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24 September 2014

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David Ginola
David Ginola

David Ginola’s secret Wiltshire spa

David Ginola's top secret retreat for celebs, hidden in the depths of Wiltshire, is featured in a BBC3 documentary on Sunday night.

David Ginola, that French hunk with the lovely hair, has opened an exclusive A-lister retreat at a secret location in Wiltshire.

Since giving up football Ginola has taken a completely different path in life and now runs a spa for sickly celebs.

"The Centre is very important to me.  It’s about trust… it’s about truth.”"
David Ginola

Known as The Centre it's a place where a hush-hush list of the rich and famous can go to relax, unwind and follow The Centre's mantra of Be Well, Be Safe, Believe.

Completely shrouded in secrecy David has, until now, been keeping mum on the details and location of his hideaway.

But with the leak of rare promotional material to the public Ginola has agreed to let cameras in for the very first time.

"The Centre is very important to me," says the French sportsman. "It's about trust... it's about truth."


Ginola has given exclusive access to TV presenter, Eamonn Holmes, and a BBC camera crew to shoot footage for the upcoming, hour-long documentary David Ginola: Secrets and Lies.

According to Eamonn:

"This is a man who believes he has a gift and anyone who meets him, knows this to be true."

Showing on BBC 3 on Sunday 19 September at 9pm, David Ginola: Secrets and Lies may prove to be the only place to see life behind the doors of the Frenchman's newest and most fascinating project nestled in the Wiltshire countryside.

last updated: 15/09/04
Have Your Say

Aww leave the hair tossing hunk alone! hehe

and bobs my uncle!!!!!!!!!
it's about time a lot of u people wake up & stop sniffing ur way 2 oblivion!!!open ur eyes for a while & actually have a look around 2 c what is goin on.cant comprehend how many people are not able 2 tell the difference between half truths,propaganda,blatant lies & control of the world at large etc etc......why dont u all get ur chips implanted & make it a whole lot easier for the rest of us LO REAL REAL LO

lee kowalczyk
it was very good for me it help me a lot

Ross Lamonby
I had took google wack it, because i couldent work out what it was, a comedy, doc, or as it turns out both.

The TRUTH is out there
This documentary was purposely made to take the mick out of itself. This was done to cover up the real TRUTH. There really is a Centre and it was on the point of being exposed. They decided to expose themselves by shooting a tongue in cheek documentary.

great show....come back to the toon david we love you

What a documentary!!! I am french and at first I did think Ginola was getting crazy, but as the docu was going, I understood where it was leading us to... a fake! hehehe. Well done BBC3! Get more of French at

Its real, i signed up last week for treatment and saw David and lots of other celebs (sworn to secrecy though). Cost a fortune as well!

David Ginola
I wish to promote The Centre by offering 1 free pass to The Centre to a member of the public. To be considered for the offer, please add comments to this blog suggesting why you think any documentary is true/real, any news broadcast is accurate and not opinionated/bias, any polititian etc. is right/truthful, why we think anything is right or wrong, why we belive in religion for example etc. etc. The best comments will be reviewd by me and announced on my website.

Doe's anyone know when this will be shown again?

My friend Jo is convinced that this program was for real. Even after seeing this web site she still insists its real! What a shmuck!

Don't watch whilst experimenting with mind altering mushrooms! very freaky, espeacially love the guy he saved at age twelve, classic!

saw it last night, probably a repeat. how weird, thought i was abit 'touched up' and fake in bits. Seemed like it was an extra's bit in the office, though it was really entertaining. visit my site @

Simon Munro, Leeds.
What a program!! Three is the magic number after all! Good work.

Fantasic idea, A self styled Guru for the Cult Of Celebrity, excellent. I'm already having to convince my coleagues it was a spoof, just like the "Dale's Wedding" and "Sex, Lies And Michael Aspel" mockumentaries before it. I'm off to set myself up as the self styled Guru for the Cult of Corporate Managers, or judging from those taking offence at being taken in, perhaps Cult of the Gullible ;)

Great spoof. wooden enough to be real

jesus the saviour
If you are very mashed this is well good.was well confused for ages and mate who knew what was going on made us think it was real and got us really scared that there was a massive conspiracy.think anthea turner is well fit.and gerard houllier was very out of order too villify david ginola for what he did.merry christmas evrybody and a happy new year

I believed it and when I saw steo (Gately) I was like OMG STEO it must be true... but it wasnt hehehehe naughty boy ;)

anouar from la seyne sur mer
it's the 19th of december 2004, it just watched the documentory by chance and I thought that was true. Pretty good performance from david!

