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29 October 2014

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Keira Knightley filming at Wilton House
Keira Knightley filming at Wilton House

Pride and Prejudice at Wilton House

With the Hollywood Pride & Prejudice, opening Friday, Wilton House invites you to Darcy's Pemberley.

Wilton House, as seen in The Madness of King George, Sense & Sensibility and Mrs Brown, is again appearing on the big screen this time in a much anticipated new film version of Jane Austen's chick-lit classic Pride and Prejudice.

Matthew Macfadyen in the Double Cube Room
Matthew Macfadyen in the Cube Room

Opening in Wiltshire, on Friday, the Hollywood version of Pride and Prejudice is headed up by an all-star cast including one of Britain's hottest young acting talents Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean, Love Actually).  Keira, playing Austen's favourite heroine Elizabeth Bennett, is matched up with Matthew Macfadyen (Spooks) who plays the bosom-heaving Mr. Darcy.

But A-listers aside, the Hollywood rom-dram is also guest starring Salisbury's very own Wilton House.

Wilton House, the 460-year-old ancestral home of the Earl of Pembroke, was selected for the part of Pemberley, Darcy's large, handsome, estate in Derby.  Pemberley, a key location in the story, is not only responsible for tipping Elizabeth Bennett in favour of Darcy but was the backdrop of the infamous wet shirt scene in the BBC's 1995 version of the regency romance.

Filming at Wilton House

For two days, back in August 2004, Wilton House was taken over by cast and crew for filming.  The estate's suitably grand setting was not only used for the backdrop of Darcy's Library (where Darcy pays off Wickham) but his Drawing Room as well.

Now with the stars gone, and the film due to be released on Friday, Wilton House is again taking on the role of Pemberley and inviting guests to literally step into the setting of the film and to take a peak behind the scenes.

From Friday 15th September, 2005, an exhibition of behind-the-scenes shots, comments and production notes, from members of the cast and directing crew, will be on display in the Double Cube Room at Wilton House. 

Keira Knightley at Wilton
Keira Knightley at Wilton

Plus two of the costumes, worn by Matthew Macfadyen and Keira Knightly, in scenes filmed at Wilton House will also be on show.

So if you've ever wanted to promenade through the grand drawing room of Darcy's ancestral pile or compare dress sizes with Elizabeth Bennett than head to Wilton House...

The exhibition, which opens on Friday, will be on display until October 31st.  Wilton House is open to the public every week from Sunday to Friday 10:30 to 5:30.  Entrance to the House and Grounds: Adult £9.75, Over 60’s £8.00, Children (5-15) £5.50, Family ticket £24.00.  For more information call the Tourism Office at Wilton House on 01722 746720.

Click the link in the right hand column to listen to an interview with Wilton House's Ros Liddington about the filming of Pride and Prejudice.

last updated: 15/09/05
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can anyone tell me the location for Darcy's Estate in England. We are visiting this summer and I would love to visit the locations of the filming, but especially Mr. Darcy's house with the marble statues.....thanks!

gwyn penny
I watched this christmas the bbc version of p&p. Sorry Colin is NOT a patch on Matthew macfadyen .The film is so much better not only does it make you fel for the character of Darcy but its so much more believable. Sothe film version for me 100%. Thank you Matthew Macfadyen

Macfadyen has fully and respectfully replaced Colin Firth! Mcfadyen made my knees weak in every scene and Firth only did it once. Kudo to Matthew and congrats!

pride and prejudice es una gran pelicula, que deja un my buen sabor de boca.El papel que hace Matthew Macfadyen es estupendo, y Keira knightley sorprende, mejoranda que en Piratas del Caribe.

The 2005 version is the one I like the best. I liked how Matthew played Darcy as shyness disguised as arrogance. He had a great range of emotion. Same for Keira. During the first proposal scene I saw Keira literally change before my eyes as she went from angry to confused to back to her quizzical self. Outstanding. I also loved how the music was less flowery and more simple. This is the version I will keep.

I never thought to fall in love with such a great production! It makes feel we would like to live in the XVIII century to live such a romance!

Garvie-Rintoul made a great pair. Ehle-Firth made a great pair. They had different takes on the relationship, and the Garvie Lizzy would never match with the Firth Darcy, and the Ehle Lizzy would probably annoy the Rintoul Darcy, but each *pair* works well together. The same can't be said of Macfayden and Knightley; Knightley's Elizabeth is a little shrewish, which would be fine except Macfayden's Darcy looks sad--a kicked-puppy look--and thus doesn't match that Lizzy at all.

I disapprove of the statement: "Stupid Blonde" as portrayed by 'Emma'. How DARE YOU be so PREJUDICE against Blondes. You CANNOT judge someone's intellect based on the colour of their hair!!!!

This movie is Wonderful on all levels. I never liked a film so much. All the actors did such an Amazing job and they all should be commended as well as the director. They caught the splendor of the emotions of falling in love so perfectly! If anyone has ever loved a person so passionately then they will understand this movie to it's fullest. I loved it most ardently! Enjoy!

