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16 October 2014
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Name: James Henderson
Age: 33 (2007) yrs
Job: Chartered Civil Engineer
Years Surfing: Since the age of 6
Habitat: Gower (Llanmadoc)
Boards: 5
quad powerQuiver:
  • 6'2" Black and White Quad

  • 6'2" JP Shortboard with swallow tail

  • 6'4" Saloman S-Core Timmy Patterson

  • 6'6" Greg Webber Afterburner (Fat version)

  • 6'8" Q-Stiks Mark Phipps Pintail Gun
  • Local Break: Llangennith/ Llanmadoc
    Places Surfed: Wales (Various), West Coast Ireland, Newquay, Tenerife, Maldives, Portugal.
    Favourite Surf Films: The good old Kong's Island takes a beating! Big Wednesday as the cult film
    Worst Wipeout: Landing on the fins whilst going for a big re-entry, slicing my wetsuit and leg. Had a few big big hold turns and spins cycles though also hitting the reef regularly whilst surfing south gower spots.
    Favourite Manoeuvre: Forehand Re-entries with fins outs...when they go right they feel bloody good!
    Jamez in the Maldives
    Worst Surfing Habit: Being to picky when choosing waves, getting p**sed off when my local spots are rammed with crowds of unrecognisable people hassling for waves
    Best Surfing Experience: Maldives 2004/5/6 - woohoooo, Surfed 'Sultans' at 6-8ft and 'Cokes' at 5ft, glassy barrels in 28 degrees C water. Don't get much better than that. Also surfing amongst schools of dolphin whilst out there was amazing. Another special experience was paddling back to the boat in one of the channels where there was a huge shoal of Manta Rays passing under me. otl
    Weirdest Surfing Experience: Going on a dolphin 'sight seeing' trip on a glass bottom boat in Tenerife and having the skipper point out a brown shark next to the boat as we were directly passing the reef I'd been surfing for the past week!

    Also watching loads of brazilian 'headers' chasing a BIG shark with their snorkelling kit on, right next to 'Jails' - a break we were surfing.
    Other Interests: : Sea fishing, Walking, Spearfishing, Mountain Biking, Dreaming of next surf session....etc...spending too much time on the PC. Being a daddy!

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