It puzzles me why the celebs would make this kind of leaves me with a bad taste, as if the celebs are amusing themselves, getting their own back on the public for the seeming interest in their lives.

missed the beginning of it but was captivated till the end. So unreal that it could have been real. Don't agree that it was a waste of licence payers money. I was going on about it all day untill I logged on here. Do I feel stupid!?!? Great T.V. Whistleblowers acting was terrible and def the biggest giveaway.

Watched a late viewing of this with a mate when we were totally drunk, very entertaining!

Anne Williams
Flicked on to the repeat on BBC3 and was hooked, originally wondered why BBC were doing a documentary on David Ginola in the first place (looks good but not the most prolific footballer in Premiership history), then during the last 15 minutes started to get it. Had to do a searh on the web though to make sure he isn't some sort of holistic mind bender! Great entertainment, quite agree with one of the blokes who said beats Bid-Up TV anytime!

The cheap and cheerful Ginola "documentary" was a waste of licence fee revenue and another indication that the BBC is going down the drain.

It all seemed so real to start, but then such a glamourous spoof. Just watched it 11th Dec, and yes i did have to check to see how real this was. But, is this a cover up for something that really happens with celebs that u dont hear of anymore......

I was most offended the way they didn't say it wasn't real, some people out there are gonna be really mentally effected by that. Think about it guys... perhaps the best way to cover up 'the centre' if it was being leaked would be to make a slightly obvious fake documentry on it! Ask yourselves that question? Keep searching the centre is out there. Ginolla is your personal JC

I can't believe some people who had watched this the whole way through thought it was real. What do your people do for a living?, give money to pyramid schemes?. Was fooled for no time at all. Good acting by david. The reason some of the acting was so bad was to allow people with half a brain to work it out if they hadn't already. For the ones who didn't, i'll have a big mac meal, super size.

brilliant, ginola was fantastic, if not a little creepy.... but having just sust that the whole michael aspel doc was a fraud i am gutted beyond belief. some might say gullable. i would say extremely so. well you win some and you lose some. bbc, you just won my vote. i'm off tomorrow to go a buy a tv license, cos with thought provoking stuff like this i am more than willing to pay for the privelage of getting my brain in gear.....makes you think though about scientology. that really gos on!

Jim Hobbs
I thought it was true at first, well we were told it was a documentary, but it would only be interesting if it was possibley true, otherwise it would be very boring,(I watched the lot!)save the spoofs for April 1st, we already have enough trouble working out the truth with Blair , Bush etc.

benny boy
I can't believe people resent the notion of a spoof.It tricked me for about 20 minutes, but the whistleblower and sidekick were lame. Bon chance Burnside!Seemed like ali g meets bo selecta, meets martin bashir!! Its only after watching it all that you say oh yeah. There would be that little bit of doubt if you flicked. More please!!!

this one of the most original pieces of drama ive seen all year well done everyone involved

missed the first part but got into it. entertaining def ! some moments gave me nagging doubts and hence here i am too trying to find out teh truth so i can have a peaceful night. only thing is, hope that people who are into new age therapies (and there is alot of benefit in meditation). ah well , i can go to sleep peacefully. enjoyed it !

Richy Murphy
Just came on to this site to settle a hundred euro bet. My friend must feel so humiliated. When the people in the Centre were hugging the trees, that convinced us. Very good television.

Why is bbc3 the only decent tv channel these days? This was great fun and quite convinving for a while. The "candid" shots did it for me.

Pete Waterman
A very excellent documentary ( not ). The ending was classic with good ole Max with the bracelet! Being in the lookalike bizo, I am supremely impressed and its given a bucket of material

Rick Vine
Excellent programme, I thought the whole thing was real until about 20 mins to go. Well done BBC.