It is a great story and Keira and Colin Firth make a perfect couple!!!

beth (australia)
they play the parts so wonderfully! keria is so lizzie, she magically puts the lizzie we know into her own world. matthew is so MR DARCY. he looks pompus but so cute in that you are so melted away by his words, and watching his mouth move it sends you back in that time. men and women should be the same way, be interested but act not interedted, it makes it so much more injoyable that way..

it is wonderful how love is portrayed. is it really this way, strong, vibrant and at the same time with an aura of peace and self fulfillment. i wish it were true, that someone of such stature would fight for his love, without any prejudice, and not allow any other to come in his way. if love such as this could be so... more people would sincerely be happy with their true loves. the actors brought out the real truth of the meaning of love and the true fight for love. splendid work by all.

Lizzie (South Africa)
Just to add to the comments I must say that I really enjoyed this version of The Pride and Prejudice, Keira Knightly and Matthew Fayden really pulled it off very well. They can be my Lizzie and Darcy anytime

are you all crazy,,i have never seen nor will i see someone as handsome as matthew suit this character more,,he was excellent,,i dare say,,except a certain someone in Turkey

i love matthew....he is so gorgeous!!! the way he talks oh my so sexy dangerously sexy!

OmG!!! matthew is such a hunk and keira sutied the folm really well! and loads of great actors too! i love this movie soooo much! oh bye!


Why cant men now days all dress like mr darcy... he's so attractive

I'm writing from Canada, and am looking forward to seeing the new Macfayden-Knightly version. I have seen the Rintoul-Garvie version many times (which I think must be impossible to beat) and the other versions available here as well, but it seems that the David Rintoul, Elizabeth Garvie version isn't even on the radar on this continent, i.e., it's not in lists of screen versions of P & P. The video is available to rent in a few places, but it hasn't achieved the popularity I think it should.

the movie was as good as the novel great thanks to the directer

Hi! This movie is the best movie I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought that a movie would ever let so a big expression at me. I love the actors.All of them are soooooooooo amazing. Don't you think so, too? Bye bye! Your Dine :)

this is the best film i´ve ever seen.i love it.i love keira and i love matthew and jane austen of course.

i rather love the way matthew Macfadyen plays Mr Darcy. He has a air about him which u just love. And he is hot.Pity todays men cant dress and act like him all the time.

Kiera 2

Kiera fan

Ahh, I just finished watching this movie for the 2nd time in a row, It is beyond perfect. Matthew Macfadyen was amazing and by the end of the movie I fell in love with Mr. Darcy ... If only there were one of him for everyone...

hello im 16 years old and i have only just watched the movie on sunday and i absoloutley loved it. Matthew MacFayden is lush looking! i went out and bought the book to. this is my favourite movie. i wtch it loads:D thank-you :D!vanessa


a person from universe...
OMG, I TOTALLY in love with this movie....can't stop thinking about it...matthew MacFadyen is SOO handsome in pride and Prejudice...I have fall in love...I also wish that I have an opportunity to find a guy who REALLY love me like Mr. Darcy.

This is my favorite movie of all times... I love it I fall in love with Mr. Darcy... and I wanna be Elizabeth Bennet... This movie it's just perfect...

I am totally Darcified- Matthew MacFayden is the best Hope they make part 2 Movie was too short Sorry Firth Macfayden wins this one

This is such a good movie and I am such a cynic and critic when it comes to films especially movie adaptations of books. I rented this movie and was blown away, watching it 3 times before returning it. I bought the DVD (hardly ever buy movies)and have lost count of the number of times I have watched it. This movie is like a great painting. It leaves you wanting more... never getting enough of it. There are so many layers--fantastic scenery and settings, the music is wonderful in itself, the costumes. The dialogue is very fast, leaving mainly impressions when you 1st see it, but this only makes you want to see it again and again. Keira K.'s portrayal surprised me as I had been skeptical but she is very good as Lizzy (if a little modern) But Mathew Macfadyen's Mr. Darcy is the icing on the cake. If every woman didn't fall in love with Mr. Darcy she hasn't blood in her veins. He could not have been better. Not the most handsome but far and away the most amazingly seductive Darcy imaginable and in period costume incredibly enticing. For a man of few words, he says it all. Don't compare this movie to the wonderful book. If you do you'll miss out on a wonderful movie!

'j'aime 2 choses,toi et la rose larose pour 1 jour et toi pour toujours' this is the way I feel since I've seen pride and prejudice which made me fall so into mr.darcy love ya!

Thank you for the insight into romance and love as portrayed in this new Pride and Prejudice. It is pure refreshment for the youth of today to see that sexual tension need not be portrayed graphically and that the joy of relationships can develop without culminating in prematital sex nor in huge expensive marriage scenes. Pure refreshment and worthy recreation.

this is the best movie i've ever seen,the best of this movie is mr.darcy.(soory about my english)

Macfayden World Wide
need more Macfayeden World Wide, and need more of Jane Austin books to be put in the big screens, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, have read it about 15 times, bought the DVD and watched 2 times already, it's a pitty that the movie is so short

i think jane should have made another 1 cuz im mad bout the film i absouloutly love mr darcy and lizzie they are a good couple for the film!!!! i really want a second pride n prejudice. i want to find out more!!!!!!!! I LOVE MR DARCY hes so fit

Need more of Macfayden in the U.S.
I was disappointed with the compressed version, and even more sickened by the portrayal of the Bennett family. With such big names as, Sutherland, Knightly, was a robbery. Macfayden is not quite exposed in the U.S., but, with this movie, I am sure he has a huge fan base that is now established here. Need more of Macfayden in the U.S........


