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16 October 2014
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Ratter Hakka

Off The Lip

Meet the message board...


Name: Ratter, Rattdaddy, Ratfink, The Ratter or all things Rat. Favourite Sayings: I pity the fool! Fool! And...I ain't getting on no aeroplane wit no crazy fool sucka!
Age: 34 going on 17!
Job: Female Manequin
Years Surfing: Dunno, never really thought about it but going by mart's profile - 20 years although you'd never be able to tell!
Habitat: Shop doors, gutters at weekends. The Vale but NZ in November '06.
Boards: 2
Quiver: 6'8" 'Wayne Lynch' surftech and 6'6" 'Odd' Fish.
Rattz @ Lobos '03
Local Break: SE Wales
Places Surfed: N.France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Bali, Fuerteventura and New Zealand.
Favourite Surf Films: North Shore (for comedy value), Big Wednesday, 5th Symphony Document, Quiver.
Worst Wipeout: Can't remember...maybe 12-15ft Kilcummin Harbour in Ireland - took a couple of slaps. Way out of my surfing depth!
Favourite Manoeuvre: Has to be my patented forward roll in front of the Catman.
Worst Surfing Habit: Going to work.
 Rattz + fish in NZ
Best Surfing Experience: Week long surfari in New Zealand. Surfed 4-6 ft Raglan, clean and perfect with only 20 out. Watching guys doing insane 360's and backhand snaps or Ireland trip with the Beaky Sharks.
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Surfing solo in Portugal after seeing jellyfish the size of a dustbin lids at the waters edge. My worst phobias are jellyfish and dogs!
Other Interests: Generally making a tit of myself, drinking excessive amounts of beer and not throwing up (constitution of a Rhino), Mountain Biking, Karate - (Orange Belt), I also enjoy walking, cycling, digital photography, streaking, drinking + tomato ketchup smearing. I'm also another founder member of the Beaky Sharks. Lately I've been getting into 'Rock n Roll' dancing with the missus.
Rattz through the ages

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