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13 July 2014
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Pink Princess

Off The Lip

Meet the message board...

Pink Princess

Age: 30yrs (Jan 06)
Job: Speech and Language Therapist
Years Surfing: 3yrs
Habitat: Merthyr
Boards: Just the one but having a new one for the above never to be mentioned again event.
Quiver: 7"2' Pin tailed, fat nosed, little beast called 'beetroot' (the one pictured was my first love, naturally it didn't last long!!)
Local Break: The Zoo (formally known as Rest Bay)
Places Surfed: Rest, Coney, Spot X, Gower, West Wales, Cornwall, Devon
Favourite Surf Films: Not the biggest of surf film fans but Bilabong Odessey in the cinema really blew me away
Worst Wipeout: Got washed up on the rocks at Rest- one minute the tide was right out (yes that is a technical term) and the next the rocks were coming towards us. Seeing as I paddle like a girl and have the upper arm strength of a knat I couldn't paddle fast enough to avoid the rocks. Luckily for me my boyf was with me and managed to save me and my board from what I thought was my last moments on this earth! Made me shakey for weeks......but what doesn't kill you, makes you want to surf even more!!!
Favourite Manoeuvre: At the moment it definitely has to be my accidental right turn....I have no idea how I do it, but I can turn right (left has yet to accidentally fall upon me!)
Worst Surfing Habit: Has to be my lack of upper body strength resulting in my very stylish paddling like a girlness! I know that the answer lies within the press up, and I think the saying is "Knowing is believing", it would have been more useful if it had been "Knowing is exercising" Indo madness on Mr Jones
Best Surfing Experience: Just being in the water, sitting and waiting, admiring the beauty and peacefulness of the ocean (shortly followed by some idiot or other from OTL whooping and screaming and shouting and pushing you off your board)
Weirdest Surfing Experience: (Imagine the scene) 4 very sexy YOUNG ladies paddled out at Rest and got themselves into their own little line up to avoid the crowds. Being the ladies that they were, there was no pointless competition and they took it in turns to catch a wave each, this was always followed by superb appreciation from each other about what a splendid job they did do catching that last one. Men might find this lack of competition a little confusing and might I say pointless, they might even say "but life is a competition". Then the sets dropped off and the 4 little ladies were left a little cold waiting for the next big thing. Being the impatient little minxes that they were and wanting to avoid the cold, they began what can only be described as "making your board go in reverse by gyrating your pelvis and holding onto an imaginary horse in the manner of a very over enthusiastic teenage boy".
Other Interests: Camping, fancy dress, press ups (lol), tasting fine wine, sit ups (lol even louder), pushing people over/tripping them up when they're not looking, circuit training (lmao), closing cupboard doors!!!
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