This is a step-by-step guide to downloading RealPlayer for Windows which you can use to experience BBC video and audio material.

Read through the steps below and then click the 'Download' button on the last page to get your free player.

1. Introduction

Clicking the 'Download' link at the end of this guide opens the RealPlayer welcome page.

RealPlayer download step 1 - - introduction

If you get a security warning, just click 'Yes' to continue.

RealPlayer download step 1 - Security Warning

If a box pops up asking if you want to run the software, just click 'Run'.

RealPlayer download step 1 - Security Warning
2. Download Manager

After a few seconds your Download Manager will open and the program should start downloading automatically.

RealPlayer download step 2 - Download Manager
3. Preparing to Install

When the download is complete (which may take a few minutes) you'll see a panel which says 'Preparing to Install'. This process will continue automatically.

RealPlayer download step 3 - Preparing to Install
4. Licence Agreement

The Licence Agreement now appears.

Read the Licence Agreement and click 'Accept' to continue.

RealPlayer download step 4 - Licence Agreement
5. Select your Connection Speed

The next panel asks you to select your connection speed.

If you are not sure which to select, just click 56.6 Kbps if you have a dial-up connection or DSL/Cable 512 Kbps if you are connected via broadband.

Click 'Next' to continue.

RealPlayer download step 5 - Connection Speed