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29 October 2014

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You are in: Wiltshire > Places > Avebury > The Ghostly Fair

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The Ghostly Fair

There hasn't been a fair at Avebury for over 50 years... only the ghostly fair...

Edith Olivier, the Wiltshire writer who spent much of her life in the county, wrote about a particularly evocative experience that she witnessed for herself while travelling through Avebury.

In the early part of the twentieth century, Miss Olivier was driving through the stone circle when she became aware of a fair being held amongst the stones.

She later discovered that there hadn't been a fair of this kind in Avebury for over fifty years.

What exactly had Miss Olivier seen?

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created: 28/10/2005

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Just a message to Jeanette Montgomery-Did you ever get the information you required about Grittleton house ?

cameron bell pupil of grittleton house
i think the house is haunted ive heard noises and might of seen a light move on its own in the music room.

Paul Punter
Jeanette,i live in Grittleton & know the house very well !.if u want more info email Grittleton House School & ask MATTHEW about the ghost.Hes a freind & lives there.Good luck

cherie james
something that was there years ago

ian parker
avbury is a cross roads or intersection of about 12 leylines or dragon lines this can have many effects on people and the place. i have video footage of an aparition from avebury on my site i cant post my url here but if you search for swindon paranormal you should find it quite quickly if you would like more info contact me

It was the well known metaphysical event known as a 'Phase Shift' in the temperal time continium cortex'. Often experienced during episodes of Science fiction true life stories and particulaly prevalent when the Borg make an appearence.

I stayed at a camp site in Avebury in June 94 my friend and i were told the day previously whilst staying in Glastonbury that the followong day was Witches day well so many magickal things hapened in Avebury the next day and evening, the wildest thing ever was, my friend and i were sitting outside the Red Lion Pub in the evening when all of a sudden all these brightly dressed people came passed us one was a young girl on horseback and there were teo others carrying an old fashioned milk carrier on their shoulders, then more came passed they looked almost like carnival people, they didnt seem to see any of us. my friend and i are still stunned by what we saw and wonder if any one else would know more about it.

X men
Iy could be a mirage like what cats and people see on a hoy day!!! Or she could have taken drugs and was hallucinating!!!!

i think its the ghost of a time that was special and happy enough to leave a permanent impression.

big H

i visited avebury some years ago and had a good feeling whilst i was there, moreso than stone henge, so i am not surprised that edith oliver witnessed a fair amongst the stones, which was held more than fifty years ago!!

Emily- what form did it take, exactly?

i stayed at grittleton house in 1981 at the same week that charles and di wed,the life was frightend out of me and 50 oter kids as a rumer swept through the house of her apearance.never quite forgot it.

a disturbance in the space time continuum.

Jeanette Montgomery
Can anyone give me information about the Grittleton 'grey lady' ghost that haunts Grittleton School House?

Emily Davies
Hi Jeanette, I stayed at Grittleton about twelve years ago on a school trip. There was something that kept us awake at night - the staff there said it was the Grey Lady, although it didn't exactly take that form.

You are in: Wiltshire > Places > Avebury > The Ghostly Fair

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