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29 October 2014

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Brendan Cole

Interview with Brendan Cole

The Strictly Come Dancing star recently chatted to BBC Radio Wiltshire about the show. Listen to the interview in streaming Real Audio. Also view a gallery of images.

Strictly Come Dancing has been the suprise TV hit of 2004. The BBC1 show is already well into its second series and has gained great viewing figures from people tuning in to watch the stars strut their stuff on the dancefloor.

One of the professional dancers tasked with putting the celebs through their paces is Brendan Cole. Brendan is a strapping Kiwi who used to be a builder and specialises in Latin American dancing.

In series one he was paired with BBC news reader Natasha Kaplinsky and in the current series, which can be seen every Saturday night on BBC1, Brendan is partnered with feisty Casualty actress Sarah Manners.

Brendan recently spoke to BBC Radio Wiltshire's Shelley Keen about his experiences on the show.

Listen to the interview in streaming Real Audio by clicking the link on the right.

UPDATE 11/06: Since this interview has proven so popular over the years we thought we would add a Brendan gallery for all you fans desperate for pictures of the Strictly Come Dancing hunk! Enjoy!
Brendan Cole gallery >
last updated: 17/11/06
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Roby Roy
Great deal of colour predejuece still we see everywhere includinggood programme like strickly come dancing

he is sooooooor HOT;) i abso love him!

Natalie Jarrom
It is 3 years later, and i have to tell you all, last night my dream came true! me and brezaa danced all night long :) I love him even more. BE JEALOUS.

miss cole
woohoooou are the sex brendan Cole! yummy ilyxxx

brendan is so fit i love him coz hes the bad boy of strictly

omg all of you weird people need to get over him! he is big headed and needs a slap

chelsea watkins
i know !! what a hotie i wish i could meet him face 2 face 1day


omg he is sooooo hot

amy dale

emmy goundry
you look gay mate

I think Brendan Cole is the sexiest PERSON on EARTH, never mind dancer on Strictly!

louise pollard
Brendon you brighten up my day!I have recently sepereted from my partner and watching you makes me feel wowanly again!U R YUMMY

i luv u brenden ur massive nd i luv the way u dance cant wait to c u 2nitexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah Jane Brick
I think Brendan Cole is the sexiest dancer on Strictly Come Dancing

i think he is gourgus and the best male professional on strictly come dancing !!hot hot hot !!!

Brendan is hot !!

Marjorie Halvorsen, NORWAY
I have watched Brenden in Strictly come dancing. I think he is very good and deserves to win. I cannot wait for the next programme.

Paige Gillott
I think he's the best male dancer

yup i'm here again lol, just to say i can't wait until SCD starts again !!!

Aoife O' Connell
I think Brendan is a class dancer and he deserves to win the show once more, hope you get a class dancer for seris 5. Good Luck!

Brendan's dancing just blows me away. i think he is the best proffessional dancer on SCD.....amazing...i would LOVE to dance with brendan cole

Dominique Spalovsky
I live in South Africa and Strictly Come Dancing has just been shown here now (January 2007). I am absolutely addicted!And a big reason for my love of the show is Brendan! He is sexy, gorgeous and his passion for dancing sets him apart! If I wasn't married.......!

vanessa turp
i was watching just the two of us and i was hopeing brendan and beverly would win because brendan inspires me so much he love to dance and if my dad would let me take lessons i would follow in his footsteps he also loves to sing and so do i every year i am in are school musical productions

lily hemmings
i am 14 years old and i would give anything to dance with you brendan at the moment i am starting 2 dance classes every saturday because when i am older it would be my dream to go on strictly come dancing.brendan is gorgeous but i think he is the best proffesional dancer i have ever come across.

Brendan and beverley were amazing on just the 2 of us, they should have won!!

oh my brendan is so good looking i tell you what he can put his swerve on me he is fantastic i wouldnt mind doing the ramba with you

iv beebn dancing since i was 3 i fink brendon is gorgesus im love him xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i would love to dance with him lol xxx

judith clark milton keynes
i like you i would like to see win next time, if i could dance i would love to dance with brenban cole, he is a good looking man, keep up with the good work and keep on daning judith from milton i cannnot dance but my dying wish would be to dance with brendan cole, that would mean the whole world to me, just hope i spell the worgs ok

B Elsworthy
I think Brendan should have won the two of us not only was he the best singer he was so professoinal not like that Watermen women who was so loud. Keep up the good work Brendan you are the very best at dancing and singing

jan e
sorrry u didint win just the two of us ur still great to me in everthing u do xx

I am dancing two years and my dying wish would be to dance with brendan for 1 dance.It would be a dream down true

vanessa turp
i'm 14 yrs old and would give the world to dance with brendan. i want to enroll in his classes but i live in leeds and my dad won't let me because it cost £8 a week for my karate. when strivtly come dancing is on i always vote before he dances because i know that he is going to go out and give a 100% performance.he is gorgeous but th only reason i would like to dance with him is because i think he is the best dancer around

1 word 4 Brendan delish xxxx and i cud fink of a load mor lyk hot sexi yumi sex apeal ........

i luv brendan the onli reason im watchin just the 2 of us is cos hes on it Brendan 2 win so we can here his sexi voice singin and see im shake dat fing xxxx

i luv brendan

hey ppl hes goin on just the two of us so make sure u vote for him plz!!!! he is so good looking n he can sing as well as dance. i love his passion for dancing and i would love the chance to dance with him!!!

BrendaN You Should Win Every show!!!!!!! mY SCORE 10 10 10 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are the total best !!!!!

lauz and brendan
brendan ur totally the hottist thing on earth !!!! keep lookin hot dude!!!! lov ya soooooo much lauz xXxXxXxXxXxX

i love brendan!!!!!!! the show is so much more fun with him and i want matt and lillia to WINN!!!

