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Wednesday 22 February Published at 21:28

UK Warnings

Weather Warning

Issued by the Met Office

AMBER WARNING OF SNOW for southern Scotland and northeast England

Issued 22 Feb at 21:07

Valid from 02:00 Thu 23 Feb to 18:00 Thu 23 Feb

Heavy snow is expected on Thursday. Local accumulations at low levels of around 3 cm are possible, but accumulations of 10 to 20 cm above around 100 metres are likely, with 20 to 30 cm falling on hills above 300 metres. This will lead to disruption to transport and perhaps power supplies.

The warning has been updated to include a greater part of the Central Lowlands.

AMBER WARNING OF WIND for parts of northern England, the Midlands, East Anglia and north Wales

Updated 22 Feb at 09:54

Valid from 06:00 Thu 23 Feb to 20:00 Thu 23 Feb

Some very strong winds are expected on Thursday in association with storm Doris with gusts of 60-70 mph likely, and 70-80 mph on coasts and hills.

Whilst the strongest winds look to be only short-lived, damage to structures, interruptions to power supplies and widespread disruption to travel networks are likely, with a danger of injury from flying debris. Trees are also likely to be damaged or blown over.

Heavy rain is also likely through Thursday as well as some snow over high ground as the system clears eastwards. These may prove additional hazards.

The warning has been updated to extend the at-risk area southwards.

YELLOW WARNING OF WIND for England, Wales, southwest Scotland, and eastern Northern Ireland

Updated 22 Feb at 10:09

Valid from 05:00 Thu 23 Feb to 20:00 Thu 23 Feb

Some very strong winds are expected during Thursday in association with Storm Doris.

Gusts of 50-60 mph are expected widely across the warning area, with the risk of 70 mph on coasts and hills. A small swathe of even stronger winds is likely to develop - most likely across parts of northern England, Wales, the Midlands and later East Anglia. Here a short period of gusts of 70 to 80 mph is likely - please refer to the separate Amber warning.

Travel services could be affected including some restrictions on bridges and disruption to ferries. Some damage to trees and buildings is also possible.

This is an update to the warning issued on Tuesday to extend the area at risk.

YELLOW WARNING OF RAIN for Northern Ireland, southwest Scotland and northwest England

Updated 22 Feb at 10:35

Valid from 21:00 Wed 22 Feb to 14:00 Thu 23 Feb

A spell of heavy rain will affect Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and parts of northern England during Wednesday night and Thursday morning, falling as snow over some of the higher ground.

This has the potential to lead to some travel disruption and localised flooding.

The warning has been updated to extend the area into parts of southern Scotland and northern England.

YELLOW WARNING OF RAIN for parts of western Scotland and northwestern England

Issued 11:15 Wed 22 Feb

Valid from 00:00 Sat 25 Feb to 21:00 Sat 25 Feb

Heavy rain is expected over northwest England and northwest Scotland on Saturday.

This may lead to some disruption to travel and perhaps localised flooding.

Flood Warning

Issued by the Environment Agency or by SEPA in Scotland and Natural Resources Wales in Wales

There are flood warnings in force in the following regions:


Further updates will appear here

About the Met Office Weather Warnings

The Met Office warns the public and emergency responders of severe or hazardous weather which has the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption through the National Severe Weather Warning Service.

The Met Office issues warnings for rain, snow, wind, fog and ice. These warnings are given a colour depending on a combination of the likelihood of the event happening and the impact the conditions may have.

For more information, see the Met Office Weather Warnings Guide.

About Flood Warnings

The flood warnings are issued by the Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Natural Resources Wales, and sent to the BBC Weather Centre. We then issue a compendium of warnings based on the latest information available. When severe flood warnings are issued they will also be highlighted on TV broadcasts.

Find out more about Flood Warnings

There are a number of ways you find out whether your area is at risk from flooding. The Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Natural Resources Wales update their warnings 24 hours a day via the Floodline number.

Floodline - 0345 988 1188

Monthly Outlook

Monday 20 February Published at 10:00

Monthly Outlook

What a difference a week can make.

Last week started off on a dry, cold and chilly note with a widespread frost. Wednesday marked a transition to a much milder theme across the UK. As we head into this week, we can expect to see some very mild temperatures, some very windy weather, outbreaks of rain and well as the return to chilly conditions. It looks suspiciously like spring time in the UK!

Monday 20 February—Sunday 26 February
A mild start but a cold finish!

We start off the new working week on an exceptionally mild night, in fact the mildest night of the year so far for most of the UK. It will be a very windy day across the northern half of the UK with outbreaks of rain in the northwest. The rest of the UK will be fairly cloudy and there will be patchy rain across Wales and southwest England. However, eastern parts of England will see good breaks in the cloud, and in the sunshine a few spots could get up to 17C. In general though, it will be a mild day with temperatures widely reaching 14C.
On Tuesday, there will be further rain and strong winds across Scotland and it will be a colder day here. It will be a windy day too with Northern Ireland and northern England with showery rain. Breezy elsewhere with rain on and off through the day.
Wednesday marks a shift to colder weather as a front sweeps across the country introducing much colder air and it will feel quite wintry again. There will be gales or severe gales in the north and east and it will be windy elsewhere.
As we approach the end of the week, we see a deep area of low pressure speed through bringing strong winds and rain and we end the week on a cold but drier note, about 7 degrees colder than we started the week!

Monday 27 February—Sunday 5 March
Day on day changes.

As we head into meteorological spring, the Atlantic comes to life again and we see rain and strong winds pushing through. The general signal is for the strongest of the winds to push into the far northwest of the UK. Temperature wise it looks very similar to this week, and we will see a wide variety of temperatures. That's nothing unusual for this time of year but none the less day on day changes as a mobile pattern continues to be signalled. There are suggestions in some of the computer models that we could see a spell of heavy rain with the possibility of further snow showers across the high ground of northern England and Scotland.

Monday 6 March—Monday 20 March
Looking further ahead.

As we head into March the climate computer models suggest that we are unlikely to see anything out of the ordinary for this time of year. There is the continued risk of having temperatures cold enough for some snow showers across northern England and Scotland and for some overnight frosts. However the frequency of frosts occurring further south will be less likely. There is however a small cluster of computer models that hint at a more prolonged cold spell, which is most probable later and should it occur is likely to be dry and cold.

Next week

Find out how meteorological and astronomical spring are shaping up.

Monthly forecasting
The weather beyond about a week ahead stretches even the most experienced weather forecaster. Complex numerical weather forecast models from the Met Office and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) are run many times for the month (and season) ahead to build up a picture of the likelihood of different weather types affecting the UK.

Next update at 10:00, Monday 27 February


Wednesday 22 February Published at 14:45


Storm Doris brings a period of very unsettled weather
This Evening and Tonight

A broad band of rain will spread across much of the UK with persistent heavy rain particularly in Northern Ireland. Significant snowfall is likely for northern England and Scottish borders, with south-western areas becoming very windy in the early hours.


Storm Doris will bring widespread gales to England and Wales, these severe in central areas and exposed coasts. Squally showers further south, and significant snowfall for the Scottish borders.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday

Feeling cooler but drier Friday with bright spells, rain arriving in the west later. Turning more unsettled with further rain particularly in the northwest, and strong winds over the weekend.

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