UK Overnight

Becoming wet and windy in the northwest. Largely dry elsewhere.

Clear spells in the east this evening will allow a patchy frost to develop for a time. However, thicker cloud and milder conditions in the west will spread east with occasional rain and strong winds developing in the northwest.

Map of the United Kingdom


Londonderry - Heavy Rain
Ullapool - Light Cloud
Scrabster - Light Rain Shower
Aberystwyth - Light Cloud
Newcastle upon Tyne - Light Cloud
Norwich - Clear Sky
Braemar - Light Cloud
Northampton - Partly Cloudy
Oban - Light Cloud
Plymouth - Light Cloud
Southampton - Partly Cloudy
7°C 45°F Belfast
Cardiff 7°C 45°F
6°C 43°F Edinburgh
7°C 45°F London
Manchester 8°C 46°F
9°C 48°F St Helier
Lerwick 4°C 39°F

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UK Forecast Last updated 17:08, Saturday 20 Dec

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UK Cold Spots

  1. 1 Aviemore 0°C 32°F
  2. 2 Benson 2°C 36°F
  3. 3 Winterbourne Gunner 4°C 39°F
  4. 4 Boreham 4°C 39°F
  5. 5 Abingdon 4°C 39°F

UK Hot Spots

  1. 1 Enniskillen 12°C 54°F
  2. 2 Guernsey 11°C 52°F
  3. 3 Penrith 11°C 52°F
  4. 4 Porthmadog 11°C 52°F
  5. 5 Cherry Willingham 10°C 50°F

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