I think Brendan is a fantastic dancer and did really well on Strictly Come Dancing. Looking forward to watching and supporting him when he's on Just The Two of Us in early January. Good luck Brendan!

i love you babe
im 50 yr old but a fit one! wpuld love to dance with brendan he is great and very sexy! jenny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

brendan is sex on legs!! he's soooo fine. he is the hottest proffesional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing. he has the sexiest chest in the world! omg. the way he moves his hips is so delicious... i wanna bite his ass, yummy ;).

I want to dance with brendanXXX

I love Brendan there is something about him that is soooo sexy and attractive i love dancin and would really like to meet him and would do anything to dance with him claire king n all his previous partners are so lucky i love dancing loads n would love it soooo much more if i could have a lesson or two with him xxx


what i would give to meet Brendan.. cant wait to see that bum again..he is first class in my books!I would do anything to be in his arms! He so headstrong and i so admire that.. Brendan u are great!

i luv Brendan, hes so sexi!!!! I cnt believe hes gon frm strictly come dancing!! cant wait til nxt yr 2 c u shake ur booty gen!!!

hey Brendan omg ur my favourite dancer in there, i love watchin u dance it so sxy omg i would do anything to dance with u, i see u like to rumba the most u no wot id rumba with u day n nite, am the girl uv been lukin 4 so y dont u come n rumba with me coz ther ant no other gurl outder who wants u more ;) i realy luk up to u wen ur out der dancing u sparkel, dazel n shine bright like de sun, cnt belive u went out of strickly come dancing u wer de best, ur drop dead gorgeous ur amazing onestly i wud lv 2 meet u n u can show me all ur sxy moves. am so gutted u went n i wont be watchin u no more so plz come n dance with me al show u the time of ur life lv u loadsssssssss so much ur so sxy all i want is to bee in ur arms n dance with u n share my body with u o ye dont thonk im a freek lol i realy love u n wot u do tata mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

omg he is soooo hot

Brendan is sooo fit! He has such a nice body and i love his curls! I wish i could dance with him! I need more pics of him NOW!

lily brendans number 1 fan
brendan i think you are gourgeous i have been surporting you every series i think you are the best and best looking dancer on the show i love your smile i wish i could dance with u you have my vote

xxx-Play Girl Jaz-xxx
Hey Brendan ive been supporting you thoughout every series coz i think your the best dancer in the group i hope you win this year!!!xxxxx

brendan is the hotteset guy on the planet omg he is the fit of fit !!! omg them pecs !! :P:P

i want Brendan gave me some lessons at all because he is that he and claire are so gd. i think that claire n brendan shud win the show nd i kno that they can beat those peoples arse.

Bredan is soooooooo lush!!!!!!!! i love him too bitz!!!


i am looking or a new dance partener and have been dancing for the past 20yrs. my old partener went off with another women. i really need a new dance partener so help me please! Plus brendan your gorgeous and really fit!

brendan is so sexy and georgous the judges are so mean to him. i mean he is just sooo fit!

Why don't you update this site and give us lots of photographs and news of Brendan. He is absolutely gorgeous.

D Anderson
I think Brendan is being treated unfairly by the Judges (and even Tess Daly tonight = 4th Nov). He is a passionate performer and the judges aren't always right. They acted unprofessionally themselves tonight. Brendan is great and his fans should support him and Claire by voting - despite the judges.

i love brendan i think hes amazing !


maria bedford
I LOVE BRENDAN!! I think he and claire should win, they look great together.

Cathy Stockdale
i love you your a sexy dancer my friends think so also

brenden is a brill dancer VOTE hes amazing and he is really fit to

Charlotte Fawcus-Deighton
Brendon is a sexy godess...and he is so true in what he says! No one should tell him to shut is mouth because in some strange way everything he says is right! the girls from county durham are suporting you brendon! luv ya Charlee xxxx

i like the way he moves

i was trying to find brendons partner whom he dances proffecionaly

i think brenden is great at what he does. ilove how he is si coccy and cheeky. he looks like he is a great teacher aswell he should win x

Brendan is amzing. hes my hero!! he is a great dancer and hes so sexy!!! i am yr biggest fan brendan!!! hes got a gr8 personality. can i have yr autograph brensan? luv yaz xxx Emma Gloucestershire

brendan is absolutly gorgeous and l would love to dance with him, he is the best dancer in strictly come dancing! brendan would you be able to give me some lessons?

brendon your a great dancer and i hope u win i think u make the perfect badboy go get them!!! id luv 2 meet u.i think u an natasha r gud togetheir i wish i could have u never mind hope u ave a happy life bye xxxxx

u r so fit !!! i'd dance wit u any day. I wudnt need askin twice!!! I vote 4 u every week!!!

Ee is soooooooo fit! I am in love with him! Ee is soooooo sxi n i defo wudnt mind dancin with him! :P. x lv ya x

maxine philips
i think ur so nice and hunky and i have a bad temper too so maybe u could teach me to dance sucessfully


u r a cool dude brill dancer luv ya

u r zo sexy!!!!!!!!!! ave u got a grlfriend????? luv ya

Rachael Gibbs
I love Brendan he is my hero!!!

Brendan is a great dancer and me and my friend both agree we wouldnt mind dancing up close with him

Emma Massey
Brendan you are an amazimng dancer and if you are stuck for a dance partner at any time i wouldn't refuse!!! I've been ballroom dancing for 9 years and i would love to have free flowing lines when dancing and this would only be made with dancing with you xxxEmma Massey West Middlands

Luv yoo brendan soo much! ur my hero!! b an amazing dancer!!! xx

Norma Flint
Hi Brendan I would love to see you dancing "Dancing in the Dark" as performed by Fred Astaire and Cyd Charrise in the film "Band Waggon" They are fabulous - could you try it??

