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24 September 2014

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The fluoride debate continues...

When the very word "fluoride" is mentioned, hackles rise and the debate brings out the fighter in everyone. Here are a number of comments that have been extrapolated from the main feature page...

Steve Szmidt

Fluoride Facts

The first water supplies to be fluoridated were in the USA over 50 years ago.

The experiment then spread to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

Fluoride can act, in a complex way, to reduce the acid that causes tooth decay.

Anti-fluoride campaigners claim it can cause cancer, osteoporosis, organ and genetic damage.

Within the EU around 12.1 million people are currently supplied with water whose natural fluoride content has been artificially adjusted up to the optimum level.

In the UK, fluoridated water is supplied to around 5.5 million people.

The most extensively fluoridated region in the UK is the West Midlands.

In the Republic of Ireland, 67% of drinking water is fluoridated.

Flouride is illegal to dump in nature, but we should have it our drinking water? Forget about helping the enamel of your teeth, even if it did - it weakens bones in your body. Of course many people have fixed ideas and considerations and are therefore unable to have any judgement of any kind. You better educate yourself rather than listening to propaganda. Listen to the very reasons the say it's good for you. You'll soon see it makes no sense. Simply going by that "they" would not do it if it was bad for you makes about as listening to a drug addict on why you should give him drugs. They don't care about you! THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL KNOW IS TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. It's not hard to educate yourself on the subject. There's plenty of research work online.

Anita Knight

The term 'fluoride' is misleading. Fluorine, a halogen gas, is the most reactive of all the elements and will combine with most all. "High dietary calcium forms insoluble complexes with fluorides that reduce fluoride absorpton from the gastrointestinal tract." (National Academy of Sciences' report for Congress,"Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride", 1993.

James Newbaker

I believe fluoride should be given to those individuals who request it, in a pharmaceutical grade tablet or topically applied to the tooth surface. I do not want fluoride in my drinking water.

Comrade 211

Fluoridation is simply the hijacking of the public water supply to mass medicate unconsenting populations in wildly uncontollable dosages of a known toxin which bio-accumulates in the body.

Prof. Dr. H.H.Nehrlich

It is preposterous to medicate people without consent. Fluoride is extremely toxic and is added to water for the sole reason of making profit from industrial toxic waste. There is evidence of fluoride causing osteosarcoma (a deadly bone cancer of young males) andothe illnesses including osteoporosis, thyroid disease and brain damage. I say SHAME !

Croft Woodruff

When it comes to a public health measure you would at least expect the additive (fluoride)to be of pharmaceutical grade. But no, it is industrial waste with a bonus of toxic contaminants. This is why I have no respect or use for dentists, public health officials, health bureaucratsand their political masters in government when they promote fluoridation. How can one believe them on other issues of health? They, and much of the media, don't bother to investigate fluoride's real source and all that is in it. Even when these "authorities" are told the facts it does not seem to sink in. They are either incompetent, dishonest or both. When questioned they try to trivialize the issue.They don't understand the meaning of "the death of a thousand cuts." Good for the BBC to do what few others in the media dare to do - seek and expose the truth.

Dan Gottlieb

Less than 1% of chemicals used to treat drinking waters as used by Water Utilities are ever consumed [e.g., swallowed, etc] according to the American Water Works Assoc. Inversely, 99% of all utilities 'fluoride chemicals' and Capital pounds/dollars spent on the fluoridation process in England will never reach the mouths of those intended to receive fluoride. Economic conclusion: So called 'fluoridation' of drinking waters is the Worlds Most COSTLY, WASTEFUL thus Ineffective 'medicant' Delivery System. An anology: imagine buying a bottle of 100 Aspirins, taking just one and throwing the rest away into polluting thousands of Habitats. Common 'economical' Sense demands Dental Societies and so called government Dental 'experts' be considerate of TaxPayers, Water Bill Payers and not Waste millions of dollars over years ineffectively delivering fluoride through COSTS Unwarranted treated drinking water. Much 'lessor Costs' |Educational programs along with 'voluntary neighborhood Dental Clinics located in most cities is far less Costly, and proven elsewhere to be near 100 times more effective!

Joe Thornton

Fluoridation is contrary to various medical principles -- the Hippocratic oath, the patient's right to refuse medication, modern pharmacology, etc. Dosing everyone in the population with unmeasured amounts of one of the most toxic chemicals known to science is sheer lunacy. There are other considerations, like human rights, ethics, and common sense. But of course these matter little to the UK government, especially when it has the backing of Washington and the WHO, which calls fluoride "an essential nutrient" -- the most blatant lie in an enormous tissue of lies. By the way, the one and only cause of tooth decay is sugar, but the government doesn't want to know, nor does it want you to know.

