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16 October 2014
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Super Dave

Off The Lip

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Super Dave

Name: Dave
Age: 32yrs
Job: Saving mankind.
Years Surfing: 12 years.
Habitat: Cardiff
Boards: 2
Quiver: A busted 9'2 Super Frog and a mint 6'11 Neil Perrow.Super Frog
Local Break: Porthcawl.
Places Surfed: Lots in UK, a few in France and one in Oz.
Favourite Surf Films: Big Wednesday and Madmen, Saints and Sinners.
Worst Wipeout: Smashed on the rocks at Langland and nearly cried.
Favourite Manoeuvre: Soul Arch on a 1ft ripple.
Worst Surfing Habit: Moaning, swearing and generally being a duck.
Best Surfing Experience: Lots but still can't beat that feeling in the stomach just before you see exactly how good the swell is e.g coming over the hill at Gennith or driving into Resties car park...
Gennith 1993 with a Pete Daniels 6'10 Surf ToyWeirdest Surfing Experience: Going with the popular wildlife approach... Watching a penguin swim amongst us in the line up at Manly, Oz. I was paranoid of sharks and this stupid thing looked like a fin!
Other Interests: Dont be nosey.
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