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24 September 2014

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Doug Bradley

Interview with Doug Bradley

The man behind Pinhead's mask in the Hellraiser movies was in Swindon for an in-store signing recently. Listen to our interview.

When you think of the Horror movie genre's greatest monsters, high priest of hellish sadomasochism - the demonic Cenobite Pinhead from the Hellraiser series must come near the top.

Actor Doug Bradley who has played the character in eight films over 18 years visited Swindon recently.

Gunnar Hanson, Doug Bradley and Ken Foree
Gunnar Hanson, Doug and Ken Foree

He joined Dawn of the Dead actor Ken Foree and Gunnar Hansen - the original Leatherface from Texas Chain Saw Massacre for an in-store singing at movie memorabilia store Infinitely Better.

Doug spoke to BBC Wiltshire about the role that made his name and when fans can expect the two most recently filmed Hellraiser movies - Deader and Hellworld.

 He also revealed what he thinks of creator Clive Barker's recent vow that he is going to finally kill off Pinhead in a forthcoming novella.

Click the link on the right to listen to the interview in streaming Real Audio.

last updated: 14/12/04
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jose Balan
love like a hellraiser collection three dvd and love poster pinhead or to tell a doug bradley gave birthday jose b 18 years old and but will they to scared of this doing a bloodline 1996

I can't believe that we were the same age when you scared me half to death as pinhead. LOL. I just started to let my kids watch the movies, they think you are the BOMB

tracey lee
he's fantastic

like movie hellraiser 4 and toy hellraiser and family bradley you good jose

Richelle reyna
Yes,on a personal note, is actor doug bradley married?

ryan chandler
I loved the interveiw.please BBC can you interview Doug bradley again and make a full hourlong programme about dougs long career in horror,including the upcomming hellraiser remake and dominatorx, thanks ryan chandler

Just me
What kills the fun in creativity is when people take their stuff too serious. Fortunately that's not happened to Doug Bradley. His book should be an interesting read - the man's head has more to it than nails ;-)

John Henegar
Great interview. And he does, indeed, deserve to be mentioned with the greats like Karloff and Lee and Cushing.
i love you pinhead

Angel of Suffering666
Doug is the hottest guy alive...may he keep souls in torment for all eternity!!!

Louise Marie Allen
I think Doug is a really handsome man. If only he had a fan club in England to write to.

i know the make must be a pain but in the end its worth it dougs great and deader is great looking forward to hellworld thanks for one of the best movie series ever

Jason Delombarde
hell pay

doug your the greatest - pinhead rocks

was it hard to make pinheads mask

Great interview! I am off to order his book.

Danielle Gibson
Fantastic interview! Always a delight listening to Doug's voice. As a proud member of the forum at, I also invite others to come and join in the madness. I'm not exaggerating when I say madness either! Cheers BBC!

thanks for the info. I've met Mr. Bradle~y twice and he is a perfect gentleman, never shows a long face to his fans.

Eric "Needles" Fabiaschi
Thank you so much for a wonderful interview. Thare are few things to compare to an actor who enjoys his roles & work. Mr.Bradley is at once an actor & person of high esteem. Please keep up the wonderful work & the writing.

The Engineer
Great interview with a true horror icon. Who knows what Dimension are playing at with Deader and Hellworld... just release them already!

absolutely delightful! cant get enough of that doug bradley! and yes, im anxiously awaiting 7 and 8 as well.. oh and i can vouch for the .com, a great group of people in the forum, come check it out and say hello! they have a great store and other assorted goodies!

Lars Hagman
A fascinating interview with one of Horror's greatest actors! Thank you.

Awesome interview - we're all dying to see Hellraiser 7 & 8 - hopefully Dimension Films are listening and will release these films from their dusty shelf! For more on Doug Bradley please join us at his official website for message boards and much much more! Cheers for a great interview Auntie Beeb!

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