Yes Simon - it was all for real. You're sharper than a Mach 3 Turbo. How come you didn't use your full title, "Prof. Simon Byrne"?

Paul Cardin
A bit patchy - had its moments... but came nowhere near the VIZ documentary of many moons ago which set the standard and had many fooled right up until the totally outlandish ending. I agree, Ginola was the most convincing and had loads of presence, but even he came nowhere near.... blah blah blah

Ginola has been crap ever since he left newcasle united ... but he has to make mone some how!!

Johnny Bee
Don't moan about the way the money's spent. This was good tv. What do you prefer brits on holiday or scrapping with the local cops ?

Can't believe no one has mentioned Arsene Wenger, he is the one that had me fooled - I was nearly prepared to believe everything just because of him. Can't believe he did this. great stuff

Fantastic. Enjoyed every minute of it so shut up about wasting the license fee! Smelt like a spoof but was so surreal I wanted it to be true. The David Ginola Coffee shop in India was a great touch...

sheer class ! im not gullible , and didnt see the michael aspel version but i was hooked until last 10-15 minutes , thats quality television a programme thats asks questions of what u beleive to be true and using a non actor like david david was excellent ( he was great by the way standby for tv film offers) the whistle blower was poor , shame that . i havint thought so much about a programme for years

Heh heh, its not just me then, it wasn’t till the second half of the programme I started to doubt what I was watching. After looking at this web site I realise I wasn’t going completely mad and it was in fact a fast. As previous comments reiterate, some of the acting was pretty bad including the footage where they pretend they can’t see the cameras, but hay a good night’s entertainment especially for an avid spurs and Ginola fan (who was by far the best actor in the show). Well done bb3!!

porky pig
The truth shell set you free And David is a god,people of all walks of life following what he has to say,hmmm im sure Ive herd all that before from a footballer sportsman in the past? ring any bells?

I think this was actually a missed opportunity. It was convincing in so many ways: Ginola, Eamon Holmes for two. However the ham acting of the whistleblower and the right hand man gave it away. Nice idea badly executed. As for those complaining GET A LIFE. TV should challenge and if you were fooled for half the programme then have a strong word with yourself


100% entertaining - Why the slagging off? Can't everyone see it was simply a mockumentary - with the clever twist of using 'non actors' to add authenticity! Yes I agree David's right hand man and The Whistleblower were dreadful actors, but hats off to Ginola, Gately, Turner, Middlemiss and Co. for brightening up my evening. Was it a waste of licence payers money? Give over, not at all, Television is all about entertaining, you know the old saying - "If you don't like it, switch off or switch over!" Yes towards the end the camera angles and secret whispers appeared worse, but I still found it amusing, I caught the repeat on late night BBC3, much better than Bid-Up TV or QVC! Hats off to Ginola, he provided some SERIOUS moments for a non actor - much better than Vinny Jones!

Quality bit of entertainment! Laughed and chuckled at Ginola's 'mystical' qualities, not least the effect he has on the ladies. Main thing that gave it straight away was Harewood's plank like acting. Still, I was thinking about it enough to come on here and see what the story was. I can't believe people are slating it. Blah blah, taxpayers money, blah. Lighten up a bit. If you didn't want to watch it, should have 'turned over'.

brilliant stuff

Nothing is what it seems anymore,not even the BBC, Is this really what we pay our tv licenses for? Its like the 2000 presidental elections over again. as for the land mines plug, HRH the princess of wales was all for ending that as well, so the goddess diana and the god david, are were they really on the same agenda?.

David Ginola was superb, by far the best performer in this excellent show. I now see why he had such a philosphical approach to defending!

It was very well done I thought, tv documentries have gaps, and it did. Also, as people weren't 'acting' (well, that was the intention to the viewer anyway) it was quite convincing I thought. Waste of license-fee? It's personal opinion whether you like things like that or not, just because you didn't 'want it to be made' doesn't mean other folk didn't, open your mind up pal.

what are you people on great veiwing if it was sooooo bad why watch it? had me hooked to the box for an hour , but the dude who played the shifty bloke gave it away bad acting other wise grrrrreat!!!!!!!!!

Danny Bembridge
Total Comdey Genius! Enough Said...