Judith Smith
To Brendan I am your biggest fan and gone grazy about you Can you tell me your birthday so I can put down in my diary to remeber thank you darling Judith sMITH

I got brendans t-shirt coz i met him on a beach in new-zeland and he sed cud have it so he obviously like me more than all ov u:P so in ure faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say that I was unsure of Brendan's values and commitment to the important structure of what real life and real people are all about, however having observed his behaviour and attitude to others recently on tv, I am surprised at his mature nature and depth of sincerety,should you ever have any future contact with Brendan, pass on my thoughts and my best wishes for the future

judith Smith
Brendan Cole I like you and I love to see you a winner of love island King by Judith Smith age 32

judith Smith
Brendan Cole can you teach me to learn of the dancers toyour ballroom dancing to my flat,I live at 31 sir Robert mews Langley ps Can i have your autorgrapher please,

laura XxX
brendan is like gorgesssssssss and hes mineeeeeeee

he looks like miss fahey

Erm... he is good looking, a very good dancer and he has got a nice personality. What elts is there to say? :D Bi bi XxXxX

hi ive been dancin since i ws 4 and now 12 i really REALLY luv u more than any1 else!ur mi total idol!u r the best lad on love island and best lookin 2!plz dont go with eve or else i will be hart broken! luv yya always coley anna xxx

brendan iz reli reli reli fit i love him so much i watch him everynie on love island n he iz the best dancer in the world yu are soo gawjus brendan xx

he works in love island

he's a Sex God wow wow he could sweep me across a dance floor any day. x x


Ruth Reekie, dahlink. Guess wot. I av a news flash 4 u. I am soz 2 say dat Brendan is in fact MYN! Or had u 4gotten. We got married last summa on da beach. It was ace.(In my dreams dat was thou) But yea. Bak off sista! Da sex god is Myn!

Brendan is da sexiest guy xistin on planet Earth. He is soooo hot dudes. Talk about major sex appeal. Is he a music fan cos I'd gladly perform 4 him wid ma bandm8s. I love him & I wish he was myn!

brendan cole is so fit. on celeb love island he looks right gorgeous xx

i am from South Africa and there is alot of dance talent her, you would be suprised.i've been dancing since i was 10, i am now 15. i think Brendon is an amazing dancer and if he has a younger brother i would gladly dance with him.

i've been dancing since i was 10, i am now 15. i think Brendon is an amazing dancer and if he has a younger brother i would gladly dance with him.

hiya dont you think that brendon is soooooooooooooo fit

jacqui - south africa
huge fan of strictly come dancing have not missed a show - i also take latin american lessons here in south africa going into my third year now - i wish i was a famous british personality so i could dance with brendon, i would make him proud. Brendon you rock if you ever come to South Africa look me up (hee hee)

brendan is one of the hottest guys in the whole worl and the way he moves is sooooo hot. when i met him he was gorgeous and i almost screamed from being so close to him. he better be in the next serious. he taught me the cha cha and was awesome.

brendans from christchurch i fink.......

Louise...Brendans website address has changed to x x x

im sacha from malta i thin that brendan is one of the best dancers in the hole world i am a latin american and ballroom dancer my self and when i see him dance it's like i am dancing my self he make people feel what he is feeling and that is very nice thing for a dancer i whis that some day you will come to malta and do some lessons and i will be the first lady to book your lessons i whis to see you dance in blackpool to i think that is the greatest experience that some one my age like 16 or so can ever have realy wjis to see you allways your fan sacha

:( :( :( :( :upset!!:
there is nothin rong wot Natasha - actually i liked dem! infact - I loved dem!! I think Natasha was rong for messin him around but i must av been diffulcult cuz dere relationship was advertised everywhere!! but they got toghether :) but Natasha decided she wud prefer a rich bloke!!! *SILLY NATASHA* xxxx

sacha baron cohen
u is well luki 2 av all does girls after u m8

charlotte bateman
I is well bored i is in mi dads house on mi own wid 25 bedrooms so i yhought i would come and send u an email. i take u like na soz luv rachel hunter but can i ask u a question what was so bad about camilla? and why Natasha!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? why do da bbc give the impression dat u r bad! oh yeh guys dat tink he is fit and are desprate for him if you would have watched the christmas spiecal show ucould see dat he really is not bofad soz Darlins hate to brak it to u? please dont leave the show as loads of people luv ya and it gives dem sumfing to do in der spear time . i is doin my gcse dance corse and i am doin a piece of ballroom and it as to be done for da 10th of january and i av found mi dance partner he is 6.4. he ad to be tall because i is 6.1 widout da shoes!!!!!!!!! i av only done da begining and dat is s*** i is doin da rumba as you normally do dat dance before you go. and mi dress is being made at da moment and it is like wot rachel hunter ad but a bit more revealing it wa smi sevententh birthday yesterday and i got mi first car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mi dad got me a rolls royce phantom in silver !!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya bub

charlotte bateman
brendon u idiot u got off wid dat s*** of a woman Natasha and camilla is 10000000000 times better dan er. But u made it a bit 2 ovious dat u liked rachel hunter (just thought u ad betta Know)*-*-*-*-*-*

Brendan is as fit as anything. I would love for him to teach me how to dance. He is fab.

r u single?

Does Brendon want a latin partner? He can be mine... I'm looking for someone tall to match my height! He just oozes sex appeal and I am sure we could make a good steamy rumba and win the comp. hands down! It's all about becoming the character in each dance!He is utterly fabulous and the way he moves his body is incredible! We are being deprived of not seeing him dance weekly!

fabolous dancer i wish someday i can dance with u!!

