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24 September 2014

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Justin Hayward
Justin Hayward

An Audience with Justin Hayward

The Moody Blues frontman and one of Swindon's most famous sons is to perform a special 'Audience with...' show in Swindon to be broadcast on BBC Radio Swindon.

The legendary Justin Hayward from The Moody Blues is to perform a special 'Audience with...' show in his hometown of Swindon on Saturday 1st October.

The acoustic gig which takes place at The Apartment nightclub in Havelock Street has been set up in association with BBC Radio Swindon and BBC Radio Wiltshire and will be broadcast live on the radio station from 10.00am-12.00pm.

All proceeds go to Children in Need. Presenter Sandy Martin will be hosting the event where Justin will also be sharing stories about his illustrious career.

Justin is the vocalist, lead guitarist and composer of The Moody Blues who have enjoyed a momentous career spanning over 35 years. During this time they have sold 55 million albums and earnt numerous awards and platinum, gold and silver records.

He wrote their signature song, the all-time classic two million seller 'Nights in White Satin'. Other notable Moody Blues songs Justin co-wrote were 'Question', 'Your Wildest Dream' and 'I Know You're Out There Somewhere'.

He also appeared alongside Richard Burton on 'Forever Autumn', a stand-out track on Jeff Wayne's highly successful musical adaptation of H.G. Wells sci-fi novel The War of the Worlds.

Justin is the figurehead of Swindon's rich musical heritage which also includes Gilbert O'Sullivan, XTC and Rick Davies of Supertramp.  He was born on 14th October 1946 in the house next door to his grandfather's in Dean Street in the town. 

He attended Commonweal Grammar School and whilst there, played in youth clubs and in pubs around Swindon,  starting  in  the  late  '50s  with  his  group  The Woodpeckers.

Fame beckoned in 1966 when he answered an ad in Melody Maker to play with Marty Wilde which then led onto him joining The Moody Blues. The rest as they say, is history!

An Audience with Justin Hayward will be the first gig he has performed in his home town in many years and the event promises to be one not to be missed.


Listen to Sandy Martin from BBC Radio Swindon talking to Justin Hayward about the forthcoming Swindon gig.
audio Interview with Justin Hayward >
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last updated: 25/08/05
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Nancy Taylor
Justin is still a hottie after all these years! I love to see MBs when they come west to my neck of the woods. I've flown to Vegas, drove 250 miles to Indio, CA, 150 miles to Prescott AZ & a plethora of concerts here in AZ. Love ya, Justin!

Deborah Reed
I love Justin too he is such a babe.

Justin is the Best Good Looking Man in the world I have seen Justin in concert 30 times I like this page about Justin

janet hanson
seeing and listening to justin has gotten me through some of my worst times. my ringtone on my cellphone is i know your outhere somewhere. my main dream is to meet justin ,he seems like he is a very gentle and kind person.

Karen Angela Nicholson
I have felt a very deep affection for Justin for over 20 years now, and greatly admired his music and lyrics also.I do hope that his radio interview will give him a special feeling of closeness to family and a great feeling of warmth and affection for his hometown.His charitable donation to Children In Need just goes to show the big heart and generousity always shown by this beautiful person.I have always felt a very special link/affinity with this "Rock Legend of a man".God Bless and take care,may you achieve and receive all your hopes dreams and aspirations for the future. Yours, Angie K of Carlisle in Cumbria. xxxx


Elizabeth R
Thank you for all the wonderful music. My best always to you and your family.

I am going to buy some white satin sheets!

Carol Elaine Miller
Justin, it was so nice of you to return to your hometown to give a very special benefit concert. Would love to see you as well as the rest of the Moodies. Thank you for sharing yourself with us through your beautiful songs. Truly you and The Moody Blues bring peace, love and happiness to the world. Keep it going please!

I think the picturs of Justin with his daughter are beautiful (the inuendos I've read are from strange people) I too had a young handsome father and being the only child I was a daddy's girl and have great similar pictures with my dad. He's passed away and my pictures with him are very precious. So open your minds to any of you rude prudes.

mike gauthier
my mother libby gauthier who has wrote you in here before has just recently passed away and i know that your music kept her alive for along time . I just wanted to say thank you for makeing my mothers last years all that better. sincerly mike gauthier

great chat thanks for it being on the internet!

Pauline, Plymouth
On 27 sept 2006 i realised a life long dream, to see the Moody Blues live here in plymouth, they were everything i hoped they would be, and some. Justin has the most amazing voice, I am only sorry i never got to see them years ago. Heres to the next time, only then i hope to be closer to the front. Thankyou Justin for all the beautifull music you do it so well.

