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Andy Robertson goes by the Twitter name @GeekDadGamer and is passionate about the role games consoles can play in family life.

He knows that there's more to most modern consoles than just playing games and most new games consoles can be used to access the internet - providing you have a connection available.

Parental controls on games consoles

Wii U console

Visit the Ask About Games for information on parental controls for all consoles.

These include, the Nintendo Wii and Wii U, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and the Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. However, you won't be able to connect to the internet with earlier versions of the PlayStation.

These devices allow you to connect to network in the same way as a laptop or smartphone.

Once connected you will be able to choose from a growing number of apps.

These range from video on demand services like BBC iPlayer to social networks and video chat programs such as Skype.

All consoles have something called 'parental controls', or something similar.

These tools allow parents to decide which kind of content is appropriate for their child or children - these are sometimes based on the kind of guidance labels you are used to seeing at the cinema.

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