hyped, filthy hip hop or (c)rap shouter clutching their privates and singing about shooting women. Long live proper music like Jethro Tull.

I have been attended many JT concerts over the years, all great, but the most memorable was the Under Wraps tour. When the stage lit up, everything on stage was "under wraps" with a bunch of lab assistants in white coat milling about. A single instrument was playing in the background, one by one the lab assistants left the stage, finally leaving one "old man", who picked up a flute and started playing. The song would build and as a musical instrument started playing. Ian would uncover the musician until the entire Jethro Tull band was playing with the song building to a climax. Over the rest of the concert, the other packages were gradually uncovered. These included a phone, a tray of champagne, a camera, an astronaut. There were other things, which I forget now, but the last package was a doozy.... It was an apparently naked, very shapely young girl.Hopefully, Jethro Tull will be playing the midwest soon and the band come out with a new CD. Why aren't Tull in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Elaine Rosner Jeria
About a 2 hour Tribute Concert of local teeage New Yorkers to youI am a 58 year old New Yorker that is always surrounded by new and old music,my 22 year old son is a professional keyboardist of jazz and hiphop.The house is always full of live music jam sessions Last night I went to a see a group of young rockers perform the works of Jethro Tull through the School of Rock at the Cutting Room The age span was 11,to 17 years, They were wonderful. I realized how much I missed your music and lyrics and will order some cds/dvd so my son can also be inspired by your music.Some of the parents took home videos and thought if you would like copies,let me know. A 16 year old flutist was exceptional Jacob Drucker and a wonderful artist and birder.I think you would be moved to see these young musicians and singers and how they are into your messages and music.Best Wishes and peace ,Elaine Rosner Jeria

Gerry Cox - Singapore
I can't play the file - Windows Media Player says it doesn't recognise the file extension .ram - what a bummer:(

Steve Crouch. Selsey W.Sussex
Sweet Dream had just been released. Went to Brighton to see Jethro Tull who i hadn't heard of at the time. it was probably the best decision i have made in my life. 40 years on and there is still nothing better to listen to or to see. last time i saw JT was at a special concert for Planet Rock at Stroud. i would like to pay tribute to the many different musicians who have been with Ian and Martin. I have seen JT many times over the years and every time the musicians have been brilliant. so if Ian or any of the Tull are down the south coast look me up.

Ken Morris
Life-Long (Q for a song) devoted fan. These guys are the ultimate in classic rock. Many thanks Ian for all your hard work, wonderful music and profound philosophy. (The Martin ain't bad either!) See you at the Liverpool Philarmonic.

Tom Phillips
Actually met Ian twice . Once as a "assistant" cameraman on the Catfish Risng tour in Richmons Va. Thanks to brother in law (real tv cameraman) again in 2005 in Washington DC. My daughter telephoned a radio station , raved how much of a fan I was , and secured tickets and backstage passes where we met Ian and the boys. Amazing!!! Pics , autographs and conversation. Memorable.

Thanks to my mariner colleague Vinoo.P.Sequeira, a encyclopedia in rock/pop music that i got to appreciate and ubderstand sophisticated eccentrics like "JETHRO TULL".

Kirk Gremillion
I think the link to the Ian Anderson interview is broken. I can't get it to play. Real player says it can't find the server.Thanks,Kirk

obey Ian Anderson.

Mário Irajá Fernandes - Brazil
Ian, you are my hero !! Thanks for your wonderfull music. Venha sempre ao Brasil, Porto Alegre.

Achim Daffin
Just a thank you "Note"... Keep playing them for us all... We love you...

erose ellis

Gary Tarr
I first saw Ian and Tull in 1969 when I was an impressionable 18 year old . Now aged 57 I cannot go one day without listening to at least one song from them on my I Pod.Thanks so much for a lifetime of innovative and fascinating music .

yvonne nicholson
it is really difficult listening to Ian talk about his life. As his girlfriend in the late 60's and early 70's and the person he wanted to marry it is difficult to hear his voice, speaking about his life now. I wonder why I have been given this destiny.

Willie in Clearlake,CA.
Everytime I hear a Jethro Tull song I put myself in a magical place.I see myself in a green forest,it is misting lightly,kind of foggy,and blue fireflies flying wildly.I am partying with a bunch of people in the deep dark forest and Jethro Tull is rocking out.

Federico Siegrist y Lula Siegrist
Ian!!!! Eres un genio musical ¿sabes cuántas alegrías nos has traido con tus extraordinarias composiciones?????

korneel le compte, brussels belgium
most original, most fascinating and riveting band ever. As a professional classical musician, i owe an enormous thank you to Ian and Tull. From the age of 12 i have impatiently waited for every new album, always surprised, most often puzzled, to find after a few spins another masterpiece. Brick, Passion Play, Roots to Branches, Broadsword...They still inspire me today. Ian is a sensitive, outspoken, poetic musician with a lot of earthy common sense combined with a musical genius that is unequalled. Thank you Ian and all your fellow musicians for giving me the strength to follow my own way as an artist. You show me it CAN be done if you put your mind to it.

Mike in L.A.
Ian Anderson inspired me at age 10 to learn how to play the flute. My grandmother upon a visit to our house admonished me: "Why did you take up such an instrument? Flutes are for fagalas!" So I leaned over and kissed her on the lips! (Her reaction was hilarious: "We don't kiss that way in the family!"). Thank you Ian for your intelligence, dramatic flair, and inspiring music.

scott fulkerson,orange,ca.
As my hair's stood on end and this was the way that it happened; which concert was it? It was the night at their L.A. Forum concert featuring the Aqualung alblumn. All the lights went out, i could barley see.All in amoment we heard the begining of my My God in the darkness. Before I could acknowlege anything a beam of light appeared showing him barely adjusted to a stool and a acoustic guitar of which he was playing.I asked my friend, whats his name. I figured it was'nt important anyway. then my friend said, this is my favorite part. As the lights went on and he jumped down from his stool his guitar aside,flute in hand he played; and their was the band in each their own light the song blue me away. That was the best intro I've ever seen at any concert to this day. "That was bad!" me and my friend said at the same time and the same way. So yes,I agree. For their next tour tha The seventies lighting presence it should be, plea ...

michael quinlan
Always set their own standard. Saw them in the 1970s - always sounded great. Most etherial of music, very rural/historic, and wonderful to drive to at night

Janis from New York & Las Vegas (Yuck!)
Congrats on your daughter's wedding...Can U imagine urself (& Shoshana) as grandparents!?!??Thank u 4 past 40 yrs of musical adventure & bliss!My sister, Betty, died in 2003 & we were GREAT fans...went 2 many shows & concerts...even got 2 meet your crew, on Long Island & get free tix to NJ show...Some of my sister's BEST times were @ ur performances, especially in the 70's & 80's when the THEATRICS were SO AWESOME & U would run ALL OVER the stage 4 hrs...Love U Ian & all the "Boys in The Band!"Janis Simon, USA

Big Col
Congratulations Ian on your much deserved M.B.Ekeep em comming!

