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13 November 2014

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Sunderland v Newcastle past games gallery

Past games from Sunderland v Newcastle

Ha'way/howay the lads

How did the two cities end up having such a rivalry? Author Alan Candlish explores the history of the Wear-Tyne derby.

As the next derby match against the magpies creeps closer local author Alan Candlish, who wrote Ha'way/howay the Lads: A History of the Rivalry Between Newcastle United and Sunderland, explains that the background of the derby goes back over 125 years.

"The football rivalry goes back to the early 1880s ... Wearside was a bigger shipbuilding river than Tyneside at one time, so that was a rivalry in business as well as in sport," says Alan.

Charles N'Zogbia and Nyron Nosworthy

These two will meet again

Beaten to St James'

Alan's book contains facts looking over the years and he discovered that the Black Cats played at St James' Park before the Magpies:

"Newcastle were formed from a team called Stanley in October 1881. But Sunderland appeared at St James' Park in February 1881 playing a team called Newcastle Rangers who were the first tenants of St. James' Park in the Northumberland and Durham Challenge Cup.

"They got beat five-nil but appeared at St James' Park before Newcastle," Alan says.

Talking numbers

The 2005-06 season saw Newcastle beat Sunderland both home and away with an aggregate score of 7-3, but by no means is that a reflection on all the times the teams have clashed:

"[As of the beginning of the 2007/2008 season] Newcastle have scored 207 goals but Sunderland have scored 206 and that's in first class, first team games ... In terms of wins, Newcastle have won 50 and Sunderland have won 45 and 43 were tied," says Alan.

BBC Radio Newcastle will have full match Red and White commentary on FM frequencies with Nick Barnes and Gary Bennett from 13:30 on Sunday 1 February. On AM and Digital only, Black and White commentary with Mick Lowes.

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You are in: Wear > Features > General Features > Ha'way/howay the lads

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