Bruce Spittle

The scientific evidence does not support fluoridation. Fluoride acts topically rather than systemically. Swallowing fluoride to prevent decay is like swallowing sun block to prevent sunburn.

John Graham

Water companies are medicating their customers with florosilicic acid, a known poison, without invidual consent. There is no indemnity for an illegal act! Check out a Fox News piece on a prominent Harvard scientist who is a consultant to major toothpast maker accused of covering-up a link between fluoride an bone cancer at -

Dr. Paul Connett

For me the most telling point in this debate is the level of fluoride in mothers' milk. At 0.008 ppm it is miniscule. If nature intended the new born baby to have fluoride this is where you would expect to find it. It is not there in any significant amount. This also means that a bottle fed baby gets over 100 times the level that nature intended. We don't always know why nature is right but it usually is. She's been at it far longer than we have. I am particularly concerned about the impact of fluoride on the baby's developing brain and hormonal systems.

Bill Wilson

Everyone should refuse to allow fluoridation. If you want to use it - it is readily available without forcing ingestion of toxins on others.

Shirley (nurse)

Scientific research confirms no benefit to developing teeth from fluoride ingestion, benefit, if any, to developed teeth is minimal. Risks due to ongoing accumulation of fluoride in the body tissues when ingested include bone cancer, thyroid supression, arthritic symptoms, increased fractures, internal enzyme disruptions. The risks come from ingestion, so why would you put it in the water and force everyone to ingest and put themselves at risk for such little benefit. It is readily available in purer form for those who want it. Leave it out! Let everyone make their own choice.

Philip Robertson

Working as a Naturopath, when children present for treatment with multiple allergies or with unexpected bone fracture playing netball, I'm now starting to check their teeth. More often than I'd like, I see they have fluoride mottled teeth. Could there be a connection? I don't know. But with my patients getting arthritis and asthma medically confirmed as caused by fluoridated water, I do know the simple answer. Stop drinking fluoride, and stop believing what shockingly mis-informed dental authorities say about it being completely safe.

Emily Ow

Topical application of fluoride toothpaste is a more reasonable way to allow people the choice of its use. There are unfluoridated toothpastes, albeit expensive. Note, however, the caution on fluorideated toothpaste to call the poison control center if the toothpaste is swallowed. If it is "poison" in the toothpaste, is it not also "poison" in our drinking supply?? Read the Christopher Bryson book, The Fluoride Deception, and find out the astounding history of fluoridated drinking water.

Ralph Little

I don't want anythhing added to my water other than the stuff they add to make it safe, that goes double for this toxic rubbish. It is proven that adding it to toothpaste has a reasonable effect, adding it to water does nothing for the teeth and quite a lot of bad for the rest of the body!

Stephen Morley

Fluoride is highly toxic industrial waste, the last thing an sane person would want to drink!

Carolyn Smith

In 1936 the American Dental Assocation said: "Fluorine is a general protoplasmic poison, but the most important symptoms of chronic fluorine poisoning known at present are mottling of teeth and interference with bone formation." Dental and skeletal fluorosis. Mottled teeth are damaged for life - not what fluoride is intended to do! When enamel becomes brittle, it also becomes difficult to treat and the tooth has to be extracted. Go to: - 100 Irish Dentists opposing fluoridation! The fluoridated EU does not include mainland Europe. In 2003 the last city to be fluoridated, Basle, ceased the practice after 41 years saying that no study proved it worked and tooth decay was increasing in children! (Fluorosis?) No one talks about fluorosis of the bones, and there were concerns about toxic fluoride returning to the environment. This is where most wastewater goes plus its fluoride as treatment does not remove it. Fluoride in the environment has been likened to PCBs, it is a persistent organic poison, accumulative, and a recognised pollutant. Why should anyone want it in their water supply or try to convince others they should have it? No one has that right.and the medical profession certainly should be questioned very seriously about their intentions!Aprescription information sheet says: "This medication is for you, do not give it to anyone else even if they have the same symptoms, it may harm them." A poison will harm everyone.


Mass medication with toxic industrial waste...hmmm...sounds like a bad idea. Increased risk of osteosarcoma in young boys who ingest fluoridated a child's life worth the possibility of preventing part of a cavity?


After 60 years of water fluoridation in the United States, tooth decay is a national epidemic (and disgrace) while fluoride overdose (dental fluorosis) occurs in almost 50% of our schoolchildren. I'm sure you guys get enough fluoride from your tea. Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor required for healthy teeth.

Bill Hindmarsh

There is no common sense reason to add toxins to something essentially pure ~ to present this as for health reasons masks the truth. If there is true concern for everyone's teeth why aren't there enough NH dentists?

Sarah Swinglehurst

Even the Governments own report the York Review found that not enough research has been done on the effects of fluoridation.Fluoride has not been proved safe!Better diets and dental hygiene are the answer.