Congratulations on your MBE Ian.Thanks for the music which has been the soundtrack to my life.

Brian June
I think jethro tull are a very good group and i am looking forward to their next album.

Ray Heroux
Hearing what Ian has to say about the way things currently are happening in this world is like a breath of fresh air. His is a voice of trust. Tull has always been my favorite band. Ian's lyrics always put the mind in motion with his songs of deep meaning. I dream of a day where I will actually meet him to have the chance to thank him for the hours of joy he has given me in this far.


carl normanselol
under wraps is my favourite song. i have been to lots of gigs but i have never heard you play it live. when you come to the lowry next april will you play it or at least a bit of it, ta!!! carl

Deb Garrard

Charles Sorice Washington,Pa. U.S.A.
Not to many bands like Jethro Tull can say they have been playing together for 40 years.For you new Tull fans check out a old B-side song "Rainbow Blues".

donnalee mccallum
looking forward to seeing jethro tull in south africa in november xx

Fri. OCT 5th,2007 Aaargh! These 'Dinky Spaces are NEVER Big Enough to get the Job DONE !! Yes, 'SIR' Ian Anderson, Martin Lancelot Barre,and if there are ANY of the 'Original 'blokes Left Alive.. My Salute !! The element of Musicsl prowess, technical Abilities, Juxtaposition of Melodies,Lyrics,the use of metered interludes and...Silence( Emphatic Pauses ) are what has characterized the Great JETHRO Tull over the past 3 Decades. This does not remove from the SHOWMANSHIP Criteria, One would Truly be remiss if they did not address the Rostrum Presence and Highly spontaneous ability for a Five-Member group of Virtuosos,each living out their portion of a Song, much akin to some of the highest trained Performers in a Shakespearean Play at the " Old Vic" in London. These Minstrels are of Musicians coming out of Merry-Old England .. THE (Upmost) BEST.

Jethro Tull is my all time favorite band. You gentlemen are true musical genius's. I saw you in 1969 first and have seen you seven or eight times since and am due to see you soon!

kaveh refahi
i am iranian boy.i can't living with out music of jethro tull.thanks

Bora Cetin
He is the best composer, songwriter, musician in our century.Thanks IAN, your beautiful music.Happy 60. birthday.( Montreux DVD is great ! )TULLTURKIstanbul - Turkey

m odom
was at blossom in 99 when u played a 400 year old bach peice onawooden indian flute and it transcended me to another place i just want to say thanx for doing what u do

Michael Parzych - Minnesota
As a contemporary of yours, although I'm 2 whole years younger I might add, I remember "the days." Recall seing you in the USA, though time and being extremely high throughout the late 60's/early 70's, have somewhat fuzzed the recollections. Tull was/is the one of the most musically and lyrically creative groups ever.To this day I still crank the headphones to absurd levels.....and remember.

James Rolshouse
I want to thank Ian, Martin and the many boys over the years. First saw Tull in Feb. 69. Seventy - Five concerts later, I am still the one and only Tull fan. Tull music has truly been the soundtrack of my life. All whom I have met or seen in my life know my true loyalty to the band. I am a lucky man to still be able to follow the "flute" after 38 and a half years. There are no words that could ever express my feelings towards the music that this man has given to me. Tears fill my eyes as I try to say something of meaning in this forum. I am as always your humble servant.

Interesting. Ian is just a regular guy, yet some call him god. Talent and intelligence is what makes any person successful. Ian seems blessed with both, along with eloquent support from others. Oh well, it's good that so many have enjoyed the fruits of Ian's and Tull's labour. Rock on all you 'spotters!

Richard Lopiccolo fan of 33 years
Ian,Happy Birthday! No, You're never to OLD to ROCK & ROLL!

Carlos Ortega
Happy B-day Ian, from Caracas, Venezuela

rich p.
say ian, thanks for all the great music thru the years. JT is my favorite band. the daughters saw you a couple of years back and they became instant fans. here's hoping there's alot more music to come from you and the boys (and girls)

Rita Peltz
My husband was a hugh fan of yours. We saw seven of your concerts. He passed away at 36 and wore your band's name on a belt buckle to the end. Just wanted you to know your music was a very large part of our life and now when I hear your music it brings back bittersweet memories. So thank you for that

maiden city fm radio derry ireland
greatest band ever--come over to derry and play and we will give you free stew and guiness!!! tune in now ...we play tull!!!!!

I never tire of the Tull legend's worldly words of wisdom

patrick brucie
where did you come up with the lyrics to locomotive breath

dr rob chester
ian thanks for the photo tull were and are the best regards to Martin and the crowd keep up the good work

Caroline Ryan-Locke
If JT is still alive today it is because these guys are real musicians.I have loved Tull since 1976 and always will.Dear Ian,Martin,and all other members past and present,thanks for providing the sountrack of my life.

Jørgen F. Buch, Denmark
Since the late sixties Jethro Tull was - and still is -my favourite band. Though there is lots of good music today the unique Anderson/Tull-sound is still number one for me.A Tull concert in Denmark would be very welcome. What are the chances?

