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When someone's looking for a specific writer for a specific thing, I will come up first and foremost. So I'm not just a fish in a pool, I'm the fish in the pool. ”

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As an experienced recruiter Andy Headworth has seen big changes in the employment world in the last few years. Online profiles and applications are now often the only way that job-seekers can reach the agencies and employers that are advertising vacancies.

Deeana is a recent journalism graduate who is finding it hard to break into the job market and keen to get any tips she can from Andy.

Social media can be searched using what are known as 'keywords'. These are the specific terms that relate to a subject - so for example, if you were searching for job in journalism you might be looking at words such as, writer, editor, reporter, sub-editor, copy-writer or social media.

For a jobseeker such as Deeana it's vital that she uses words which will lead the right recr uitment agents and employers to her. These can relate to her journalistic skills as well as her specialist areas of knowledge such as the construction industry.

Do your research

Visit a jobs website and use the search to find the kinds of jobs you are interested in. Note down the words associated with the role you're interested in. This will help you come up with the keywords that will make your own online profile easy for the right people to find your exact skills.

Create your personal pitch

These keywords will also form the foundation of your profile on the social media platforms you are using to promote yourself. The professional social networking site LinkedIn, along with other platforms including Twitter and Facebook are good places to start. However, there are many social media sites that you can use to sell your skills. For example, if you make films you might use YouTube or Vimeo to show off your work.

Put the 'pro' into profile picture

Andy advises jobseekers to use the same profile picture across all of the social networks they use. Being consistent means that recruiters can easily recognise you regardless of the platform.

The most effective picture is a full headshot where you smiling and looking friendly. A full-length picture will make your face less distinct and hard to recognise as most profile photos are square and quite small.

Deeana has taken on board Andy's advice for promoting her skills and says: "I'm hoping that this will get me recognised. When someone's looking for a specific writer for a specific thing, I will come up first and foremost. So I'm not just a fish in a pool, I'm the fish in the pool."

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