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Heavy rain clearing north. Dry, sunny and warm elsewhere.

Heavy thundery rain will slowly clear away from the north. Dry and sunny elsewhere, perhaps a few thundery showers in the far southeast first thing, and Northern Ireland later. Very warm in the south and east, fresher in the west.

Map of the United Kingdom


Londonderry - Light Cloud
Ullapool - Heavy Rain
Scrabster - Light Rain
Aberystwyth - Light Cloud
Newcastle upon Tyne - Light Rain
Norwich - Sunny
Braemar - Heavy Rain
Northampton - Sunny Intervals
Oban - Light Rain
Plymouth - Sunny Intervals
Southampton - Light Cloud
17°C 63°F Belfast
Cardiff 20°C 68°F
13°C 55°F Edinburgh
24°C 75°F London
Manchester 20°C 68°F
20°C 68°F St Helier
Lerwick 11°C 52°F

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UK Forecast Last updated 10:34, Saturday 4 Jul

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UK Cold Spots

  1. 1 Llysdinam 9°C 48°F
  2. 2 Hawick 12°C 54°F
  3. 3 Aberfeldy 12°C 54°F
  4. 4 Mallaig 13°C 55°F
  5. 5 Thirsk 13°C 55°F

UK Hot Spots

  1. 1 Lowestoft 28°C 82°F
  2. 2 Syderstone 26°C 79°F
  3. 3 Cherry Willingham 25°C 77°F
  4. 4 Yeovilton 24°C 75°F
  5. 5 Easington 24°C 75°F

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