Dobri su.. kao nekad ;))

Scott Henderson
Respect the man greatly. I have listened to him play since I was a sprig. Here in the States I have been fortunate to see him perform many times and respect his opinion on all fronts.

siggi from germany(black forest)
dear ian,your music is always a helping hand,to go on and see the funny side of live. Many greatings to wiltshire,j went in amesbury,i love it!!!!!!!!!!

siggi from germany(black forest)
what a great interfiew!! Still fantastic!

At age 13, my best friend lent me his copy of "Stand Up" , and I was duly swept away by both the energy of tracks like "Nothing is Easy" as much as the beautiful atmospherics of "Reasons for Waiting". The following year, the same best friend and I lucked out with second-row seats at Tull's Sydney Opera House concert - Wow! Have subsequently gathered everything on vinyl/Cd ever since, and seen Ian, Martin and their talented musical companions several more times in Oz, as well as dates in the UK and Europe when I've travelled abroad. Thank you Ian for wonderful music, presented with humour, compassion, rock energy and acoustic intimacy. Long may you continue to play.

JT at the Horden in Sydney sometime in the late 70's, a wonderful night of music (and hilarious banter).


went to see jethro tull in germany (gelsenkirchen) now she is a fan

Batia Macales
I have been a big Jethro Tull fan for almost 40 years. Ian Anderson is a class act. I so enjoyed him because he was different. I live in Israel and couldn't make his concert here but many years ago in Los Angeles I was lucky enough to have been in the front row of one of his concerts. That was one of the most enjoyable concerts I had been to. Ian Anderson is a legend and will always be in my life.

Drumour Colman
As always — dancing in the play.

Billy Hill
Groovay babay.

Harry E. Horne, Toronto,CAN.
I've been a Tull fan since I bought 'Stand Up' while a student in Edinburgh all those years ago. The current band is the best ever although I do miss Peggy. See you in November, guys.

Arthur Poghosyan, Armenia
Jethro Tull is legendary progressive folk rock band.In Armenia, Dear Ian, you is very well-known and beloved. I am to hold in high respect you and i very love your musics and lyrics.Thank you very much, and good luck

HM from iran
I realy admire jethro tull and ian anderson's creativity and passion

Danny Ewing
In a record store one day in 1968 stumbled into This Was album. I liked the album cover, never had heard the music before. Put it on the little phonograph and have been hooked ever since.

Allen Graham
At one time men of 60 years of age took a delight in telling me.'I fought in a war for buggers like you.'Now buggers like me are taking a delight in being entertained by men of 60 years of age.Great.

Geoff Stephenson
Been a fan 38 years.First saw them when Mick Abrahams was in the band.Seen many personnel changes.Just seen them at middlesbrough town hall on there acoustic tour.They just get better with time.

I discovered Jethro Tull in much the same fashion as many of the rest of Tull fans my age, by digging through my father's record collection when I was young.My dad is a huge fan, owning every single album on the original vinyl and a good chunk of them all on cd, of course I'm the one who bought them from iTunes :) Even when I was 15, rebellious, and everything that goes along with that, if I had nothing to say to my father we could at least talk about Tull, which will always mean alot to me.

Jethro Tull is the most unique and sophisticated progressive rock band ever. Their best accomplishment in composing a great melodic song happens to be MY GOD; a true masterpiece.

Ian, sos un músico exelentete espero el día 20 de abril de 2007 en Buenos Aires ARGENTINA

you rock ian

Glenys Tucker
In 1973 my brother-in-law had a hotdog van and some 'starving hippy' approached his van intent on being fed but, unfortunately, also completely skint. He did, however, have 2 albums under his arm. He traded said albums for a hot dog and my brother-in-law brought the albums to my house offering my older brother first choice. He chose Lindisfarne and I was handed A Passion Play. What a blessing that day was! I saw Jethro Tull live in Cardiff Capitol Theatre on 25 November 1974 and again last night (24 March 2007) in St Davids Hall - Cardiff with John, my 19 year old son who is also an avid fan. Thank the sun and moon for 'Starving hippies' and, of course, for Jethro Tull.

Danny 'Boy' Whitehead
Got into Tull 1972 'Brick' Tour I realised I found the music of my life at that gig! Looking forward to the accoustic gig at Middlesbrough - Still the best live band around!

Jethro Tull, so many positive thing to say about these guys! I can only some them up in a few words... Masterminds, Geniuses, KICK ASS BAND! Keep it rock'n boys!

Arnold Visconti
Jethro Tull, is without a doubt the best quasi-pop-classic folk rock band ever. Whew! now I have to sit down. Ahhhhh, There. Im old now but still love to listen - which is usually all day. First started listening to them around the end of World War 1 but then Im dating myself. No one else will. I love Rena Sanderon he's my favorite one legged Scotsman. Go Tull, Go. I m ready for another forty years, Maybe. Thanks for letting me rant. I appreciate all the effort gone into making my favorite music, it has made my life more enjoyable. Thanks. Arnold

fan since 70 first concent festival hall melbourne 70 or 71 made me take up the flute saw your last tour 05 at palais melbourne st.kilda really enjoyed it only i wish you would played some of minstral in gallery as its my fav its musical poetry when are you coming to play for us convicts again!

Kevin Beckett aka Herbie Scones
First saw Tull in the flesh, when they were last minute replacement for 'The Alan Bown' at Olympic games fundraiser, at Fairfield Hall, Croydon. Wow still one of the greatest bands ever, keep it coming

The first time I heard Tull was in 1969 when I began my medecine studies. Since, it's a great pleasure to listen and see Ian & co in concerts, even if the group doen't often play on stage in France. So, it's the best band in the world with the one-legged frontman.

navin francis
thank heavens we're born in tull's era.

Erich Maya
am still waiting for a new Tull album!!! Ian, Martin Greetings from the middle earth... Mexico

It was 'Roots to branches' that got me into Tull when it was first released and i got sucked into exploring everything else after that. Quite superb.

Robert HB CA
Ian, you and Jethro Tull are never too old to Rock & Roll. Keep on rolling with the times and never stop, even when you're in your wheel chair on one wheel playing the flute. Peace to you and the gang Martin, Andrew, Jonathan, and Doane and I hope to see you all in 2007 in CA.