I think now every girl is looking for her Mr. Darcy "Matthew Macfadyen".. he is so cute and played the role verymm he just the right person 4 it!! well which takes my attention through this amazing movie..

Pride and Prejudice.. was.. the best movie everrr! i watched i twice in a row and i'm going to buy it too lol matthew macfadyen played that part well, as well as keira knightley playing Miss Elizabeth Bennet! such an awesome movie (btw, matthew looked really cute in this movie. haha)

o my gosh. at first i thought the movie would be boring, but it turned out to be fabulous. Matthew Macfadyen is perfect for the role of mr. darcy. i read the book too, and he played his part very well.

it is the better than any of them

The BBC Version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle is the best ever. The new movie is nothing like it and never will be!

Tonya , Nevada USA
I go the the movies almost everyday to make sure I don't miss any of them. Yes, I have walked out of more movies within the first 30 minutes than can be counted, for some are so non-intertaining, cude, and so forth. I also own more VHS & DVD movies than most people. Pride & Prejudice with Matthew Macfadyen has got to be one of the best movies I have seen. I bought the DVD and can't help but to watch it over and over. His "voice" and "eyes" say it all. I have my two adult daughters & teenage daughter and all their friends all watching the DVD and now very eager to read the book again. How can anyone not fall in love with this movie/story after seeing Macfadyen in it. His acting is some of the best I have seen in years. I hope to see more of it in the USA!!

This is Monica and I am deaf. I love the movie is great for Macfadyen. he is very good actor and handsome. I love him... from Panama

I love this movie. Macfadyen is the best Darcy ever. He is sooo damn hot. I fell insitly in love with him.

i have read the book when I went to see the movie, and I must say that i think it was great. MacFadyen´´s Mr Darcy is very vulnerable and sensitive, perfect, and, i have to say, very handsome, sexy, amazing. Knightley suits for elizabeth rol, she´s very beautiful and a great actress, she can transfer a lot of feelings with only a deep look on darcy´s eyes. i saw the film three times, and i still think is great. there´s no need of compare with bbc serie, also great.

Syrene Tarancledd
Damn good movie. I throughly enjoyed it, though not as much as the BBC version. It was too fast. It felt as though the whole story happened in the space of a few days, which it didn't. Bravo's to both Matthew Macfadyen and Keira Knightley for an execelent job done. the casting was execelent, that is, except for Colonel Fitzwilliam, they could have done a little bit better there. Mr. Collins, however, was a little bit more 'human' in this version, and I couldn't help but feel more than a little bit sorry for Miss de Bourg. Jane was bright and refreshing with her wide eyes and her small smile. The portrate of innocence and very much like I imagined in the book. The surprise of the movie was that Rupert Friend, who plays Mr. Wickham, looked startlingly like the infamous Orlando Bloom. Bingley was jovial and bouncy and his sister was opposingly solem and mean. The part which I believe every woman loved is the scene of Darcy's final proposal. The scenery was refreshing and the way Darcy seemed to have brought the morning light with him was delightful. All in all a movie worth seeing again and again. SG

austen fan in usa
I am a Jane Austen fan and my very favorite one of her books is "Pride and Prejudice." I have the DVDs of all three versions that have been mentioned here (Rintoul-Garvey, Firth-Ehle, and the Macfadyen-Knightely movie). In the first BBC's series I just love David Rintoul's Darcy and E. Garvey's Elizabeth -- I feel that they are the most true to Jane's story. But ... I also love Colin Firth's Darcy in the 1995 series -- because I think he did such a great job of showing the "thawing" of Darcy's frosty self into a warm, caring one. Ehle's Elizabeth did not impress me as much as Garvey's, though ... Garvey's eyes and face are so vivacious and could speak volumes without her saying a word. And speaking of eyes ... that brings me to the newest version ... Matthew Macfadyen's eyes are the saving grace of this movie. And that is a good thing, because I got so caught up watching his beautiful, expressive eyes, that it made the mistakes ...changes less noticeable and the movie enjoyable! :-D The P&P movie is just that, a movie, and as such the screenwriter took liberties with the dialogue and, in my opinion, mangled it. I was disappointed in the "dumbing down" of the dialogue, as well as their cutting out so many of the memorable lines we have come to love. The Bennett family and their home are portrayed as being poorer and less proper than JA's descriptions, to the point that some reviewers have called them the "Longbourn Hillbillies." In their efforts to show a more earthy view of them, their home appears run down, dirty, and poorer than Mr. Collins' home! Makes you wonder why on earth Mr. Collins is looking forward to inheriting Loungborn. :-] Keira's elizabeth is ... to quote Darcy, "tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me" to declare her portrayal as the definitive Lizzie! Mr. Bennett's physical appeareance is rather shabby and I don't recall seeing him reading in his library -- instead he is shown dealing with a huge pig -- certainly not what I would call an intellectual pursuit! :-D The scenery is gorgeous, and so are the, score and cinematography. I must confess that, even though I know it's cheesie, I liked the tagged-on end. JA certainly left a lot to our imagination, but she did mention that Darcy expressed his feelings of love very nicely to Elizabeth, and she teased Darcy in ways that he would not allow his sister to do. So Jane portrayed them as having a playful, loving relationship, and I think the ending would fit that train of thought. I think that if you go to see the movie with great expectactions of a true adaptation of the book, you will be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you only expect to be entertained by a movie that has a plot more interesting than most, then you will be able to enjoy this movie version. My feeling is that the really awesome thing is that 200 years after this book was published Jane Austen's work is still generating interest, and is so loved by many that we feel very protective and compelled to keeping her wonderful prose, wit, and insight of human nature intact! May there be many more versions to come because that will insure that a new generation will be inspired to read the book and discover the real treasure. :-)