Grace karali
Hello again from Greece.Nice concerts in u.k. again and in holland and some of europians aou there are llaky to see justin with moodies .So i love your songs justin and your place swendom likes with my homeplace filothei with parks and manny dogs and expencive houses.So please you jsutin to come with your band and play here in Ahens alone or in a concert wit Mario frangoulis .Great to hear your news i love the best englsidh and pretty songwriter in the worlds in Justin Hayward and seceond is Elton john,but sorry Elton is not so man like justin.He makes me feel so nice on all days in mu life wise was her wife or her gierlfriend in hes life.Grace agreek fan of jsutin.Hope bbc give my email to jsutin.

I Like u good singing

patrick hudson
i love your solo works,but i enjoy the way you and your mates work together to create the sound of the moodies.i am always waiting and looking forward to your next cd/dvd/etc. so of corse i hope that the moodies keep performing and makeing new music.i do have one question. is it a possabillity that ray or mike might write music with the moodies again. i would not exspect them to tour with the band but i feel that something very special could happin if you all got together just to create some new music.

Grace karali
Hallo to aour indernational radio bbc.I hope you have in this october interviouw from justin and moodies for their new concerts there,sandy martin i never forget this audience, whishe i now you sandy to bring me near with justin,but i,m so faraway from u.k.My love to u.k. from hot and summer athens love grace.Justin is always on my heart.

bobby thompson
justin ,im supposed to tell you that my wife lu thompson is not crazy. ok. she is not nuts. there, all done.

Grace karali
I hope sandy martin make a new audience with justin,and i love the inderviow of justin on bbc2 on 27th on april.I love bbc because always makes some interviou with my favor justin.I,m from greece and the town who i ,mleaves is like swendom,many parks, many dogs, silence and houses are expencive ,beatifful and we are aout of the midle town athens,the name of my homtwon is Filothei Sans-Filothei like San-Frangisco.Love you-all and i love steve harley broatcast,an old rocker who makes radio thats grate.

anne boris
I think Justin is the best musician, I hope he knows that we will always listen to his music. The world needs more Moody Blues!!!! Thanks for your time, anne

Grace karali
Well, i love that man,i never forget that audience, i hope when justin finished the war of worlds concerts,bbc have with him a inderviou about this concerts and for the upcoming concerts with moody blues on october,sandy martin, make a new program with justin,my love to bbc,and i love justin so much.Grace.

Lucy Weald
I've just found this. I wasn't lucky enough to be there at this show but have just listened to them on the audio facility. Excellent. Good luck to Justin for the forthcoming UK tour with the Moody Blues and congratulations on wonderful performance on the current "War of the Worlds" tour. I've been lucky enough to be at 3 of the shows and the whole show is excellent. Justin's voice is breathtaking though (as is that of Russell Watson as Parson Nathaniel). I hope the rumoured world tour of the WOTW show goes ahead and that Justin will be in it. "Forever Autumn" just wouldn't be the same without those golden vocal tones.

I have been a fan of the moody Blues and Justin for 35years. I would love to hear him sing Driftwood at the live concerts in London in october 2006.

Grace Karali,Athens greece.
Hallo and happy new year to all fans of moody blues and justin hayward to.I hope withthe new concerts of justin in 2006, b.b.c radio repaits that audience again, i'm verry sad and unlaky because i can see from close my legend hero justin in his new concerts, you are enlishemen i think you are verry laky to see that new concerts, please if someone can help me or b.b.c helps that fans who are so farway from u.k. to have a phone contact in a live rpogram with justin and the other moodies at the future from web radio.Thats my idea for the future.Justin is the most hansome good and sirious artist without sex stories or bad titles in his carrEr in the world, and i think his so sexy without all this new image when we see in the new artists.I love him because he is so sirious he have talend and love to his work ,he is a real enlishman, and you all thear in u.k you much be rpound for this artist in your coundy.I hope someone in b.b.c who nows justin tell him , to come one day and play here in greece.Many love to justin's fans , from snow and cold Athens.All we are waiting for the sping time ,and justin likes sring.Love and respect.GRACE

justin is the voice of my soul. thank you for your broadcasting his voice

hello justin im writting from the west of ireland county galway to be exact one of my favourite songs written by you is forever autum ,nice website

Thank you BBC Wiltshire for re-broadcasting Justin's peformance at The Aparment club...What a lovely Christmas present!

Happy new year to all in the world and especialy to my favor group M.blues and toJustin.In the new year some of the british fans of the group are very laky because they see in new concerts Justin with Jeff Wayne and moodies on tour in U.K.I'm verry sad because i can travell to see my favor musik heroes.I hope some of the british fans contact with me and help me with a letter to contact with my favor group.Or the b.b.c. help me to contact with my dream and favor singer for allots of years Justin.Happyness to all in B.B.C.Grace Karali Athens greece.

felipe salim chuffi
i love the moody blues

David In the States
I have to this day a copy of Forever Autumn and still isten to it Justin, A Nation awaits your return.

