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16 October 2014
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Swift Manuva

Name: Harry Hunter
Age: 17
Job: Soon to be snowboard instructor. And anything else that comes along.
Years Surfing: 1 ½ years
Habitat: Pwllheli / Abersoch
Boards: 2
Quiver: 6'8" JP & 7'3" mini mal
Local Break: Hellsmouth, Porth Ceriad, places around there
Places Surfed: Only the places around there. Just wait till I can drive, oh yes!
Favourite Surf Films: Endless Summer 2, Surf The World, Spout, Thicker Than Water.
Worst Wipeout: Not realizing how shallow the water was around me, I started paddling for a wave when I can see sand, I got a mouth full of sand and to add for measure, the board bounced over a cracked me on the head, bounced off and came at me again, came up with gritty teeth and feeling dizzy.
Favourite Manoeuvre: Riding across the face of the wave putting in some smooth turns, I can't do anything better really.
Favourite Surfers:
Worst Surfing Habit: singing a tune to my self or repeating a famous bit from a film out load, to pass the time when I'm paddling out or waiting for a wave
Best Surfing Experience: Surfing on clean perfect waves and catching my first tube, I didn't realize what I had done until I had paddled back out, made my day though.
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Surfing in heavy storm surf at Hellsmouth with head high plus surf, this was when the jellyfish can into the bay, the dumping waves mashed all of them up and there were cubes of jelly everywhere, really ikky when paddling through it, it stuck to you but didn't sting, which was a bonus.
Other Interests: Snowboarding, skateboarding, climbing, everything and anything outdoors and that puts you in some kind of danger, so it gives you a rush.
Also I'm planning on travelling when I get the money. I do enjoy a spot of eating and drinking as if I didn't, I would die. And also really annoying my German room mate is as funny as hell, those guys take things way to seriously, it's good fun anyway.
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