I love the new movie. I think that Knightly and McFadden had really good chemistry

I thought the film was wonderful. Matthew MacFadyen did a great job in portraying Mr. Darcy. I have seen the film at least three times and I can't wait untill the dvd comes out.This is the kind of movie you can watch over and over again and not tire of it. -Canada

I think the bbc film is much better because it is longer, but for the short is the new film really good. I love both films they are really good !!!

Everyone has a favourite, but I believe that the Film with David Rintoul and Elizabeth Garvie, cannot be bettered for the true story

I don´t know why you all insist on comparing the film with the tv serie...I have seen the film this weekend and I love it. I can´t wait to buy the dvd.Susana, from Spain.

Sallie Taylor
Having seen Pride and Predudice twice in 5 days I am smitten by it.I like this version better than the BBCseries.Lets not forget the 1940s film starring Lawrence Olivier and Greer Garson.

Michelle T
Absolutely brillant film- different slant, modern and suggestive without words. Loved the colin firth version but this is better by far. The only film I've now watched 9 times in a row- cannot leave it alone ! Martin Macfadyen is steamy,sexy,vunerable, yet strong, his face says a thousand words- a credit to actors who need to say little, yet have a presence. Keira is beautiful and exciting, childlike yet deep. I found it a far more intense and exciting despite its length and it leaves far more to the imagination. The end was lovely, but left one feeling you wanted more of this type of love expressed further - show us more. Perhaps this was the intention to leave the rest to your imagination. Music superb and the settings - well directed with the cameras. Wish we could have a part two. Recommend this fim to anyone and should have got more awards at BAFTA !!!!

i am obessed with the film and Kira and Matthew played the parts brilliently. I have watched it 7 times this week and i believe it is a great triumph. I suggest it to everyone who can belive in life



Mr Darcy is very sad... And Matthew Macfadyen is very good... I think "P&P" is the best film of the year!

Ingrid M
Just saw the movie.. I loved it! I've seen the serie, and I thought I wouldn't like the movie, cause the serie is so good, but I loved it! And Matthew MacFayden did a very good Mr. Darcy!

Hilary Phillips
The new P&P was fantastic! Matthew McFadden played Darcy in the sexiest manner possible. Because of Matthew I can move beyond the ending of Jane Austin's famous story and actually imagine a wedding night between Darcy and Elizabeth. I 'd give anything to be Elizabeth to Matthew McFadden's Darcy!Matthew McFadden is the sexiest man alive!!!!

ans jenie
beware of am Americanized,, Hollywood-spoil chick-lit movie version of English great novel. Nothing too nice,even the nice scenery of English countrysides are spoiled by the boring scenes of Knightley looking pensive

this is a great film it's got loads of great actors.

Just saw the latest version of Jane Austins Pride and Predudice...the most outstanding thing that comes to my mind is the wonderful scenery . Can't say anything much positive about the actors.

i have not yet had the pleasure of watching the new version of the film and on seeing i will nodoubt stand by my thoughts now, that is to say noone can ever do a better job of the novel then the version starring colin firth, i do believe that film producers are ruining the genius and magic of fillms such as this one with colin firth by producing it again, i think people prefer the originals or the 1 time updated originals as opposed to any productions after that.

Just saw the new version and am still feeling let down. The dialogue was poorly managed. Those lovely Jane Austen phrases were interspersed with fill-in diaglogue having a far too modern tang. The manners of the time period were entirely disregarded. Mr. Darcy saw Lizzy twice in her night clothes! Mr Darcy came to the Assembly at Mereton looking like an advertisement for antidepressants rather than a proud man from a distinguished family. Elizabeth was far too agressive in her mannerisms. Charlotte Lucas was desperate rather than practical. Most of the comedy was stripped from Mr. Colins and Lady Catherine. There were a few positives though. The family relationships were warmer. The scenery was beautiful The music lovely.

