Weather Coast and Sea


Coastal Forecast

A 24 hour weather forecast for 24 UK coastal areas

Tide Tables

Tidal information supplied by the UK Hydrographic Office

Inshore Waters

There are strong wind warnings in 19 areas.

There is a gale warning in 1 area.

At midday, a deep area of low pressure centred just east of Whitby will move rather quickly eastwards to reach Denmark by midnight tonight. This will bring severe gales or storm force winds across many central and southern waters of the United Kingdom. Winds will have eased across all areas by midnight tonight.

Shipping Forecast

There are gale warnings in 22 areas.

The general synopsis at 0600

Low irsh sea 974 expected lithuania 977 by midnight tonight

Extended Outlook

The Extended Outlook aims to signpost expected hazards for the Cullercoats, Niton and Portpatrick areas for the three days beyond the 24 hour shipping forecast.

High Seas

There are storm warnings in 3 areas.

The general synopsis at 23 February 08:00 UTC

At 230000UTC, low 54 north 12 west 981 expected 55 north 17 east 976 by 240000UTC. Low 64 north 30 west 976 expected 66 north 32 west 984 by same time. Low 41 north 52 west 989 expected 56 north 35 west 980 by that time. at 230000UTC, low 36 north 53 west 989 expected 48 north 40 west 985 by 240000UTC. Low 62 north 20 east 965 expected 64 north 26 east 970 by same time. High 76 north 20 west 1021 slow moving declining 1017 by that time. New high expected 45 north 17 west 1025 by 240000UTC