I like this webside

this web site is very helpfull i going to read this web site a lot and i am going to look at the pictures of justin

I Really like this page This page is Cool

Grace Karali
You are a very speciall musician and man, and you have the most beattifull blue eyes in the world, in bbc you was great only with your guitar, i hope one day you play live here in Athens only with your ghitar. i,m 20years fan of your music and Moodies to, but i can saw you live in concert and this is very bad for me, hope for another live audience in the future.Make an europian tour in the future with Moodies.Many happinnes to your dauther for her marriage,and i hope sometime my dream comes trou and see you from near. many love Grace,and thanks one more time bbc. Godby from colj Athens.

i seen justin in concert 5 times how does the lucky ones get a back stage ticket

Kate Davis
Saw you at the melody tent and you gave me! your Pick I still have it!

R. Thomas
Great job mate.

Please come and do a solo show at McCabe's in Santa Monica. Include "Out and In" or any Michael Pinder song and then release the concert on CD!

Grace Karali
Thanks BBC,for the live audience with my one and only favor singer Justin Hayward,i hope Justin repeat that audience again on TV BBC,this time,and in Greece rock radio station here in Greece,Tell to Justin for this,and you do somethin to here your program except on PC, and from satelate system, abig fan of Justin, Grace Karali

very nice about justin

I want to say thanks who made this page about Justin Justin is the Best

Great interview!! . My thanks to Justin & everyone who made the interview possible! . Would love to hear the songs again - outstanding performance!

My thanks to Sandy & Justin for amazing interview. I'd like to see the entire show will be put out on a CD - maybe as a fund-raiser.

I've just listened to the interview again -- gets better each time -- also hope that Justin does a similar concert in US. Happy Birthday, Justin!!

Keep 'em coming Justin. See you guys in the fall.

Please, Justin, do a small intimate concert like this in NY!

Janet Wyse O'Neill
Thank you from Cape Cod Massachusetts in the States. This broadcast and these photos are fantastic. Wish Justin would do another 'solo' tour when he's here on the east coast. Thank you again. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN (a bit early!!!).

Ken Hanley
Looking at all the other comments on this page, I am sure that, if Justin would agree to it, a great number of people would willingly make a contribution to Children in Need to receive a full soundtrack of the show. After all everyone in the Wiltshire area has already had the opertunity to record a reasonably good quality copy from the radio broadcast.

Stacy McCann, CT (USA)
Thank you so much Justin for a very entertaining and funny show! I was unable to attend the Swindon show in person but was lucky to hear it twice via the internet! I'm also a guitarist and admire your guitar style very much. I also own a Fender GL ASAT Special Edition Telecaster guitar which looks a lot like yours and hope to meet you so that you may sign it for me! May God bless you many many more years of continued success of bringing your own music as well as the Moodies music to us fans to enjoy!! "Lovely to HEAR you my friend!!!

Dave and Colette
Hi. Great J. Hayward interview at The Apartment. And great music too.We heard that you are going to have video clips on this site soon. Thanks in advance. And a Happy Birthday to your guest, J. Hayward, on Oct. 14. Sincerely, Dave and Colette

bobby A
Did he mention when he will be touring with the Moodies again? I got front row ticets for WoTW - sad or what. Really looking forwad to gig. Girls,I am sure he is flattered by your sentimental fantasies but please get a grip. Some of the comments remind me of a bunch of teenagers screaming at members of a boy band. I don't think the band are that now; gout and all. Please keep it real.

"QUESTION" for Justin, as I am beside myself with curiosity: If you ever do find the lost chord, have you ever imagined thinking to yourself when you do get your hands on it, "Uh oh, now what do I do??" It’s a dynamite concept, you know, to have and to hold such. "Round and round we go" as Strawbs used to sing IE: what if you and it has been going around in circles, it seeking you and as you see yourself as the pursuer of it, you've been constantly running behind it to catch up? Remember: "peace, be still"? It will come to you-all you have to do is be aware that the universe works, whether or not we work with it or against it. We naturally gravitate towards that which we secretly love, because magnetism is the cohesive force holding it all together as the universe breathes in and out. As the truth has always been in front of you, the "Question" really is: are you really serious about it, or are you subjectively “running the distance” for the “romantic notion” of it? Just wondered: never heard of a definite explanation on your position with it while I’ve waded through the garbage propaganda out there.