Clara Sipp
I saw the film and thought it quite nice. It moved along quite fast and omitted some parts; however, I love everything Jane. No, McFadden doen't top Colin Firth, but then, I didn't expect him to do that. I got what I expected and was delighted it entertained me. Like I said, "I love everything Jane." I did love this Jane and thought the mother played the part well. Oh well, it is another film to critique. Yeah!

kat martinson
I have to say that while I have not yet seen the new movie for me Colin Firth did a grand job, however, for me he did not attain the same air of detachment (and pride) as did David Rintoul in the earlier version. Mr. Rintoul captured the Darcy that Jane Austin intended us to see. I hope we are not too far removed from the actuality of the early 19th century with the newest offering. We shall see!

WELL, alot of lovely comments here. I havent seen any version of this movie, though I probably should, but I have mixed feelings about seeing the 2005 edition. For one thing, I think they made a terrible mistake when they cast Knightly for this role. HOW can she possibly be an Elizabeth Bennet?? How can she act the part with that pinched look of hers(we all know the one)? but i encourage everyone, especially those who havent seen the movie, to READ THE BOOK!!! IT was excellent. I sincerly hope that once I have seen the movie, if I happen to sit down with Jane Austen's beloved novel once again, that the actors from the movie do not bombard my imagination and ruin the reading of this book.

Ithought it was a grbeat movie,but istill like the old one better.But I think people should still go and see it.It is a great experince

when exsactly does it open?

Claudia, Switzerland
It's been about 2 weeks now that I've seen this new P&P Version and I'm still suffering. Disappointment isn't quite strong enough a word to describe what I feel. I wanted to walk out of the cinema.That's how deeply sad it made to see that someone could ridicule in a movie in the most awful way the most beautiful book.Jane Austen must have turned in her grave. Ok, so it is quite impossible to compete with the BBC95 Version. But reading and understanding the book and characters might have helped.

Rachel Sheehan
I have seen the new Pride & Prejudice film twice! Matthew Macfadyen is VERY sexy and dishy as Mr. Darcy he's lovely! I think the film's brill! I could watch it ten times and still not get tired of it! I've never seen the series with Colin Firth in it,but HOPEFULLY i will get the 10th Anniversery edition on dvd for xmas! It's a gr8 film and a gr8 book!

i love everything about the book and both of the films. i think that Colin Firth is the best Mr. darcy out of the two and i don't think that anyone could be better than him so it must have been a difficult task for matthew, keira knightley is the best elizabeth bennet and Judy Dench was superb! i think that if those two had done the same film it would have been PERFECT!

I think it depends on how you interpret the characters in the book. People imagine and visualise characters differently so I believe that there's always going to be a difference in opinion as to who is most like Elizabeth and Mr Darcy from the book.

The feel of the film was all wrong, some of the parts were woefully miscast. The scriptwriter has to take most of the blame and please tell me why Darcy and Elizabeth meet at dawn with her in her nightie for the final love scene. What the ....?

Sara L. Russell / Editor, Poetry Life & Times
I saw this film recently and had to see it again. Matthew Macfadyen was the most wonderful Mr. Darcy I could ever have imagined, he started out elegantly disdainful and cool, and slowly melted into a heart-stoppingly romantic, vulnerable Mr. Darcy, every bit as wonderful as I imagined him from the book, and far more expressive than Colin Firth ever was. Kiera Knightley's lizzie was sharp and feisty with a formidable temper, yet she was able to become vulnerable too, as the story unfolded. Judy Dench was magnificent, as always. My only criticism is that they could have made it clearer that Caroline Bingley is in love with Mr. Darcy, which is why she is always so catty to Elizabeth Bennett. Also I would have loved to have seen the romantic ending that audiences in the USA will be able to see. But all in all, I loved this film and came away from the cinema feeling uplifted and hugely entertained...

Ilove Matthew Mc Fayden! He looks so stuipid in real life though and should really leave his hair in sideburns because he would be totally wanted by everyone!

i have seen this film...and boy it was well made and directed, head has been in the clouds since i saw it, as nice as the new Darcy can'not beat Colin Firth.

Lovely film, but not P&P (more Bronte -Wuthering Heights - than Austen). I hate to agree with everyone else who has commented, but glad that they have - sorry but Firth was The Definative Darcy (as Mel Gibson was the definative Hamlet even over Olivier) and the best bits of Knightley were when she was acting exactly as Ehrle. The 95 production stands alone and this I think shows a nod to the US audience? It is not the world of Austen.

i've just seen the new film and I have to say it was really good, as was Keira Knightly. Although I'm ashamed to say I've never seen the 1995 version on the bbc...which is why i'm grabbing my coat to go and get it now..judging by all your comments it's probably going to be well worth it. :-)

the film was really good but most rubbish ending that made me want to strangle producers/directors at end of film.

