Craven part 5: Mark Henderson's appeal

Craven is a Radio 4 detective drama and, this fifth series tackles the issues relating to the risks faced by young people in their online interactions and the tragic and lasting consequences for one family.

In this fifth and final part, Florence's father Mark Henderson creates an online video urging other parents to be vigilant about their own children's online behaviour in order to protect and support them.

Episodes one to four are available to watch online.

Suggestions for parents

Make sure that your child knows how to stay safe and check that they understand what cyberbullying is. It's not just the obvious things like name-calling or teasing but can include being excluded, humiliated or exploited in some way - they need to know that these behaviours are not alright.

Talk to them about acting responsibly and being kind and respectful to others whenever they are interacting with others online - be that using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a games device that allows them to play with others remotely.

Be clear that any form of abuse, bullying or harassment over the internet or other mobile device is unacceptable, and that this type of abusive behaviour can lead to serious consequences for the bully as well as the person being bullied.

There is no fail-safe solution to protecting your child - but if you are aware of the potential dangers and know about the steps you can take to stay as safe as possible, then you will feel a lot more confident about letting your child use today's technology.

The more you understand, the better prepared you will be to deal with any problems you may encounter along the way.

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