B & N's numba 1 fan
please let Brendan be in the next series! I have voted for him every series so far and the next series will be no exeption!! :) :)

oooo i love the lovely Brendon. i thought i was like the only perosn who did though i didnt realise that loadsa people liked him. he's such an awsome dancer, he's my idol and so is Darren. love them too soooo much. Charlie xxxxxx

where abouts is brendan from in nz?

i relly like breandon why his he out for you was great i thought you was going to win it not far i hope you will be in next year x

bendan cole is lovely and i hope he will be on next year i voted 4 them every week and i miss you dearly i luv u loads

bendan cole is lovely and i hope he will be on next year i voted 4 them every week and i miss you dearly i luv u loads

bendan cole is lovely and i hope he will be on next year i voted 4 them every week and i miss you dearly i luv u loads

Cathy - South Africa
I have a daughter, Lizl (27), who is crazy about you and wants to meet you

stuff natascha, i want brendan, i agree he is hot and i would love him to teach me anytime

i can't understand why Brendan has an official site, which is closed to me and possibly other non-professionals!

rachel n (brendans no.1 fan
brendan is extremely brilliant at dancing and is passionate and sexy.i cried when he went out. i love him 2

I never thought id c a guy hotter than leo di caprio, then Brendon came along. Hes SO FIT! He deserves much better than Natasha.

Sam Slater
3 words for Brendan! "HOT,HOT,HOT"!!!

B n N's numba 1 fan
Noooo!! Camilia is not right for Brendan! She likes lots of attention and Natasha is lovely!:) :) But then who are we to decide? i love the idea of N & B but think it more important 4 them 2 be happy (me sad i no!)XXXX

melissa clerk
brendon is a sexy stunner and deserves to be with natasha than fiona philips. i think you should keep dancing the way u do.

melissa clerk
brendon is a sexy stunner and deserves to be with natasha than fiona philips. i think he is sooooooooooo sexy

Maybe its only me but I really would like to see Brendan and Camilla back together again! I never watched the first series but I really think they make an extremely cute couple, and when you hear the way he talks about her its obvious that he still loves her! And she gives the impression there may be something there too. And I really hate the idea of Brendan and Natasha - I just don't think they go together. I think I'm just a true romantic!

Brendan n Natasha's number one fan! XXX
Nooooooooo! Brendan gone :( - at least we will stil get to see him when he does the dance at the end of every show for the following show! YAY! :) Poor Brendan tho - He had Natasha who was a fabby dancer n won - then Sarah who is lovely n cud dance but not like Natasha n then Fiona who is also lovely but really really can't dance!! hopefully he has a brill dancer next series (like Natasha!) *hopes* xxxxx

I adore Brendan - i want to find out more about him. He is a wonderful dancer and a very sexy guy.

ive watched him and i think hes a brill dancer and i would like a signed photo of him hes great and very sexy

brendans no.1 fan
brendan is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fit n sexy i luv him 2 bits.

Natalie Jarrom
I absolutly love Brendan Cole he is so fit and i just wish that i could have one day dancing with him. That is my dream

He is a brilliant dancer & so so sexy....

Kelly Davies
I'd just like to say you have been great with Fiona and now all she needs to do is finish off those moves because dance is a story and her movements are a sentance. Enjoy dancing with your great partner Fiona and im sure you'll come with a strong run from the back of the co-op. Good Luck

i like you brendon you do good dancing.

I think Brendan is a really good dancer and an inspiriation..spelt dat rong! p.s he's a stunner! lurv ya x

I just have to say I love Brendans style and think he is a great dancer. I study contempary dance at school but would learn to do latin american dance and if i were to learn i would love a partner as amazing at dance as he is. Fiona is really Privileged to have the chance to work with himand i dar say she will learn a lot.

i still wish Brendan was mine! How very kind of the viewers to keep him in the competition!

brendan fan
i love bredan he's so fit(even thou e az ez moments lol!)i ope fiona gets beta 4 brendans sake!! xx

I Love Brendon, I think he is so exteremly talented! I enjoy watching him dance on a saturday night, on Strictly Come Dancing. He's my favourite Ballroon dancer, i'd love him to teach me!

you are a bunch of freaks, get lives, and then Brendan might notice you.

Brendan is sooooooooooo gorgeous and i love him!

Fiona L.
Brendan is amazingly amazing! he is soooooooo fit and just amazing all round - great personality etc. xxxx

Everything To Dance For
Re: Brendan's first film role. He plays "Dance God" - the dream man of the leading actress. They filmed a beautiful dance sequence in Battersea Park. The actress, Sasha, is absolutely stunning and they were wonderful together (I was walking my dog and stopped to watch!!) I've found a website Think the BBC should show a clip on SCD3!!

good news! Brendan is going to be on SCD 3!!(just in case somebody didn't now) xxx

x x its all about the cole x x
Hey all! I have started a natasha and Brendan forum, where you can post anything that you want about Natasha and brendan or SCD. The address is: Hope to see some fo you there! Love Char x x

Natasha and Brendan's Number 1 fan
i agree wiv Lucy, dey shud b 2getha bt if dey not happy 2getha den dey shud b wiv some1 dey r happy wiv (if dat makes sense!) n Lucy Brendan is mine so keep ur hands of!!! x

Bendan cole is gorgeous and he would be my perfect dance partner!!! him and natasha should be together they make a picture perfect couple! and brendan if it doesnt work out with you and natasha ill go out with you LOL

I wish Brendan would teach me to dance. As a celebrity, he is irreplacable.

i luv brendan cole he is so fit i would luv to dance with him !!! i agree with every1 just let brendan and natasha decide whats better 4 themselves and what makes them the happiest!! good luck with your lifes guys!!