The film was intelligent, entertaining and superficial. I enjoyed it immensely at the time and thought Kiera was fantastic, larger-than-life and very sexy. But all films leave an aftertaste because on mature reflection, some things don't seem 'right' (not that it matters in terms of making money). Deborah Moggach's filmplay was excellent, but her tendency is to show females as super-charismatic and to show males as glorified boobies who act like costume jewellery to these dazzling females. All the men in the film were emminently 'disposable', even, or especially, Darcy. I loved the direction and the settings. Kiera's portrayal gave her role a mythic quality. No doubt there will be more versions of this film. If one can have 'The Last Re-make of Beau Geste', why not the last re-make of Pride and and Prejudice. One quibble though: will this film do well outside of England. There is a lot of English sentimentality involved and this might prove to be one of those wines that won't travel.Hope I'm wrong.

i wathced the latest Pride and Predujuice and i think it was amazing so much more to the book more creative and a beautiful country feel to it Alot better than the bbc one but i still LOVE the bbc one


Deborah Brinkworth
Don't know if I can ever really like the current version after having watched and owned Pride and Predjudice with Colin Firth. Nothing else, I fear, will stand up to it or surpass it.

Brenda (Holland)
I so look forward seeing the film-version of P&P.I'm already fimiliar with the BBC version and love it very much.I think the new one sould be given a chance,the trailer definitly cought my attention and I think Keira is excellent in every way!

What a tragic shame in this, a production into which all the love of the makers should have gone, that they so woefully miscast. Keira can't act, however pretty she is, and who would ever believe that she's the arch, vivacious, intellectual Lizzie we all know? Age is irrelevant when you just don't have the brains. And the new Darcy? He may be able to look heroically miserable but the age-gap between him and Keira leaves me uneasy (he looks old enough to be her father). And the new Mr Collins looks as wooden and useless as the original 1995 Mr C. was deliciously awkward. It's heart-breaking...

Elise Xhaflaire from Holland
I remember The Forsyte Saga from the 1960s; for instance Irene or Fleur. The new Irene and Fleur were not an improvement at all in the later version. I'm afraid this will be the same disaster. Although I'm very curious to see Wilton House again, because I visited Wilton House in 1997. We were guided by the manager in many places where other tourists don't come. And....shshshsh....I took a photo of the famous dancing shoes of Fred Astaire.

i totally agree with people above no will ever surpass colin firth and jennifer ehle as darcy and elizabeth they were just too good they were far better than the oringnal lawrence olivier and greer garson sorry but that,s the way it is

Mary - thought you'd be interested in this "people's review of a new Pride and Prejudice movie in the works...They'll NEVER make anything like the Firth Ehle film!!!!

In Ms. Austen's novel, Jane, Lizzy's older sister, is supposed to be the prettier of the sisters. By all accounts, Kiera Knightly is very attractive. Who then, will be playing Jane? I'm anxious to see the book condensed into two hours. Mainly to see what has been left out.

Genevieve Rose
i was most grieved to hear this sad news

I LOVED Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth, and have seen the 1995 version over 50 times (there was a moment in my life when I didn't have a life, you know?...and the box set of all five episodes kept me sane.) The only miscasting I thought the 1995 version offered was Wickham. Anyway, I know I will go see the movie, and I know I will continue to watch the 1995 version of P&P at least once a year! And yes, Colin Firth was, well, what can I say...pefect in every way.

A new Pride and Prejudice? I thought, Why not? I saw the trailer for the new film, and understood. It seems that the moviemakers' idea of a fresh look is merely transplanting dialogue and placing it with Hollywood faces and [dubiously] fresh settings, e.g. a proposal in a thunderstorm? haha, would make it acceptable. I am not averse to different versions of Pride and Prejudice, but I hoped for quality. This movie is "different" because it cannot deliver "better", because it cannot up the quality. I think I am going to be disappointed. In a work like P&P, I would much rather have the cast be nonentities who are capable of projecting the essence of their character rather than themselves. Keira Knightly is always going to be seen as Keira, and even Judi Dench, wonderful actress that she is, is Judi Dench. What fans are looking for, which I think we found in Colin Firth, is a portrayal so true that their image comes to mind when we re-read Austen for the umpteenth time. [I find that Ehle is replaceable, for she seemed too mature and, um, robust. Hint hint to casting: QUALITY, and a little eye candy won't hurt.] Fans are hard to please, but filmakers should at least ATTEMPT. Further bashing reserved until I see the movie.

de Romanie
how on earth can you even think of remaking a new Pride and Prejudice. Well, what's done is done, Devil take it

I'm looking forward to this movie even though I will miss the scenes they'll have to cut to make it movie-length. I hated this article though. Chick-lit? Bodice ripping Darcy? Either the writer hasn't actually read Pride and Prejudice, or he or she doesn't know what those words mean.

I'm realy excited about the movie and I really don't want to make hasty judgement. But I still think that Colin Firth is th perfect person to play Mr. Darcy and I agree that Keira is not that good.Well, let's watch the movie and see...

Jane's novel is so beautiful in every way that it deserves many opportunities to capture the magic. Although I loved the 1995 BBC version, give this one a chance and any other future P&P films. I say "the best is yet to come".

Maybe the new film will be great. We'll have to wait and see!!!and then we can talk!!

I look forward to seeing the new version. However I do not think it can hold a candle to the Ehle/Firth version!

