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What are BBC online communities?

The BBC 606 sports community

The internet is one big community where people share information, knowledge and experiences – from making photos and videos available online, to posting comments on message boards and blogs. The rise of social networking sites has encouraged this growth in online communities.

Tim Furby | 9th September 2010

BBC blogs

The BBC has many blogs written by presenters or people who work for the BBC. Blog is a shortened form of ‘web log’. It is a log of someone’s thoughts and opinions – a bit like an online diary.

In the past, blogs have mostly been text based, but increasingly they are displaying pictures, video and sound. They are often written in a more conversational tone than normal articles and when the author has something relevant to say, they make a new blog post.

They also encourage readers to post comments and perhaps share their links with friends. Try one of the BBC Blogs and get involved in the discussions.

Message boards

A good place to find all the message boards is the message boards A to Z. The message boards are themed around things on BBC TV and radio programmes, as well as lifestyle subjects and popular culture, so you are sure to find something that suits you.

You have to register the first time you want to post a message, but then you can access all the other topics.

Have your say

Have your say is the BBC News online community for you to share your views on recent news stories. You will find many selected news topics where you are invited to send in your comments.

Often hundreds of people will leave comments and the debate can become quite lively, with people commenting on other people’s feedback. You can also submit your pictures and stories, which are especially welcome if you are an eyewitness to a news story or an unfolding event.

Sports communities

BBC Sport has the 606 message boards covering a range of sports. It was named after a football phone-in, broadcast at 6:06pm on a match day on BBC Radio Five Live throughout the football season.

Football, cricket, rugby union, rugby league, snooker, motor sport and several other sports have message boards embedded into 606. So whatever your favourite sport, and whichever team you support, have your say on the 606 boards.

Online encyclopedia

They call h2g2 the guide to life, the universe and everything - and it's all written by you. It's named after the book ’The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy’ and has thousands of entries on all sorts of subjects.

Users help one another, feeding back on what others have written so that it is constantly being updated and revised by the very people who use it. Start with the h2g2 guide which tells you everything you need to know about the site.

Points of View

On the Points of View message boards, you can discuss any aspect of BBC television with other users. You can also ask a question about the BBC - and if other users can't help, the hosts will be able to answer.

Tim Furby

Tim Furby

Tim produces broadcast and social video, builds websites, designs mobile apps, and trains media professionals. He has many years of experience in working in digital media, including 10 years at the BBC as a producer and commissioning editor.