i think brendon cole is sexy i would love o his dance partner

i lv Nat n Bren
i agree wiv char, again, dat we dont no da situation so we shudnt av an opinion on it n dat it was fairer on Bren 4 Nat n him 2 split up ratha dan nat avin an affair bt i dont fink dey (Nat n Bren) shud av gone out untill dey ad decided wat dey wanted n saved all da upset. i ope dey r both very happy. xxxxx

x x its all about the cole x x
apartly bren an martine r no more! It says he dumped her so i dono but shes wiv sum1 else now. I understand what ur sayin bout bren but if Tasha really luvs jus, surly its betta that she left bren now than av an affair. Besides, 4 all we no, he cod av broken up wiv her! She cod been dumped by bren then met jus. Woteva th situation, I really hope that their both very happy! Luv Char x

a big fun of Brendan
Sorry. I am originally in Brendan's side. That's why I have said I didn't like Nat's way to flirt with somebody when she walked away from Brendan. It is exactly personal thought. Some people disagree about it. That's fine. Anyway, there's a story Bren & Martine McCutcheon is going out together. I think that is great if it's true! They have a lot of things in common. Martine seemed lovely and warm when I saw her in talking shaw programme.Hope Bren will have a happy life and they encourage each other's career. Good luck!

x x its all about the cole x x
Glad u all agree with me! Tasha looks really happy with Justin and they're getting engaged, so they must be happy! Brendan ia going to be a judge on the New Zealand version of SCD and hopefully he'll be back for SCD3!!! It won't be the same without him!! Like evryone says things that seem perfect arent always perfect and surely you'd all prefer them both to be with other people and happy than together and living a miserable life??? As long as thy're happy, I'm happy! Luv Char x

Rachel x x
I am glad that Brendan won the 1st series with Natasha,and I hope they both lead happy lives. I hope their is another series and i am your biggest fan!!!!!!!!

I totally agree with Charlotte, if you are real fans of the couple, you will support them whatever they choose to do with their lives.They were incredible together on and off the floor, but if they choose to lead seperate lives,all the best to them.I hope they are still close as friends.Oh and I totally disagree with the person who commented that Natasha never thanked Brendan, because she did on many occasions, so I think you need to re-evaluate there!!All the best to Natasha and Brendan xxx

i heard rumors about tash goin out with som 1 else but i didnt now it was true!!! but what ever b+t do mi will still b their fan xxx

Natasha and Brendan
i agree with charlotte, if u r a real fan, u shud support dem whether u think it is right or wrong. i loved Natasha and Brendan bt it is up 2 them wat they do. i hope they do whatever makes them happy. xx

Someone who thinks they're both amazing
Lets jusy say both Brendan and Natasha are Amazing and I hope they both lead happy lives. Whether that is together, or with different partners. Best Whishes xxx

x x its all about the cole x x
I used to love tash and bren i cant believe they have split! Its like the 2 most perfect ppl are no more! I personally prefer Brendan to Justin by MILES! but then its up to tash... I hope bren finds himself a nice loving girlfriend (pref me lol!) and that he'll be really really happy. Good luck Brendan! Luv Char x

Natasha and Brendan's bigest fan eva
Natasha needs to decide whether she wants Brendan or not. she seems to go for whoever will get her in the newspapers and magasins etc quickest! Brendan likes her and that is obvious but he is been dragged along and used. i like Natasha a lot but i think she needs to make her mind up before loosing everything. hopefully she sees sense and chooses Brendan, her and brendan are brill together. xx

I think Natasha should do what makes her happy. If she loves Justin then good luck to them. I loved Brendan and Natasha and I hope they are both very happy. If you are real fans, you will support them. Good luck to them both, Char x

Used to be the fan of the couple, now fan of only
Very disappointed about Nat. She just can't be alone. She needs somebody to flirt with her! We don't want see the banker (Nats new man. Surprised! he has such a big face!His smile is so scary!)in public, Nat! We can always see banders in any bank.When heard Nat flirted with the man at BAFTA party, I thought She would do it again. She broke long term bander boyfriend's heart by flirting with a TV producer and she did it again! When Nat met Brendan, I thought she have learned and would treasure the relationship with Bren. But I was wrong! She never changes. Basically, I don't care whom "Stupid Nat" is going out. But you never mentioned your appriciation towards Brendan's effort for your dancing. Without the strict teacher, You could't win and could't extend your career.But You never said the words "Thanks to Brendan...". Actually, you are only "News reader".You are very rude. You said "Presenting is much easier" to Bruece when Christmas special. You are not properly a presenter. You have a lot of things to learn! Brendan should have a wise, elegant, warm & beautiful girlfriend(obviously not Nat!)!You had never taken Brendan with you,Nat. But exactly this time, you should hide the new banker boyfriend from public! Beause we don't need to see him. Just be in the world of only you and him.

does ne1 else no dat Natasha is supposed 2 b goin out wid some 1 wid a lot of money bt also lookin 4 a house wid Brendan at da same time?

would just like to say the post under amy cowley going out with daniel cuffe is rubbish I'm one of amy's best friends and its not true!

does any one know how brendan ended up having surgery on some tendom in hais leg? if so, Tell!!!

k i am sorry that i said that cole is not your real surname but because there was this girl called ruth reekie and was talking about that Brendans hers so i thout it was u so sorry but HELLO BODY LANGUGE! they were holding hands at the christmas special and they were praticly kissing at the end of their dance to me thats love and i am happy for them so sorry if i upset u

does any 1 know when SCD 3 is coming because i can't wait!!!! Not looking 4ward 2 SDF because its not going to be az gd as SCD

do u agree?
i think that N + B r made 4 each other. I cant wait 4 them 2 in public again. they shouldn't hide away! im their no 1 fan!!!