Strange, but the site for Chatsworth House also claims that it is the setting for the film -- or perhaps each house is in it -- the question is which house is Pemberley, and which is Lady Catherine's home. I've been to both, and must say that Chatsworth is by far more magnificent...and is in Derbyshire! Re Keira -- nothing she has done thus far has shown she can be a serious actress....we'll see.

ok guys, just because you think Kiera Knightly is hot, doesn't mean she'll be good at the role of Lizzy. theres more to an actor/ actress than looks... they can be ugly and totaly convincing! Kiera Knightly is NOT that great of an actress- face it, people just like her cause she's eye candy. on another note: i dont think they can fit the whole novel in a 2 hour film without drastically changing it or taking out key parts. the original was true to the book in every way. i have never seen a movie so well paralleled to its book. and who could match Colin Firth as Darcy? no one could ever replace the original cast. ps. the cast doesnt have to be beautiful- tho it doesnt hurt- people in the early 19th century were not necessarily attractive. think about it, poor higene, no make-up.

I am all astonishment! To endeavour such a task is indeed a risk. What are these foolish actors about? Indeed they cannot be so foolish to presume they may in any way improve upon the performance of Coline F. & Jennifer E. Vanity preys on foolish minds! And to think they actually believe they can cram the entire story in two hours. I do so hope it is not like the last remake of Mansfield Park, which led me to belived Jane Austen might have simply have rolled over in her grave had she any knowledge of it. Idle actors risking everything of good fortune, must be want of critism. It will all come to nothing!

I don't think that the Firth - Ehle version can ever be topped but hey, it's Jane Austen! How bad can it be? Besides, anything with Judi Dench is worth seeing.

I have to wonder if some of you have even read the book? Seriously, arguing about whether Keira Knightley is pretty enough to play Lizzie is quite missing the point. The whole point of Elizabeths character is that she is not the most attractive of the Bennet girls, but has a lively spirit which makes her more attractive to Darcy as he gets to know her. Quite frankly whether the lead actress is a beauty is not the issue - we don't know how she looked in Jane Austens mind, but we do know her personality. Can Ms Knightley portray the character accurately? I am looking forward to seeing Judi Dench as Lady Catherine, that will be worth seeing whatever the outcome of the rest of the film. The BBC version of P+P will take some beating, but that doesn't mean that film makers shouldn't try! My personal view is that the film will not stand up to the BBC version, purely because of the length and the story lines that must have been omitted to make it 2 hours and also can you really beat Benjamin Whitrow as Mr Bennet?

I completely agree with Angelica - and would like to add that Darcy's home was not in Derby, but in Derbyshire! An area far bigger than that town! Furthermore, I think using a house in the south of the country isn't the best of ideas. Despite Britain being a small country in terms of land, there is a lot of diversity and the landscapes shown in the BBC version really captured the area for me, I've walked all over Derbyshire and know the feeling of standing at the top of Mam Tor and looking out over the countryside. This aside, although I've known about this adaptation for a while, I'm still adjusting to the idea of it. I'm looking forward to R. Pike's version of Jane, but I'm skeptical about Sutherland's ability to pull off Mr Bennet (plus I'm a Buffy fan..) but Dench should make a good Lady C. All in all, I'm looking forward to giving this a chance... just don't expect me to like it ;-)

I'm sorry to say that I didn't like the 1995 version of 'Pride and Prejudice'. I prefer the version with David Rintoul as Mr Darcy. I thought the last version did not do Jane Austen's novel justice. I accept that students found it more accessible, especially because of the 'wet shirt' scene. I look forward to this new version.

I am always thrilled when re-makes come to life. I'll always have my favorites and my own opinions (and JE & CF will no dobut remain my favorite); however, I delight in having a variety which adds to any discussion about Jane Austen's works. As chairperson for a JA Society here in the USA, to me, it proves that Jane Austen is alive and well in all the hearts of those who charish her and her works. When are we to see the re-make of Northanger Abbey? And I do so wish they would re-make Mansfield Park in a more dignified manner. That last remake was enought to cause Jane to roll over in her grave. As for the Hollywood verson (1940's) of P&P, the costumes were all wrong and the characters were a bit off) But I do so love it all. I can't get enough. Many have critized the re-make just as many critize the sequels. But that is what is so great. Jane Austen's works are like fine chocolate, we can't get enough. There are more than 20 sequels to P&P alone. I couldn't get enough of P&P, esqecially when the Colin Firth version hit the screen, so I wrote a sequel to P&P called "Honour and Humility." It too has be critized, and it too has been thought to be the best sequel ever. It all just goes to prove that we can't get enough of Jane. I find it all quite Austentatous!

Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth gave Eliza and Darcy a face, even people that are not to familiar with Jane Austen recognizes them...unfortunately I don't think this picture would ever gain such respect and "love" Bottom line, I think it's sad that they are making a new film...

All u guys are talking bout Keira being gorgeous (which she is) therefore she'll pull it off but does she really have the depth and the look that will convey the wit of Elizabeth Bennet? She might surprise though...