I have your signature on my flute..

def. Jethro tull- 1. n. the man who invented the seed drill; 2 n. The best band in the history of music. -Webster's Dictionary

Ian Mude
Ian, You have been a source of delight for over 36 years! I asked the Sainted Mick Abrahams at a recent gig why he left J.T..."Have you ever met Ian Anderson?" He murmured darkly..How very Rock and Roll, keep it up Sport.

Ian, How about a new Tull multi-disc compilation, 40 years of JT? And maybe a new studio recording of Aqualung ( A Sci-Fi version).

I've been a fan for 25 years. Without a doubt Ian Anderson is one of the greatest song writers of all time. Passion Play is one of best albums. Ian.. how about another 40 minute plus song. I'm looking foward to more Tull in the future.

vinoo peter sequeira
Iwas priveleged to the legendary Ian Anderson twice in my home city BANGALORE,Karnataka,India. Here's hoping he comes back again.Best Wishes Vinoo Sequeira.

I'm a huge fan of Tull music as well as Ian's solo work, especially, "The Secret Language of Birds" a superb musical treasure. Hope Ian and the band are planning many US concerts in 2007 in the New England area. Happy Holidays to all.

ronnie knotts
ian and the tull are...well... just... know... well...beyond

mark palmer
your mucis has been an inspiration to me!

John Tubb
A fan for 36 years.First saw Tull in 1972 on Thick as a Brick tour.Best concert ever.Best albums Passion Play,Roots to Branches.

Sammy Wells aka " The Blade "
Forty Four shows later and I still want more !It was 1971 in Richmond ,Virginia when I saw Tull for the very first time.It was humorous in a way,but I had no money to buy a ticket and considered selling blood to raise the money.Once I saw where you sell blood,I decided not to go that route. Working at that time as a shipping clerk with a warehouse company,I was approached by a sales person with a trucking company,obliged for my using them.The next thing I new,he brought me a pair of tickets for the show.The rest is history. If you're curious about "The Blade".... Well let's just say,if I tell you what it means ,I'll have to cut you.

Can remember vividly the first time I saw Tull in Oakland CA in 1974. WarChild was the tour,the stage show was almost unbelievable. A Passion Play was included and that just surprised me so much. The reason being the tour the year before got such bad reviews. Ever since I just loved that album. Never heard a note of it since in any of the 35 or so Tull concerts I've been to.I suppose through the years there have been many times I thought the next show might be the last.The best by far was during the Broadsword and Beast tour in Stockton CA. The Fox Theatre with only a couple of thousand folks.Hopefully in 2006 we will see you guys on the west coast of USA. There has never been another group with the songwriting and musical talent of Tull. Keep up the great work!!!

Arin Dogan
I've seen Ian on stage twice, here in turkey. one with the symphony(Ian Anderson plays the orchestral Jethro Tull)was mind blowing.

saw you in malmoe sweden november 26 2007. Been listening to your music since 1969. it was great to see that you´re still developing. wonderfull music. thank you and hope to see you again soon. Thomas

Chris Nolan
I've loved the band since 1970's Benefit. I grew up with this music. And have completely enjoyed seeing and hearing the evolution of their different musical endeavors. Lyrically, all the instruments, songwriting and production as always been first rate! They are the 2nd greatest band in the world after the Beatles in my mind.

Kathleen Law
Wow thanks for the great concert in Conn.I saw you a few years back in Baltimore Md. The one in Stamford was nearer to home and it wasn't rainning and I had a better date. Long time fan just came of affordable age to live concerts every once and a while. If you ever want to do outdoor summer fun concert Pleasantville NY just started doing music festable benifits. The third one is being planned it would be nice to hear you got to the Mount Pleasant Pleasentville area Of New York. We like good music.

I'm Italian's fun! I'am fortythree year old and I love Tull. When I dream with open eyes, often, I ear sound of Ian's flute. ciao

hey ,Ian I saw you in Montevideo Uruguay I,m your fan since 1969.thank you for the show and please retur soon

Strange observation I have had with Tull. I love baseball and it's technical analysis along with my love of Tull. I have aslo met many other baseball nuts that are really into Tull. Just a coincendence?Maybe it is the fact that Tull music is highly technical and open for analysis, as is baseball. Any thoughts?

I simply cannot consider my day complete without the music of Jethro Tull. And Ian and Martin's solo stuff as well. Too right ( but,Vote left), Sean Ian

mattie goodwin
wanting to know if jethro tull will come back to shreveport, louisiana in the upcoming years. 2007........?

Stephen J. Sage U.S.A.
Ian's a genius...


danny boy
Wonderful to catch ian and his orchestra at the Pageant Theatre last wednesday nite, he's truly a singer in these ageless times. This dog of the mid- winter, fed again!

Dave Morris
Lifelong fan since 1968. Bought every album and seen them every time they've been to Australia. Still amazing. Memorable moments - Thick as a Brick tour (fantastic set), and sitting front row centre for one of the gigs at Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide just a few years ago. Unforgettable. Wish they could get "Down Under" more often.

Carlos from Peru
A fan since 1976 regards Ian

Rommel Reyes
Bring them back to Mexico!!! That would be a great evening to spend with some classical Jethro Tull songs!

Brian in Huntsville AL
If Ian&co. never played another note after 1979 their reputation as one of the all-time greats would still be secured. One of the mysteries of life is why this group is so underrated. They made the most adventurous string of albums throughout the 70's, rivaled only by The Beatles in the 60's and yet they are ignored while The Stones, U2, Springsteen etc. are heaped with praise.

Peter S
Greetings from Sydney, Australia! Like many others, a fan of Jethro Tull. Only listened to one of your records last week, first time in 15 years. Still sounded great! What more can I say...

Thomas Green
Saw Tull at Kirby in Wilkes Barre , PA last night...Ian looks great and i think he is playing better then ever at almost 60...Im looking forward to seeing him when he is 70!

