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24 September 2014

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John Taylor at Bull Lane Brewery Company

John in the brewery

Sauce of the Niall

The Bull Lane Brewing Company in Sunderland is celebrating the Black Cats' superb season with honouring chairman Niall Quinn - with a locally brewed beer.

The Bull Lane Brewing Company was set up two years ago in the cellar of the Clarendon pub in the East End of Sunderland.

The Clarendon pub is one of the oldest pubs in Sunderland, or at least the pub with the longest, unbroken drinking licence in Sunderland, going back to 1753.

But it's the more recent events in the city that are making the vats in the the Bull Lane Brewery full at all times - the Sunderland AFC's good fortunes.

A play, or two, on words

BBC Radio Newcastle's Sunderland reporter Russell Ward went down the stairs of the Clarendon to speak to brewer John Taylor.

"A friend of mine, Graham Ford, who has the Beamish Mary Inn is a Sunderland fan, possibly their greatest fan, asked me to brew a beer bearing in mind Sunderland football club and we came up with a beer, Sauce Of The Niall."

"So it's a play on two words, isn't it?" Russell asks "Sauce as in tomato sauce, ketchup, but also the sauce of the Nile, Nile/Niall Quinn?"

John Taylor in the brewery

Preparing Sauce Of The Niall

"That's right," John replies, "He's highly thought of down here and there was actually one of the customers who actually finalised the name that we chose. We stuck with the name - we really like it and we really like the beer."

Sauce Of The Niall is a 4.5 per cent version of Irish Stout, again an homage to Mr Quinn's Irish roots and according to John it's well received.

"It's selling very well. Unfortunately we haven't got the facilities to brew as much as the demand would allow us."

What's the future like?

"It looks like Sunderland will get promoted now, what do you anticipate as far as sales of pints of this?" Russell asks John.

Inside the Clarendon pub

Inside the Clarendon pub

"If Sunderland gets promoted, what we probably have to do is put one site of the brewery just for the brewing of Sauce Of The Niall I think, for a short period.

"It's a nice balanced beer, so hopefully it will be the source (!) of some celebration," John says with a smile as he pours a pint for Russell to sample.

To listen to Russell's interview with John in full, click on the link below.

last updated: 28/08/07

You are in: Wear > Features > General Features > Sauce of the Niall

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