Thanks to Justin for a great ( and very funny )show and for his grace and goodwill afterwards. Just a message for Andrew ( i think) who was kind enougth to take a picture of me with Justin. I think I gave you the wrong e-mail address it should be Here's hoping you read this and can forward the picture. Many Thanks

Pat, ,Salisbury
To Suzanne & Grace: girls get a grip! This type of diatribe is NOT entertaining for any of us - least of all Justin I imagine. The phrase 'less is moe' springs to mind

Suzanne Rothberg
In response to that message FROM Bertha in Birmingham, I am in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM A STALKER SO STOP PERCEIVING ME THAT WAY PLEASE!!! Justin if you are reading this please believe me, you've met me and we've talked twice before..please ignore the comments about it from the fans!!

Is thier going to be a rebroadcast or what?!! If someone recored the stream please email me at thanks

DLR From Cleveland
As always, thank you for your music. Though it sounds like you may need a body guard.

Wendy Street, Victoria, B.C., Canada
Just wished to add my thank-you to your lengthy list of e-mails from around the world concerning the above concert. It was just wonderful to be able to listen to this concert live at 2 a.m. PDT. Thank you Sandy Martin for arranging this concert broadcast, and especially thank you Justin Hayward for agreeing to take part in it for all us fans around the world.

I wasn't able to hear Justin Live at 4:00 AM (my time) so I'm thrilled that it's available now for us to hear. I've listened to the interview twice - it's a simply wonderful show. Thank you so much for making it available to us. QUESTION: will Justin's show - with the songs - be put out on DVD or CD?? Thanx.

Chuck Coleman
Will the Wiltshire or Swindon sites possibly replay some selected segments of An Audience With Justin Hayward, or a wav file to download of his appearence to listen to in the future? I wasn't able to listen to the program as it occured at 3:00AM our time.

Ken Hanley
I have just returned home from the excellent Justin Hayward event at The Appartment in Swindon. I wondered if the broadcast would be available as a download as I would love to keep a copy of this memorable event.

Ralphine L. Lamonica
I was wondering if and when you would be replaying the program that aired earlier this morning with Justin Hayward. 4:00am was a little early for this chick!!!!!

Tim McIntire
Hi!----will you folks have the Justin Hayward Live in Swindon broadcast from today (01/10/05) archived on the BBC Wiltshire website for folks to listen to? I was able to catch the end of the webcast this morning, but would like to hear it in its entirety if possible...Thanks, Tim McIntire, Columbus Ohio USA

jan verdonck
great performance he is really a very nice guy

Marianne Gilbert
Hello from Arizona - it's 3 a.m. and I'm listening to Justin's interview and concert live. Thanks so much for making all this possible. I've been a Moody Blues fan since the beginning. All the best, Marianne

Suzanne Rothberg
Justin you are terrific!! I love your show...I miss you in the states please come back!!!

Susan Dillier
Thanks for the GREAT live concert w/ Justin...listening live at 4am...this is the ONLY thing I'd get outta bed to hear....THANKS SO MUCH!!!

I'm listening live to the audience with Justin Hayward in St. Louis Missouri USA. Thanks to you and Justin for doing this. I'm enjoying this very much.

Suzanne Rothberg
Hi Justin: Happy birthday to you October will always be my "Knight in White Satin!" "I say this with love!"

Suzanne Rothberg
Greetings from Port Chester, NY Justin! I'm very excited to listen to your live broadcast at 5:00 am this morning! wish I was there with you in the UK..come back to the US for a solo are very talented and hope to see you soon.

Justin, bless you and thank you for going back home and providing us with this brilliant and memorable acoustic performance. Warm, witty and beautifully done. I hope their are future plans for a DVD release of this for your fans around the world that didn't get a chance to see or hear it. Thank you too Sandy Martin, BBC and The Apartment for hosting this truly wonderful Audience with Justin Hayward. Justin, thank you for being here and lovely to see you once again my friend. CGH from WNY

Bonnie (moodyballetdancer)
Thank you so much for the opportunity to enjoy this special occasion (from Chicago)! As always, Justin is in 'full stride' and the music has been uplifting since the 60's. Thank you, Justin, for the Chicago Theatre show this summer...what a brilliant performance. I am looking forward to seeing you in Waukegan and Merrillville this fall! Tour on! ~ Bonnie (moodyballetdancer)

Pat , Salisbury
It was breathtaking to be there! Justin was, well Justin - need I say more? Hope there's a chance of a DVD?

What a great concert, Justin. You seemed so relaxed and happy.

Happy Birthday Justin, hope you have a good one. Thank you for signing my recorder. You've got a fantastic voice, you're a nice man for staying so long afterwards.

Please please please replay this concert for people that could not make it to the show

Bertha in Birmingham
I agree Trudy. From what I've heard and read about Suzanne Rothberg elsewhere, she's a maniacal stalker.