I was half convinced until I saw some dodgy pics of Tony Robbins with Davids head stuck on them. That's when I started to get suspicious. Then I noticed some of the other pics - like the Dalia Lama pic were also fakes - lol. Also the dates were all over the place. How could Eamon Holmes be doing GMTV in the late 80's when it wasn't launched until 1993 ???

Dr D.Fisher
One giveaway was Ginola's comment that Ellison (Burnside from The Bill) could not paint before he went there. Ellison has long had a parallel career as an illustrator of childrens' books!

what a waste of our money!! and then lie to us and say it is a documentary!! even the repeats don't tell us the truth. absolute crap

hey this was something that everyone has had some sort of response here too!we were fooled to certain extent, thanks to the bbc my mind switched on and did question the reality of it, if only for a short while!

John Brown
Good Spoof. HAd me and my friends convinced for the first ten minutes before the doubts crept in. If you can suss it straight away, then you can't trust anything you see. There had to be a touch of wooden acting as they had to give the game away somehow. If it convinced everyone, how would they feel ? Nobody likes being lied to and falling for it. As for a waste of time, trying to work out whether it was a spoof or not got me thinking, which few of these so-called "life improvement" that litter the daytime schedules programmes ever could. BBC Three does it again.

Charles Jo
Very interesting until a young Ginola talked a guy out of jumping off the Eiffel tower then I knew it was a piss-take.

For the first half of this great piece of entertainment I was totally dumbfounded. I just could not believe what I was watching! Do all those B list celebs really feel so insecure? The acting by David Harewood and from the whistleblower (sorry I didnt catch his name) gave the game away. What was really cheesy was the secret whispers they supposedly caught on camera. But hey, well done. It caught the attention of lots of people and therefor a success for the producers and for BBC3. It does make you wonder though..........

It is a bit unbelievable to think that celebraties with so much money would be so insecure and easily lead. It did seem to be a bit of a waste of time though - why make up such a story? and why make us pay for it to be filmed?

I only caught the last half of the program and was fascinated; constantly asking myself "Is this real?, Surely Not?" I came down to 60/40 it must be a fake or bad journalism or something and was really disturbed. It is now 3:30 in the morning and I am on the 'net checking it out. Thank heavens it is a spoof. But now I must ask myself simply "Why?".

Watched About 3 minutes before i realised something wasnt quite right, Thought Ginola was just a little too creepy thought he was going to savage poor alice beer at one point!

1am. caught this half way through while channel hopping and got stuck on it thinking what a nice guy. Nagging doubts forced me to check the web before i could go to bed - thank goodness i found this site - night night!

Wiltshire? More like Eltham Palace in London to me. Worth the leg-pull, though for seeing that gorgeous Frenchman on our screens again!


I have just watched the repeat of this on BBC3, obvioulsy a spoof had me going for at least half the programme tho !! And as you can see had to check on the net to ensure it werent true ! What gave it away was the Guru in India who openend the 'David Ginola Coffee Plaza' - What class !! One of the best wind ups i've seen in a while !

Realised it wasn't for real about half way through. It wasnt David Ginola's acting (he's much better than Eric Cantona)but the whistle blower and Davids' left hand mans' acting that gave it all away. Not only is Ginola gorgeous but he can act. Amusing spoof and slightly addictive viewing for me. Well done.

They didn't even bother to dress up Eltham Palace to LOOK like Wiltshire. The dialogue was SO scripted. Unconvincing, unfunny, made the Michael Aspel version seem like good licence fee value.

Yes, and there really is a Double Decker bus on the moon. (which is made of cheese)

Das Ringmeister
Just had to check out this was true . Shouldn't have smoked any herbal relaxant

John Lindsay
Excellent stuff watched it twice, the terrible acting by so called actors and the phots of David superimpossed on real pics was the giveaway

Caught this programme half way through and was completely confused and needed to find out what it was about. So came on to the website and then have read other comments and now know I'm not the only one, very strange!

Brilliant entertainment, just the right balance early in the programme, really nice moment for me when the penny dropped, David is an excellent actor. Really fab programme well done.