a big fun of the couple
Heard that Natasha stormed away from Brendan because he was ogling at Abi Titmuss.Don't be silly. Brendan is a dancer. He is used to seeing nice bodies of female dancers. Probably Abi's breast looked fake as many celebrities have plastic surgery. Don't lose the fantasic guy because of your stupid jealousy. He is not only sexy and good-looking but also wise, mature and sweet. If you have time to feel jealousy, use the time to practice for dancing! You should improve your skill to become a semi-professional dancer at least if you want be a professional presenter for entertainment. It is completely different from news reading! Anyway, I just think B & N are very lucky as they found each other and hope they can appear together in public soon! P.S. BBC should consider to choose a very gorgeous single celebrity for camilla's dance partner next time! Poor girl. Her new dancepartner Ian had affair with Denise.

ruth doesnt no ne more than ne1 else bout Brendan. Natashsa and Brendan r well suited n it is not up 2 ne1 else to decide whether N&B shud or shudnt go out. it is there decision. Natasha may have dumped Brendan 1, it doesnt mean she will do it again. Natasha and brendan rulz!

casey hartley
thank you for the signed autograph. from casey hartley.

amy cowley
hi ruth u r so out of ur leage i tink u stink but brendon cole isn't quite as fit as daniel cuff we r now going out

melanie, Im one of ruths best friend and i don't think your little head is understanding ruth knows more about brendon than anyone else and i think natasha is using brendan so she can get some attention and ruths name is cole its on her birth citificate so poo you so stop slagging off my mates please and how old our you ruth is 16.

Mrs. Ruth Cole
melanie(even though thats not your real first name) i think that you should boil your head. what body language? where have you seen their body language? how do you know that its not me real name? huh? does anybody know when Brendans film, Everything to dance for, is coming out? Natasha Kaplinski smells and Brendan Belongs with ME!!!!! Brendan, please dump Natasha, she dumped you cuz you spent too much time with Sarah. if she has done that then, she will do it again.

i think that brendan cole should go out with sarah manners because she is better than natasha but that is what i think

Ruth Cole(even though thats not your real surname)stop being so out of order b+n dserve each other the only proof we have is their body language and thats all we need

Vanished Brendan??
i agree that they should both just get on with their lives and not worry about what others think. Natasha has not vanished Brendan! good luck to you both, you are very lucky to have found each other. xxxxxxxxx

I phoned brendans agents on wed to book him, only to be told he was away on holiday!!! - natasha is still doing breakfast show so whats going on

why have u vanished Brendan? You should be going to premiers and in all the magazines but, Natasha won't let you out of her sight as she wants you for herself and i can't blame her. you are both lucky to have found each other doesn't matter that you were already with someone, it's very sad but it's happened but how long can you keep yourselves locked away. We are al dying to see you, be proud of being together. Natasha, you are in love with Brendan but time to stop hiding as it looks kinda weird now as we all know he's your fella and basically you are a big fat liar denying him - if i was brendan i'd dump you for making him stay out the spotlight - he needs to be out and about enjoying his moment - you're still out and about and you should be taking him with you.

Ruth Cole
if Brendan and Natasha are moving in together, prove it. im Brendans biggest fan, i went to his panto and it rocked. if they are seriously moving in with each other, prove it as you cant start off rumours like that, its wrong! brendan, if you read this, dont move in with her. she is using you. move in with me. great panto by the way! Brendan Cole Rockz!!!!

I met Brendan (and Natasha) just before the xmas special during his panto rehersals - they looked pretty much together to me. And happy, which is the main thing. Good luck to them, they're fab!

def goin out!
Natasha and Brendan are def seeing each other, Brendan has apparantly admitted it and they have both been shown around a 3 bedroom house! they were acting totally different on wed night at the award thing because when the cameras were on them they acted like freinds as soon as they though the cameras were away from them, they were apparantly all over each other!

Natasha and Brendan
i agree with everyone that it would be great to see Brendan and Natasha back together but i also think that, like Brendan said when asked about him and Natasha at the start of Jan, it is their buisness only, not everyone elses!!! Brendan is fit!!!!!

Natasha and Brendan ROCK!!!!!

Natasha and Brendan
u going out again? i hope so, u 2 are great together!!

B and N
are Brendan and Natasha goin out or not???? i recon they should and just admit that they like each other. in S1 they liked each other but Natasha ignored Brendan's hints and then in the xmas special Natasha was all over Brendan but he ignored her!!!!!! wat is goin on there?!?!?!?!

Brendan and Natasha
i also hope that Natasha and Brendan are back tpgether but if they aren't, i hope they are happy. Also, i hope they don't go out because of what ithers want but also they shouldn't not go out due to what others might say and the fact that it may be all over the magasins. BRENDAN IS FIT!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

girl in white dress
Brendan it was so nice 2 meet u at the film shoot i had alot of fun ur a great guy,so funny and absolutly gorgeous cant believe i meet ya loads x

Top 3 celeb couples S1 and S2
1st - Natasha and Brendan (obviously) 2nd - Alde and Lillia 3rd - Dennise and Ian

Lets hope they are together but if they're not i just hope they're both very happy.If they're good friends thats great too!And yes Brendan is GORGEOUS and an incredible dancer xxx

Jill and Darren V Natasha and Brendan
Jill would never have beaten Natasha if they had had the same amount of thime to practice in the xmas special and the other reason she did was because of the amount people she works with, obviously they voted for her. it was the Same in S1, Chris Parker should have been in the final, nut due to also working in Eastenders, he did!!

Brendan and Camillia were not suited, Brendan is 2 good for her! She was in your face all the time and Brendan would be better off with Natasha!!! Cammilia was a very good dancer and should of stuck with Brendan at dancing but Ian is also very good and i just hope Brendan finds a better dancer than Camillia and goes and beats them!!!!!!