Tiffani King
September 2006 my son Alex was named 'Student of the Month' for 5th grade band. The only male student currently playing the flute at his school. On stage while receiving his certificate, the pricipal asked Alex if he knew of any famous flautists. Alex answered "no". The pricipal proceeded to offer up this challenge...If Alex could, by morning, tell him not only WHO Ian Anderson was, but WHAT he was famous for - he would award him an additional token. Alex proceeded to find out all sorts of Ian Anderson facts and the following morning "blew him away" (the principal) with all he had learned. Including, but not limited to his love of endagered cats, have two children, a marriage lasting over 26 years, mistakenly identified as the one-legged flute player (which he then lived up to), etc. The pricipal asked, "but have you ever heard him play?" Alex proceeded to pull out two albums (The Christmas album - song number 2 and Aqualung -song number 7) and played his two favorites. Now Alex is nightly practicing all the techniques Ian brought to rock music. Ian, you are an inspriation to young male flautists in the making. Thank you. *signed* Alex's Mom

big col
never falling over to tell myself there boring, and they really are an awful lot of fun? {keep going tull particulaly ian)! sorry about the spelling.

MW in Woodstock
To Tim the Complainer.... It's interesting that all those fans keep coming again and again if they're being ripped off.... Cheers to you Ian, and keep it up. We'll be there always, listening.....MW

ronnie pilgrim
Ian no one has influenced me more than you Not a day has gone by in the last 2 years since I discovered your music that I havn't found my self humming some little peice of a passion play or TAAB. Thank you.

to frank ! did you need him last saturday ?

A fan for almost forty years and fortunate to see Ian's Concert 1969-70 at Carnegie Hall and look forward to his concert in New Jersey Oct. 21, 2006. I just love to hear him play that Flute.

Thierry Vogt, France
I'm fan since 1973. For me, Jethro Tull is the band number one, all the musicians past and present are excellent. Of course Ian's voice is not as strong as 20 years ago, but HE'S STILL SINGING and only this matters, I hope he will go on as long as he's able to walk onto stage. Obviously, Ian is a genius composer who can be compared to the best classical composers.

Ken Leonhardt
I first saw you at the Fillmore, NY in 1971 and about 60 times since over the years. Will see you next week in Glenside, Pa. You've influenced my music listening for 38 years. I couldn't imagine what life would have been like without it. Your live performences are just unbelievable. Never seen a bad show. Hope you stick around for at least one year longer than me. Thanks.

Hans Stam
Anderson and Tull have inspired me as a human being in life and work. Top interview!

Eric Avezzano
A thoroughly good listen. I feel extremely fortunate that some thirty five years ago I happen to become enamored of early Jethro Tull music. Now, all these years later following all things Tull and of course Ian Anderson continues to provide a tapestry of thought provocking material both musical and otherwise. It was nice to hear Ian on a variety of subjects. He seems to be enjoying a balanced life. He continues to add pleasure to the lives of those of us who have found reasonance from his unique musical career.

Alan Taylor
Been a loyal fan of the great Ian Anderson and the band since '68,and still going strong. Has anyone ever considered giving Ian, at least an MBE, for his contribution to the Music world( over 60 million records sold!), for his 'unsung' charity work,not to mention his business interest and exports for GB.


mattie goodwin
wondering if jethro tull will ever come back to shreveport, lousiana in the upcoming years 2007......?

JT - just great !!! Tull becomes better and better form year to year. JT are the Masters of melodic-harmonic-rhythm-dramartugie, or in the words of `the bass` Jonathan Noyce: great compositions meets a dynamic band. I saw Tull the first time in 1986 and I hope to see them live for the following 20 years further on !!! If you haven`t seen them until now, just hurry up, they become every year greater, but not younger, so hurry up !!! A concert of JT gives you the life-power for more than one year. promised! I think as well, that JT needs to bring out more Concert-DVDs for folowing generations....

Tim Ho->
Ian's the best. I can't imagine life without the sounds of Tull. Thanks, Ian!

mike roy
i might not have been around when they first started (born in 1989) but ive got alot of your music and it rocks. hope it lasts another 40 years and on. thanks for the music. past and present

Lynne Clarke
Hi Ian, just listening to your Greatest Hits, feel 18 again, love you, thank you, Lynne

Juda Lee
I would like to hear you play the Whistler. I like that song a lot. I have been a fan for many years and just want to thank you for your talents and music.

Sakari in Finland
Jethro Tull is best

ray dixon
when are you comeing to new zealand

Where the hell is Biggles

Ian's singing is embarrassingly BAD! You cant even hear him. There is NO voice. He's ripping off his fans. Does his arrogance have no limits?!

Matt D
First saw Tull in 77 in Boston, Ma. during the Heavy Horses tour. You truly have a difinitive sound like no other. Last time I was able to catch was in 96 w/ ELP. Thanks Ian so much for the creative music, over the last 35 yrs. One of my fav"s is Summerday Sands.

Charles Fall
Discovered Tull in 68 with This Was at school. Saw them with 600000 others at IOW in 70. Fan ever since. But it's not just the music. It's the way Ian changes the style, how it evolves and the thoughts and feelings that the words put across as time passes. A musical genius who can make hardened rockers weep.

Rob - Oklahoma City
Hey Ian, how bout that thunderstorm that cancelled things in OKC in 2005. Martin seemed quite "concerned" during the antecedent weather watch!! Anyway, just wanted to say that the night before in Tulsa was my all time favorite since 1970!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Qualley--Irwin PA
Ian--I have tix for your Oct 20th show in Greensburg PA. Your band was the first I saw at 16. I burned a more acoustic collection of the bands songs and came up with what I feel is a great compliation title when you do your 40th box set: How about "Jethro Tull-Wonderling Aloud"? If you're signing autographs I'll put it in your hand.

George Myers
I grew up sort of listening to "Stand Up" and what followed out on Long Island near Stony Brook. I was happy to get a ticket to the concert in Buffalo, NY when I was in school there in a performing arts college, part of a subset of the University. I loved the ballerina film at the beginning, whom I had received the ticket! To get on point in your twenties is also a struggle. That was along time ago though 1974, and Mahavishnu had played with the Philharmonic with Michael Tilson Thomas (grandson of the "Father of Yiddish Theater" in the Bowery, in NYC, Thomasyevsky) to show rock music's influence from classical music, which was interesting, though recorded with the London Phil. Thanks for chance to say hello BBC. Hello Ian!

