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13 November 2014

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Wiltshire's Ghostbusters

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The PSI team

The PSI team

Wiltshire Ghosthunters

A Swindon-based ghost-hunting team is determined to uncover strange phenomena in spooky Wiltshire.

Paranormal Site Investigators (PSI) is a group recently founded by Swindon-based ghostbusters Nicky Sewell and Dave Wood.

They are dedicated to researching and investigating paranormal phenomena in the county and the group's ultimate aim is to add to the current debate within the field of paranormal research by hopefully gathering and critically assessing hard evidence.

Nicky Sewell explained her reasons for founding the organisation: "I developed an interest in the paranormal when I saw my first ghost at the age of six in the Channel Islands where I grew up. 

"I have been actively investigating for the last two years in another area of the country.  When  we moved to Wiltshire we established Paranormal Site Investigators to regularly investigate Wiltshire's many haunted places. 

"The response we have had has been phenomenal; many venues have come forward wanting rational, scientific analysis of their building."

PSI has already conducted investigations in numerous places around Wiltshire including pubs, hotels, tourist attractions and stately homes.  During these investigations, the team use a range of monitoring equipment to scientifically monitor phenomena, as well as utilising spiritual techniques and mediums.

They then provide the venue's owners with a record of all activity experienced and recorded, any photographic evidence and a historical research report of the venue, married with any relevant findings.

There are no proton packs for these ghostbusters however, the heavy duty equipment PSI uses to record their findings includes camcorders with infrared boosters, digital cameras, 35mm cameras, electro-voice phenomena (EVP) recorders, electro-magnetic frequency  motion sensors and laser temperature gauges.

Their investigations have already borne fruit as co-founder Dave Wood explained: "I was understandably sceptical when I first got involved," he said. "But since then I have experienced everything from dark figures to movement of objects. 

"We hope to contribute to the level of evidence of the paranormal and maybe one day find real proof of the existence of ghosts."

PSI has a core team of 10 investigators who participate in each investigation.  Some core members have been involved for a short period of time, whilst others have upwards of 10 years experience in the field.

The group is committed to widening participation and access within the paranormal research.  Membership is free of charge and members are invited to apply to become ‘guest investigators’. 

This will allow members of the public – following a vetting process – to participate in a paranormal investigation. For further information about how to get involved, visit the PSI website by clicking the link on the right.

Nicky and Dave have agreed to provide BBC Wiltshire with exclusive reports from their upcoming investigations which will include detailed information on their findings and photos.

Click the link on the right to read a report of their investigation of The Red Lion pub in Avebury on 1st October 2004.

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created: 27/10/2004

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i have never witnessed anything my self but members of the family have such as when my uncle past away his grand children were running around petrified saying that he was chasing them .

Shelly Seager
My fiance and me went to Germany to meet his grandmother whom I had never met before as we were getting married the following month. In the early hours of the morning as I was lying in bed, I became aware of someone close up to my face. As I opened my eyes I saw a man's face, wearing what appeared to be a white panama hat. As I stared back in shock, the face disappeared. I looked around the bedroom and looked down to see that my fiance was fast asleep. When I told him the following morning, he said"that was my grandfather .. and he used to wear a white panama hat!". His grandad had passed away 12 years

Shelly Seager
I have witnessed a ghost back in Germany (my husband's grandfather). I have always been interested in the paranormal and I have to say have watched Most Haunted since it started. I would love to participate in any forthcoming investigations. Kind Regards, Shelly (Dorset)Email:

Natasha Green
Hi all i love anything paranormal I have had many experiences and could right a book on it so much has happened lol but im looking for a partner, with knowledge and experience on the paranormal. Looking for a ghost hunter partner(s) if interested email me sleep tight :) x x

terry smith swindon
i am interested in bridget dawkins request for a ghost partener

christina faircloth
I love the thought of there being something more to us than just death at the end of the road. I am a true beleiver of spirits and have had a few experiences myself. One spookiest to my mother - when i was younger i was sat at my grans tables with my aunt, mum and gran and her friend. I was the only one who could see my aunt as she had been killed a year earlier but she was sat there appearing to me clear as day as though she were part of the convo. It freaked everyone out when i asked why no one was talking to her! Also had spooky experiences at home which my partner and parents have also witnessed from hearing children in my bedroom to having the shower come on by itself to seeing a man walk up out back path but not reach the back doors to haveing the back door ahndle pushed down and flung open. Never a dull moment here!