Brendan and Natasha back together??
i REALLY hope that N+B do get back together because they are great together and Brendan so knows how to treat a lady. Natasha and Brendan shouldn't have split up. i recon they are soo well suited and should ignore all the magasin comments and go out! Natasha should have kissed Brendan in the xmas special at the end of their dance, as it was obvious she wanted to! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

yeh i read that! I so hope it's true! Dey r perfec! Dey were also seen kissin backstage at cinderella!!! Go N+B!!! Luv Char xxxxxxxxxxx p.s. brendan is SO HOT!!!!!!!

Brendan and Natasha are back together!!!!apparently they are going to buy a house together and have been seen holding hands!!hope it's true because they make a great couple!! luv melxxxxx(brendan is FIT!)

Sarah and Brendan and Natasha
sarah was a fab dancer and could have done better in the 2nd series but was to busy saying 'i can't, i'm not as good as Natasha' which was true as Natasha was Fab. Sarah should have tried harder to win and not just complained to Brendan. Brendan should have done better for putting up with her!!! xxxxxxxx

Natasha and Brendan
Natasha and Brendan are much better suited then Brendan and Camilla. Camilla is just jealous of Natasha because Natasha is so much nicer than her but Natasha and Brendan also shouldnt have spilt up because Sarah was flirting with Brendan on the show and it was very obvious and Brendan had to spend alot of time with Camilla for practice. Natasha and Brendan r the best!

Sarah CHCH
I just have to say I am proud to have had lessons with Brendan at Colleen Murrays in CHCH and my aunty is best friends with his mum! hehe He is a great dancer and a down to earth guy.It's sad you and Camilla split!!We havent had the SCD series over here yet!! PS - Brendan come back to Christchurch and visit again!

Brendan and Natasha rule!
they may not have won the xmas special but we all know that they deserverd to. Natasha didn't have as long to practice as the others and as Len said on the show, they haven't been dancung week after week like the other couples. NATASHA AND BRENDAN RULE 4EVER!

Brendan and Natasha
they are the best dancers ever!! their DVD rules!! u need to buy it!! x

Brendan-the 'kiwi dance ace' and the 'dancing god', the man is a living legend and is absolutely gorgeous-him and natasha are perfect together and their DVD is amazing-if you havent bought it,then buy it now!u will love it!What a fantastic dance pair and Brendan is an incredible dancer, the best. xx

I think Brendan and Natasha should have won the Christmas special! Jill and Darren were great but Natasha only had a few days practice co Bendan was in the panto. He would definitely be my Prince Charming! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Brendan and Natasha
Bendan and Natasha should go out because they are so well suited.

Brendan and Natasha
Breandan and Natasha deserved to win the 1st series if scd and deserved to win the xmas special because they are the best! Jill maybe a very good dancer but has also got 12 years dancing background.

I also happen to strongly agree that Brendan may well be one of the most gorgeous guys on the planet, however more importantly he is an incredible dancer, choreographer and a true inspiration.I havent seen a dancer that puts in as much passion into a dance as he does and that must make him one of the best.Brendan you are a 'dancing god' like a certain Miss.Kaplinsky said...take care and be happy xxx

luv ya brendan xXxXx
1st of all i think brendan cole is a STUNNER!! but the main reason i'm writin is 2 say that i hope BRENDAN and NATASHA KAPLINSKY are havin an affair cos i think they look GREAT together. i think people should stop givin them a hard time about it. i know its a shame that camilla was left with no-one but did no-one see her throw herself at roger black? she was all over him like a rash.

I hate you brendan you are a crap dancer, i am well better than you. Ha ha you marshmallow

Brendan Cole is so good looking.If they ever do a scd teens i am so gonna enter and hopefully dance with Brendan!!!!

Brendan Cole, I happen to strongly believe that you are THE MOST gorgeous guy on the planet, I think you are an amazing dancer and I struggle to believe that you did not get full marks for you amazing paso! Was incredibly traumatised when you and sarah were voted off, even more so when they kept showing the moment on "it takes two" will definately be voting for you and natasha tonight! Love you lotsXXX

brendan is fit
he is so sexy i love him evenn more science that evenesence dance mwaxxx(must b gr8 in bed)

Charlie LOVES Brendan Cole x x x
Good luck to the best couple ever 2 come out of Striclt Come Dancing- Brendan and Natasha. I'll be voting 4 u on the xmas special!! Brendan u r the most gorgeous guy that ever lived- every time I see you I melt!!!!!! Shall we all make a top 3 of the fittest male dancers on SCD?? Mine is 1-Brendan Cole (obviously stunning) 2- Ian Waite (he is one elegant guy-wow!) 3-Anton Du Beke (not every1's choice but he's charming!)

l love brendan, i still love him as much as i did be4 the sarah thing

chantelle webb
brendan cole is mine forever he is so great i would l;ove the chance to meet him!i know all of you say hes great and everything but apparently he is a mean man wen it come to dancing!i never knew camilla was with ian oh my god!!!!!at the moment i am taking ballrioom dance lessons and i hope to become a ballroom dancer as a future job wen im older its my dream!!!i love you brendan be minhje

Brendan Cole
im glad you like Ian. he is a fantastic dancer but he does not know how to treat a lady. he may dance with my ex girlfriend and i dont have anything against him but he is a bit mean. i like the guy but he told Deniss that she wasnt imporoving. thats just tight. i would never do that. Vote for me and natasha, Brendan xxx

roger black lover
yeah brendan is hot but he's nothing like ian!!!! ian treats women right!!! just look at him and camilla now, brendan's just annoyed that he lost her to ian!! but yeah you can't deny he's real hot!

Ruth Reekie
i love Brendan Cole and if there is anybody else who thinks that they have got sa chance with him,news flash, you dont. he is mine so... i feel that it was Sarahs fault that they werevoted out and that he coped really well with her 'no can do' attitude.