Frank Fumosa
Will Barrie Barlow ever head the drummers throne again. Not the that new guy (21 years)is a slouch but Barrie interweaved the drums and percussion into the fabric of Ian's songs rather than only keeping time. New material longs to have Barrie's artful touch and input. Where's Barrie? miss him, miss him !!!

Rick Horton
Ian and Jethro Tull are timeless. I heard a few songs live in NYC at Carnegie Hall thanks to a very nice security guard (the show was of course sold out)I have been a fan for over 30 yrs. Ian's playing is the reason I bought and started playing the flute in the early '70's...ahh, so long ago. what fun. I applaud the band !!!

Stephen M. Anderson
Hey Ian, Always loved your music, I gave my youngest son your name. Something of a groupee I guess. I do know the inference. I loved your sound, and mix of vocal. Was there ever a real intent to wake up the world to any particular truth? Just curious, sencerely, Matt.

There is little doubt but that IA is a musical genius. Time will prove his greatness. Will he visit Ireland again soon, Dublin, Galway and Belfast ?

Charles Sorice
Why is it that "Jethro Tull" are not in The Rock&Roll Hall of Fame?

Christine Ramirez
I have been to 3 concerts in my life, and two of them have been Tull! My mom took me to my first one when I was a kid and not too long ago I won tickets to see them at the Kodak Theater in LA and was able to return the favor to my mom. It was great! I grew up with the music and it is wonderful! This weekend I am going to see Ian Baby (that's what my mom calls him. lol) at Royce Hall. Orchestral Tull is something I am really looking forward to! I can't wait! My mom is not going to be able to make this show with me though. She just had surgery and won't be able to make it. Ian, if you read this, I hope you know that you, your music and Tull really touch people. Any time we hear anything about Jethro Tull, my sisters and I smile and run to the phone to call our mom. My mom is your biggest fan and I follow in her footsteps (about you at least)!

Ethan Usher
Me again. Does anyone else notice a lot more similarities between Martin Barre and Zakk Wylde than there should be? They use the same strings and scale and I can really see some of Martin in Zakks playing. Which is not a bad thing. Anyway, Martin is the greatest guitar player i've ever heard.

Donna Addis
Thank you Ian, for another wonderful evening of music..I was at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia last Monday, July 24, 2006...I wil be seeing you soon..October 3, 2006 in Philadelphia, and in Wilkes- Barre, PA at the Kirby Center on October 11, 2006...I can never get enough!!! Almost 40 years of pleasure..just like the first time!!!

Jai Lambert
I saw Tull for the first time when I was 11 on the "Thick as a Brick" tour in Little Rock, AR. Gentle Giant opened the show. I will never forget the band playing the entire album for about 45 minutes straight and Ian saying when it was done, "and for our next song!" Loved them ever since!

Caroline Ryan
Please please come to our beautiful city of Galway in the west of Ireland.A Tull concert is BADLY needed here.We love you guys.

Len Szilardy
"Life's a long song",which is true, but the Minstrels in my gallery will always remain Jethro Tull. A very long life to you all!

hoi why is ian anderson not sire ian anderson after are this years of good music and flute player and many for writing music mvg alidor


Chris Berglund
Hearing J.T. music has brought joy, inspiration, and brilliance to my life--yes, since '69. I was at the Civic Opera House in Chicago recently, one of the many times I have been to your concerts, and you're better than ever - love the CD and glad you are still giving. I still remember Ian and Jenny on the cover of People Magazine. How did you know that I would be forever grateful that many of your albums came with the words? Nothing better that singing along! Keep going, I'll be tagging along!

Excellent interview...thank you Ian for a very memorable concert/tour in Sydney 2005.Would like to hear from other Tull band members

richard , leeds uk
saw the band in Manchester in 69. Have seen every u/k tour since then. As good now as they were back then.The best keep going

navin francis
''The greatest band of all time''was the first comment i heard from a after their concert in bombay earlier this year from a bystander. My girlfriend rightly approved eventhough she wasn't a religious fan prior to the concert. Now she is.

Graham Streek (Tull fan)
Ian Anderson is always fascinating to listen to. No matter what subject, he can speak fluently and incitefully. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I also was blown away by the aqualung live show in Perth earlier this year.

Richard Murphy
Committed tullhead since '68. Thank you Ian and the boys for being the soundtrack of my life so far. Your longevity is no accident. Mozart wasn't appreciated by his era either! But we have been the lucky ones, to be witness to genius.

brad svare
I've allways been a huge fan of Ian Andersen. He's an incredibly interesting and genuinely nice person as well of course as being an awesome musicion. I do hope and pray that he will someday realize who Jesus Christ really is. That would make his life a truely profoundly complete life.

Kip Meinhardt
Ian, Martin and all band members past and present, have truly given fans memories beyond the ordinary. Throughout the years thanks for always being a breath of fresh air in a weary world. To completely describe the music of Jethro Tull it would be necessary to drain the dictionary of superlatives.

Terrorism and global warming are indeed the world's biggest problems. Each of us can do something about it: respect the people and the world arround you! And enjoy Tull music!!

Is there no refuge for wild men?

Hi, I`m from Slovakia, Bratislava. For the first time I heard Jethro Tull in 1971 and it was stuning. I was 13 and... in 2006 my daughters {16, 19} ask me when will old Jethro come again in Bratislava. It`s wonderfull!

Curt I'm in WNY myself. Small world eh?

LOL an erectile little finger. I've seen Tull 16 times in the last 13 years. Favorite band of all time. Travesty they're banned from the R&R Hall of Fame.

I saw Ian Anderson the first time in Ankara:I realy like him.But he/they do not frequently come to Turkey.I am sure that there is much more people Who want to see J.T or Ian A.

Zekiye Bayraktar
Hi !I'm from Turkey..I hope to listen you again Ian..Kisses and loves...

Rene Aujesky
Well, Jethro Tull is excellent music band. I very love Ian´s music. I´m from Czech republic.

I saw Jethro Tull the first time at the Shaffer Music Festival in Central Park N.Y.C. in 1969. Left a long lasting impression. Going to see Ian at the NorthFork theater at Westbury. Should be unbelievable!