Bridget Dawkins
Hi I love spiritual things like evp ghost hunting, i live in Swindon and i am looking for someone to be a ghost partner.

katie dredge
hi i used to work in the kings head in chitterne and i know it used to be 4 cottages but one was knocked down many years ago. but sone evenings when i was setting up on my own i am sure that something used to catch me out the corner of my eye (to that i can only describe as a black shadow) behind the bar coming from the cellar id love to go ghost hunting

im clinton in chippenham and would love to join your group,i have a number of ghostly voices caught on my mobile,yes mobile recorder n loaded on to my laptop if your interested in hearing n seeing my clips,call 07846408501 anytime ok.

i dont see nout

When working in the kingfisher centre in redditch i worked at night i saw a man in a long black coat i did speak to him as i had just moped the floor he smiled and walked into the laddies toilet i called the securty guards but could not find him i know that part of the kingfisher is built on a grave yard and they could not get most of the graves no one will walk upstairs at night as there have been a few sigtens of monks up there and its not a good feeling even with the lights on

I am only a school kid but when i was younger my mum worked at a hotel called Stanton Manor. I used to stay there most nights where my mum and I always felt as though a spirit was always there. It would be really cool if you could check it out.

I am only a school kid but when i was younger my mum worked at a hotel called Stanton Manor. I used to stay there most nights where my mum and I always felt as though a spirit was always there. It would be really cool if you could check it out.

Will Barton
I am very interested in the paranorma and have seen a ghost with a friend in essex, i would like to join the team if possible. thanks will

Darren from swindon
Hi there i have problem i have a Spirit in my house whos touching me and all sorts and its freaking me out can you help or do you know any one who can do Cleansing and close the fortex 01793 827616

please do another investigation soon i have read all the others at least twice.

Hello there all who are interested in ghosts and the paranormal. Myself and my two brothers, are investigators, nothing too fancy but have investigated 5 places in and sround Bristol, and wish to know of anywhere we can stay to continue with our interests. It seems years ago people would give you money to stay somewhere haunted, but now they are using it to make an absolute fortune!!, due to prices in excess of £100 per night Per person, or places which are only open to the public until 6pm, we are struggling to seek anywhere to stay. This really is frustrating as every year we stay somewhere and so far this year we are stuck!! please can any one leave comments regarding places to stay, as we need a little help from our friends!!! thanksX

Dave Wood
Dear Paul, You can contact us through to send us any photos. You can also read our Ram Inn report at: Best wishes, Dave Wood

paul harris
folowing a visit to the ancient ram inn we have amazing photo's including orbs in the barn and a ghost face in a glass panel of Mr Humphries back door. Can you please advise us on who can help us understand this strange phenomena. Thank you.

mark fenn
i saw it sarah about a week ago when i was walkin home with aleks my girlfriend i seen it in a split secound i was shocked

sarah woodward
After visiting the red lion pub at avebury on 09.06.05 And capturing A large strange mist over this steal embedded figurine of the lion, I am over welmed that i think i have captured some strange phenomena on camera. I am contacting the local press tomorrow, A i feel this should be on the front page of the paper. If you wish to see the pic e mail me on

i think that what this group does is extremly interesting and one day i would love to do the same

You are in: Wiltshire > Moonraking > Spooky > Wiltshire's Ghostbusters > Wiltshire Ghosthunters

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