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16 October 2014
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pembs3d on the slopes

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Pembs 3D

Name: Lee
Age: 37
Job: sales director
Years Surfing: ?
Habitat: St Clears, Pembs
Boards: 3 at the moment. quiver

Quiver: 'O'Shea' Fat Boy, 'Si Noble' Retro Single Fin 6ft 10" x 21" x 2 ¾" and a 1989 'Hank Warner' short board 6ft 6" x 19"
Local Break: Anywhere in Pembs really, depends which way the wind is blowing.
Places Surfed: Pembs, Cornwall, Lanzarote and the Cape, S.A (The latter two were surfed on a bodyboard before I saw the light.
Favourite Surf Films: The Elusive is good for a UK film. Lots of breaks and faces you recognise. Billabong Odyssey, Endless Summer 1 & 2.

Worst Wipeout: The worst for a hold down was at Llandudno, Cape Town. Tried a free fall drop on my Body Board, didn't make it. Totally put through the spin cycle running out of air only to be hit by the lip of the next wave as I was surfacing, so down I went again. Close to serious panic by the time it let me up.

I called it a day after that. Worst in the UK was at Whitesands. Fluffed my take off on 4 footer and somehow got wrapped in my board resulting in fist size bruises from my butt down both legs and shoulder.
Favourite Manoeuvre: I'm not that good so am quite happy when I pull off a back hand off the lip. 3d fin
Favourite Surfers: Occy, Slater (for his consistency and will to win), Ken Bradshaw (55 years old and still charging BIG waves) Mike Peterson (how a single fin should be surfed)
Worst Surfing Habit: Not being fit enough and having to watch perfect waves roll through as I get my breath back after the paddle out. Believing advertising hype and buying strange fins and webbed gloves and other weird stuff that I'm convinced will make me surf better.
Best Surfing Experience: Watching the absolute thrill and excitement on my 9 year old daughters face as she stood up on a foamy and surfed for the first time. Catching a lovely four footer at a crowded Manobier on my single fin and taking it from the reef all the way across the bay, really feeling like I had got the hand of the board for the first time.
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Being stalked by a very large seal whilst enjoying a dawnie at Whitesands when I was the only person in the water and no one in the car park.
Other Interests: Snowboarding as I'll never be able to surf as well as I can snowboard. I play the guitar a little and enjoy jamming with mates occasionally.

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