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Where can I find information about BBC TV programmes?

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There are plenty of ways to find out about your favourite BBC shows by going online. Read on for more information about, the BBC search engine, watching programmes on iPlayer, and becoming an audience member.

WebWise Team | 10th October 2012

You can find out all about your favourite BBC TV and radio shows by visiting the BBC’s home page -

On the top of every BBC web page are a number of links you can use to go directly to BBC News and Sport, as well as all the television and radio websites. This is a great way to get around the BBC website quickly and easily.


One simple way to find a specific programme website is to enter the name of the programme into the BBC Search engine - which is on every BBC web page.

You will get a list of results with the most relevant first. You will find links to programme pages - giving you details of the programme, what it’s about, who stars in it, when it is broadcast and other information. Sometimes there are quizzes, games and behind-the-scenes footage to accompany the programme, especially if it is a major series.


BBC iPlayer allows you watch the TV or listen to the radio on your computer - just by clicking on the ‘play’ button. You search by channel and by date or genre to find exactly what you want to watch.


Full seven-day listings of all BBC TV channels can be found on the BBC TV guide website. It’s a great resource where you can look for programmes by time and date, and all the programmes in the guide also have a link to their own BBC web pages.

Channel sites

If you know what channel your programme is on, you can also visit the individual website for each BBC TV channel, such as BBC One. Sometimes these channel sites have previews and other features, such as sneak previews of shows like EastEnders.

Become an audience member

If you don’t just want to watch the show, but actually want to see it recorded, visit the BBC Shows, tours and events website. You can get tickets to see a show, apply to be part of a show, come on a BBC tour and find out what else the BBC may be doing in your area, such as Family History events.

So plenty of ways to find out about your favourite shows, watch them online or even get a ticket to see something being recorded.

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