Helen Walker
What a brilliant show by a lovely, talented man. Thank you so much for that Justin. It was great to be able to listen to it from thousands of miles away.

sandy frank
I missed the live performance and would realy love to hear the whole thing with the songs - any chance you will re-broadcast?

Nancy D
It was a special treat to hear this event live. Justin's performance was magical, and Sandy Martin was a marvelous host. Many thanks!

Carol West Sussex
Thanks for a brilliant interview and concert Justin. It was a magical experience for those who were lucky enough to be there. The best memories of 27 years following your musical journey through life.

Dear Justin and Sandy, Thank you for a wonderful concert and interview. I got up at 3 AM to listen here in Texas! I was worth every minute. Justin, I can't wait for the concert in Las Vegas! Thanks for everything!

Beryl West Sussex
What a privilege to be there! Thank you Justin for an unforgettable live concert. No Regrets was a real bonus. Hope the film taken becomes a DVD

Suzanne Rothberg
Ha, that woman Trudy is just jealous of me that my question was actually read on the air! Terrific show Justin, loved that song No Regrets...I hope you will sing it to me in person!!

Thanks a lot for the great show, both Justin and Sandy!

from JAPAN
Nice performance. Great Songs. Justin is my hero. AKIRA KANAYA from JAPAN

What a unique, fantastic experience, listening to Justin on the internet along with millions of people around the world. No one else has such a captivating effect on an audience like him. Can't wait for 'War of the Worlds' tour and the next UK tour. Well done Justin!

Marcia Richardson
Thank you BBC!!! That was soooo wonderful. Wish I was there. Do it again sometime.

Marcia Richardson
I'd like to know why he doesn't play Forever Autumn in the US (except for the Greek).

Marcia Richardson
Thanks for doing No Regrets by Tom Rush. Record it for us?

Emma McGuire
The live broadcast is brillant. Thank you from all of Justin's fans that couldn't be there live.

terry willcox
i saw the moodies in australia this year in melbourne and they were really great my highlighte of the year. great show from swindon .

Grace Karali from Athens Greece
I,m abig fan of your velvet voice, and i think you have the most beuattiful blue eyes and smile when ihave see in my life,play please for me my favor N-IN WHITE SATIN, i hope one day we meet, its very import for me, i love you so much,so isend gifts and letters in treshold. yours Grace

Thank you, Sandy and Justin. It is always a delightful experience to listen to Justin. I can't think of any other reason to be up and smiling at 4 a.m.

Grace karali
your voice is the shame all this years,i hope for alive concert here in greece,many love from athens greece,Grace.

Grace Karali from Athens Greece.
I'm a grate fan of you 20years now.Did you play sometimes live here in Greece?My dream is to see you rrom near, i send imails and letters to you and i send you in treshold a special gift on 14th on october i hope you get it.Its difficult to me to seeyou aoutside from my country, can we talk from the phone? if you please you are my one and only favor artist and human in this world, maybe i see you in the future in your home. My last guestion is about the cds of you and moodies, we dont see DECEBER SNOW,AMAZINCAVES,the dvd of the LITLE RED ROCKS,and your cds in the GreecMarkets here from universal, can you have a reason for this?Please can i see you in the future in you r home ? can we talk for a few minutes in phone?its a life or death for me, ineed to talk with someone like you,God bleess you and gives you always health.Grace from Athens.My imail mobile6972531209@imode. 0043-6716370, and my adress Danaidon 3 15237 athens gr.

Richard Kershaw
Justin, your music has strangely paralleled events in the life of myself and my wife Dolores. I came to find out you were writing the song "December" during the last month of my wife's life, when she finally succumbed to diabetic complications. It is the song I would write and sing to her if she could hear me. Your work has inspired my Art and reflected my life since 1970, and will continue to be as alive in my mind as it was along the way in every new MB release. Looking forward to your Merrillville, Indiana USA concert!

If I see ONE more message from Suzanne Rothenburg I will SCREAM...same with the one lady from said your bit now shut up!ONCE IS USUALLY ENOUGH ya know.

keep rocking Justin, we love the music... forever

Carole from Woking
Spent the whole morning trying to get tickets and the first time I got through was to find gig sold out. Am VERY jealous of all that managed to get tickets. I hope to be able to listen. UK Tour soon please Justin.

Libby Gauthier, Issaquah, Washington USA
WONDERFUL interview!! Thank you for sharing it with us. I've been anxiously awaiting Justin's show at The Apartment, and will be up at 2AM to hear it. The Moody Blues quite literally saved my life in 1995, (though they have no idea about it), and forever changed my future and outlook. Justin, et al have been the driving force in showing me how to live, love, have passion, and find blessings in every situation. For that, I am eternally grateful. Justin, I hope "going home" will be all that you hope for. Having seen you at Tower Records in Seattle in 1997, I KNOW what an extraordinary experience your fans in attendance (and those on the internet) will have. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your life with us. It has meant the world to millions!