Tull will always be my favorite band. My first tour was the Passion Play tour and many more afterwards. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Ian, Martin, Andy, Jon, and Doane. Long Live Jethro Tull

Chris Yancik
I had the wonderful occasion to meet Mr. Anderson, whom I consider to be one of the greatest living musicians, after one of his Rubbing Elbows performances. He was just so friendly and down-to-earth and signed my Complete Lyrics book on the page of my favorite Tull tune - Moths. I won't get over it any lifetime soon.

Listening to Tull since the early 70s (age 10) and today bought tickets for an Ian Anderson concert for me and my 16 year old who is a Tull fan. Never too old to rock and roll . . ..

Hey jethro, sorry about my english, but I like to see you again in Brasil, São Paulo. I wait...

John Thompson
I began going to Jethro tull concerts during the stormwatch tour about 1980 and have seen 40 of there concerts since. I loved every minite of it,Thanks for the memories. "Hey Aqualung"

Can you PLEASE convey to Ian Anderson and 'Tull' band that I still get Deja-Vu Goose bumps playing Jethro Tull albums ! Bloody Fantastic ! Cheers, Geoff (muso)

Since High school in CA. have listened to Tull as my all time favorite rock band.Have seen Tull aprox 34 times all over the US.Am now living in Northern Nevada and it's been awhile since the last show.The fishing is good.

James deCaussin
In search of your lyrics on this web page, I'm left disapointed & heart broken. I wonder if perchance this undesirable predicment might be remedied please?

Ian Anderson
Hey Jethro Tull, My name is Ian Anderson too. I am 13 and live in Southlake, Texas which is near Dallas. i'm new to your music but from what i've heard so far you guys are the greates hippie band ever! I would really appreciate it if you could get some stuff on i-tunes. Thanks, Ian Anderson

Brian in San Diego
The day Tull appears in San Diego, I get in such a great mood. Seen them 39 times up and down the coast beginning with Aqualung. Looking forward to Orchestral Tull in August. I am bringing my 13 year old twins who love Tull as well. Thanks Ian, Martin and the rest.

Patrick Halet
Je suis Francais de Strasbourg, j'ai eu le plaisir de voir Jethro tull 80 fois depuis 1972, la dernière fois le 11 mars à Londres. J'espère les voir encore souvent et j'aimerai les faires plus connaitre en France, malheureusement ils ne viennent pas très souvent jouer chez nous

Andrew Wilson
Thanks, Matt. Every Oxford visit & others too. Ian & Tull stand the test of time. Next time we want to join you on stage! Problem with signed stuff, can't wear it!

I first saw Jethro Tull at Milersville State College in Pennsylvania in the 70's. I was amazed then and continue to be amazed and moved by the music. Thank you Ian and gang.

Peter Szewzek ,Spring Lake,NJ. USA
Been a big big fan of Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull since I was a wee lad back in 1969 at the Fillmore East.Great interview Ian!

Francesc Ballesté
I'm Barcelona. It will be my third JT concert in this city on may 11th. The last I had suffer for Ian; There was somebody with bad behaviour and smoking. I thought than never back again. Fortunately, all of us aren't the same.

john shemitz
how bout a duet on flutes with you and martin?

john Deinowski
I have seen Tull 33 times plus the Divinities show. At least Tull gives one something to look forward to. I am 56 years old and cannot wait to see them again. what we want is to see & possibly purchase some of the old shows. We here in St. Louis do not care if it is grainy. we are dying to see the old Aqualung show, Brick, Passion Play etc. you have provided me with 40 years of something to look forward to. no show can even come close to a Tull show. Thank you Ian.

R J Smith
My absolute favorite band and artist.Thank you Ian for your insightful,artictulate,and celebral efforts of nearly 40 years of uncomparable music. cheerio, Ohio,USA Ohio,

Gilles Cormier Eastern Coast
Merci,Ian pour la belle musique.Tull music makes life a little more interesting and worthwhile.

I gerw up on a steady dite of jethro tull,and till this day I can't engouf of it. Come do Radio City.

David D.
Been there since Benefit. Boise beckons return engagement. The panthers prowl the foothills. Where is Tull??

John Hoober
Ian, Martin, and co., you mates, are great, to say the least. PLEASE, play somewhere close to Cincinnati Ohio. I live in Northern Ky., and haven't bee able to see you boys since Riverbend. Also, Happy belated, or early B-Day Ian, Aug. 10th each yr., I play nothing but Tull. Drives my wife crazy.

Have been a fan of Tull since This Was when I was still in school in South Africa. Moved to England in 1981 and finally got to see them live during the Beastie tour. Have seen them several times since (including the 25th Anniversary tour). Now live in Adelaide, South Australia and saw them last year in concert. Still one of the top live shows ever. Still turning out good albums on a fairly regular basis as well. More power to them long may they continue.


After 30 years of Tull. Saw them at Carnegie Hall NYC in October. What can you say you just don't get tired of it. Truly the best.

matt wilson
Forgot to say .Managed to get a shirt signed for my brother by ian and martin.He too had cancer but thankfully was in the front row with me 2 years later. I was the nutter with the ballon in Oxford.

Did Tull along with Shawn Phillips, Dixie Dregs, Genesis, Joni Mitchell, Chicago, Kansas and Elton John, Have a hand helping Barrage, The world on stage? You see your self in a coffee cup. Shawn Phillips. What Kathy knows in a Cup of Wonder, Tull.

Tony Tsendeas
I've loved Tull for nearly 30 years now. Truly one of the mostg underrated of roack (yes, as ecclectic as it is) band. Here's to Ian, Martin and the Boys...thanks you...cheerio... PS come back to the States soon. (Don't worry Bush is going away)

Brian Bishop USA
Heard locomotive breath in 1980 at age fourteen picked up the flute bought every record on vinyl then cassette and now cd...even bought 8 tracks at the discount bin back in school days...I would do it all again I love Jethro Tull

Horatio Hornblower
Ian flies like a kite, blowing in whatever direction the wind blows.

So glad Tull is still around - saw my 45th show in Washington last October! Manassas Virginia USA

Hooked since 1972,The Spectrum Thick as a Brick Tour.Always looking for tours in Phila.area

John:Phila. Pa.
My 1st concert 1972(THICK AS A BRICK; THE SPCTRUM).Hooked ever since. E

As an Iranian, I am glad I came to know him and his great band and I am honored to be at his concerts twice and I think he is just great!

