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Where can I find local information on the BBC website?

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The BBC has a range of local websites that can help keep you informed about what’s going on in your local area. These can be used to catch up on the latest news and weather, or to find out about events in your region.

WebWise Team | 10th October 2012

We often use the internet to bring people together from all over the world. We can send emails to friends around the world, share photos online with distant relatives, join online communities with people with similar hobbies.

In fact, anyone with an internet connection can communicate with anyone else - distance is no boundary. However, using the internet to learn more about where you live, keeping informed of local news, culture or the economy is easy as well.

Regional and local services

The BBC has a whole range of local websites, which have information on news, TV and radio, weather, events, sports and entertainment. There are websites which cover the nations - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - and also their national languages.

On local BBC websites you will find:

  • Top local news stories
  • Features and analysis
  • Local sports headlines
  • Weather, the latest 3day and video forecasts
  • Local BBC TV and radio bulletins
  • Travel news, with latest incidents, and live traffic cameras
  • Events and campaigns such as BBC Local History days

Local politics

The local BBC websites also allow you to enter your postcode to find out about your local MP and local council representatives. There are further links to information about your MP’s local surgeries and details of council meetings.

Local podcasts

There are hundreds of podcasts produced by local BBC radio stations across the country. These are usually produced as short audio shows which you can download to your mobile music player or mobile phone. See if your favourite presenter or specialist local programme has a show for you.

External local links

You will also find links to non-BBC websites, including links to local newspapers, things to do, and local information about the history of the place and the people who live there.

Local TV and radio on iPlayer

If you want to watch or listen to your local BBC radio station or your regional BBC TV news, you can use the BBC iPlayer and then choose your nearest station. You can even choose to listen to a radio station in another city or area.

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