Jane Morley
Some say a birthday shouldn't be celebrated, it's just another year. But after being touched by the music of your soul, I thank GOD that you are here. Happy Brithday Jus....

Fantastic interview, Sandy, and I'm very much looking forward to listening in on Saturday. Justin ~ a huge "thank you" for the wonderful summer tour ~ especially the shows in *Texas*. See you in Cincinnati!

Suzanne Rothberg
Someone's got a birthday in two weeks on October 14th! and that is you JH! Happy early birthday to the "Knight in White Satin"!!

Hello, Hope you and yours are Well and the show goes smoothly, as i'm sure it will *smiles* "i Heard it" that you are doing a Hometown show, 1st Oct! Coolness! Furiously counting down and tweaking a borrowed laptop 'puter' to stream..Ooohh but this is gonna be Grand! Don't know what state i'll be in but "i know you're out there Somewhere" and accross the pond i'll be out Here somewhere,lol, listening for "Voices in the Sky".. Knock em dead luv..and please, Be Safe. Love and Light, Keep Well and have Fun!

Dee Lee
Wonderful interview - I'm so looking forward to the interview Saturday - hoping it will be repeated on the Listen Again feature so everyone can hear it - And hoping that Justin will do another solo album and tour soon!

Keith Gibson
I met with Justin several yrs ago for almost an hr. A very gracious person who took time out from his every day routine to meet with me and sign things for me. I was shocked that he knew who i was and still recognizes me to this day. From The One who Doesn"t work Out Thanks Again for your time Jus Keith

Justin, please don't believe that youth and success must go together, for your music inspires more than I think you will ever believe. Why? Simply because it is YOURS. You don't see it the same way as the rest of the world. You cannot, and I don't mean that with disrespect at all. I can tell you with absolute certainty that the magic sound of the Moody Blues will never, ever get old. YOU and your music will always be young. You can do anything. I loved your work in Amazing Caves - stunning guitar work, as usual. I hope you will do more of that, perhaps another masterpiece similar to DOFP - with a great orchestra and plenty of your's and John's beautiful guitar. You said it best - Keep on thinking free!

Justin, John Lodge,Mike Pinder and Ray Thomas all created the worlds best rock band. I remember being priviledged to see you at Bingly Hall, Stafford just Fantastiv my personal favorite track is Melancholly man what is your favorite Justin? Keep up the great work!

Suzanne Rothberg
The countdown to the live broadcast is on!! Just a few more days can't wait it will be great!

Dave van den Berg Groningen/Holland
Last year my wife and I came over to London to see the Moodies in the Royal Albert Hall. A fortnight later I was at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam with a couple of friends.It was really fantastic!We hope to see the Moodies soon in Holland again.When are they making a new DVD in the new setting of the band?

Jane Morley
Soul to Soul...... Thank-You Jus.

Jim, from Liverpool.
Justin,one of the things you have done with your life is brought moments of happiness, reflection and comfort to countless millions of people throughout the world. Not many people can truly say that. It is a wonderful legacy. God bless.

Grace Karali,from Athens Greece.
I'm 20years fan of you,i hop we see you play live here in Athens at the future, here the top song of moodies and always plays on radio station is Nights in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon.I here you satelate,please make my dream come true, you gave me hige imotions when you sing your melodies and sometimes i start to cry.God bless you and gaves you always healtly.I invate you when you travel near to meet me in home town, i,m not only afan of you but i wana be one of your friends, mayby its difficult,but please contact with me, i have so much to tell you.I send you if you like gifts from fans,some gifts for your birthays on 14th on october in treshold records, i dont now some other dress.Dont stope doing music, i think you are the best and great mucisian in ckassik Rock, im dreaming you to play musik in the winder days round in the fire place only for me, sorry for my ethussiasm but i think i,m a litle love with you all this years.With respect goodby from steal hot athens.All my love to you JUSTIN,GRACE KARALI,
Is there any more tickets out there. Desperate to get hold of 1 ticket for my son's 18th birthday.

Suzanne Rothberg
Can't wait for your live broadcast! I hope to meet with you again someday and we can talk.

I wish! All I can say is "Thank you for the music!" I know that's not one of yours but please forgive me, it says it all! Listening to "Under Moonshine" at the moment.No offence! "I had to fall in love with you" Now playing. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ancient Moodies Fan
I came across the interview via 'Higher & Higher' website in the USA! I'm going to hear the JH prog no matter what - and I only live in Lincolnshire!Here's to 1st October!

Lovely interview, enjoy listening to Justin's speaking voice as much as his singing. Such a beautiful person.