Ruth Cole
i love Brendan Cole! he is my future husband! kiss my ass, he is MINE! if you think you have a chance with him, go to hell. he is property of Ruth. Hands off! lets get some posters of him! chheck out! RR4BC

a brendan lover
I am in love with Bredan!!! He's so amazing! He's a fantastic dancer -i was soooo upset when they got voted out! He's cute too.. i want more piccies! i love so much

A Brendan lover
I am in love with Bredan!!! He's so amazing! He's a fantastic dancer -i was soooo upset when they got voted out! He's cute too.. i want more piccies!

i luv brendan cole
brendan is the best dancer in the world and i laughed so hard when anton said he was gonna kick b's ass and then got voted out before him in both series hahaha its funny OKAY i love that dirty dancing dance that him and natasha did and i think sarah is a total bitch 4 not tryin if she put sum effort in they could have won. i hope him being voted out didnt discourage him so hell come bak in the next one. it just wouldnt b the same without him now would it? and ian is such a brendan wanna b just look at him and compare them its creepilly similar p.s i luv brendans latin dance he can most def move his hips wooo hooo and my god he has a body like a god who doesn't lust after him i mean seriously?

i think that natasha and brendan should go out because they would make a good couple plus brendan is so sexy i wish he was mine steph mason

brendan is an amazing dancer she was a let down hes so fit give me more pics of him!!!

sarah 4 brendan
i think that brendan and natasha were great in series one and i wish they would do thier own show and i think thayt brendan is the most cutest man in the world

Leanna Horne
Brendan is Fab, but here's a task for him, i'm in a wheelchair and am v. into ballroom so could he choreograph something that would fit my chair in?

Rebecca Lucas Aged 11 and 3 quarters i am from COM
Hey brendan ur the sexiest man in my t.v in my room in my house in my street in my town in my city in my country in my continent in MY yes i said MY WORLD soon i will take over EVEIL LAUGH HA HA HA HA HA HA I LOVE EVRYBODY AND especially u u sexy reader.even though i cant see u. but u see i am smrt i mean 2 go and talk 2 some celebs ciya all when i take over the world evil laugh again HA HA HA HA AH

Brendan put too much pressure on Sarah. His low self esteem ruined that partnership. He has to stop worrying about how people view him compared to the celeb he's teaching. AND he's got to stop SWEARING at women!!! Brendan, you are a brilliant dancer, but you're not the best teacher - you let your emotions get in the way. Better luck for the next series.

Becca and Sarah- Brendan's No.1 fans!
WE LOVE BRENDAN MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE!!! cant believe he's gone from SCD! sarah was crap 4 letting him down n not trying! p.s. omg wot a body!!! when is the nxt series!!!??? xxxxxxx

absolutely loved brendans dancing esp. the paso. Hope he does a the third series. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I LOVE BRENDAN COLE!!! he shouldn't have been kicked off on saturday. i would KILL to dance his paso, and as for that! if you read this brendan, marry me!

suzanne and eve
we think brendan is so gd lookin and that someday day he will teach us how to dance! we love u brendan, suzanne and eve xXxXxXx

suzanne and eve
we think brendan is so gd lookin and that someday day he will teach us how to dance! we love u brendan, suzanne and eve xXxXxXx

OMG! how fit is brendan!!!!!he's sooooo sexy, especially wen he's dancin, looks so natural, i kno i wudnt mind bein thrown around by him. he so shudda won agen, even if it was jst 4 his looks!!!!! Brendan love u loads, natz x-x-x

jemma 4 brendan
your a sex bomb

please please teach me to dance i so want you 2. you are amazing

Have you ever seen a guy as sexy as Brendan??-I know I haven't


Brendan should win again he is so gorgeous can't take my eyes off him when he is on TV, I really hope he gets into the final again

Rachel Jefferies
Cor, does anyone else go weak at the knees at the thought of brendan throwing u around in the paso doble...or mebbe the raunchy rumba?? mmm!

Ashleigh and Eve
We thonk Brendan is sooooo sexy and we love his face when he is tryin 2 look angry it is just sooo cute.we love you Brendan

lauren marcham
i love brendan cole he is the love of my life but this series i have to vote for my personal dance teacher ian waite hes the best teacher ever and he desrves to win cos he is the best at ballroom and latin

Hey everyone Brendan is a great dancer i admit but Julian was just as good if not better on saturday!!! and should have got an 8! Lets be fair. I acnt really say Brendan is that good looking in my eyes anyway! But Brendan hunny hes gonna have to work with sarah a lot to get her up to Jill's level. love vicki x

Chantelle Haywood
I think Brendan is super gorgeous!!!! He's is an amazing dancer! xxxx

Brendan is so sexy. i ;ove him in SCD. he is also an amazing dancer and to me he is an inspiration

Brendan Cole is an amazing dancer. He may specialise in Latin American dancing but looks just as fantastic doing Ballroom. His choreography is a joy to watch plus the fact he is gorgeous

brendan is sex on legs

i think Brendan cole is a hottie!

samantha blake
Brendan should win again he is mega cute. ( vote for Brendan and Sarah)

Emily Watmough
I think for Sarah and Brendan should win their are the best dancers on the programme and very impress with Sarah and follow the lead. and you guys are the best

I enjoyed watching the show on saturday.I feel sorry for Sarah thow becasue she was so nervous, i know how that feels because i,ve been dancing since i was little and i got very very nervous but you do get over them or at least learn how to control them so they don't get in your way.Brenden you just need to give Sarah a bit more time and she will get better!I hope you get to the finally or win.Love you brenden and Sarahxxx

I love watching brendan dance. he is just so lovely. i want him to win despite having sarah as his partner!! can i be his partner in the next series??!!

I enjoyed watching your show. I think you both did very well, I feel sorry for Sarah because she has a nerves energy, she should try and concentrate on her dancing and relax. If she done that, you both will win. Good luck!!

Jessica Middlecote
I think Brendan Cole should win again (plus he is REALLY good lookin :)

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