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16 October 2014
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Sponger Harv

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Sponger Harv

Name: Spongerharv aka Harvey James or grommet, gremmy, goblin, poo-man etc!
Age: 21
Job: Civil servant
Years Surfing: 9, started on a shortboard at age 12, then got into bodyboarding as it was easier to hitch lifts to the beach, and have never looked back!!!
Habitat: Cardiff, but originally fom Penzance, Cornwall.
Boards: 2 at present but they change on a yearly basis.
Quiver: 1 x NMD Base 41" Poly Propylene core, with stringer and crescent tail (good for above 4ft), 1 x NMD Player 40"Polypropylene core, with stringer and wing pin tail (fun snappy board)
Local Break: Gwenver/ Porthleven when at home, but in S Wales mostly a non secret spot!
Places Surfed: Cornwall, Wales, North east, France (Brittany and South) Portugal.  Portugal x spot
Favourite Surf Films: The whole 'No friends' series, My mate Mickey Smith's bodyboard films: 'Redefyned', 'Metaphyzical'. And standup films = 'Endless summer 2', 'september sessions', down on the farm?
Worst Wipeout: Taking off way too deep on a 6ft shorebreak day at my local when I was 16. The take off and bottom turn were fine, got into the barrel, was trimming along quite happily and then realised that all the water underneath me was vanishing and getting replaced by sand/ rock! I couldn't bail through the back, the end pinched shut and I was spanked onto the beach by a 6ft Wall of water!! Then I got held there whilst 3 more set waves hit me in the face!! After that I sprinted out of the shallows winded and clutching bruised ribs!!!
Favourite Manoeuvre: Tight pocket cutties, reverses, and getting cover ups!
Favourite Surfers: Bodyboarders = Spencer Skipper, Jeff Hubbard, and in the stand up surfing world: Christian fletcher and Rob Machado
Worst Surfing Habit: Dropping in on my mates!! Ha ha harv with mates
Best Surfing Experience: Going home for christmas one year, I drove all night to get back to my parents place for christmas day morning, but on the way decided to check the surf at my local Gwenver.

Got there it was 3-4ft tubing A frames and only 2 other guys out! Surfed for 3 hours till hypothermia set in, and got back in time for Christmas turkey lunch with my family - Bonza!!!
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Forgetting one of my fins on a 6ft day and paddling out anyway, felt like I was paddling in circles and copped a few massive beatdowns! Then a seal came and bit the fin I had on and scared the bejaysus out of me!
Music: Fall out boy, panic at the disco, MXPX, Lagwagon, Pennywise, dropkick Murphys, Millencolin, Tracy Chapman, John Mayer, John Butler Trio, Norah Jones, The Cranberries, massive attack, too many more to mention!!!
Other Interests: My lovely missus, skateboarding, punk bands (not emo though!!) and all other music, photography, chilling with the boyos, getting drunk and having strange things happen to me!!

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