The tickets went on sale at 9, as stated on the website. I didn't think the ring-back service would work, so I kept dialling and finally got through well after 10. I was able to buy tickets, but I'm still waiting for them to arrive.

Gordon Devlin
Have any tickets been kept back for auction to raise further money for Children in Need?

Neil Tickets went on sale at 10:00 am, but you ordered tickets at 9:25 am? No wonder so many people didn't get tickets!

Neil (stormyCs) - Surrey, England
Tickets arrived this weekend. Had no problems, rung up at 09.15 on appointed day and ring-back service called back 10 minutes later, tickets were bought just like that. Should be a great event.

helo from athens name is grace karali
i arsk justin can i talk from the phone of bbc not in the air but private? its difficult to me see you near in a concert,i hope god bring you someday to play live in athens. in october i send you a gift in treshold for your best wisses in to your life and all my love to my favor artist and singer,a 20 years fan from athens gr. i thing we can listen the inderviou here in grace

Christina McCann
I have a great idea!Let's have another Justin Hayward solo tour in America! Have fun all you lucky buggars who will be with the man in Swindon.

grace karali
im one of your greatest fan in greece,i love your velvet voice and your suite voice, i send in treshold apicture with the greec sunsset i hope you get it, and when sometime you come in athens see you from near and gave you a flouers, with love grace from gr.


linda pilkington
any spare tickets out there? lots of fans still with no tickets.

bob "pbaub" bradshaw
splendid, just absolutely splendid !!!! wish i could be there to see it. justin needs to do a solo otur once again

Thank you for sharing your music with us. It means so much more than words can express.

Claire Powell
Oh dear, I think you were victims of your own success. The tix sold out in two hours. Any chance of releasing more or moving to a bigger venue - current tix still valid?

Hello Justin from Quebec, Hope all is well and the best of health and a great show in London. Of course, I will be listening October 1st. Warmest regards, Rodge

Becky White
Hi there, how do we get tickets to see Justin hayward in Swindon please? thanks

Have been phoning since 9...its now 11.45!!!!!

Patty T.
Loved your interview Justin. I wish I could come to England to see you in your own HOME TOWN, but I can't! I shall be with you in Spirit though as I shall be listening! You are BRILLIANT..THE BEST! God Bless you!! See you in the fall! Love, Patty~ (from California)

Hello from Atlanta, Georgia! Thank you so much for a wonderful interview! I'll have to be sure to catch the band when they come this way again. (think this will be my 7th sojourn) I'll be listening on OCt. 1st!

Suzanne Rothberg
Hi Sandy, Thanks for choosing my question to Justin on the air! I really appreciate it! I was very surprised to hear my name and Justin seemed to be stunned by my question with his answer! Congratulations to his daughter Doremi on her wedding!

I will be in Swindon in spirit and, thanks to technology, via the Internet at 5am EST on Oct.1. As many times as I've heard the songs of Justin Hayward, they often evoke emotion, whether melancholy, chills or tears, that takes me by surprise. I have so many questions about the intent of certain songs. Watching and Waiting makes me think of a child's first day in nursery school. This Morning makes me think of my daughter's teen years and when she left home with all the love-hate feelings leading to independence. I wonder if Justin can answer some of our questions. There are so many wonderful songs that we may never hear in concert. I've attended 9 concerts this year, including 2 in England, and fear the very last one. I always leave a concert wanting more. I hope the Moody Blues throw a huge bash for the many fans who see them. I hope they continue to tour for many more years.

Thank You Justin, You music lifts our hearts and spirits!! Magnificent!!

Hi from B.C. Canada. Thank you for providing this interview worldwide. I will certainly be listening in on Oct. 1. Wish I could be there. Looking forward to seeing you on tour again this Fall Justin. Your music and lyrics are wonderful!

Carolyn in WA USA
Truly a wonderful way for making my day; what a super nice interview!! I can't wait to hear the actual event when it happens, thanks Justin!

Kelvin Cheatle
Speaking as a long time UK admirer of Justins its great to have him to do an event like this on home soil.Whilst the USA fans are very loyal and the Moodies biggest fan base is in the States,I think its a misconception to think that the Moddies have no following in the UK.Last years UK tour proved its out there,somewhere!Thank you for an intelligent interview Sandy-we look forward to the 1st October

It was great to hear this interview. A real appetizer for the forthcoming event. Thank you BBC for arranging it. Thank you Justin for agreeing to do it. I am hoping to travel down from Glasgow to attend on October 1st.

Esther Hurden
Thank you for the lovely interview. I'm truly envious of all who are able to attend this event in Swindon. Without a doubt, Justin will have oodles of fans tuning in and enjoying the BBC program from around the world. Best wishes and love always to Justin! Enjoy!!!