Doug Tidy

Another scare. You die if you worry,you die if you don't (I am 82).

Alastair Carnegie

Dentists still fill childrens teeth with Mercury Amalgam, Mercury is known to be toxic, Dentists say it is safe. The NHS York Review is an excellent recource for anyone interested in Fluoridation. I thoroughly reccommend reading it, but take care not to read misleading reports of the York Review findings made by such organisations as the British Dental Association. Professor Trevor Sheldon Chair of the review wrote an open letter complaining of the BDA misrepresentations, emphasising in particular that the N.H.S. York Review did NOT show water fluoridation to be safe. That single statement makes up my own mind on this subject. It MUST be proved safe first. IT IS NOT SAFE NOW.

Frank plunkett sheffield against fluoridation

Who has the right.. to give the public the vote in a way which takes away their nieghbors and familys rights of free choice one..a free vote will always refuse fluoridation, consultation = deception and unworthy of use.


The question one needs to ask is why any government would want to add this highly toxic poison to our drinking water? The answer I believe is "where else are they going to dump it?" Elizabeth McDonagh is right. Harry Erwin however probably believes that irradiating peasant farmers in Afghanistan with depleted uranium is patriotic. Wake up my loves.

Tom Goodwin

Fluoridation of our water supply ignores the individual's right to freedom of choice, and the individual dose of fluoride is determined merely by the thirst of the individual. Athletes, for example drink several litres of water every day, and canned foods would also contain it. Moreover, no physician in his right senses would prescribe medication for a person he has never met and whose medical history he does not know. Worse still, the fluoridating agent used is not pharmaceutical grade fluoride, but hexafluorosilicic acid - an unpurified hazardous toxic waste by-product of the phosphate fertiliser industry, derived from the pollution scrubber liquor from its factory chimneys. Nobody in their right mind would want to consume this out of choice.

Cynthia Bagchi

Fluoride is a poison and is damaging to the body even in small doses. There is a huge amount of scientific evidence if only people had enough time to find it and read it. It should be avoided at all cost and certaily should not be given on mass via the water supply. Are we mad? I do hope not. Unfortunately so many of our professionals/politicians and are all just too busy reaching targets to look at the evidence and do their own research.

Ann Richards

The job of water companies is to supply potable water. It is outrageous that the public water system should be used to mass medicate an entire population, particularly with chemicals as controversial as the silicofluorides.

avril hesson

fluoride is masss medication whether people want it or not.better diets and better dental care is what's needed!

Mike Williams

Fl is a poison which competes with iodine for uptake in the thyroid. If a small child ate a tube of toothpaste with Fl in it, the child may die.

Nicola Escott

None of my children have any fillings in their teeth and we have never lived in areas with fluoridated water. Better dental health education is the answer - not slowly poisoning people. The scientific literature pointing to damage to health from fluoridation is very worrying - see In countries where fluoridation has been withdrawn, improvements in dental health have increased indicating that it was better dental healthcare, not fluoride, that was responsible for the drop in tooth decay.

Lynn Alford-Burow Dip ION Nutritional Therapist

Fluoride in the body interferes with the working of the thyroid gland. Many people have underfunctioning thyroids and no energy without realising their fluoride toothpastes and teflon pans (which release fluoride into food when heated) can be already overdosing them with toxic fluoride. An exhausted society doesn't complain too much. People can get better if we test for fluoride and then replace those items with non-fluoride. Fluoride causes a disease called dental fluorosis - nasty brown mottled staining of the teeth - which I have suffered personally. Hardened teeth are not necessarily healthy teeth - the whole of the skeleton is also involved and who wants bones that do not function correctly and become brittle. Avoid fluoride put into the water at all costs.

Ann Wills

The fluoride added is hexafluorosilicic acid which is a Grade 2 poison & is more poisonous than lead. It is taken from phosphate fertilizer factory chimney scrubbers. It is very different to calcium fluoride which occurs naturally.


Parents ought to be fined for allowing their children to suffer. A good diet prevents decay and promotes good health . We are getting too much fluoride now through other means..

sue mcfarlane (nutritional therapist)

I live in Severn Trent supply area and we already are fluoridated, without my consent. I use a reverse osmosis unit to filter our drinking/cooking water. I doesn't remove everything but I believe it reduces the levels considerably. The water certainly tastes better too.

Douglas Cross

Any chemical used to treat or prevent a disease requires official licensing. Fluoridated water is an unlicensed medicinal product that CAN NOT be used without a relevant license. Its administration in drinking water contravenes European legislation on foods and medicines, regardless of whether it is effective or safe, neither of which issues has been adequately researched. Fluoridation is therefore illegal; promoting its use is a criminal act. It is also a violation of both medical ethics and human rights.

last updated: 19/09/06
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