Excellent interview. Thank you for making available to a wider audience. Hope the wedding goes well.

Mike : St. Louis MO.
Ian Anderson is a musical perfectionist. I am 14 and ispired by Ian to play flute. My Dad & I have every Tull CD, and Ian & Martins solo records. We met the band during the 05 USA tour in Tunica Mississippi. We also saw the band in Kansas City. Please come back and tour the USA so we can catch a couple more shows. Rock on Jethro Tull !!

Hi All. You are great. More better music...on the earth it isnt. Godness... from Slovakia

CR Woolley
Thank you for once again beaming a bit of class and civility to the cultural wasteland that is 21rst century America.

the best band ever......been listening since i was 14 and now 47..still listening. tulls music has been with me through thick and thin...and yes....thee most under-rated band ever!

Judi Williams
I very much enjoyed the Ian Anderson interview which i accessed from a link of his website. I had also made my poor husband get up in the middle of the night to record the interview you did with Justin Hayward last October. I was so surprised to click on this interview and recognize the dj's voice and realize that Ian lives in Wiltshire and was doing an interview from the same radio station. Small world! JW

mario aljandro
que bueno seria que las notas sean traducidas al español.gracias

Ian Kelly
Enjoyed the interview. Ian is THE man and Tull are THE band!!!! We are VERY fortunate to have them both around! Long Live Jethro Tull!!!! - fan since '70.

Juan Hernandez
I'm from Mexico and got to see JT when they came to El Paso TX, USA, which is across the border. I can safely say that after experiencing that concert, I could die a happy man. By the way, I learned English by translating his lyrics into Spanish.

Cross-Eyed Mary
Some classics will never die - Tull is a perfect example. :)

Steve Dancey
Have spend many days listening to all the albums - great interview which covered a lot of ground. When will we see a JT concert here in Wiltshire?

Wayne Bowkett
JT are brilliant, IA is a musical genius, 1st saw them in London in 77 and for the 8th time in Oxford last Sunday - fantastic!!!

Richard Stellar
If Billy Bob Thornton as the Slingblade guy met Ian Anderson he'd probably say "I like the way you talk". Ian is so well spoken - like a sober Vivan Stanshall. Viv is gone but Ian is still here. Good to know that he'll be around. His solo stuff is so good - wow, three iPods. Sweet.

sean ouchas
my all time fav musician he is a lyrical master ian and the rest of tull(past and present)have intertained my world since discovered them in 1987 since then i own all their records and cd's hey ian give us another studio tull cd please

Arguably the greatest musician of the modern era period.he writes,sings,plays multiple instumennts,great on stage ,mixes in the studio...need i say more

Cheers and blessings to you and yours for donating to charities for homeless the Artist and Publishing royalties from the Jethro Tull Aqualung Live 2005 CD. -Erik. USA, TX

matt wilson
saw them tonight in Oxford .Brilliant.

Re. not in top 100 lists....Aqualung is very high inthe Classic Rock Mag all-time best British rock albums. Lengthy chat too.

Saw them a few days ago... brilliant!

Danny Sullivan
My brother Dave was a life long Tull fan and Nov 28, 2005, Dave got to meet Ian backstage at a concert in Boca Raton, Florida. Alas, it was Dave's last concert for he passed away from cancer 2 months later. I want to thank Ian and everyone at Tull Management for making Dave's dream come true of meeting his musical idol.

Patricia Valle de Lacerda
I'm waiting for a Tull Tour in Brazil! This band is underated for the simple reason that media ratings are based on quantity not quality! We are very good listeners worshipping an extremely competent band.

Bill Goldsmith
Ian Anderson and Stuart Adamson, two Scotsman who rightfully can claim the title of Musical Genius !

John Evan
Have you ever come to find that Jethro Tull maybe one of thee most under-rated bands in all of rock history. Ian Anderson must be one of thee most intellectual and interesting men to ever work in the music business.

Ray Waters
Ian is a brilliant musician my wife and I have been fans since 1969, we have seen him live several times, go and see the Aqualung tour(Brilliant)

Last saw JT 32 years ago but took my 19 yr old son to see them in Bristol last night. Brilliant and my son is completely hooked!

Gerhart Wiesend
Glad to see that there is another JT fan from 1967, Daphne. JT is not a band for the masses, but JT have found their place in the hall of fame of serious music. I am always suprised how many teenies are present at JT concerts, the grandchildren of early JT fans like me. Ian, carry on the good work, you are a genius of transcendental rock. G.W. Munich

Ethan Usher
Ian is god. He inspired me to take up the flute and buy almost every Tull album. Beleive it or not im only 15 but I worship this man. It is excellent to hear from Ian, keep on rockin'

all those 100 best bands list, and you never see tull...crazy.

what do you think about some of your peers? for example gregg allman, neil peart , jimmy page? have you ever met them? thank you!

Mike Reed
While bands like the Stones, U2 (among others) are overated, Tull wins the award for most underated. I guess they don't have enough dysfunctional members to get any credit.


Jack Eaton
thanks for the interview. Fan since 1974. Ian is an incredible genius. Thank you.

Happy to be able to hear Mr. Anderson in Wiltshire! I wouldn't know about the existence of that exact place without his interview. :) а humble 20 year old girl from Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

Dallas Tullie
Why Ian Anderson is not more popular than Bono is beyond me....

Philip Haselden
A life long fan since the early days from the roundhouse to the last gig at the civic hall Guildford. One of the best live acts from a great band that never dissapoints.Found out to late for UK tour so for ticket holders, sit back and enjoy. Good luck Ian.

Jeff Thomson
I sure this has been said at least twice but that you Ian for the music and wonderful performences. I consider you my main influence as an acoustic guitarist. Now mid you that could explain my level of nave recognition after 30 years but....Thanks!

daphne stanford
Superb interview with Ian Anderson. I could listen to him all day! (Long term fan since 1967!)

Curt Nighswander
Very nice interview with Ian Anderson--fan from United States..Western NY

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