How to apply for jobs online

Jason Greaves, a recruiter with 16 years' experience, believes it's more important than ever that job-hunters know their way around online application forms.

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Every type of vacancy is now posted online, from catering and warehouse work to senior management positions.

Taking paper CVs to prospective employers is one way to express an interest in work, but adding details of your work experience and skills to a jobs website or online application form can mean that many more recruiters and hiring managers are aware that you're looking for a job.

Tips for filling out online application forms

  • Look out for fields in the form that are marked with an asterisk (* symbol). These are mandatory details and must be completed in order to submit the form.
  • Add as much information as possible about your employment background - recruiters often search forms by key words so make sure you include specific skills.
  • Make sure your telephone number and email address are correct. You might be perfect for the job but if the person hiring can't get in contact then you'll miss out.
  • Check that your spelling and grammar is perfect. Use a spell-checker, then take some time to go through the application again. If possible ask a friend or family member to double check it too.

Only when you're 100% comfortable that it accurately reflects your details and does not contain any errors should you click submit.

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