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How can I take and share photos on my mobile phone or tablet device?

People in the street taking pictures on their mobile phones

We all love capturing and sharing photos of loved ones and our favourite places, and with the modern technology available on our mobile devices we are now able to take and share those precious moments using their inbuilt cameras.

WebWise Team | 10th October 2012

Taking a photo using a mobile device is relatively straightforward. Although the exact method will vary depending on your phone or tablet, you'll follow the same steps.

Tap on the camera button, line up the picture using the screen - as you would with a digital camera, and tap the shutter button (sometimes this appears as a camera icon).

To celebrate Get Online Week (15th - 21st October) we've created six films to help you make the most of being online using your mobile phone or tablet device.

How to use your mobile to take and share photos

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Top tips for saving and sharing your photos
If you're sharing a photo using a social networking site, unless you've have the very tightest security settings, your picture can be seen by thousands of people.
Once you share - it's out there. Not only can others see your pictures, but they can save them and potentially post them to other websites where even more people will be able to view them.
Image files can take up a lot of your device's memory, so make sure you keep an eye on how many pictures you're storing on your phone or tablet. Reduced memory can cause other applications to work slowly or not at all.
Sending photos uses up more data than text-based messages or emails, and you'll use data when you upload an image too. Be aware of your data allowance and where possible use Wi-Fi to send or upload image files.
Depending on your device's settings and the apps that you're using, images that you post to social networking sites can identify exactly where you are at a particular moment. Take care how and when you share this information.

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