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13 November 2014

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You are in: Wiltshire > Places > Stonehenge > Solstice > Stonehenge For Sale on Ebay

Foam Henge courtesy of Mike Pitts

Foam Henge courtesy of Mike Pitts

Stonehenge For Sale on Ebay

It's life-size, lightweight and all yours... Foamhenge is up for grabs!

A life-size replica of Stonehenge has been put up for sale on eBay.

The lot which comprises 171, five metre tall, hand-crafted polystyrene 'stones' was put up on the virtual auction website on Tuesday June 21st.

Due to close on June 28th Foamhenge is listed, rather optimistically, in the Garden Ornaments section.  But this life-size, 360 degree replica will actually need a little bit more garden space than your average gnome.

Foam Henge courtesy of Mike Pitts

Foam Henge courtesy of Mike Pitts

In fact the ancient monument model, when fully set up, will take up a rather inconvenient 30 metres of your back garden.

Plus weighing in at between 6-10 tonnes the 'Buyer to Collect' would also have to face the question that has confounded archaeologists through the ages: "How do you go about transporting the thing?".

Well at least, in this case, the answer is fairly simple all you need is 14 articulated lorries.

The life-size megalithic model, hewn out of hefty slabs of polystyrene and painted by a team of archaeologists, was created for a Channel 5 live event.

'The Ultimate Experience', aired live over two days, followed the monumental task of constructing the replica in a field close to the world-famous monument and culminated in a solstice ceremony…

Now according to Mike Pitts, the Archaeological Consultant on the programme, Foamhenge needs a home:

Foam Henge courtesy of Mike Pitts

Foam Henge courtesy of Mike Pitts

"The fact is we don't know what’s going to happen.  It has, of course, got to be removed from the field as the farmer wants his meadow back.

"It's not going to last very long outside.  In a strong storm the stones would lift off.  So it’s going to be taken down, over the next few days, and be put into temporary storage.  But there won't be temporary storage available for very long."

With over 300 potential customers having already visited the eBay page, and the highest bid currently at just £107.00, where does Mike see Foamhenge ending up:

"We'd love the model to end up somewhere where it can be seen by the public especially by school children as an educational resource.

"It is absolutely fabulous.  The experience of being in amongst the polystyrene Stonehenge, it feels so real, it’s quite extraordinary."

The flat-pack Foamhenge is listed on eBay as 'Life size replica of Stonehenge' and comes, it's hoped, with a full instructions leaflet… 

last updated: 03/12/2008 at 15:34
created: 23/06/2005

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B Bates
Hey,Buy the farmer's field & leave it there, then see how long this baby takes to erode???

Great,,, let someone buy it then plonk it down in Somerset and we can send the hippies there instead....

Dave Wickes
Calling the gentleman from Arizona who bought the old London Bridge... "Have we got a deal for you!"

Let the sacrifice begin!!!!! But first I must get some Druids. Do they have those on Ebay also?

strange but a great idea

what is the point!!! Its a load of rubish

Faron Scott
6 days on and the bids are up to £1220 and the reserve still hasn't been met!! Let's hope the polystyrene 'megaliths' go to a good home.

You are in: Wiltshire > Places > Stonehenge > Solstice > Stonehenge For Sale on Ebay

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