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Give an Hour: Maggie Whitbread's progress

Give an Hour: Summer of Sport

I had a great computer session (and I never expected to say that!) with my daughter Fatima and Chris Hollins earlier in the summer.

Web Team | 26th June 2012

First, Chris Hollins spent an hour with my Fatima and showed her round the BBC's Olympic websites. I know she was amazed at how much there was on there. Then it was my turn, and Fatima had the task of teaching me how to explore the site.

I can use the computer and I regularly send emails. But I've always been baffled by the amount of links that come up when I search for information.

Fatima Whitbread gives an hour to her mum Margaret

But with someone like Fatima to help me (she was very clear, and patient), that made the basics of using the sites - particularly searching, and following links there - a lot easier. Even in just an hour I found I felt a lot more confident at finding my way around them.

I also really enjoyed familiarising myself with all the sports in the Olympic Games schedule. And I'll be following the up to date results and interesting stories on the websites, once the Games start.

I found so much inspiring information that I couldn't wait to get home and surf a bit more. And it was also such a helpful session, that I'm also planning to 'Give an Hour' myself to someone I know, and to pass on the message more widely.

I'm the Chairperson of my local branch of the 'University of the Third Age' and our role is to further the education of retired people. I think our more competent members would be more than willing to give an hour and really help someone keep up with technology. In future meetings I'm going to spread the word of Give an Hour.

If you'd asked me before that how I am with computers - I'd have said 'useless'. Now, after just an hour with Fatima I'd say I'm getting there - and I'm ready to explore and learn more.

Maggie Whitbread

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