Youngstown, Ohio has alot of fans of Justin...I personally saw the Moody Blues 4 times already...looking forward to the next time they are around here...their music changed my life...made it more enriched by their songs and lyrics...the Moody Blues are as strong as ever in our hearts...keep up the good work but most of all take care of yourselves so that we may see you all again.

Oiseau des Mots
Thumbs up regarding all your projects and endeavours, Justin! When you get round to that *agonizing reappraisal* of where life's going once you reach the big six-oh, I'm guessing that you'll continue your touring and troubadouring -- some way, some how. Surely has been a lovely vocation up to this point! Looking forward to enjoying you & the band in Merrillville on 30 October.

Madalena from Brooklyn
Greetings from NYC! It's always such a pleasure to hear Justin being interviewed. I was blessed to see the Moody Blues last month and especially enjoyed their sold out show in Manhattan at Radio City Music Hall. As always, the band was fantastic and the fans in NYC were thrilled to again hear them live. I will certainly be listening online to this upcoming event from Swindon, and am looking forward to it tremendously. I was lucky to get to see Justin perform solo here in NYC back in 1997, and I know what a treat the fans in Swindon will be having. To Justin and the Moodies--may you continue that search for the Lost Chord! God bless and keep you always!

Your interview was great! Yopur songs are inspirational, You are just magical. Best wishes always to you Justin

Thanks for posting the interview. It is always nice to hear Justin. Wish I could be there for this special event. I hope he continues to tour. There is nothing like hearing the music live.

Hi from Yokohama. Thanks for the extended version of the interview. It's fantastic! Thanks to the internet radio player, I will also be able to listen to the show on 1st October. Swindon has become closer to me spiritually!

Lesa K. Lane
Wonderful interview with Justin Hayward. Thanks very much for making this available. I really enjoyed it. Bless his heart! Youth is fleeting and age is only a number but true artistry, which the Moodies have in abundance, is timeless.

Thank you, Sandy, for this wonderful interview. You really seem to have the gift of bringing out the BEST in Justin and I'm wishing I could fly over to enjoy this great event. Bless you. My best, Bev, NC, USA

Paul Carden
Well done Sandy, top interview. Will be trying my best to get down to Swindon for the show on the 1 Oct tickets allowing. Regards Paul

It's real pleasure to listen Justin. I'm a french fan and I'm think that he is a brillant song-writer, musician. I met him, last year in Nice (Negresco reception) and He has been really the Prince of this Event

The interview with Justin was terrific. I wish we could hear the rest of it, since it seems to cut off in the middle.

Suzanne Rothberg
Nice interview with Justin Hayward...I wish it was longer though! I interviewed him myself twice I'm a journalist as well..really sweet guy I like him a lot...I wish I could see his solo show in Swindon..but I won't be in Europe this time..I'm hoping he'll perform a solo gig here in New York! I would definitely be there!

Dave and Colette Hirh
Hi. We are 2 Justin Hayward's fans in New York. We saw the Moodies at the Radio City Music Hall theatre in NYC on 14/7/05.We appreciate very much that you have audio clips on your site. Thanks. Great preview interview!

I am from America and all I can tell you is I wish I could "twitch" my nose and be in Swindon for one day to see and hear this man perform solo!

Best Wishes to Justin & whatever he may endeavor. He is truly a "diamond in the rough".

Kathy Fortenberry
Lovely interview with Justin Hayward! I just wished we could have heard the whole thing. I've been a fan of Justin Hayward and The Moody Blues since 1968. Thank you for allowing us Americans to listen to Justin's interview. I'm looking forward to hearing Justin live on Oct.1st online here in the states. Take care, Kathy

Valerie Cavagni
Thank you very much for this wonderful interview with Justin Hayward! I'll be listening to the program on October 1 -- and thank you very much for the opportunity!

Pat Watt
Hi, thank you so much for leting us know about Justin's upcoming show.Will it be sowhere on your website after the show for those of us here in Americ who won't be able to catch it?I'm aware that you are five hours ahead of us,and I'll be going in to work at 4am that day,and I'd love to be able to hear it after I get home.Thank you for posting Justin's phone interview.I really enjoyed it! Take care, Pat

Marcia Richardson
Thanks for the radio interview with Justin Hayward. I live in NH in the US and I'm a great fan!!

I am a Justin Hayward fan from Montreal, Canada and I can't wait to listen to hear Justin perform live on Saturday, October 1st, on BBC Radio Swindon. Tonie

James D
Justin Hayward is a fantastic musician and, having seen him play live with the Moody Blues, I would give up my right-arm to attend an event, which has long been dreamt for, that is certain to be a magical musical morning.

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