Why are some of u putting keira knightley down i think she will pull this off rather well she is to pretty but she wil be good.Nothing will ever ever top the 1995 one cause Colin Firth is gorgeous in that and its just great but this one will be good dont put it down before you have seen it.Even though Matthew Macfadyen isnt handsome enough he will be good to im sure of it

They will be able to pull it off.No one will ever take Colin Firths place ever.But I think Keira is too pretty though but she will do well.1995 one was boss but this will be good

Libby and Claire
it would help actually getting someone who could act playing elizabeth bennett! some of the rest of the cast however look quite promising. lets hope they can make up for her lack of talent! bottom line.. shouldnt have been attempted!!!

Thanks Angelica- I agree about calling P+P "chick-lit" being a huge insult by putting it on a par with complete trash! I also agree totally with all who believe that the new film can never compare with the 1995 version. Trying to condense P+P into a two hour long film is sacrilege! I dread to think what will have to be removed from the original story to fit it into a two hour film. Nobody, especially not Keira (no, really, I never had my lips done)Knightley, can ever come close to the fabulous original cast that have risen to immortality in the best TV series of all time!

Keira is gorgeous, she is so smart and talented...I think she will play Lizzy easily.

All of this argument is rediculous.P&P is, like all great written works, open to new interpretation and individual vision. Whomever plays whatever character is inconsequential as long as the portrayl is not 180 from Austin's definition. Certainly the 6 hour series was delightful from a thousand points of view.That should not negate a new vision or interpretation. Good Lord, how many "Emmas" do we need? Yet, each one has been a delight.In all of Austin's works made into film, readers have formed their own idea of the look and feel of each character. That is as it should be, however, you know what they say about individual opinion and it always rings true. While I greately enjoyed the Firth P&P, I also have enjoyed the 1930's Hollywood B&W version and I am sure that I will find delight in the new version. Bear in mind that to an actor, a role is a part to be played that pays the bills. Certainly they try to give a fresh interpretation to the character they will portray but thta is tempered by the vision of the producers and director. I find it enchanting that England has such wonderful sites that set the feel of the novels. America is hampered by mis-steps in production when we have nothing in which to site the productions. I would watch the latest production of P&P just for Judi Dench. I would watch her take out the garbage and give her a standing ovation. Bear in mind that actors of all ages are plying their craft and the young ones are learning from the established actors. It is always interesting to see them grow.I think the real star of the production may well be Wilton and the other sites for the film. Rule Britania!

In agreement with most of the people who have posted a message on this board (including Cammy - thanks for the support :) I continue to stand by what I said Fi. I find it odd that you argue the case for a 2 hour film's ablility to offer the same detailed and faithful rendition of such a novel as does a mini series of 6 just doesn't make sense. Whether or not 'your' Lizzy and D'arcy look more like JE & CF or these newbies, is really of course down to personal opinion. In mine (and many others' it seems, judging by the number of messages on this and numerous other websites) they don't have much of a chance in standing up to the memory of the brilliant performances of the 1995 cast. You cannot disagree with the fact that Ehle and Firth really did capture the hearts of the nation. You say that knightley and McFadden are 'closer to the characters in age and looks according to the novel' well Lizzy is actually not supposed to be the most beautiful of the Bennets' daughters. Knightley has too much of the hollywood-esque beauty for the part. D'arcy IS supposed to be tall, noble looking and handsome. "Mr Darcy soon drew the attention of the room by his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien" - that is exactly how Jane Austin describes him. I've a feeling that Firth would have been a very close match to her idea of the character, however I fear that McFadden isn't quite what she envisiged.

"THE ACTUAL DARCY AND LIZZY FROM THE BOOK!!" how do you know what they looked like? i think it was really well done. they are getting their chance, i have huge doubts on whether they can top it. keira can't seem to do more than one character. she pretty... but not lizzy. lizzy is to good for her. they wont be remaking P&P, they are just making more crap to watch on tv. Becks your right, NO ONE can top Ehle and Firth!

"Ehle and Firth were the ultimate Lizzy and else will be able to shape our mental images of them now" ... I disagree, McFadden and Knightley look so much more like THE ACTUAL DARCY AND LIZZY FROM THE BOOK!! McFadden and Knightley are closer to the characters in age and looks according to the novel, and I think Keira will be able to pull off Lizzy's liveliness more effectively than JE did. But more than that it's really unfair to just condemn this movie before you've even seen it! I agree the miniseries was good but it wasn't perfect - and it will be interesting to see new actors do P&P. At least give them a chance!

Keira Knightley is beautiful,,.. I think she deserves to act in this..

The BBC Version was the best I thought that Colin Firth Will always be the best Mr. Darcy FOREVER I tell you FOREVER!!!

UNTHINKABLE!!! You cannot improve on the 1995 BBC version!!! A film of 2 hours will be unable to capture the essence of the novel that the 6 unfaulteringly loyal and extremely well executed episodes did superbly. Plus I totally agree with Nancy, the casting of film does seem very wrong. Ehle and Firth were the ultimate Lizzy and else will be able to shape our mental images of them now!!!

goo goo
yhis film is well bling

Are they crazy. Why making a new film? The series are perfect!!! And I think Keira Knightley can never play Lizzy well. She just isn't the right person for it.

james porter
you are stupid in makeing A NEW FILM!!

Chick-lit? Excuse me, but in two words you have relegated the writing of one of the greatest novels of all time to the importance of a soap opera

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