True? - definitely not. Captivating? - yes, it had me glued to the TV set, but it was given away by the acting which was the most wooden i've seen since pinocchio!

Will Simpson
Ginola for president!! The French should send him over and take their statue of liberty back. Quality acting by the big man!!

Ginola II
I thought this program was quite clever actually. I was convinced for at least half the show that it was genuine. The acting was the first give-away, and then the subtle behind shot actions were the second thing to make me think it wasn't all above board. I thought the shot at the end with the guy handing the tapes over to Mr Clifford, and the camera focussing on his "centre" wrist-band was excellent. It was basically a Uk "Bob Roberts" type documentary. Good stuff.

Very good, had me fooled for about 10 minutes, loved the fish soup scene, David wasn't that bad an actor. Rosbeef will be a real treat I'm sure. I wonder how many people took this seriously. Just think how many Spurs fans there are out there, after all they still seem to take Tottenham seriously

JP Sibille
Great show! Captivating - maybee a pity that it wasn't true!

What a waste of the license fee.

Ben Mayes
Very funny programme - the sheer guessing at points had me hooked for the whole hour :-)

This was brilliant, I was totally hooked in the beginning. The bits that made me laugh out loud were in the background were an out of focus person looked at the camera and then scurried off. The actor that played the whistle blower was crap and gave the game away. The ending was hilarious. I too have spent time trawling the net to see if he does have a hideaway. The truth could be stranger than fiction.

pierre-jean B
man, that was a disgrace, being french i couldn not believe what i was shown... We never heard of Ginola walking on the eiffel tower to save this guy... or else in France. I do think that more interesting issues should be documented rather than making David richer... sickening ! no wonder no one wants to pay tv licence in uk anymore. The biggest joke in that documentary?? i ll tell u, bloody gerard houllier coaching the french national team, he s the murderer, not david. But it was indeed a terrible pass to Cantona that night... david mate, give up, ur finished...

The Prophet Mohammed
This was a very interesting and thought provoking documentary. could you please provide me witht he address of The Centre so I can join! It certainly beats Islam!!

Sarah the Scamp!!!
Gave the game away when all the talking was done by Ginola and the actors there, rather than any of the 'TV presenters' and the rest of the 'who are they's'!!!! Don't watch it if you have high blood pressure - Ginola's arrogance will just wind you up and make it worse!!!! My Mum definately enjoyed the visual side of Ginola though!!

My partner watched this programme on sunday and told me about it, so we watched the repeat on monday night, must admit i was fooled, but then when i woke this morning i could'nt stop thinking about it, so many things contradicted each other,and then i realised it was a spoof, and very interesting to watch and great conversation piece!

You cheeky broadcasters. I had a sleepless night trying to figure if that was real or not! Seemed obvious it was a spoof, but then I doubted it because of all the really famous people. What was the chance that Ginola, Gibb, AND Max Clifford were all going to agree to act a in a comedy spoof for BBC3? Surely that would render it a big-budget affair that would therefore get put on main stream telly? Confusing! Absolutely captivating. Couldn't believe it.

I missed Sunday nights screening but saw it repeated last night - I wish I had visited this site first so I wouldn't have wasted my time! There was a similar programme not so long ago about Michael Aspel having loads of famous children such as Mel B, Melinda Messenger etc - totally ridiculous - why are they wasting so much money producing lies - we should def get a rebate.

Moira Fell
About as real As Michael Aspel's love life and Dale Winton's wedding!

please tell us all the truth was this programme real or made up ???? cause if it was fake u made me waste 1 hour for no reason..

original and funny. everyone involved should take a bow!

Mr. C. Vorilhon
Fish soup for the village, suicide negotiation, spirtual inspiration to Robin Gibb and the indoctrination of C-list celebrities. Very funny indeed...

Fooled for for far too long! So relieved it was a spoof. Had to trawl the net to confirm my sanity.

It's not Wiltshire but it's definatly Eltham Palace. Don't follow football but would follow David anywhere. Give that man a Mr Darcy role NOW. Excellent spoof. Found it very compelling viewing. Nice twist on the reality TV we all want to see.

What a load of shit!

