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What has the BBC website got for children?

A screen shot of the CBBC website

The BBC has developed a whole range of websites for kids to help them learn, develop their creativity and have fun. The sites are aimed at all ages – from pre-school children to teenagers. The best place to start is the children’s portal which links to all the main BBC websites for kids.

WebWise Team | 10th October 2012

Pre-school children

The CBeebies website has a mixture of activities, such as games, songs, stories and features on the CBeebies presenters. Kids can also watch their favourite CBeebies programmes online, and listen to some radio shows and podcasts. If you are a parent and want to know more about CBeebies, try the Grown-ups section of the website, where you’ll find all you need to know about how to use the site with your kids, information about how children learn, some bedtime stories and some fun songs which you can download.

Older kids

For older kids (in the 6-12 age bracket), the CBBC website features characters from the CBBC TV channel, which you can also watch online. The website provides a wide range of activities such as games, videos, puzzles, message boards and frequently-updated news stories.

You will find all your favourites, including: Sarah Jane Adventures, Horrible Histories, Tracy Beaker, BAMZOOKi and Blue Peter. There are also Switch accessible games available for children who cannot use a keyboard or mouse.

Educational sites

The BBC has a range of websites that can help your child’s learning. Based on the Key Stages and covering the same curriculum that they learn in the classroom, these websites are perfect for revision and helping your child to progress.

To access the revision tools, start on the BBC Schools website and choose your level: primary or secondary Bitesize (Key Stages 1, 2, 3, GCSE, Welsh Bitesize TGAU (for Welsh speakers) and Scottish Standard and Highers). Take a look at the Learning Zone clips, which feature primary and secondary short video clips - just like Schools TV, but on the internet and accessible whenever you want. These short videos have been selected to match the curriculum.

There is also Gaelic educational content for kids in Scotland and a schools web page for children in Northern Ireland.

And don’t forget you can sign up for the schools newsletter to be kept up to date with the latest learning news.

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