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Rain clearing to the north, very mild for most.

Rain over Scotland and the north of England first thing will gradually clear northwards leaving most places rather cloudy and mild, with a few brighter spells. However, patchy rain will continue in some western parts through the day.

Map of the United Kingdom


Londonderry - Light Cloud
Ullapool - Light Cloud
Scrabster - Light Cloud
Aberystwyth - Light Cloud
Newcastle upon Tyne - Clear Sky
Norwich - Partly Cloudy
Braemar - Fog
Northampton - Clear Sky
Oban - Light Cloud
Plymouth - Thick Cloud
Southampton - Clear Sky
15°C 59°F Belfast
Cardiff 16°C 61°F
13°C 55°F Edinburgh
16°C 61°F London
Manchester 16°C 61°F
17°C 63°F St Helier
Lerwick 9°C 48°F

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UK Forecast Last updated 12:42, Thursday 30 Oct

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UK Cold Spots

  1. 1 Inverness 7°C 45°F
  2. 2 Lerwick 9°C 48°F
  3. 3 Elgin 9°C 48°F
  4. 4 Aberdeen 11°C 52°F
  5. 5 Charlestown 11°C 52°F

UK Hot Spots

  1. 1 Heathrow 21°C 70°F
  2. 2 Colwyn Bay 19°C 66°F
  3. 3 Huntingdon 19°C 66°F
  4. 4 Chesterfield 18°C 64°F
  5. 5 Dorking 18°C 64°F

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