If this was a spoof I would find it very sad as this is tantamount to ridiculing some people's religion and beliefs. If this was a spoof based on Islam or Christianity there would be outrage. For some of us, new age therapies, Buddhism, meditation etc are very real. We are all unique and have our own personal private beliefs. It is not for anyone to judge, pillory, ridicule or put down. If it is real then let it be.

Ginola was fairly convincing due to his extremely large head! Although the programme was full of z-list actors, obviously wanting to plug themselves; and giving the game away at the same time. It was however very entertaining.

I've never seen so many spelling errors on one noticeboard - are you all a bunch of illiterates? (Carol excepted)

Ian campbell
Quality spoof. the "worm" in the pack acted well but it was too obvious. i personally thought that Ginola's performance was marginally better than his "dives" for Spurs, but hey, what do you expect a gooner to say!! However a very good programme and better because no one is letting the cat out of the bag.

Alex Fersongus
Next weeks programme is about Becham running a University for retired doubt

Little Nell
As if we hadn't had enough of the Unification church in Stanton Fitzwarren in the 70's. put on some real telly!

this is total spoof. its not even slightly convincing. They could have at least got some decent actors. What a waste of the public's money.

Wooden acting. More naff psudo-documentaries - having run out of reality TV they make the stuff up now!

Jimmy the Saint
Why do the BBC think its cool to make spoof TV ? Far more important issues are under reported or ignored and instead they choose to spend thousands making this.. pathetic.

David Harman gave it all away for me. He was great in 'The Vice' but his overacting in this, ruined the whole spoof and made obvious to everyone bar the 'I.Q challenged' otherwise nicely done, and well acted by Ginola.

Dan jones
good laugh and at least a few old time actors got together to earn a few quid whilst supporting DAVE and pushed their faces into the lime-lite,how much for Max C's five seconds and the bangles they sourced from Camden Market,well done what it is stay rich and famous sad b------s.

I have lived at the Centre for many years and found it a great place for solitude and reflection, I was one of the first there, so was Lucan. David is a great one for diet and healthy eating which has benefitted me greatly. Buddy Holly, Jim Reeves and me have started singing together, back to my Gospel roots. That Max C,isn't he a hoot.

Digby Bassett
Ypu Lot that think it was a spoof had better get real.. I have been there andi can tell you that is is all true. I had a similar experience as the one that gave the tapes away but three months before. if you think you can hack it go and find out the truth

This was awful to watch apart from the sex appeal of Ginola. He's so charming and handsome he could 'spoof' with me anytime!

It would have been great if the two actors that were linchpins of the story (black guy + paranoid guy) weren't such godawful actors. David Ginola did an exceptional job. The other cast (Anthea etc.) were as if it really was a real thing. The "story" being told via the two characters above, though, was just ruined by the wooden, 4-year old script reading.

Absouloute codswallop I will be writing to the BBC to ask for some of the license fee back as it was listed as a documentry, I have noted however that lone behold the BBc are lining him up for a major role in Holby ! gasp !

I thought some bits were true, but at times i thought that it was getting a bit other half thought it was ridiculous.....he went to sleep, but i was captivated by it!

Spooftastic.... a seven year old half way up the eifel tower, on a girder, hands outstretched saving the would be 'jumper', the twelve year old back stage with Robin Gibb on whispering bob's old grey whistle test. I laughed out loud on a number of ocassions. Somebody has done there homework on the psychology of 'the personality cult' and deserves a gold star. Great stuff

Obvious spoof, why. Maybe its to get publicity to help David's campagne for landmine victims. If you've taken the time to visit this website Maybe its worth taking the time to support such a worthy cause

its got to be a spoof, I was wetting myself. Hilarious

I think this kind of programme is very scary. Scary if it's real, scary if it's a spoof. Please stop.

Great spoof. The give-away for me was the setting at Eltham Palace, which is open to the public most days.

you could say that it was entertaining in a commical way. this is not a program that the public or anyone for that matter can take seriously. Is it just a means to generate debate or a bizaar form of indirect publicity for mr Ginola and his recent film debut

Superb ACTING by Ginola

Could not believe this was the same guy I idolised on the football pitch. Just could not get my head round it. Maybe I need to visit 'The Centre'!!! Very surreal.

