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24 September 2014

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Michael Keating in Blake's 7

Interview with Michael Keating

On the eve of the release of the second series on DVD, Blake's 7 actor Michael Keating spoke to BBC Radio Wiltshire about his time on the cult SF show.

Second only to Doctor Who in the British telefantasy poularity stakes, cult series Blake's 7 still commands a legion of fans.

The show described as 'the Dirty Dozen in Space' ran on BBC1 from 1978-81 and concerned the adventures of a band of freedom fighters battling the fascist dictatorship The Federation.

The final episode caused an outcry when it closed with the entire cast being killed off, and despite the fact that the series ended 24 years ago, there has been occasional talk of a revival.

In the meantime, fans of the show have been sated by the DVD releases and the second season is out to buy on Monday 17th January.

Actor Michael Keating who played cowardly locksmith Vila Restal recently spoke to BBC Radio Wiltshire's Mark Seaman about his time on the series.

Among other things Michael discussed were the series' dodgy special effects, the fans, his relationships with his fellow cast members and whether he would return if the series was revived.

Click the link on the right to listen to the interview in streaming Real Audio.

last updated: 14/01/05
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Martin Moran
Best Blake's 7 actor of all xxxx

Pat Barnes
A great fan of the show - never missed an episode.Interviewed Michael for a fanzine we produced way back. He couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. It was great to hear him again on the interview.

Darren Smith
A huge fan of the show. Keating as Vila being the only character to appear in every episode. He appears in an audio book too Vila and Gan. Blake's 7 is being piloted by Sky now. God help us!

Delice Newman
Has any one else noticed the likeness between Michael Keating and David Hewlett from Stargate Atlantis? Spooky

Erik Otto
Just ordered the 2nd season DVD. Wish I could be there in London on January 16 for the release. But, it's a long way from Holland.

Nico Mody
Thank you so much for making that available for Blake's 7 fans outside the UK. Michael Keating is a delightful person whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a B7 convention last year and it was wonderful to hear him again. His character, Vila, is my favourite.

Lyn Evans
I think I've seen every episode of Blakes 7, have a sustantial collection of the videos and the first Season DVDs. It was a fantastic series, well ahead of its time and one of the first SF series to have believable and even 'flawed' characters, who the viewer was able to relate to and care abot.

Mark Keen
Excellent. I met Michael and other cast members at the Moat House in Bedford last year. Blakes 7 does still live on with it's fans and cast members - a BBC gem that will live on for a long time yet.

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