I haven't got a computer, where can I go?

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So many everyday tasks can now be done online. But what can you do if you don't have a computer, or other device, which is connected to the internet?

Get Connected

Kiruna Stamell outside central Birmingham Post Office

Find out about the Post Office service which can help you track down free, local internet access.

Visit the Post Office website for more details.

There are many places from community centres, to colleges, libraries and caf├ęs where you can get online for free. This is all very well, so long as you know how to find them.

Actress Kiruna Stamell visits her local Post Office in Birmingham where she is provided with a list of local places with free internet access, including the brand new Birmingham Central Library.

When you visit your local Post Office you can ask the person behind the counter about this 'Get Connected' service.

For any postcode in the UK they will provide a list of up to five of the nearest places where you can go and get online free of charge.

Search online for courses

If you have internet access already, or are able to track down free internet access through Get Connected, you may wish to look for computer classes or online courses to improve your skills.

UK Online Centres allows you to search for free or low cost computer classes local to you, while DigitalSkills.com will point you in the direction of the best learning resources on the web.

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