Definitely a spoof. Even the Photographs looked as if Ginola had been super imposed.

Well it had me convinced for about 15 minutes, and then it became pretty clear that it was a wind-up. Good for David - should help him launch his acting career! They managed to fool most people at least some of the time!

I thought that there was something more than what bbc was willing to show..isnt that another version of Kaballah with an eastern touch? nevertheles the Max clifford thing reminded me of that film eyes wide shut

couldn't work out if this was a spoof or not - was really sure it was - but then couldn't understand why bother to waste time and money on such a thing as this when ginolas talent could be used to better effect elsewhere!

The clue is in the title - 'Secrets And Lies'.A 6-year-old Ginola appears on the structure of the Eiffel Tower - brilliant !!!

I really had a laugh watching this - but yes it was obviously a spoof - the most obvious give aways were the photographs in which ginola had been clearly super-imposed - not to mention the fact that sound and video quality were so perfect throughout.

I am certainly not convinced!!?? there's acting & then there is acting !!!!

I can't believe any of you actually believed this complete rubbish! If it had been well produced, it would have been funny. So badly made!

This has to be a spoof... tell me it was....if so it smacks of a cult for the weak minded

These Guys have lost the plot! Ginola really thinks he's Jesus. And celebrities only go coz they have far too much time and far too much money. They should try dealing with real people's problems. A clan of looney fairies.

Saz K
Very Funny! I sussed it straight away very cleverly done.

Pete McGill
I watched this fascinating "documentary" about David Ginola's centre for stressed celebs for some time - about ten minutes - before I realised what it really was: an elaborate April Fool. All the celebs were, with David, acting carefully scripted parts. The ever more ridiculous parodies of cult-like behaviour became more and more entertaining as the joke became apparent. A door opens and a pair bounce up and down shouting! The infant Ginola is caught standing on a beam of the Eiffel Tower!! All lovely stuff, and I admit I was fooled for a very short time. A most invetive play, dealing with "trust" & "truth" indeed. And how delightfully ironic to "reveal" at the close of the programme that the celebrity agent, to whom the centre's secrets are being delivered, is one of the sect! First class spoof. Well done all.

Steve Berning
Do the guests eat spaghetti grown on a spaghetti tree?

rob bolton
i centre for public domain figures, dare i say celebs being put through a routine of eastern spiritual cleansing. It smacks of a cult for the weak mind.

MatThe Cat
What is this nonsense all about. What the hell is the point in wasting licence payers money to produce such a pile of crap! I actually took the content of this programme seriously for about 10-20 minutes. What a damn waste of time, get this show of the air now and stop wasting peoples time.

I have just watched the programm on bbc three and found it hilarious,this guy thinks he's jesus with an isolated commerialismic persona of santa.

john miller
This programme is a spoof but its not April 1st?

Neil Summers
I watched BBC3's programme on "The Centre" tonight (Sunday 19th Sept). Whilst sitting here typing this and reflecting on the programme, I just can't help thinking it was just a giant p1ss take! I'm reminded of a scene where the narrator says "And here, Alice Beer practices Tantric Yoga" and the camera cuts to here sweeping the floor with a load of other B-listers with a touch of the celeb-shakes! The scene at the end with Max Clifford being revealed as a bangle clad member was pure comedy genius! Honestly, this wasn't serious stuff was it? Have I missed the point completely? Please tell me this was a dramatisation!

Chris Read
The spoof was secured in my mind on the actors acting. The filming was spoof like as was the sound.

Wendy Gian
Was this programme a late April fools or a spoof documentary?

The Truth
Watched a bit of the documentry, A lot of the people who visit the center have very low self esteem. As you know a lot celebs live in their own un-real world far removed from reality. There is definitly something dodgy about the center.

Was it me? It just didn't seem real, and it seemed as if people were acting throughout. I know they were all celebs, used to acting and performing, but was this an April Fool, in September? What we saw was pretty much new age and alternative therapies, which work for many people, and should not be pilloried, however, the alleged 'whistle blower' scenes appeared false, in particular the showdown with Max Clifford, wearing the sought after bangle...

Simon Byrne
Was this for real!!! coz it looked like the biggest set up ever!!!

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